How to make the website user experience.

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if 2013 is before the chain for the emperor, then after 2013 the user is king. Indeed, the search engine can be easily analysis to the site in the user access action. Therefore, whether the excellent website user experience has become an important factor to determine the value of the site. All the time, everyone said to improve the user experience can get a better ranking, but how to improve the user experience? Don’t just do a good job of quality content, website structure to meet user needs it? The answer is no..

in order to reduce the trace of cheating, when web traffic is not much, click every day and the number of share is not suitable for too much, the author is every day 10, share 5. If a short period of time a lot of search traffic increased, it is easy to be found in the search engine.

, click each other and share

in the network a lot of each click on the QQ group, you can click on each other through these channels, with other users. In the click process can screenshots to prove that pay attention to the real simulation of the user, can negotiate with each other, such as keyword input to hand, then click on each page for 2 minutes, then click the 5 page and then closed. You can also click the proportion, with each other brush website to share the same process click after a period of time, will share the home page to love Shanghai collections, and visit the website. If you want to brush next to the fingers of the snapshot, so to love Shanghai in collecting sharing sites, to go to the tail, for example in the share 贵族宝贝***.net this website website, I usually ask to delete the contents of # number in the end.

writes well, the website design beautiful, after the search engine is only a pile of code and text. If there is no user access, then the good content is slag. This is not an exaggeration, or even most of the industry rankings can see many examples of why people collect articles, but ranked so strong, but I honestly create content, the website is not fit to be seen. I believe this problem has been plaguing us. In fact, do not hinder is because the search engine rankings that these good website "user experience", and their website users are not even, also talk about what the experience.

two, each click on the frequency stability of

I do a few on the Guangzhou website construction company the enterprise website, because enterprise website traffic itself is not high, and relatively high precision flow requirements. I believe we all know, news website of these articles did not go to the user, just visit the case, or products. Therefore, the author has been struggling to find solutions to improve the user experience. An on-line near corporate website, want to rely on the user to obtain the real user access experience, so it is clearly impossible, therefore, we learned how to make the user experience the illusion, no traces of illusion.

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