Keywords mining can play good advantage of original content

: I want to write an article about the brothers run it second season "entertainment article, how to write to write the keyword traffic, now many sites and are large, the weight is very high, how to do? We have another way, mining keyword, such as:

keyword mining, sounds very professional, is not difficult, as long as you know our website editor is for those users, they usually have what problem or need on the Internet to find information, then the first thing you put yourself as the user to find these problems, used in the search engine search to find the answer, then you will soon found, we are still concerned about what issues they were in search of what keywords, which is related to user search and search engine keywords thinking rule mining method.

love Shanghai search drop-down box and relevant search tips: "what time broadcast, film, broadcast, guests, the latest issue of angelababy," and so on, these long tail words tell us a direction of thinking, the brothers run it second season "is a popular variety show, the net friend attention to the program the program is not only good and bad, there are people on the show in the plot, star characters, background music and so on, the details of the activities of interest, then we will know how to avoid competition, a short way to get traffic.


in fact, there are many keyword mining network tools can be used, such as: love stand nets dig words, love Shanghai

we have good original article editing ability, can not lose in the keyword mining, hard to edit out the article, but not how to do

first we need to understand what is the main source of traffic to the site? If it is a circle of friends, it is not so much the keyword research. If is the search engine, it is not the same, to study well, study not good website does not flow. However, we also need to know what factors affect search engine rankings for your website, website, website content, website open speed, whether shielding search engine, website structure is good, the site safety problem, if no problem, then carefully editing, regular updates, and constantly improve the keyword mining optimization, flow, weight of the site on the point the day and await for it.

want to have a website traffic, it must be in key words mining efforts, because the Internet is the day of the competition, we must first solve the problem of existence, that is the problem of the traffic flow, and the keyword mining is key to whether the flow of the website editor.




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index etc.Original


in the original site editor circle has been a hot topic, we all know that the original is a best way to edit website >

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