Optimization of miracle four months what

every day to write soft, but you may not have a rigid view, see. For you today is a lot recently by Shanghai Longfeng analysis optimization case simple violence site. Nonsense not say, first from the website data begin.

2. before cheating on the link, now rely on the content of this website for cheating, fall in love with sea at this stage algorithm of content requirements and loopholes.


love Shanghai search site, and then open the site, with you directly enter the URL of the website opened not the same. May use love Shanghai SERP jump. Then I went to see the site of the chain, at first glance is not much problem, are some of the chain business yellow pages. But to see it open and found that in addition to outside links, are some of the basic site with irrelevant information, and the chain has more than 4 years, should be retained before using this domain name website. Included in the site is the site of the chain. Can say that the site didn’t do the chain. We can get a message from here, is in love with sea at this stage of the algorithm to focus only on the site, the chain and not care about the site, or even a large number of the chain is not the weight of the website have too much influence.

Below share with you some

website is normal, but the open page later found each page are similar, some product information, almost no value of information page. But love Shanghai but are included.


stage 2. is outside the site content >

The biggest harvest


on this site are these:

love is not a person, but the machine intelligent judgment, is still not perfect, there are many loopholes.

4. uses a SERP love Shanghai judge jump, Taobao API call volume generated page.

3. use special techniques to allow users to open pages and spiders crawl pages are not the same. The limited level of the author, view the source code, but still not clear specific call jump problem.

1. Shanghai

from the above we can see the first problem, the site is only 4 months, the weight was 6, but not PR, this should follow the update speed of two search engines. Love Shanghai update too fast, Google update too slow. Shanghai love the snapshot, indicating the site home page update is normal, the open space, fast, no Links.

, some views on site analysis of several peers.

Although the recent

1. site polymerization of Taobao title, but Taobao has blocked love Shanghai, drilled in the middle of loopholes.


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