To solve the website should be to formulate strategy according to the weight of the website


is a web content only indexed by search engines, can let the keywords ranking. A web site does not care about the article inside how many, but care is how many search engines included more, of course, is more favorable for the website, because it can enhance the overall weight of the site and a large number of long tail keywords ranking, so as to improve the site traffic.

1, the low weight of new sites. Just for the web site to do, because the weight is low, but also by the special "care" of the search engine, so it should be especially careful optimization. To add a web content I think it should be in the original, pseudo original supplement; content is not much, but in quality, if you do is dumpster, it does not matter, if you want the site has a long-term development, it must be so. After the release of content do not think that sometimes, search engine will not include you, even if you are the original article, even if included, will soon be eliminated, which is mainly caused by the low weight site, in order to allow search engines to quickly and keep the site included, we should focus on their own post, to a relatively high weight of the website to lead spider, so that the fast was collected, and included the search engines will not be eliminated. If you can persist for several months, so I believe you website articles included a certain amount of a lot, and the site overall weight and keywords ranking has visible effect.

2, when the site has a certain weight. The website weights and can not describe with an exact number, but with webmaster friends through all aspects of the site index to analyze, so as to know the weight of the website, although there are weight analysis tools, but also can not really determine the weight of a web site. Here refers to a web site with a weight that is simple, the chain site included the amount of certain keywords, and have a certain rank, we released the station strategy than the new to simpler, when we publish original articles, I don’t think I will each have to go outside to lead the spider, because the site has some weight, search engine.

then for a web site should be included how to make steady increase? I think we should go to formulate strategy according to a weight of the site, the weights of the different sites, for a task the quality requirements and published are different, below I give a talk about how it should be targeted to do.

today, your website has been plagued by many owners, especially in some of the new site, because the weight is low, you want to make your site more included, it is a very difficult problem. Many owners said the acquisition can solve the problems included in the site, a collection of hundreds of thousands of data, that the site has included thousands of article, it looks very large data, just because those articles are flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, not what quality; although the search engine included, but may not hold a lot will be eliminated, the development for the weights of the website promotion and website are very unfavorable

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