The analysis determines the site weight and ranking of the four major factors

third, website construction of the external links. The author suggests that the external links do well in the station optimization and we mainly focus on the construction of the chain, do I do not recommend the site content and structure is not perfect, do well in the station, the chain can choose high power.

with the development of electronic commerce, both businesses and individuals want to use the Internet to e-commerce let more consumers understand user groups to their personal and business products or the company’s website, many companies have used their e-commerce channels, whether the third party platform, or their own independent blog, B2C mall, enterprise web site. It has become one of important means of the net friend to close to the target customers, the enterprise website how to today it has a good performance in the love of Shanghai? The main factors of the weight and website ranking and a detailed analysis of the influence of everyone. Well let’s get short continued gossip.

first, user experience and good website structure. The user experience is the first factor we should pay more attention and attention, we know that the search engine is that customer service as the basic core, to better serve their own user groups is in the search engine, in other words, our website how many competitors stand out, we must first search and consistent position and the view of the engine, the user experience and website structure is good, good user experience in website color collocation is reasonable, site access speed, the depth of the user access behavior analysis and user’s mind, website content is valuable whether can really help our users. This is the basic factor of experience should pay attention to. Secondly, the website structure is mainly manifested in the physical path and connection structure of the website URL, the physical path can use parallel structure can also file tree like dedecms all the main folder are included in the a directory, so it is very clean and neat, the folder name is physical directory name can use pinyin or can Jianpin directory and URL in connection naming and connection depth, our purpose is to facilitate users to browse and spider crawling.

second update frequency high quality content and stable. The content of the website is like day and night endless rivers, like the blood of the people, bring things in motion and cycle continuously, abandon the useless things, the website is the same day, the latest updates can be issued from time to time to company news products the latest information and industry, not only can provide the most fresh and most valuable what service to our customers is to attract spiders visiting a necessary condition, so the article update here we have to do is put a total value of about products or news, the update note expansion content around the main keywords in the article, the appropriate reference to describe the main keywords or long tail words, not only to consider is the user but also to meet the spider grab and included rules, in order to attract spider and web articles included, improve the site right The station under the solid foundation.

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