Shanghai launched the true love has statistical purposes behind Shanghai Longfeng suggestion



in June 29th this year, which is an important function of love and statistics in Shanghai launched the "Shanghai dragon", is in love with the sea following the release of the "search engine optimization guide" white paper, is now the only one launched by Shanghai’s official love Shanghai Longfeng guide function of products. The latest trial at the Shanghai dragon, feel very pull ah, do not know if you use this proposal after what feeling Shanghai dragon. It launched all of these suggestions is something common, just released a search engine guide let me down, that time had also looked at from the search engine optimization guide to see some of the secrets are some common sense things, the Shanghai dragon and Phoenix suggestions is some common sense something, believe something to do for a long time Shanghai dragon friends all know. Look at the people in the domestic Shanghai Longfeng most cattle teacher how to comment:

love Shanghai launched the statistical tools the most important thing is of course need to promote, so let me think of the commonly used site included in the query refers to inaccurate,

The results suggest that The

display as seen in the photo, the number is estimated, the site administrator for more accurate included quantity, please use the love of Shanghai, in order to promote the love of Shanghai statistical tools, had to admit that this move is really poison ah, the webmaster to know your website real included data to use statistical tools to love Shanghai. Of course, may be included on the site may not be very interested, that included with the ranking never mind, I can.


Shanghai, I was very disappointed, I think this had the real purpose of Shanghai launched the Shanghai dragon love up advice, I agree in the teacher’s view, their starting point is not really give you Shanghai Longfeng advice gimmick, they attach great importance to the control of this industry. Love is a personal judgment in Shanghai launched the unique function is to promote the love of Shanghai statistics. Statistical tools will become the future search engine to collect user data to choose the best, the starting point of the search engine is for customer service. The natural final purpose is to help users to search the user required content, which requires users to collect. In Shanghai love love Shanghai without the introduction of statistical tools before, only love Shanghai love Shanghai calculated from past traffic, but not to other sources of traffic monitoring. Now as long as you love Shanghai installed a statistical tool, it can monitor the traffic source of your site for all, but also can monitor on your website for. In fact, the major search engines are doing to collect user tools, Google is also a toolbar, love Shanghai also has a toolbar, too little is love Shanghai people use the toolbar, the collected data is too little. So in this situation, Shanghai resolutely launched love statistical tools (I believe we also feel the love, since Shanghai launched the statistical tools now for more users and the influence of the rankings).

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