Website optimization skills without skill is the best

but the reality is that in the website construction and website optimization process, almost every day in countless staged deception. Such as black chains such as all kinds of brush station disaster caused by flooding water, tools such as part of the website optimization emerge in an endless stream, then the master never performed "pseudo original". Because the search engine is based on the mechanical algorithm, the weights assigned to different sites, according to different weights for ranking. But not every cheating details, search engines are able to identify good, it also left the door to the cheating skills. But the long term, the contents and the quality is still the soul of the website, and cheating just can get a moment.

has been that for website construction and website, far more important than skill mentality. With website optimization website, no skills or no skills, is the best technique is the most effective technique. Nature without skill is to return to nature, whether the website construction or site optimization, content is fundamental, only the site is rich in content and quality will be recognized by the user, but also will get the favour of search engine. However, although do not deliberately use, as the website construction and website optimization personnel, or to know the methods and skills required to do, including but not exposed, do know without doubt so success and target is very close.

search engines tend to attach importance to humanity, another reason for the user experience, is to maintain its long-term business interests. Only fair correct, simple and practical search experience, to retain more customers. The search engine is currently the main business model, or the establishment of the "

is the mentality of the problem, whether the website construction or site optimization, having a good attitude is important. And honest is a man of high standards, honesty is not cannot lie but has a duty of mind, as far as possible not to say subjectively cheating, cheating. In interpersonal communication, no one wants others to use their own skills, but no one can accept others cheat yourself. Such feelings will be a diversion, position change, search engine is also very hate skills, also hate being cheated?

two, search engine more humane, the user experience without the skills of

based on two objectives, the search engine has been the trend of human nature, more for users to consider. A search engine is the core value concept, that is fair, open and transparent. Many people may think that love Shanghai there is too much manual intervention, and even a lot of people are very confused, and even human right down to the sealing station, left to the user is not fair and transparent impression. I love Shanghai and injustice, manual intervention is larger than natural judgment, rather than its own algorithm is not perfect, there are easy to be exploited. Love Shanghai for some artificial intervention, largely to maintain its impartiality, it is a useful supplement to the machine algorithm is not perfect.

, honesty is the basic principle of life, as well as the

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