Shanghai Dragon heavy margin please carefully use nofollow or external nofollow attribute

? Here you can see

nofollow or external nofollow function is to avoid the weight of the website down link loss. Or it can be understood as the weight aggregation site, not the weight of the website dispersion, is beneficial to the rise of ranking.

Shanghai Phoenix Station, we are concerned about a common problem, that is our site to do Links did not add nofollow or external nofollow. Then nofollow or external nofollow and their role in the end what is

we make an analogy: if two do Links sites compared to the pool, the weight of the website compared to fish in the pond, each pool of fish how much weight and height of the representative, then two pool middle pipe is the two site Links, they told each other’s pool water injection. So at this time, nofollow or external nofollow is equivalent to a pool of water outlet protection set a filter, do not let the fish in the pool from the water in the pond into each other.

Whether it is er or


especially when we use WordPress and z-bolg to build independent blog, comments will automatically add the external nofollow property. Some people say that this is not better, don’t let the weight by comment link lost. So the comments automatically with the nofollow or nofollow property of external is good. We see a sinking margin of Shanghai dragon encountered examples as follows:

it seems that heavy margin of Shanghai Longfeng is not recommended with nofollow or external nofollow attribute in the comments. Unless you don’t do Links, it will not happen. How can we get rid of comments in the nofollow or external property of the nofollow? Please look at this article heavy margin of Shanghai Longfeng sink margin of Shanghai Dragon: how.

at this time, someone will think, I put all the outbound links with nofollow, so my website weight will not be lost. In fact, do stand like a person, willing to be willing to give to you, you do not want to give up but to think, not so good. Do we have to do is Shanghai dragon will not come too stingy to pull out a hair miser. So when use nofollow carefully, not abuse.

this is the sinking edge of Shanghai dragon and a friend exchange Links, in fact he does not use nofollow or external nofollow in Links inside, but I just comment on his blog on his article will appear this kind of circumstance. This is not caused by a misunderstanding.

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