New appeal for information on Gussie Shanahan’s death

first_imgWhatsApp Email Print NewsCommunityNew appeal for information on Gussie Shanahan’s deathBy Staff Reporter – May 16, 2019 515 Local backlash over Aer Lingus threat Vicky calls for right to die with dignity TAGSAengus ‘Gussie’ ShanahanappealCommunityNews Facebook The poster issued by the family of Aengus ‘Gussie’ Shanahan.THE family of a Limerick man whose partial skeletal remains were discovered in 2001, have issued a fresh appeal for information about his death.Aengus ‘Gussie’ Shanahan was last seen alive, aged 20, in his native Limerick city, on February 11, 2000.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up Bone fragments belonging to him were found washed up in Co Clare on October 28, 2001, by members of Bunratty Search and Rescue Service.However, the partial remains were only confirmed as belonging to Gussie last year following improvements in DNA technology.A Garda review of the case, launched late last year, is still continuing.Mr Shanahan’s family have now launched a fresh campaign for information which includes a confidential telephone line 087-1222950 that will be manned by family members.Gussie’s sister, Grainne Shanahan, said she and her family believe he was murdered.“We are going with this new appeal because this is a different chapter in the case. We have laid him to rest, but we still want answers as to what happened to Gussie.”Ms Shanahan appealed directly to people who have information about her brother’s disappearance for anyone with information about the death to let them know what happened.She particularly appealed to a man who contacted her father Bob Shanahan years previously with possible information about the case.“The man rang my Dad and said that Gussie had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. We’d like to hear from that man again, and anyone that knows what happened on the night Gussie disappeared.”A poster released by the Shanahan family reads: “JUSTICE FOR GUSSIE…So many Unanswered Questions??? Did He Suffer? Was He Alone? We Need Your Help…Help us get the answers.”Ms Shanahan said any information given to the family would be treated in “strict confidence”.Gussie’s bone fragments were laid to rest beside his late mother Nancy last November following his funeral mass.Bob Shanahan, speaking prior to the funeral, said hearing confirmation from Gardaí that the bone fragments found 17 years earlier belonged to his missing son, was like being “struck by a thunderbolt”.The investigation team at Roxboro Road Garda Station can be contacted at 061-214340 or on the Garda Confidential Line David [email protected] RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHORcenter_img Population of Mid West region increased by more than 3,000 in past year Advertisement Shannon Airport braced for a devastating blow Housing 37 Compulsory Purchase Orders issued as council takes action on derelict sites Limerick on Covid watch list Previous articleThere’s still a job to be done on the right to workNext articleLimerick FC players vote in favour of strike action Staff Reporter Linkedin Twitterlast_img read more

Aqueous Shares Stellar “Skyway” Video From Summer Camp

first_imgSETLIST: Aqueous | Summer Camp Music Festival | 5/25/17SET 1: Skyway > Origami1 > Second Sight, Kid Charlemagne2 3, Triangle > Strange TimesNOTES:1 Unfinished2 First Time Played, Steely Dan Cover3 Featuring Vinnie Amico (moe.) on drums, Joel Cummins (Umphrey’s McGee) on keyboards Aqueous recently rocked two performances at Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, IL, proving why they’re one of the fastest rising bands in the scene today. The bonafide Buffalo rockers have been displaying their stellar live musicianship for years now, but this year has especially brought Aqueous to new levels.As usual, the band’s two sets at Summer Camp featured a delightful mixture of exuberance and excellence in musicianship. Today the band shares multi-cam video from their festival-opening “Skyway.” Rock out:Later in that same Thursday set, Aqueous brought out a pair of heavy-hitting members of the weekend’s hosting bands: drummer Vinnie Amico from moe. and keyboardist Joel Cummins from Umphreys McGee. You can watch videos from those performances here.Aqueous will once again team up with Umphrey’s McGee at a number of high-profile shows this summer. Kicking off this exciting run is a play at New York City’s Central Park SummerStage on Friday, July 7th, which will feature one set of Aqueous and two full sets from Umphrey’s.When Umphrey’s McGee concludes their show at Central Park, guitar master Jake Cinninger and keyboard wizard Joel Cummins will head over to the Highline Ballroom for some late night madness with Aqueous. Billed as the “Official Umphrey’s McGee After Party Aqueous with special guest Joel Cummins and Jake Cinninger,” the unique lineup will play together for the very first time at this special late night performance. Tickets can be found here.last_img read more

Great strides made at London constitution talks, says Turks and Caicos party leader

first_img 11 Views   no discussions Tweet NewsRegional Great strides made at London constitution talks, says Turks and Caicos party leader by: – June 21, 2011 Share The Turks and Caicos Islands delegation in London with Minister Henry Bellingham (centre) (FCO photo)PROVIDENCIALES, Turks and Caicos Islands — The People’s Democratic Movement seven member team led by Doug Parnell claims to have achieved great strides at the London constitution talks, as the team was able to successfully argue against a change of fundamental provisions of the 2006 Turks and Caicos Islands Constitution.Parnell said the PDM team had a few disappointments but for the most part he was pleased with the outcome of the talks and now wants to focus on rebuilding the Turks and Caicos Islands.Asked about the outcome of the London talks, the PDM leader said, “Well, I’ll never be satisfied until we can achieve the type of self determination for our people that would provide every man and woman who call themselves a Turks and Caicos Islander full and complete satisfaction of what’s in our own constitution; however, I must say that given the point where we started from in the draft, and certainly coming out of the recent history where the constitution was suspended and the legislature disbanded, I must say I think we have made some great strides in these direct talks with UK Ministers.”Composition of House of Assembly and Voting SystemParnell explained what was achieved as it relates to the voting system.“The voting system remains what our people are accustomed to, which is first past the post, and I’m pleased about that, and it’s a complete first past the post system. I argued and all the other persons who felt like I did argued very strongly on retaining the first past the post system for our people and I do believe that was a great move away from that mixed member proportional system that would have taken a mathematician a while to figure out who was elected in the Turks and Caicos Islands; we’ve moved away from those confusing clauses that found their way into the draft. So it’s actually fifteen first past the post. The FCO is very clear on that, the minister is very clear on that. The constituencies will be decided by a first past the post basis, and the five at-large constituencies would be decided on a first past the post basis, which would basically mean that the first five with the highest votes would win and that is well understood by ministers here in the UK and I understand it to be the case, and they’ve now written that in an FCO statement.”Four Appointed Members“As far as the appointed membership is concerned, one of the concerns we have is that if it is simply left up to the Governor to make those appointments then it may affect the numerical strength of the government and perhaps the confidence of the government and we’re very concerned about that.”Responding to a statement made Minister Bellingham that there will four Appointed members of the House of Assembly, two by the Governor and the other two by leaders of the two main political parties, Parnell said he is awaiting the exact language of that amendment .“We have to see the exact wording of that. I’m very eager to make sure that those two appointments satisfy me that it would not affect the numerical strength, the stability and the confidence that a government would need to have in the Westminster system to run a government.”Two Party SystemParnell said the country has spoken loud and clear in favour of the two party system.“I don’t believe that the party system is still on trial (after these talks). We were very successful at taking the two party system off trial. I think most of the people got the message loud and clear. I think Minister Bellingham, himself, being a democrat understands this. That’s a matter for an elected government to decide and as a democrat I was proud that he left certain elements of talks up to an elected government to solve. You can’t stuff all these things in one big constitutional bag.”Powers of the Governor“We went a great deal in the position paper criticizing the statement of governance principles, powers that the draft constitution sought to give the Governor and in these talks we moved far away from what was in the draft. Again I’m waiting to see the draft of what that looks like and hopefully that would reflect that what we agreed in those talks would be suitable for us. I think it’s very clear we can’t have a Governor that’s above the law, and we got those provisions out, we can’t have a governor that turns down the advice of the Cabinet willy-nilly, that’s out and I think we got those provisions out. But it also gives the system in the Turks and Caicos an opportunity to function. And when I say that I mean it gives the Governor an opportunity to say no in very rare circumstances if he cannot get in touch with the Secretary of State, but cabinet must be kept very well informed of what he is thinking ahead of time. This makes for better functioning of government in the Turks and Caicos Islands and these are all things that weren’t there in the draft that we got done, and so I’m pleased about that, that we have moved a long way from where we were in the draft about the Governor’s powers.”Trial By Jury“I’m not pleased with the fact that the request that my party made to have the right to trial by jury reinserted in the constitution as a fundamental right, only to be denied in very exceptional circumstances, was not considered. I must say I was disappointed that I did not get the type of support that I was expecting to get from other delegates on that provision, so I’m very, very disappointed in that, that’s a very sad thing for me to report. After we come out of this period and we have an elected government we won’t be able to go back immediately to reinsert that right to trial by jury. We will have to live with something that was done by a body that’s not elected by the people and to me that’s unacceptable”Belongership“One provision that makes me proud is that we were able to strike out those long and lengthy provisions for the definition of belonger in the Constitution and we have also changed the name of belonger to Turks and Caicos Islander. Which will help with our own understanding of who we are, number one, and we have also made it clear that there are certain minimum pre-conditions which were in the draft but were in keeping in alignment with what was in the Blue Ribbon Commission, an immigration review that was conducted some time back, and I’m pleased about that and I think that all members seem to support that provision that I put forward.”Deputy GovernorUnder the new constitution, the Deputy Governor shall be appointed by the Governor and must be a Turks and Caicos Islander. Parnell would like to see consultation between the Governor and the political leaders before any appointment is made.“What I’m concerned about there is that person is appointed after consultation with the Premier and the leader of the opposition. To me this is extremely important, because the Deputy Governor would be head of the civil service and could be called upon to exercise some authority, some decision making authority as it relates to the civil service. And so what I wanted to make sure was that the process would be made after consultation. There was general agreement about that. The Deputy Governor could be somebody that transcends different governments and so I think it is important that the person is someone who reflects the type of person that the House of Assembly would like to seen in that position. And to me that is extremely important. I think that we were very clear even in the 2006 Constitution though it is not a political position at this point.”New Governor“It was good that the timing of it came about when we were able to be informed about the new Governor. I haven’t look at his bio yet but I’ll soon do that, but we’ll see what he’s made up of and what he’s like. I believe that we still have a while left with Mr Wetherell and we’ve weathered a lot of storms with him here in the Turks and Caicos Islands and we have to get through this period with him then look forward to a strong capable Governor who can represent the views of the United Kingdom Governmentproperly to the people of the Turks and Caicos Islands and the Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands, someone who respects the people of the TCI and takes into deep consideration our values, and I can’t assess that, I haven’t met him yet.”Achievement of Milestones and Date for Elections“What I can say is that at the public meetings, it was very clear that Floyd Seymour said we gave you our car to clean and you’re looking up in the transmission and so we need our car back. Mr Seymour is here with me in the talks and we have a date that we will get the car back on the road, and that date is coming closer and we have a date that will be announced soon and we expect that we will get that car back very, very soon.”Independence“The political parties in the UK have different views about the overseas territories. It is very clear that the Conservative Party who leads this coalition government in London feel very strongly about their territories and their links to the United Kingdom. That’s a matter for the people in the Turks and Caicos Islands. And we’ll have to assess coming out of this period when we are ready. In my mind I think there are certain periods of time that will be important to keep under review for when and if a question should be put. So that is where my thinking is at this point.”Youth Ambassador“I would like to pay a special compliment to the youth ambassador. I know there was a great deal of criticism of all the members leading up to these talks. I know I was very keen not to publicly in any way criticize any of the members… some of them with their own ideas however they came about acquiring those ideas about what they want to see in their constitution and I supported that, but Mr Farrington did a tremendous job as the youth ambassador and supported the views of my party and the other party which related to the voting system were in sync, he ought to be commended for that. As a young man coming to the United Kingdom he could have easily said no, this is not territorial waters for someone my age, but he stood up and sat up in the meeting and performed, and he was a man of his word to what was discussed at the Common Ground meeting.Putting God In The ConstitutionThe PDM leader said the PDM team was in full support of the preamble brought to the table by the TCI church and incorporating God into the constitution.“I can’t say I would say anything negative about any of the members. Pastor Handfield brought the preamble which we sought to add a word or two and I am looking forward to seeing the amendment on marriage between a man and a woman. We fully supported the church in those respects.”Two Term Limits of PremierParnell commented on whether he was bothered by the two term limit for the office of Premier.“We need to get back to democratically elected government. It’s not a big if, just do your work and leave the rest to God. No matter what comes my way I wouldn‘t say that’s a deal breaker at this juncture. The Secretary of State was very clear on what he wanted to see… the constitution of the Turks and Caicos Islands is in fact UK law until we are prepared to have that question put, we have to take some of it and move along so that we could rebuild our country developing our people and get back to the point of providing hope to the disillusioned and making sure that we can rebuild our economy which is badly suffering. One of the points we made was most people of the TCI if you had assets before the constitution was suspended if you have lost fifty percent of those assets. It is not a deal breaker; my views could be heard in a more substantive way for that provision.”Caribbean News Nowcenter_img Share Share Sharing is caring!last_img read more

Superintendent Runcie Changes Plans for Broward County Schools

first_imgOn Tuesday, the Broward School Board changed its original plans to give consideration to reopening school campuses in October, to do this later this month. However, on Tuesday the Broward County School Board decided to review the matter of in-person classes every two weeks after August 19, instead of waiting until Oct. 1. “I don’t want to see people leaving us because of this. I get what you’re saying, but I don’t buy the mass exodus. If they are going to leave, they are going to leave. We are going to start school as early as we can,” said Runcie. “What I’m going to ask is we remove the reference to October 1st and instead say, ‘We can provide a biweekly update to the board,’” said Broward School Board Chair Donna Korn. The key criterion for the opening of Broward schools is for the daily positive rate of COVID-19 infections to decline to 3 to 5 percent for a two-week period before schools reopen. For the past two weeks, the positivity rate in Broward has hovered between 9 to 10 percent. “We want our kids in school as soon as possible,” said Runcie. Last month, Broward County Superintendent of Schools Robert Runcie announced the school year will begin on August 19, with remote learning only, in deference to the continued spread of COVID-19 in South Florida. For some members, they couldn’t agree more as they are concerned students will leave the district all together. “That [October 1] date scared a lot of people. We are going to need to promise we make data-driven decisions,” said Korn.last_img read more

Liam, 23, is England Golf’s Young Ambassador of the Year

first_imgA 23-year-old Yorkshire golfer who is helping to change the image of the game, was named last night as England Golf’s Young Ambassador of the Year, awarded in association with the Golf Foundation.Liam Ridgill is the 2018 club captain at Drax Golf Club, near Selby, and his contribution to his club and to modernising the image of the sport was honoured at the England Golf Awards, sponsored by Bridgestone.Guests at the glittering, black tie event at the Royal Lancaster London applauded Ridgill, who uses his professional skills in marketing and IT to drive his club forward.“It’s fantastic to be recognised,” said Ridgill. “But I only do what I do for the love of the club and the members and the guys I play golf with. It’s as much an award for them as for me.”The judges recognised his enthusiasm, professionalism and innovative approach to attract people to the game and commented on his captaincy: “This is a great achievement that shatters the preconceived idea of golf only being for middle aged gents.”Ridgill, the youngest-ever captain at Drax and one of the youngest in the country,  is delighted to be changing perceptions around golf, saying: “There’s this historical stigma around golf that it’s for people who are retired but it’s a good sport for everyone to be involved in.”Ridgill first started playing golf at eight and was introduced to the sport by his grandad, who is a founder member of Drax – and who has steadfastly refused to be captain, even declining an invitation to be his grandson’s vice!After a break to try other sports he returned to golf aged 14 and, before long, was junior captain. Next, he became involved with the club committee when he was 19, taking responsibility for promoting Drax via social media and its website.Successful promotions have included an offer to new members of 15 months’ membership for the price of 12 if they joined within a three-month period. This attracted 16 new members this winter.One of Ridgill’s aims as captain is to build up the junior section and to retain players in their late teens and early 20s. Initiatives at the club to support this include student and intermediate memberships, while each adult member is given two associate junior memberships for children or grandchildren.And what’s special about Drax Golf Club? “It’s the members,” said Ridgill. “We’re a tight-knit club and you get to know everyone. We’ve got a great set of members and we all pull together. It’s a strong community.”The runners-up for Young Ambassador of the Year were Megan Field of Hatchford Brook Golf Centre, Warwickshire, Jessica Pinnell of Hatchford Brook Golf Centre, Warwickshire and Georgina Wrixon of Ashley Wood Golf Club, Dorset.Caption: Liam Ridgill (right) was presented with his award by Brendon Pyle, Chief Executive of the Golf Foundation, (centre) watched by event host Dan Walker. 22 Feb 2018 Liam, 23, is England Golf’s Young Ambassador of the Year Tags: Award, Liam Ridgill, Young Ambassador of the Yearlast_img read more

Watch: Someone was haunting the Juventus grounds on Halloween night. Can you guess who?

first_imgImage Courtesy: Twitter(@Cristiano)Advertisement bo3v8NBA Finals | Brooklyn Vsc2xqWingsuit rodeo📽Sindre Ecnkiee( IG: @_aubreyfisher @imraino ) fadWould you ever consider trying this?😱qcylCan your students do this? 🌚4yRoller skating! Powered by Firework The spirit of Halloween is over now. Although, sportsmen aren’t devoid from it, especially footballers. A certain Juventus star was seen dressing up in all spookiness and going around to haunt his teammates. Can you guess? Its Cristiano Ronaldo himself!Advertisement Image Courtesy: Twitter(@Cristiano)The Old Lady talisman posted a clip on his official Twitter on the Halloween night, which showed him dressing up as a clown and roaming around the club’s training grounds, in search of teammates. Enjoy the clip below-Advertisement In the video captioned with the greeting “Happy Halloween everyone”, the 34 year old was seen in a joker face paint, and a costume of a dwarf clown with another one on its shoulder. The iconic Halloween song ‘Thriller’ by the legendary Michael jackson was added as a background music, as the Portuguese striker went on to look for people to spook. Must have been very scary for his unsuspecting teammates.However, Miralem Pjanić and Wojciech Szczęsny, the two teammates who appear in the video, weren’t seen spooked by Ronaldo at all, and instead, shook hands with the thespian.The Bianconeri forward scored a late penalty in their 2-1 win over Genoa in their Halloween night Serie A match. Sarri’s boys have also secured another win today against Torino as de Ligt netted in the winner in the 70th minute. Advertisementlast_img read more