Don’t set down the right site nervous attitude adjustment details

three station was drop right, some webmaster friends may be more anxious, of course, this is normal, but the mentality of the problem is the most important, not a good attitude, not only do you have a better way of the website is not easy to recover. In itself do stand, need a stable state of mind, if you encounter some problems, busy hands, no matter what the reason, just set up a website, which not only has no effect on the recovery, but also may make the search engine to observe your station again, this weight recovery station may be very for a long time.

as the saying goes, is not the webmaster K, not a good webmaster. To illustrate a point, we do stand in the encounter, stand down the right is a very normal thing, but the site is down right, most of the site itself is the reason. See why search engine did not drop the other station is right, and you stand down right? As can be imagined is certainly lead to stand, the reason. Some of the more detailed questions, such as the space is not stable, the same IP stations are likely to be implicated, causes the station right down. Here to share with you the next one is how to make recovery



site is down right, therefore, to maintain a good attitude to do, to do the content and the chain, after a few days, when the search engines know site not cheating, the weight will return to station. This is the mentality of the great role. No matter what, as long as there is a good attitude, not what can not stop your success. If you stop doing well, but also the failing to panic mentality, I believe a lot of problems smoothly done or easily solved.

so, in addition to the original content at the same time, I adjusted the method for the increase of the chain, the chain increased to comply with the rules. Some people may say, not content to go? Why chain? But in fact, it is very effective, the stability of the chain, can let the spider to crawl the content and stability, which is consistent with the rules of search engine! So, with a stable method. You can make the search engine from the new knowledge website, the weights to restore the station.

two re adjustment of the chain, but also can make the weight recovery station. When I was in order to facilitate the chain, the chain a short period of time, such as a day to do a ten thousand, there is no doubt that this is a fraud suspect to search engine, search engine to drop your right is normal.

original content is easier to reply. A station was drop right, does not mean that the spider will not catch the content, so add original content to feed the spider, let search engine from its new knowledge, and then you can recover the weight. If you stand in the collection of words, suggest that the horse stop stop collecting, because if you continue collecting it is very unfavorable to the website, does not do well, the search engine will also delete the previously included content. So, the webmaster or work hard to write each article is the best way, do good, generally a week or so you can recover.

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