The three station is often ignored the choice of key words

webmaster choose keywords method of all sorts of strange things, each station has its own set of keyword selection ideas and methods. But often in a part of the webmaster in mind that as long as the keyword flow added to the site directly copy high up, then do optimization promotion, have been slow to see the desired results, the reason why? Because of neglect of an important factor, natural flow and high degree of competition is fierce. So, the webmaster choose keywords, don’t just look at the flow level, there are other factors, such as the conversion rate, precision, correlation matching, etc. these factors must be taken into account. Today I share the selection method of accurate keywords some easy let owners ignore:

twenty-first Century is an efficient era, people’s work speed, the error rate is also straight up the natural. Just like I’m typing chat with friends will be a typo, or some words won’t deliberately use the same words to explain the tone. Similarly, users in the search for some information, may put the search word wrong inadvertently, then the search engine will be based on the phonetic explanation to return search results, and according to the statistics of Internet users Chinese billion, if the 1/1000 user input with a search word, the word flow is one hundred thousand such a huge traffic flow, for the owners is not very tempting. Such words and the degree of competition is low, and because of the wrong keywords, general search engine judgment of such words is to rely on a similar return search results, so that the owners can easily catch the keyword flow. So, the webmaster choose accurate keywords, keywords can be used to make appropriate typos website, in line with the user search term information naturally ranked higher, as to get the effect you know.

, with the same key words meaning spelling

, the two terms commonly used in daily life

used the same meaning in different parts of the text are different, such as potatoes in the Shandong area called the Guizhou area known as taro or potato, potato in Shanxi ocean, called the potato, Anhui also known as sweet potato. The Hebei area called the potato, yam. Guangdong is called the Italian potato, beans, French called Apple, the Germans called Di Li, the Americans called the Irish Yambean, Russians called Holland potato etc.. So in the information about the user search and potatoes in different areas, will naturally combine their speech habits to search for the real life. I like in the Guangdong area native search, potatoes will directly enter the keyword with the word potato, rather than enter the egg like yam, of course, used in different places of different words, but also for the owners to select the precise keywords is very helpful. So webmaster want to understand website user group distribution of their own, then what about life in terms of these places, is what happens. Then through combining the local term keywords composition, nature >


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