The construction of the chain of the future direction of the Shanghai Dragon


effective chain: the premise of search engine included the current page, and you can find the link in the source code, and complete A tag links from

correlation: when doing the external links, attention must be paid to the relationship between the anchor text and the current page theme, such as you do lose weight, you do a page theme for the car’s post back to a post, the anchor text will lose weight, here the anchor text correlation did so the theme of this page is in the car, then your anchor text and the current page is not a correlation, so that search engine in the calculation of the page, the page of the URL analysis, find the link that you do not have any relationship with the theme of the page, then the search engine approach: as this link for spam links, do not transfer the weight over the fear of weight is very low, if it is not related to the external links to do more, search engine Will you think of cheating, the result is right down, K station, it would have lost, so do the construction of external links to the attention of the general relativity, the chain is the chain of the forum, there are friends of the chain, so do the forum outside the chain is divided into, thread, reply, signature here, the weight transfer is undoubtedly ZhuTie high, a relative strong article, do link up, these are very effective, reply and signature have some effect, while the effect is not, pay attention to the correlation is good enough, so that a certain amount can still! Friends of the chain also want the idea correlation, friends of the chain is home, the weight transfer will be very good, but also stable and durable, find relevant web site links is a very good way.


persistence: that is when the chain are more effective, this link to pass over the weight will be more and more.

chain: anchor text, related domain


stability: the chain should pay attention to stability, as it is now possible to be one to two months to take effect for some friends of the chain, the stability of the search engine is will to analyze your friends of the chain, if you link today hanging disappear tomorrow, or after a week to see, that this link is not stable. And the search engine will link is not stable, but also suspected of cheating, because the black link is not stable, here to remind, the forum message, the top group is not stable links, the procedure is not to mind something to think about this, you know, not stable, do not recommend this

Note that the three point !The main form of the

chain construction: correlation, stability, persistence.

chain: external links to any page as others leave a website links to your website, it is a chain of

chain (including any page in the station outside the station to leave a link to this site, is a return to the chain, the chain contains pure text. Here, the main is the embodiment of this can increase your URL in Shanghai love chain, the degree of exposure, ranking help.

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