Talk about some of the brush Alexa ranking website views

search in Baidu or Google brush Alexa rankings, you can see full of several pages, specifically for others to brush traffic, brush Alexa rankings, brush IP, brush PV and so on. And get a look, not difficult to find that each site have a large number of owners were in it for their own love day and night " station; I brush my brush, I brush brush. "

in the webmaster group, there have been a lot of people introduce each other brush Alexa ranking rankings, traffic… Many times, I have the heart, want to take my happiness studio ( to test, to experience how to brush in the end. But in the end, forget it. Study on SEO to now, many special tricks are used. In the end, I gave up these methods. Take a number of formal, user-friendly, I did not expect to Baidu and Google included. read more

With the launch of wheal purchase tide city group purchase navigation platform

, the existing "buy navigation" website, most of the attention nationwide. We only do ten major groups, active cities, relatively focused, the source of the purchase site selection and control will be more vigorous." The person in charge of the product stressed, "compared to, Ganji biggest advantage is that it is a comprehensive life platform.".

days ago, Ganji officially announced the intervention group purchase, pushing boutique group purchase navigation platform. read more

The orange site collection domain name vs. low trap

In the previous section of

, orange and orange explained the importance of domain name ownership and how to avoid the trap. In this section we discuss two of the three most common pitfalls in registering domain names — the back of domain names.

with the popularity of domain names, and domain name registration, price war escalation, many enterprises or individuals in the domain name registration, simply think domain name in addition to price comparability, all other is equal. So he went to register for a cheaper registered merchant. read more

Wang Jian how should the webmaster develop the local forum

network forum for many webmaster is no longer strange, but how to develop a forum?. Especially the local forum recently saw many webmaster to enter the industry, due to lack of experience itself, it is difficult to develop, and we explore the author today, local forum is different from the general forum, it is in a certain area to develop, provide people with rich life information etc.. For example, local tourism, catering, shopping malls, promotions, etc., have brought great convenience to people’s lives. The author believes that the operation of the local forum includes the following points. read more

O2O network alliance regional site Baotuan development road

with industry giants to focus on the layout of rural electricity providers, its electricity supplier and other channels of business sinks, mainly in the county area, the battlefield O2O regional market is bound to become a battleground in 2015 giants fight. The Internet has a huge number of Chinese, to small and medium-sized regional site district market as the focus of independent operation, further development of the O2O field and how to survive in the gap in the fight the giant? I think, to O2O network alliance Baotuan combat, combined with some characteristics of the will, is a powerful weapon small and medium-sized regional independent operation of the site. read more

Whole decay, partial death, SNS, community combat, or a single end

1, SNS concept

SNS, the full name of SocialNetworking Services, the social networking services, specifically designed to help people build a social network of Internet application services. In 1967, Professor of psychology at the Harvard University, Stanley Milgram (1933 ~ 1984) was founded in six degrees of separation theory, simply said: "between you and any stranger interval not be more than six people, that is to say, by at most six people you can know any stranger." According to the theory of six degrees of separation, each individual’s social circle is constantly enlarged, and finally become a large network. This is an early understanding of the social network (SocialNetworking). Later, according to this theory, some people set up social network oriented Internet services, such as Friendster, Wallop, adoreme and so on. But "Acquaintances" is just one way of social development, not social expansion. Therefore, now the so-called "SNS", its meaning has far more than "acquaintance acquaintance" this level. For example, according to the same topic for cohesion (such as stick it), according to learning experience for cohesion (such as Facebook), according to the weekend tour of the same place for cohesion, etc., have been included in the "SNS" category. read more

Analysis of the plight and opportunity of local talent network in second tier cities

the local talent network competition is very intense, the number of local talent net a two or three line of the city often have a dozen, but also the traditional large-scale comprehensive talent network such as Zhaopin, at, where the two or three line talent network to succeed is very difficult, often fierce competition. There will be a great opportunity, here I come to the analysis of difficulties and opportunities of the current second tier city local talent network faces, so as to help the webmaster friends to break the bottleneck of the run, find the road to success. read more

mprove the lawyer website source into the three steps strategy

, before we start talking about a lawyer’s website, let’s talk about the profession. At present, the domestic legal profession is not optimistic, through the judicial examination is not a problem, the problem is now the social system and legal environment, home is not high social status, various taxes and fees are too high; the second is the unspoken rule lawsuit beyond count especially just die, through examination of the lawyer, life is very bitter! Lawyers face such a bitter life, try every way to find the source case, the establishment of personal websites is to find the source of a way. With the website how to present the information of the website, this is the most important thing of the website. read more

Experience of the website article optimization promotion chapter

The content of the

site is one of the key factors to get a good ranking. Today I have some experience in the article.

1, the content of the site must be updated every day. This is very important. I have a station, updated every day, snapshots every day. There are a few days not updated results, Baidu snapshot, included reduced a lot. Now insist on updating every day, included again. You don’t have to update a lot every day, but be sure to keep it updated every day. Do not care about the number of updates, care about is there?. Therefore, we must adhere to the daily updates, perseverance is victory! read more

CN domain name, personal registration, relaxation, nternet health, blocking is better than sparse

last December, CCTV exposure CN domain name information review lax management, leading to the existence of a large number of pornographic websites, yellow flood information, CNNIC is under pressure to release "on the further strengthening of information audit domain name registration notice", clearly only enterprise can register CN domain name, domain name registration requires the user to submit the application materials to the domain name registration services online, no business license or certificate of organization code of individual users, will not be able to apply for the registration of the domain name. After the announcement of the implementation of individual registration CN domain name activities were halted. A number of domain name registration are told before January 31st CN domain name holder must submit business license and other proof, otherwise the domain name will be suspended to parse the CN domain name immediately heat rate. Individual stationmaster expresses in succession this policy does not understand, the spring that calls CN domain name is over already, sell CN domain name quickly, choose COM domain name is inevitable choice. read more