Link to the downstream industry bound link to get rid of correlation.

For example, the

Links at that time did not think of the search engine is how we do, then there is no ranking, do this link purely for the user. In order to users can find new website from my site, and this site is online and we are complementary. From this link to find more valuable content, this is not the search engine era, we do not consider the ranking factors when considering Shanghai dragon. I think the chain was not the search engine is how to do it? Will never get out of hand spread like today, for the interconnection of multi produce a lot of garbage, we look at the last love Shanghai search engine in order to combat the chain introduced for many times of the algorithm, we do the chain and Links also need to return to the naturally, all starting from the natural. read more

Noble baby +1 push new blogger and benefit function

the picture shows after the search results in the noble baby, generally speaking this blog aristocratic baby profile will be displayed on the picture above, you do not feel very cool

Update the blogger Blog words appear

when the visitors search articles, suddenly there was a result of the pictures, is not enough to attract people to click on this? As in the ten search results, there is a video search results, it will have reduced the video shots, usually hits than many pure words. This is also the integration can be seen as noble baby + with the search results, and then the inside is a noble + nobility baby baby +1 data, we guess that’s right, now noble baby +1 has initially shown in indirect nobility baby search result page, the estimated future will have greater integration. The following figure: read more

To solve the website should be to formulate strategy according to the weight of the website


is a web content only indexed by search engines, can let the keywords ranking. A web site does not care about the article inside how many, but care is how many search engines included more, of course, is more favorable for the website, because it can enhance the overall weight of the site and a large number of long tail keywords ranking, so as to improve the site traffic.

1, the low weight of new sites. Just for the web site to do, because the weight is low, but also by the special "care" of the search engine, so it should be especially careful optimization. To add a web content I think it should be in the original, pseudo original supplement; content is not much, but in quality, if you do is dumpster, it does not matter, if you want the site has a long-term development, it must be so. After the release of content do not think that sometimes, search engine will not include you, even if you are the original article, even if included, will soon be eliminated, which is mainly caused by the low weight site, in order to allow search engines to quickly and keep the site included, we should focus on their own post, to a relatively high weight of the website to lead spider, so that the fast was collected, and included the search engines will not be eliminated. If you can persist for several months, so I believe you website articles included a certain amount of a lot, and the site overall weight and keywords ranking has visible effect. read more

How to make the website user experience.

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if 2013 is before the chain for the emperor, then after 2013 the user is king. Indeed, the search engine can be easily analysis to the site in the user access action. Therefore, whether the excellent website user experience has become an important factor to determine the value of the site. All the time, everyone said to improve the user experience can get a better ranking, but how to improve the user experience? Don’t just do a good job of quality content, website structure to meet user needs it? The answer is no.. read more

Optimization of miracle four months what

every day to write soft, but you may not have a rigid view, see. For you today is a lot recently by Shanghai Longfeng analysis optimization case simple violence site. Nonsense not say, first from the website data begin.

2. before cheating on the link, now rely on the content of this website for cheating, fall in love with sea at this stage algorithm of content requirements and loopholes.

love Shanghai search site, and then open the site, with you directly enter the URL of the website opened not the same. May use love Shanghai SERP jump. Then I went to see the site of the chain, at first glance is not much problem, are some of the chain business yellow pages. But to see it open and found that in addition to outside links, are some of the basic site with irrelevant information, and the chain has more than 4 years, should be retained before using this domain name website. Included in the site is the site of the chain. Can say that the site didn’t do the chain. We can get a message from here, is in love with sea at this stage of the algorithm to focus only on the site, the chain and not care about the site, or even a large number of the chain is not the weight of the website have too much influence. read more

Online shopping system, the whole Raiders of the online shop, business classicsWhatsApp has succeede

builds a website for its own merchandise sales business. This model needs to select the perfect and powerful online shopping mall system. In the initial establishment of online shopping mall, it is best to carry out multi-party research, select both suitable for their product characteristics and personal interests of operators, but also have higher access to online shopping platform, such as EShop or ShopEX. At the same time, in the case of resource licensing, you might as well open an online store on several websites. read more

The three station is often ignored the choice of key words

webmaster choose keywords method of all sorts of strange things, each station has its own set of keyword selection ideas and methods. But often in a part of the webmaster in mind that as long as the keyword flow added to the site directly copy high up, then do optimization promotion, have been slow to see the desired results, the reason why? Because of neglect of an important factor, natural flow and high degree of competition is fierce. So, the webmaster choose keywords, don’t just look at the flow level, there are other factors, such as the conversion rate, precision, correlation matching, etc. these factors must be taken into account. Today I share the selection method of accurate keywords some easy let owners ignore: read more

The rapid increase of the chain method five

1. text


for example, this post "I posted on A5 website in Shanghai dragon how to obtain the original article material", all of a sudden I added hundreds of the chain, you can check the chain in Shanghai we love Shanghai company website, search for "domain:www.gdmeian贵族宝贝" you will see many websites reproduced this article, but also the high weight of the webmaster website.

2, using

acquisition station

is there a rapid increase of the chain method? After summing up, the chain will have thinking breakthrough, this will have a multiplier effect. read more

Novice must learn new tools of nobility baby AdWords


. The software uses different colors to represent changes in your page. In the Web based AdWords interface, this function is not possible.

It has some features of

automatic matching automatically extend the range of motion, using the remaining budget for advertising related search your keyword list query trigger. Through the analysis of your website and AdWords advertising series structure and content, provides more impressions and clicks, while maintaining your current hits and cost per click. At the same time, the automatic matching function will not exceed your budget. read more

Keywords mining can play good advantage of original content

: I want to write an article about the brothers run it second season "entertainment article, how to write to write the keyword traffic, now many sites and are large, the weight is very high, how to do? We have another way, mining keyword, such as:

keyword mining, sounds very professional, is not difficult, as long as you know our website editor is for those users, they usually have what problem or need on the Internet to find information, then the first thing you put yourself as the user to find these problems, used in the search engine search to find the answer, then you will soon found, we are still concerned about what issues they were in search of what keywords, which is related to user search and search engine keywords thinking rule mining method. read more