Noble baby +1 push new blogger and benefit function

the picture shows after the search results in the noble baby, generally speaking this blog aristocratic baby profile will be displayed on the picture above, you do not feel very cool

Update the blogger Blog words appear


when the visitors search articles, suddenly there was a result of the pictures, is not enough to attract people to click on this? As in the ten search results, there is a video search results, it will have reduced the video shots, usually hits than many pure words. This is also the integration can be seen as noble baby + with the search results, and then the inside is a noble + nobility baby baby +1 data, we guess that’s right, now noble baby +1 has initially shown in indirect nobility baby search result page, the estimated future will have greater integration. The following figure:


so, to write independent blog people, so cool feature is how to achieve it? I tell you to use the most simple method, a total of four steps as follows:

2. in their own blog page a link to your noble baby plus individual pages, and the links with rel= "author" attribute. As part of the footer in this link to my blog page, the last point text, write this Code: this blog was created by Sine, welcome to reprint blog, please keep in the form of links and the source of the author. Of course, you can have a different style, it is important that you baby plus ID to write to nobility, and rel= "author" this attribute must be added.


noble baby pictures function recently, it means to have a blog site to the blogger’s picture on display in the search results. In fact, before the foreign search I found success in foreign noble baby’s search results page to display their own photos, but very few domestic, these sites for blog site. I will give you detailed introduce and use method.

1. to open their noble baby plus page. Noble account login, baby, baby no aristocratic account to apply for an application, a Gmail mailbox on the line, can be used all noble baby products. Then visit the https://plus. noble baby贵族宝贝/me, open your own home page will be similar to the https://plus. noble baby贵族宝贝/10539568569788588 results, a string of numbers behind you noble baby plus ID, and we can get the web page address noble baby plus, such as the shape of noble baby贵族宝贝/10539568569788588: https://plus.

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