The rapid increase of the chain method five

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for example, this post "I posted on A5 website in Shanghai dragon how to obtain the original article material", all of a sudden I added hundreds of the chain, you can check the chain in Shanghai we love Shanghai company website, search for "domain:www.gdmeian贵族宝贝" you will see many websites reproduced this article, but also the high weight of the webmaster website.

2, using

acquisition station

is there a rapid increase of the chain method? After summing up, the chain will have thinking breakthrough, this will have a multiplier effect.

China has more than 3 million websites, personal websites which account for a large part, so many owners would like you and me every day to update the article, with the website? No, most of the webmaster is very lazy, the update will be managed by the software to complete the acquisition. As long as one good custom acquisition rules, acquisition software will not stop on time for you to go to other sites collect article back at the same time automatic release.

this is what I do in Shanghai Longfeng work since the most impressive, registration, posting these annoying locks, boring things for the whole of Shanghai Longfeng work has become mechanical boring, forever will affect your confidence.

we do Shanghai dragon, do external links, although can not take a >

optimization, the chain is significant for improving the site search ranking, Web 2 times, left for us to do outside the chain space seems to be great. Blogs, forums, message, Post Bar… In theory, we can leave the link everywhere, in fact? I think we do the chain is more and more difficult.

Shanghai dragon

a blog to register, setting, also find articles, articles, a few days down, found that SE did not register an account also included, forum invitation code, registered not posting permissions, with no links right. The fundamental message cannot send links, or being nofollow away, love Shanghai Post Bar links will be more difficult. Toss down one day, found with no effective link, at this time the mood is not bad, then do the chain work pressure in Shanghai dragon’s biggest worry.

so, in order to automatically increase the number of our chain, we’ll be collecting source website, our website is not the webmaster may be collected, however, it does not matter, we go to the webmaster often go to the place of the collection is, Sina blog is the webmaster of the acquisition, when we write a blog the article will fill a few more labels, because the webmaster is to collect the search by label. For example, beauty station will collect the Sina blog "beauty" and "white label" under article. So, as long as we are with our blog link, the best is the anchor text link on the line.


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