Possible iPhone 5 USB cable surfaces

first_imgIf all of the rumors, leaks, and photos of iPhone 5 shells are to be believed, one of the big changes coming to the new iPhone is an update to the connector used for power and accessories. Apple has used the 30-pin connector on just about everything up to this point, and a new size will mean some pretty big changes for Apple fans. Recently the Twitter account for a known cable manufacturer started blasting photos of a cable that lines up nicely with the mini port that we’ve seen in leaks for the new iPhone.The Twitter account for Veister.com started blasting the same tweet with a photo of an unusual looking USB cable attached. The tweets all said the same thing — that this was the cable for the iPhone 5. The tweet included a link to their website, but the image and the cable were nowhere to be found there. The cord hold an 8-pin connection, which fits several of the rumors about the new dock connector and accessory port for the next generation of Apple products.The new connector means new iPhone users will need to completely replace all of their iOS accessories, unless Apple makes an adapter, like they did with the new MagSafe found on the Retina display MacBook ProBest Price at Amazon. It has yet to be seen what new features or benefits will come along with this power adapter, but this cable is expected to be one of the many new things that Apple will be announcing on September 12th.via TechCrunchlast_img read more