Shanghai Longfeng practice (6) – black hat trick Yahoo

The ultimate goal of

domestic at the moment I see is very monotonous. Such as foreign trade mostly do search, classification of information exchange are Links, rarely seen with new ideas like some foreign outstanding website that Shanghai dragon dragon Shanghai practice. It is these methods, let me think of Shanghai dragon is a very interesting thing, and therefore into them.



recommends the use of Chrome or Firefox (with FireBug plugin), on page under the word "review elements", such as:

recommended block? "Search engine — principle, practice and system" in the book mentioned above, "the block is so roughly divided: text, links, and independent of the noise block (but the actual search engine will get closer, it is after all the old books). Related links often in the text below. If in turn, related links at the top of the more likely is the body, so the judgment rule is very reasonable, because of the many times than difficult to extract related links. Do you have text extraction, the extraction difficulty will have more understanding.

Yahoo is to do so, ensure that the < "descript" > div class=; this block search engine that is the text block.

is also very interesting, Yahoo also very bold to the footer called "Shanghai dragon -foot yat-". < >

didn’t plan to write a black hat in the series of articles in the Shanghai dragon skills, after all, the black hat is not worthy of praise. But conversely, if can through the simple black hat techniques to expand the idea with you, it would be a good thing. Because the black hat field for Shanghai dragon sometimes need to involve more deeply, perhaps can make people more in-depth understanding to the Shanghai dragon is not limited to those methods are now widely circulated.

case: 贵族宝贝autos.yahoo贵族宝贝/

if not to do so, the text content of this one area is very small, the search engine is likely to be "above those words are more blocks as a text, and the content and the theme of" car "is not very relevant to this page, Shanghai Longfeng flow will be very unfavorable.

series of second articles mentioned, the search engine may use named ID and class to determine whether a block is what to do with the Yahoo, Autos on this page to do so is to tell the search engines, this block is recommended block.

The majority of Shanghai Longfeng

note in the red box in the part, it has no content, just put a few HTML tags.


What is the meaning of

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