Shanghai Longfeng middle how to establish a gold keyword Thesaurus

, a keyworded thesaurus

in Shanghai dragon of the whole operation process, the choice of keywords is correct or not directly determines the flow rate and conversion rate of our website, especially to the Shanghai dragon optimization medium, we still do so few words have been, our conversion rate has not improved, the optimization of the road may enter a bottleneck, this mining is particularly important new keywords to establish a high conversion rate of the keyword thesaurus, establish a reasonable keyword thesaurus allows us to pre pay for resources to get a good return.

two, how to tap the effect of keywords

Here we use our

2. to estimate a keyword for data analysis

customers to enter the site through what word for these words we have 11 general statistics, TQ business customers through the search through will show what words enter the website, the words we use to record table.

if there is no bidding we use love Shanghai bridge and TQ business statistics the following data

Shanghai dragon is a hard and challenging work, he is actually the biggest cost time cost, the stationmaster need strong willpower, the majority of Shanghai Longfeng hard to bring up is not easy, but the most terrible is not to do rankings, but I have ranked up but the conversion rate but the poor, resulting in our initial investment are wasted, the webmaster will sometimes encounter such embarrassing situation, causing the main reason of this is our key words no words in the mining in the middle of the optimization, the establishment of a high quality keyword thesaurus, how our keywords mining, mining to pay attention to the details, so as to find the key words in the industry well, today to share with you a few build a keyword Thesaurus Step.

1. through the preliminary selection of keywords reasoning we first go through the industry to understand the reasoning that the right keywords, reasoning is not random reasoning, for the target keywords, we still have to focus on the inference of our products, we can from the characteristics of the product, category, language description and related products to expand on these words, the long tail word we can ask and answer the way of development, such as the company where good? Which of the Shandong crane company and so on these?.

if our website is doing the bidding for the analysis of keywords is too good, we can see through the auction to test keywords conversion which keywords high rate but the competition is not high, and the conversion rate of bidding is a very good experiment base of keywords analysis competition, bidding not only can save time and cost, accurate at the same time, the auction rate is also very high, for us to establish a keyword dictionary is a great help.

several frequently used tools, enterprise edition love Shanghai business bridge and TQ business.

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