Hitchcock’s ‘I Confess’ as Catholic Noir

first_imgWhile many are familiar with the work of director Alfred Hitchcock, not many know that Hitchcock often integrated Catholic themes into his films.Thomas Hibbs, dean of the honors college and professor of philosophy at Baylor University, highlighted Catholic and noir themes in the 1953 film “I Confess” on Tuesday night in a lecture in the Center for Ethics and Culture’s Catholic Culture Series.The film, which stars Montgomery Clift, centers around the struggles of a priest named Fr. Michael Logan who is suspected of murder and cannot prove his innocence without revealing what he heard in the confessional.“I Confess” fits with the film noir tradition, not only using features like a “femme fatale” — played by the character of Ruth Grandfort — but also with stylistic techniques like eschew camera angels, strong dark and light contrasts and sinister music, Hibbs said.“The raise in the critical acclaim of Hitchcock has something to do with the recognition of Hitchcock as a self-conscious filmmaker; that is, someone who is constantly thinking about the camera,” he said.Hibbs said “I Confess” also draws on the noir use of flashbacks.“In noir films, we don’t move forward out of the past … We move forward, and the past comes up and punches us in the face,” he said.Hibbs quoted Hitchcock’s thesis of films as “the stronger the evil, the stronger the film,” and said this comes across in “I Confess.”“This film builds in a way so the evil becomes stronger in particular individuals, and evil becomes stronger in the sense that it spreads,” he said.Unlike classic noir films, Hibbs said that in “I Confess,” Hitchcock pivots the film with a key scene that draws similarities between Fr. Logan and Christ by showing the priest walking past a statue of Christ carrying the cross.“What we see as viewers … is that Logan is undergoing a passion akin to Christ’s passion,” Hibbs said. “There’s actually a larger narrative here than the narrative of entrapment and unintelligibility and lack of progress [commonly seen in noir films].“The larger narrative is that his suffering is going to pattern on, in some sense, the suffering of Christ. That scene is visually the key scene in the whole movie.”The film ends with ideas from the comedy of remarriage strategy, portraying the “femme fatale” Ruth going home with her husband and Fr. Logan having the chance to renew his priestly vows, Hibbs said.“He has, in this Christ-like trial that he undergoes, an opportunity to recommit himself, to have a second marriage to Christ as a priest,” he said.Hibbs said that while many see Hitchcock as only an entertainer, many of his works explore deep themes.“[Hitchcock’s] best films really show that this popular medium can be a matter through which the deepest issues of high culture are explored through a distinctive medium,” Hibbs said. “This is a film that touches on some of the deepest questions, and does so in a fairly explicit theological way.”Tags: Alfred Hitchcock, Catholic films, Center of Ethics and Culture, Noirlast_img read more

MINUSTAH to Celebrate its 10th Anniversary

first_imgBy Dialogo May 30, 2014 The United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH), which was established on 1 June 2004 by Security Council resolution 1542, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this Sunday, June 1st. The mission’s military component is led by the Brazilian Army and the force commander is always a Brazilian general. The current force commander is Brazilian Army Lieutenant General Jose Luiz Jaborandy Jr. The UN mission succeeded a Multinational Interim Force (MIF) authorized by the Security Council in February 2004, after Haitian President Bertrand Aristide departed Haiti for exile in the aftermath of an armed conflict which spread to several cities across the country. On January 12, 2010, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti, leaving a trail of death and destruction in its wake. The Haitian government estimates the resulting death toll was greater than 200,000, and the International Red Cross says that up to three million people were affected. The international community immediately responded with an outpouring of relief efforts and solidarity to the crisis, providing critical humanitarian aid to the Haitian people at the request of the government of Haiti. The devastating earthquake also claimed the lives of foreign residents in Haiti and of military personnel and police officers stationed at MINUSTAH, many of whom were from Latin America. The United Nations reported that 84 of their employees died during the quake, but the Brazilian Army suffered the brunt of the military casualties, with 18 peacekeepers dead in the line of duty. On 19 January 2010, the Security Council passed Resolution 1908, endorsing the Secretary-General’s recommendation to increase MINUSTAH’s overall force levels to support the immediate recovery, reconstruction and stability efforts in the Caribbean country. Following Haiti’s 2011 general elections, MINUSTAH has been working to fulfill its original mandate to restore a secure and stable environment, promote the political process, strengthen Haiti’s government institutions and rule-of-law-structures, as well as promote and protect human rights. One of these days, Francisco Marcos de Andrade Oliveira, a Miami officer since 1999, who is presently at the state of Ceará [Brazil] and soon is heading back to the USA, made a comment: This is a big article which reminds the country´s population to see what is happening in the world. I, Marcos Andrade, like to see every day news.last_img read more


first_imgThe Los Angeles Clippers’ sale has been finalized.  It is hard to imagine that a professional team is worth 2 billion dollars.  This was the asking price by Donald Sterling’s wife, and it was agreed to by Steve Ballmer.  The former CEO of Microsoft had the money and was willing to pay that price to own a professional team.  Everyone in sports agrees that it was the best possible scenario for the Clippers’ fans, their city, and their players.For us ordinary folks it is hard to believe that an individual has that much money and is willing to spend it in this fashion.  However, it was reported that on the day the sale was finalized, the owners’ share of Microsoft stock raised enough that he made over 50 million on that day alone.  This, too, is hard to imagine when the average person worries about $500 – $1000 loss in the stock market decline.According to media reports, the former owner, Donald Sterling, will appeal the sale of the Clippers.  In his mind, he still thinks he owns the Clippers.  The NBA and the courts both unanimously degreed that he has been stripped of any control of the team.  Since this is the USA, this may be in court for several years if Sterling has enough money to keep hiring lawyers.last_img read more

Ricketts stars in IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Smackdown

first_imgJohn Ricketts earned $1,200 for his IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Car Smackdown win Saturday at Lone Star Speedway. (Photo by Mike Petty, Mike Petty Photos)KILGORE, Texas – John Ricketts was the winner when a pair of former national champions bat­tled it out Saturday at Lone Star Speedway.Ricketts caught up with Chad Wilson 17 circuits into the 25-lap Smackdown main event for IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Cars, then worked lapped traffic en route to the $1,200 checkers.“With the people in front of me, I didn’t think I had a shot at winning but we had luck on our side,” said Ricketts, who had started seventh. “It’s not every day you can pass Chad in clean air. Usu­ally when he gets up front, he’s gone.”Wilson, IMCA’s 2015 national champion, was running second when the lead car and a lapped car tan­gled and restarted at the front.Ricketts stayed in the high line to chase down Wilson and get the lead two laps later. He passed two cars on the final lap and had a half a straightaway advantage at the end.“We had a good car and we’re excited about the win,” said Ricketts, the 2013 national king. “Get­ting $1,200 was definitely a good way to start the season.”Michael Day, Gary Floyd and defending national champion and two-time Smackdown winner Marcus Thomas rounded out the top five.Feature results – 1. John Ricketts; 2. Chad Wilson; 3. Michael Day; 4. Gary Floyd; 5. Marcus Thomas; 6. Channin Yankersley; 7. Logan Payne; 8. Alan Ray Myers; 9. Chad Koch; 10. Josh Hawkins; 11. Claud Estes III; 12. Shane Gloecker; 13. Regan Hawkins; 14. Shane Thompson; 15. Rob­ert Vetter; 16. Logan Scherb; 17. Chance McCrary; 18. Boddy Middleton; 19. Tommy Hall; 20. Aus­tin Mundi; 21. Mike Scott.last_img read more

Meyer, O’Bryan, new facilities, have UW optimistic

first_imgSophomore golfer Thomas O’Bryan had the lowest stroke average on the team last year with 76.58 strokes per round. He has since lowered that average to below 75 through the early stages of this season.[/media-credit]When Michael Burcin began to consider the head coaching position for the Wisconsin men’s golf team in the spring of 2011, he knew that there was a good gig sitting in front of him.Besides the glamour and draw of coaching in an elite conference, however, the Wisconsin golf program was far from dazzling. It had been 12 years since Wisconsin last placed in the top four of the Big Ten. But the lure of his first head coaching position was charming enough for him to jump on board.“I knew the program was not where it needed to be, but that didn’t really concern me,” Burcin said.Entering his second year as the UW head coach, Burcin would be the first to say success hasn’t really been a frequently used word in the program for many years. Regardless of the past, Burcin has Wisconsin ready to improve their vocabulary and add success to the list in 2013.And he knows exactly who he’ll need to help him do so.“Thomas [O’Bryan] and Chris [Meyer], for sure,” Burcin said, lacking all doubt. He’s exactly right, too. In two completely different situations, Wisconsin’s pair of smooth strikers will be looked upon to carry the Badgers throughout the season.Meyer is one of four seniors on the team, but is the No. 1 golfer that Burcin sends out into the fairways.A transfer from Minnesota, Meyer has consistently lowered his scoring average over his years at Wisconsin to the current team-low of 74.45. He is the Wisconsin leader stroke-wise, and while he may not like to forcefully admit it, he is by far the team’s greatest leader vocally.“He’s being modest,” O’Bryan said while sitting next to Meyer, a golfer three years his elder. “I think he definitely is the guy that really pushes everyone and myself. Personally, I really think he has taught me a lot and taken me under his wing since I got here.”And that parent-like relationship has benefitted O’Bryan quite well.The youngster from Aurora, Ill., arrived at Madison like most untapped golfers might. “Skinny and tall” was the description from Burcin, before he bulked up.“Thomas has an opportunity when he’s a senior, if not this year, to be one of the better players in the Big Ten,” Burcin said.The future is rather meaningless to Meyer, though, in the middle of his last season as a Badger. He’s also in the middle of a scoring battle with O’Bryan, whose own scoring average has similarly dipped beneath 75 strokes per round.Together, the two have combined to lower their scoring averages by a total of six strokes in the last 18 months, which Burcin labeled as something that, “just doesn’t happen.”Each of them were a big part in the Badgers strong finish to their fall golf season at the Wendy’s Kiawah Classic in South Carolina as well as their solid showing just last weekend at the Big Ten Match Play event in Bradenton, Fla.Meyer didn’t lose a match in the team’s trip out east, going 1-0-2, but was outdone by his sophomore teammate as O’Bryan dominated fellow Big Ten No. 2 golfers, going undefeated on the weekend with a 3-0 mark.Wisconsin and Burcin will use those pair of events as a springboard throughout the year and disregard much of the past three seasons where Wisconsin has finished 10th, 11th, and 11th in the Big Ten.One reason Wisconsin isn’t looking very far back in program history is that they’d rather sit back and adore what is around them, right at this very moment, which is their new, state-of-the-art facilities introduced at University Ridge this past November.Waiting months for the new indoor facilities to finally be finished, Wisconsin was relocated to Vitense Golfland, a Madison driving range, as well as the basement of the Kohl Center, during the site’s construction. For some players, their locker room came straight out the trunk of their car or in Meyer’s case, his own apartment. Having lived through it all, Meyer is enjoying a final resting place during his last season.“You really can’t put it into words,” Meyer said. “I feel like every team should have a home, a place that is theirs where they can get away and work on what they need to do.”The then-proposed facilities were actually on the short list of things that caught the eye of Burcin when he was weighing his coaching options.“When it comes to facilities, we are top five in the country,” Burcin said. “There aren’t five places that have better facilities than us.“When you combine the golf course, the short game area and [the new] building, I think we are probably number three in the nation.”The facilities paint more than just a pretty picture, however. They also help craft a bunch of ready-for-art golf swings. With that in tow, the Badgers have particularized their goals for the 2013 season.Wisconsin’s goal is to place in the top five teams at each event this spring, a goal that seems rather reasonable. For UW, it’s a simplistic means to their desired end. If they can accomplish that, they’ll be right where coach Burcin wants them to be.“If you finish in the top five every week, you’re going to qualify for regionals and a lot of good things are going to happen.”last_img read more

Thursday race card in Clonmel is postponed

first_imgTomorrows race meeting in Clonmel has been postponed due to the weather.It will be rescheduled for next week.last_img

Guyana’s Government Announces New Measures to Deal with Oil and Gas…

first_img– CMC He said the sugar industry has virtually been abandoned in the past five years, and the workers have been deserted. “Our intention is to open up every part of our country and to join them up so that new opportunities are created for housing settlements and businesses, and create and expand tourism and other services industries. “Our goal is to facilitate jobs for every Guyanese that wants to work, and to provide them with the skills they need. That is why we will invest in training and re-training our workforce so that they can stake their claim in our nation’s prosperity. “On this point, the workers of this countrY—the bedrock of our nation—have been made to suffer untold hardship. Once proud men who worked in the sugar industry from sun-up to sun down, are today barely scratching a living. Their anguish is not only that they can’t earn a decent wage; it is that they cannot feed their families.” Ali told the ceremony there must be no doubt in the minds of the population that they are the beneficiaries of the oil and gas industry. He said high transportation cost would also be tackled through investments in a deep-water harbor, the Linden to Lethem Road, a high-span bridge across the Demerara River, and other transformational infrastructure projects. “More importantly, we will ensure that every cent of the revenues from the sector is accounted for, as well as every cent of it that is spent,” President Dr. Irfaan Ali said at his Inauguration ceremony as Guyana’s ninth Executive President. “We want to build a Guyana that is ripe with business opportunities, humming with employment expansion and growing perennially in prosperity. To aid all this, we will scale up the provision of internet access across the country, empowering businesses and persons.” Ali said that a vital part will be to train the population to take advantage of the opportunities and the framework. The Guyana government says it will establish a Petroleum Commission to ensure the oil and gas sector is not subjected to undue political interference. “We intend to raise up the industry and to help it, and its workers resume the once proud place in our economy. It is bad enough that I must draw your attention to the sore in the sugar industry that has been allowed to fester— neglected and forsaken.” President Irfaan Ali receives instruments of appointment as Guyana’s ninth executive president from Chancellor of the Judiciary (ag) Yonette Cummings Edwards (Photo: Saajid Husani) Guyana has joined the league of petroleum-producing nations with the official start of oil production at the Liza Phase 1 Development, announced on December 20 last year. “No attempt has been made to seek a new path by which aspects of the industry could be salvaged for the production of profitable sugar-based niche products, that would maintain jobs, and by doing so maintain the dignity of labor. Ali said, to stimulate business enterprises, his administration will reduce the cost of energy by 50 percent through a mix of hydro, gas, solar, and wind, adding more than 400 megawatts of newly installed capacity over the next five years. Ali said hunger and malnutrition abound and these conditions do not reflect the Guyana in which “we were raised; this is not the Guyana we know. And, it is certainly not a Guyana we should allow to continue.”last_img read more

Former Antiguan Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer Turns Down Knighthood

first_imgCMC Spencer, the third prime minister of Antigua and Barbuda and the first political leader of the main opposition United People’s Progressive (UPP), said that he was in the process of communicating his position officially to the government. But Spencer, 71, who buried his mother on Thursday, told the Observer Media group that he would not be accepting the award. A statement issued after the weekly Cabinet meeting said that Prime Minister Gaston Browne, has commenced discussions within the Cabinet to award the “erstwhile representative from the St. John’s Rural West Constituency, Mr. Baldwin Spencer, a knighthood during the Independence Celebrations on November 1, 2020”. Spencer, who was first elected to parliament in 1989 and was re-elected during five consecutive elections thereafter or up until 2018, when he retired from elective politics, served as Prime Minister from 2004 to 2014. Former prime minister Baldwin Spencer has reportedly turned down an offer of a knighthood that would have been awarded on November 1 during this year’s independence celebrations. Information Minister Melford Nicholas told reporters that the discussions, which are taking place through the Office of the Attorney General, have already started and “once we have concluded those, the official nomination will be consideration, and hopefully it could be as soon as this year’s independence celebrations”.last_img read more

Texas, Oklahoma still plan on playing without Texas State Fair

first_imgOklahoma coach Lincoln Riley was asked on March 31 what it would be like to play Texas in the Cotton Bowl without fans this season.  “It would be very, very unique,” Riley said on the teleconference. “If that’s what it comes to for games to still be able to be played and guys to still be able to play and then for our fans to connect and be a part of it virtually, that may be where we could end it.”    Statement from @soonerad on the cancellation of the 2020 @StateFairOfTX. pic.twitter.com/PRM5l75OjU— Oklahoma Sooners (@OU_Athletics) July 7, 2020The Houston Chronicle reports that Texas athletic director Chris Del Conte also expects the rivalry game to be played this year.  “Though we certainly respect and understand the decision of the folks in Dallas on their cancellation of this year’s State Fair of Texas, we fully anticipate that our annual Red River Showdown with Oklahoma will be played in the Cotton Bowl and are continuing to prepare for that,” Del Conte said, according to the Chronicle.  Oklahoma and Texas are scheduled to play Oct. 10. Unfortunately, Riley’s statement might turn out to be foreshadowing. The Texas State Fair was canceled on Tuesday, and that’s traditionally the backdrop for the Red River Showdown between Oklahoma and Texas. The Sooners and Longhorns have played their rivalry game at the Cotton Bowl since 1929.  MORE: The best college football games scheduled in 2020Will that happen in 2020? Both sides remain hopeful despite the cancellation of the state fair, which traditionally runs on the weekend of the game.  Oklahoma released a statement on its Twitter page after the announcement, saying, “Our hope remains we can play the OU-Texas game at the Cotton Bowl.”  last_img read more