Link to the downstream industry bound link to get rid of correlation.

For example, the

Links at that time did not think of the search engine is how we do, then there is no ranking, do this link purely for the user. In order to users can find new website from my site, and this site is online and we are complementary. From this link to find more valuable content, this is not the search engine era, we do not consider the ranking factors when considering Shanghai dragon. I think the chain was not the search engine is how to do it? Will never get out of hand spread like today, for the interconnection of multi produce a lot of garbage, we look at the last love Shanghai search engine in order to combat the chain introduced for many times of the algorithm, we do the chain and Links also need to return to the naturally, all starting from the natural.

website construction and the two Shanghai dragon industry, people the first thing to do is to finish the website after website, need to do well in Shanghai dragon. If people are looking for the construction site, and may also pay attention to the Shanghai dragon or network marketing. If he saw in the construction site of Shanghai dragon network marketing website may click into the look, the reason is very simple, it can finish this thing next step must do Shanghai dragon and network marketing. This link will bring traffic, bring more and more with the click click this link, you won’t be more active, more active link weight is higher. When do the chain we may not want your chain is clicked, I see a lot of people put Links on the humble position, even in the dense row do not want users.

Links is outside the chain of high quality source of each website is the most important, many owners have paid special attention to the construction of the link, but many people ignore a role of Links. It is that we can use the Links attracted a lot of traffic, a lot of people do Links estimates are for web site keywords ranking, in order to improve the single site keywords ranking, in fact, this is just one point, that is to play a function which has Links. It is too wasteful, but whenever did Shanghai Longfeng people have such a problem that is too heavy to see ranking, while ignoring the other, all mentioned in the previous article, in fact, there are three factors affecting site traffic, included rankings and click, just a focus to forget other rankings.


today proposed to do website friendship and customer’s idea is for standing in the complementary point of operation, the only way is the most value chain, but also have another advantage is diversion. No matter in the chain or chain in the process of everyone was correlation of this concept to the trouble, I see a lot of people do the chain’s first priority is the correlation between the chain, the chain of correlation is indeed very important, but is not important to first degree. There are more important than these factors, it is complementary to the chain type, with the flow of the chain chain is the most valuable. Said a long time or hastened to explain what is called complementary chain.

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