The game is symbiosis those things webmasters and search engine

often see the owners, especially the new owners in the face of nervous and anxious to adjust the search engine website snapshot, ranking, included optimization data, in this mood more is constantly trying to find how fast can "conquer" search engine optimization, make the site to achieve a higher level. In fact, when we want to understand the search engine is the final formulation of the "rules of the game" decision makers, trying to "conquer" search engine is not wise, nor in line with the actual situation. The game with the search engine does not have the correct attitude is not only given the search engine positioning, but also affects the establishment and operation of the subsequent site, easily lead to only search engine optimization effect theory, ignoring the core user experience this website operation place. So, the game with the search engine attitude is clearly not appropriate. read more

Shanghai refused to analysis the influence of the chain of love of the Shanghai dragon website weigh

Comparison of the

webmaster, whether you use love Shanghai rejected outside the chain of tools when the mood is very tangled, tangled some outside the chain of whether or not to refuse, refuse to pity, the chain is not easy to do it, don’t worry about what to website weight declined. This tangle of feeling I understand, because I am now in such a state, what to do? After careful consideration, decided to do the work of two chain refused to see the effect, the first round: refuse chain H sites, illegal gambling and other illegal websites on the site; the second round: refuse chain stack the link is not related to the theme and content. read more