The Encyclopedia of rainbow plan is love Shanghai for another thump in medical industry

currently has completed thousands of love Shanghai encyclopedia, these entries will be locked in the compilation, only the team of experts can be edited. But another part of no physician timely preparation of medical terms, may still happen users upload information is not even violations of individual medical institutions to carry out false propaganda. Therefore love Shanghai decision now start rainbow plan, will take on all the medical professional writing class entry, through the network platform for popularization of medical knowledge, for the benefit of more people.

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"Rainbow plan" is undoubtedly the love of Shanghai in order to promote more professional knowledge of treatment, for a big adjustment in medical industry. But for the medical industry site workers, this is a bolt from the blue. As early as August 25th Shanghai love big update, there are nearly 60% medical sites were K, leading to the medical industry vitality, has not yet been restored. And now love Shanghai launched the "Rainbow plan" is not meant to love Shanghai once again hit the medical industry

is currently the rainbow project, it is the love of Shanghai a new revolution. We can see the love in Shanghai encyclopedia official explanation: "love the Shanghai Encyclopedia of the spirit of equality, cooperation, sharing, the free spirit of the Internet, the promotion of equality for all the network before all the people together to write an encyclopedia, let the knowledge and expanding constantly in a technical rules and cultural context. Provide a creative network platform for the user, that user participation and dedication, fully mobilize the forces of all users of Internet, convergence >

It is reported that in December 10th

news, recently announced the launch of a love Shanghai encyclopedia called "Rainbow plan" entry through the 40 thousand compilation program, commonly used medical encyclopedia entry lock, invite authoritative medical expert certification editing mode, provide the sharing platform more authoritative and professional health knowledge for users. Medical entries after the lock will no longer accept ordinary users to modify.

"Rainbow plan" is the medical industry once again adjust the

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actually love Shanghai for the key to take care of the medical industry is not without reason, we know that health is a lucrative industry, the competition is fierce. But it has also led to the emergence of false information in this industry more, while many websites to do rankings, just a lot of brush flow, completely ignored the needs of users, this is the cause of love Shanghai focus of care in medical industry.

August love Shanghai although big update is to reflect the user experience, there are a lot of garbage collection site, cheating site, the site is K, is right down. But after the adjustment of the rankings, it did not reach the ideal. The top of the site there are still some poor user experience of the site, so love Shanghai will continue to adjust and update.

where is the future of the medical industry

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