2020 starts on the slope for Madrid: Getafe is waiting for you

first_imgBordalás intends to play little today. Nyom will play for the sanctioned Olivera and the team will rise on the 4-4-2 classic. However, Jason’s gastroenteritis and Kenedy’s physical condition have complicated eleven. Both are doubt. Portillo and Antunes they are in the bedroom. Jason He is the team’s top assistant and a crucial piece in the ball game, a pillar of the team’s successes. his absence would condition the eleven a lot.Madrid offers even more unknowns. Casemiro returns, it is certain that Valverde will remain and that almost invites a center of the field of four, with Isco and Modric for a place. James, which has been training normally for two weeks, did not even enter the list. It takes two and a half months without playing a minute. Above, Benzema needs a partner and, at the moment, is not stable: the thing is between Vinicius (the best of the last days), Rodrygo and Bale, who has played 13 games and has only scored in one. He no longer justifies his express effectiveness to make many goals in a short time.The Getafethat lLena the Coliseum, comes sixth. He was fifth last year (he stayed two points behind the Champions League) and eighth the previous one with a picturesque recipe: It is the team with the least possession, the one that passes the least passes on average, the one that dribbles the least, the second one that plays the longest and the second one that knocks the least at the door There is no one more comfortable without the ball or more lethal in the strategy: 12 goals to the ball, 46% of the total. “They say we are blocking the matches, but we are the bravest team in the championship,” says Bordalás, who drinks at the sources of Jürgen Klopp. “Modern football does not need long possessions. You can create occasions with three or four touches. All styles are worth to win and all are colorful,” he concludes. The plan hasn’t given him yet to Bordalás for beat a big, but feels close to doing so. Leftmost Third, prematurely removed by injuries, movie buff, Cruyff fan, one point quarrelsome (he is known as a row with Vicente Berza, Quique Pina, Joseba Arrasate …), placed in eleven clubs, rookie in First with 52 years, worshiped in Getafe and recognized in the rest of Spain. José Bordalás has made Getafe an author team, a successful flag of the other football, an art of play without the ball, a toothache for rivals of all conditions (follow the match live on As.com). For his consultation happens today Madrid, with three draws, two of them without a goal, which tarnish their general well-being, and without Sergio BouquetsNo player in LaLiga that rretrieve more balls that the captain of Madrid, which gives an idea of ​​the importance of his absence. Zidane has not taken a minute in the competition despite that vocation to shake the template to keep it always fresh. Today Militao will relieve him with Varane as a couple. They clicked in Paris (3-0) and resulted in Witches (1-3). Zidane goes slowly with the Brazilian, who took a month to debut and has barely played eight games. Too little for the most expensive defender in club history. With only 21 years he was chosen for five months best defender of the Portuguese League and played the last two friendlies with Brazil. He even had 13 minutes in the Copa América final. Such decorations are not enough to raise the holder in Madrid.Today passes a demanding exam. Bordalás has squeezed like no one before at his four points, all with more than 30 years and irregular careers in tow. Mata and Molina they form the first option, Enric Gallego It is marginal (not playing since October, although the club paid Huesca the six million of its clause last summer) and Angel has become the point of the League. 13 years ago he went through Castilla and then toured Spain until two years ago he scored 21 goals in Zaragoza in his last year of contract. Ángel Torres went ahead of Osasuna and signed him. This season he has 12 goals, eight of them in the League, six coming off the bench. His figure explains, in a way, that Getafe has put almost half of the goals in the last half hour of his matches. “My career has gone from less to more“, acknowledges the canary. Last season he was tempted to leave to go from revulsive to indisputable elsewhere, but the swollen Azulona shouted for him to continue and convinced him:” Something like this had never happened to me. “last_img read more