The game is symbiosis those things webmasters and search engine

often see the owners, especially the new owners in the face of nervous and anxious to adjust the search engine website snapshot, ranking, included optimization data, in this mood more is constantly trying to find how fast can "conquer" search engine optimization, make the site to achieve a higher level. In fact, when we want to understand the search engine is the final formulation of the "rules of the game" decision makers, trying to "conquer" search engine is not wise, nor in line with the actual situation. The game with the search engine does not have the correct attitude is not only given the search engine positioning, but also affects the establishment and operation of the subsequent site, easily lead to only search engine optimization effect theory, ignoring the core user experience this website operation place. So, the game with the search engine attitude is clearly not appropriate.

, a website set with the search engine and usersThe final Service >

when we learned about the founding purpose of the search engine, may be able to help owners more easily give it a reasonable positioning. The first search engine, namely the modern sense of the search engine’s ancestors, in 1990 by the University of Montreal student Alan Emtage invented the Archie, its role is to rely on the file name search scattered in all files in FTP, followed by 3 years in 1993 System Computing Services of Nevada university has developed another very similar with the search tool, but the search tools in addition to the index file, can search the web page. Then, with the development of search engines, the Internet content to crawl and stored by a robot program, and then optimize the filter rules to query contemporary search engines provide indexing service is more and more perfect, the most famous noble baby, Yahoo, love Shanghai not continuously optimize and improve their own the screening system and rules, to better provide high quality and high matching rate of content to the user, while the number of Internet sites is the content of the source, also is the content provider.

understand the founding intention of search engine, understand its development process, we will see that the existence of the search engine based on many websites on the Internet, the website is the provider and the source of its content, and how to select more high quality from the numerous website contents, the decision is the search engine improvement the screening mechanism and rules of the. It can be said that without the Internet site, so that a search engine will lose the meaning of existence; but not the search engine will make many websites to show more users to lose a lot of opportunities. Therefore, the search engine and website owners, not the game, but the relationship between symbiosis.

search engine

understand this relationship, the webmaster can operate the site to search engine optimization have more rational understanding, but also can deal with the website search engine better, the relationship between the website and the users.

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