How to make websites a good place to shopThe real story of FA under the golden age gaming, robbery,

even if, in this wave of vigorous venture troops, but more than a thousand people FA group is a less eye-catching presence. But those who mediate between the entrepreneur and the investor are making a big fortune.

there are too many decorations on the page that can make people feel upset, such as jumping, moving, rolling symbols, etc.;

, in addition to feeling down on the luck may not think of it, will be the beginning of a successful future ten years he. In this golden age of China Internet, the fate of many people is an irreversible change: some people on the NASDAQ bell, some people could be struggling giant phagocytosis, more people being photographed on the cliff of technological change. The venture capital Consultancy FA industry founded by Wang Ran has been pushed to the cusp of this era by the wave of capital.

different professions, the same struggle and anxiety, I would like to pay tribute to the people who have been or are struggling in this industry.

personally see how well your website works, or ask your friends to show you your website and politely tell you how he feels. Does this website look professional? How about the quality of the pictures? Are they clear enough? Are the fonts, sizes and colors compatible? Or what are the flaws in your website design:

each site will have a different name. The name that appears on the web site can represent many of your factors. You, or the person who designed your company’s Web site, might think of naming the site with the name of the company, or at least put your company’s name as the first letter of the site. After all, it’s good to see your company’s name flashing at the cursor, even if it’s just lying quietly on the web.

your company has its own website? If customers have been asking the website of your company? But if your web site on your business did not play a good effect to do? What is doing something wrong? Do you really need to do what your website to get up on business


April 2000, for most experienced at the turn of the century Chinese is just a general month, but for the newly founded China eCapital ran Wang, a month is miserable and gloomy atmosphere. The bursting of the American Internet bubble has spread to China, and Wang, who has no business to start business, has to move his office from China World Trade Center to China Resources Building. Of the five partners, only three were left.

just in the same year that Wang Ran founded Yi Kai, just finished China Unicom IPO project package where, famous in World War one. Left Morgan Stanley as AsiaInfo chief strategy officer when he might not expect himself after the founding of Huaxing capital will develop so well, crazy over the bonus mobile Internet wave. Over the years, almost every Internet acquisition on the scale of the back of the case, there are his shadow.


that time, Yi Kai, Huaxing and Seoul, called the "big three". But this is only the beginning of the FA industry. They are very influential in ten years, a fission is also brewing. Or "spoils", or industry to the inflection point, the beginning of 2012, the three giants in the ministers have been away from home, live on their own.

2012, Song Liangjing left Seoul, founder of tahal. In the next 5 years, the founder who graduated from Dalian Maritime University led a dozen people but the size of the team together close to the $5 billion deal, fame.

make sure your product has sufficient information about

At the moment he

doesn’t let anyone browse your website, let them all be your customers, and you have to prepare enough information for your product to make the person who buys your product feel safe. If you sell software, you need to explain what kind of platform the software needs, how compatible it is with other products, its system requirements, and so on.

, a former product manager Zhou Zijing left Huaxing, founded the etheric, opened up another set of rules — Taking dealmaking is suitable for standardized process, makes the front platform FA business, enhance the matching efficiency of information. As a result, young people with business skills and lack of business resources have had the opportunity. Graduates, media people, product managers are pouring in.

In 2014

5 the background does not match the site or article;

don’t use your company’s name as the name of the website,

4 the background color is too deep or too dazzling, so that people do not want to see;

1 product photos are squeezed too small or out of regular proportions, resulting in distortion of the product;

using animation technology on the network will make your presentation more lively and easier to accept. Designers will like to use this technique because it can show their excellent skills, and they can make the website full of content without saying anything. The company’s managers also think it will make their website look attractive and highlight their business. But animated demos can make your web pages slow and slow in the download process.

make sure your website design looks professional,

don’t let your company’s homepage become an animated program

6 the content of the article does not conform to the overall tone;

3 there are too many different styles in the same plate;

, even in this wave of venture capital

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