Comprehensive analysis ability of website is another bridge to the Shanghai Dragon Master

website, is a webmaster should have the basic ability, including ability, analysis and mining site keywords basic rules and design ability, industry analysis and insight, basic writing ability, website traffic analysis ability, the marketing ability, as well as the integration of key words long tail strategy basic competition website the analysis ability and have some ability to release the chain. For a good long station said the site before the line work is directly related to the website on-line and ranking. This is the website of the beginning of the line, the ability of the web site keywords analysis and mining.

design is the site originally should do things, why put him in the analysis of key words is concerned, more is to let our webmaster in website design should be based on keywords, by observing the keywords and the competitor’s website, our website on-line to the user groups, to personalized website design. In the design process of the website, we should make these keywords on the site more natural distribution, basically every user clicks are designed to attract or through keyword is effective to attract click on the recommendation of our website, so on-line can better benefit the user experience. As for the internal keyword distribution site, we should do good preparation before the line on the website, the website column determined in advance, in the design of effective design and recommend layout of each column, the column of keywords better distribution, and the structure design of the product page the more reasonable design, after these, we should design a few special pages, these projects can be aimed at the hot content, but also for the popular products or special festivals, but also can be designed as a promotional project, let more traffic to import your topic, the best in the topic, can design more for specific content, and the design of the project page keywords >

Analysis of

1, keyword analysis ability

2, keywords layout and design ability of

for keyword analysis, this is a marketing site on the front line, should do a good job, but from the current site, many of the words are in the web site after online, after a period of time after the operation, a lot of people think before the keyword is not good or not ready to change the location of key words. Then, the key words after the change tends to affect the overall site included and ranking of keywords. And an on-line website main keywords layout, effectively mining the long tail keywords other, and screened these keywords, and choose the most relevant website words as the main keywords, and other related products and website for word long tail keywords website, layout in the two catalog, the page or site project, and optimize the whole station to these pages. The layout of the keywords, then we should say something about the site architecture and design work.

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