1.98 million electricity supplier is listed in the National nformation Center blacklist

October 25th news, with the rise of e-commerce and online shopping index rose, the integrity of the online shopping environment will be tested again in this 11. The State Information Center Deputy Director Zhou Min disclosure, by the end of last week, the number of home electricity supplier punished blacklist has reached 19829. In order to rectify the online shopping environment, the state information center plans to push these blacklist to various departments and three party credit agencies, and the list of regular updates for the community reference. read more

Jingdong 3C to upgrade the quality of the purchase, the combination quality of carnival fun surprise

people’s pursuit of high quality, personalized goods and service experience of the new consumer era has come, consumers are constantly improving brand loyalty, consumer upgrades are showing a strong momentum and vitality. With the upgrading of consumption and quality of Dongfeng 618 Jingdong carnival, Jingdong 3C to upgrade the quality of purchase swept landing, 3C consumers to create a huge benefit to the quality of the feast. In June 1st, Jingdong 3C launched a number of interesting upgrade purchase Collocation: millet with beer, let you out; iPhone 6S Plus hero with the ink box, loving; beats headset with Huangdi Neijing, the tide of health heart, out of mind out of tune. Choose Jingdong 3C upgrade purchase mix, plus 6.18 yuan, $61.8, $99, more surprises to allow consumers to really enjoy the quality upgrade. Buy 3C, Jingdong, more and better to do in the 3C quality upgrade. read more

Personal sentiment what kind of domain name is a good domain name

in fact, I am also a novice, not much better than the average rookie. The inspiration for writing this post comes from an experience.

because one of my domain name is due to domain name registration, business official went down, would be a lot more expensive than the renewal of registration. Goods than three, a very small time, teachers and adults to teach me. I was a good kid, so I went to the other domain name registrar to see the next. The other place is registered for one year than I am now with your provider, but if a renewal or continuous registration of more than 2 years would be a lot cheaper. read more

Kang Guoping there are several domain name registrar credible

a friend would like to ask me to help you register a domain name, I told her to go to a foreign domain name registrar there, if you can register, I will help her registration. Let her go abroad to register NetworkSolutions query there, because I do not believe that the domestic domain name registrar. Because the domestic broke a thing, once you query a domain name and not timely registration, second days of the domain name may be registered.

did not expect that the foreign company is also incredible. She said that the domain name can be registered, I went to register when it was displayed by the NetworkSolutions company hold (locked reserved). Can only go to the company registration. It seems that crows are black. It is not a few domain name registrar can believe. I checked the information online, found that such a company like this, so to speak is to help people protect, but actually still want to let users run it there to register, expensive. With the domestic domain name at every turn to grab the ratio, it seems that this crow is not the most black. read more

SF follow the rhyme and pass the on-line import electricity supplier website love

[Reuters] news billion state power in February 3rd, Yunda express yesterday announced its cross-border e-commerce platform, and delivery of love (UDA) online shopping mall (www.udamall.com) officially launched, marking the rhyme express formally enter the market of imported electricity supplier.

gifted Love official website screenshot

rhyme said, and handed the love positioning in the high-end consumer users worldwide, is relying on the existing global rhyme courier service network, the global convergence of large and medium-sized well-known brands and manufactures high-quality products, the integration of domestic and foreign resources of global cross-border retail business platform, and will be the world brand retailers to provide global Internet integration warehousing services based on supply and marketing. read more

Secret small and medium sized electricity supplier to do what should be considered extra

recently China electricity supplier industry seems to secure a lot, not what big movement, but this does not mean that the China electricity industry environment has stabilized, on the contrary there still exist a lot of problems. The flowers in the world, the huge business Chinese I dare not hazard a judge, but as a small and medium-sized Web site owners, I feel friends around there is still much room for improvement, because the current master of the situation, many friends who do web site that is to do business, engage in online wholesale, eyes but money is nothing else, and these we are unable to convert the web enhance another fundamental obstacle height. read more

Ministry of Commerce statement Taobao industrial and commercial administration of the dispute increa

Beijing News News (reporter Liu Suhong) this morning, the Ministry of Commerce held a press conference on Taobao and SAIC for sound".

Shen Danyang, spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, said

, General Administration of industry and Commerce informed the second half of 2014 online shopping directional monitoring report, the relevant enterprises to raise objections, the Ministry of commerce is highly concerned about this issue.

Shen Danyang said that the Ministry of Commerce in the country to fight the work of the office of infringement and counterfeiting have been published in the Ministry of commerce website, he reiterated that the electricity supplier to increase the intensity of rectification. read more

Medium and small electricity providers to accelerate out big brother to eat B2C 90% market share

in the big brother another round of price war pressure, small electricity supplier is at an end. IResearch latest statistics show that in the two quarter, the domestic B2C market sales of $89 billion 350 million, an increase of 43.7%, an increase of more than 140%.

at the same time, the price war to make online shopping market concentration increased dramatically, in addition to the top ten commercial enterprises, the rest of the electricity market share compared with the last quarter fell 50%, only about 5%. read more

Tmall sued Juhuasuan merchant middlemen to declare no refund without success

[TechWeb] April 12th news, the Haidian court accepted a case of Tmall business intermediaries refused to refund service charges.

Haidian court official micro screenshot

Haidian court said, because the declaration of "Juhuasuan" is not successful, the city of Xinji Yi Trading Company will dim the defendant Beijing pilotage Agel Ecommerce Ltd sued the court to require the defendant to return the company technical service fee of 30 thousand yuan, the Haidian court accepted the contract dispute. read more

Australia Hong Kong settled like cross-border direct mail platform

overseas brands settled point praise, as a pioneer in the forefront of mobile electricity supplier service innovation, and actively explore overseas markets. Australia, a number of companies and brands settled point praise platform.

Australia. Bio technology, Hong Kong, outstanding real estate, direct mail Australia Australia immigration group excellence and other industries brands like. Like the point of talent shows itself mobile service providers team with constantly updated, leading innovation advantage one step, for the enterprise to provide rich products, solve the enterprise in the development of pain point and bottleneck, reduce artificial operation, enterprises, promotion costs, rapidly enhance the performance. read more