A plurality of signals and after the solution site is love Shanghai punishment

this is the case, don’t worry, first check the website did not appear to be punished Links, then check the server a recent off time is stable. Keywords are piling up, the chain has mass, etc.. Check the log traces of the spider is normal.


2, the chain increased sharply

keywords ranking suddenly disappeared


solution: This is the case, check the following situations without exception, love might be caused by updating Shanghai’s Ranking Ranking disappeared, generally one or two days can be restored. If there is no recovery after a week, may be the real right of privacy. This needs to be taken seriously, if it is optimal over last year over technique, maintain normal update, a month to return may be two months. If the Links involved, can remove the link and inform each other, and waiting for recovery.

4, the website main keywords or change the website

site to maintain the normal update, the chain was stable in the construction of the website snapshot suddenly stopped the day before, and a few days do not move. This situation is likely to be a precursor to a web site is down right.


solution: check whether Links is down right or punishment. Recommend the use of linkhelper webmaster tools, query speed, high accuracy. If everything is normal, to see whether there is love Shanghai spider web log traces, if there is probably not completely refresh the database of Shanghai love. Update and maintain normal observation of a few days and then check.

solution: complaints to the relevant departments of Shanghai love 贵族宝贝tousu.baidu贵族宝贝/webmaster/add, and keep the site updated normally, suspend the release of the chain or a chain of impunity until now, this process is generally about a week to about half the time.

maintain the normal release under the condition of the chain on the site, the chain suddenly appeared ten times or even hundreds of times, this time to pay attention to, see if there’s a lot of external chain page is the same content, if it is, may be malicious mass outside the chain.

in a very large amount of information today, the Internet search engine for each person, career is very convenient. It also brought a lot of opportunities for many website friends. Now more and more friends to join the ranks of the webmaster, through the search engine platform, to their own small life increase a small income. However, in the process of construction, there are a lot of friends to use the search engine’s vulnerability to cheating, search engines have improved algorithm and cause some illegal sites being punished, like this is an ecological cycle, but some webmaster is not intentional, but not careful. Today follow Hex tunes together to learn some of the love of Shanghai to punish site signal and afterwards solutions.

snapshot of stagnation

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