The website of Shanghai dragon using the domain name, leveraging the occasion

finally, for webmasters to register a domain name, also can not prevent the registered domain name, so, leveraging the occasion, so you can greatly.

don’t know, a look but a jump, included only 1, its weight value is 4 for the love of Shanghai. Believe that the webmaster are clear, the amount included in this website reflects the love of Shanghai weight value to a certain extent, but the site is only 1, but why is there such a weight value? We observed that this site has a 40W chain? Do anti chain also affect an important factor in the weights of the website. But this is only one station, how would there be so many? 40W chain is how to release the

domain name? Then the author




and the author of Taobao, Google such a domain name to view, found to jump directly to its home page, in this regard, love Shanghai would still have to refuel!

domain, examined the anti chain of this website please see, find love in Shanghai have the same text chain in the chain of this website, it can borrow leveraging is not generally large.

recently, the forum has no intention to see such a post to discuss such an offbeat domain name, it is not love to see Shanghai


China in the rapid development of the Internet era, "the love of Shanghai, You’ll see." is how the ear can be cooked in a word. The importance of visible love Shanghai for Internet users is how indispensable. To love Shanghai’s domain names, believe that few Chinese users will not remember. For a domain name, easy to remember most of the value of the factors, however, this site is only a little sea and fell in love with the other, so I believe that as long as remember the love of Internet users in Shanghai, and then look at this website can instantly be able to believe that this site will be the domain name in mind. At the same time, and how many users in the input love Shanghai website a little less input into this website? This site just by virtue of love Shanghai "a little bit" trend, but let the love of Shanghai do free promotion so much for this, it is not generally high!

let us look at the site of the basic information of Shanghai dragon.


how to get?


in a careful look, it still has a little difference, a difference is indeed the difference in the world. For such a domain name, if one does not pay attention to do, I believe many of my friends have mistakenly thought it was love, but it is not Shanghai, love Shanghai, but merely a classified information website. However, for such a domain name in the end has a merit what? Why the webmaster will choose this

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