Shanghai refused to analysis the influence of the chain of love of the Shanghai dragon website weigh

Comparison of the

webmaster, whether you use love Shanghai rejected outside the chain of tools when the mood is very tangled, tangled some outside the chain of whether or not to refuse, refuse to pity, the chain is not easy to do it, don’t worry about what to website weight declined. This tangle of feeling I understand, because I am now in such a state, what to do? After careful consideration, decided to do the work of two chain refused to see the effect, the first round: refuse chain H sites, illegal gambling and other illegal websites on the site; the second round: refuse chain stack the link is not related to the theme and content.

(time 2013-12-13) results are as follows:

Figure 1-1

some people may ask, how will this chain? I can only say that the tragedy of the former, quick success, what the chain do not love, Shanghai algorithm adjustment before the website weight really quite high, but I just took over a month, love Shanghai on the new algorithm, the site back to liberation before all the weight zero.

refused the chain website weight after the operation, there will be some decline recently, you must be calm. Love said Shanghai re evaluation of website. Yong Kun gold network 2013-11-27 love Shanghai weight as shown in Figure 1-3.


stack, the theme and contentThe first round of the

2, second round: refuse chain links that are not relevant to the

Two weeks after

Shanghai Webmaster Platform through love, to find out the H station and illegal gambling station, and the site or domain level declined (Figure 1-2), the website’s no good website, all the choice of site level or the primary domain level declined. Related to the H content, I will not screenshots, you know.

The first round of

H website, illegal gambling and other illegal websites on the web

love Shanghai chain algorithm update, many websites will be right down, I just took over the Yong Kun gold network is the same, you wake up, do the chain blindly is not feasible, the content of the website is also very important. So the chain is imperative to.

1, the first round: delete the chain

screenshot above. Figure 1-2

refused and theme related content >

before I say no more, now I began the first step chain refused to work, first of all keywords to the site’s ranking were recorded before operation, as shown in figure 1-1:

rejected outside the chain, the number is quite small, impact on the website weight is small. Main is the second round of operation, the chain number declined more, the impact should be relatively large. The second round of operation before the Shanghai love weight can refer to figure 1-4.

Figure 1-3 .Figure 1-4

Figure 1-1 and 1-3 can be seen with the keywords ranking less a part of the weight of a drop in love Shanghai.

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