The threat of recession squared by Espanyol

first_imgRestless about the positive cases of COVID-19 within the workforce, Espanyol has several open fronts in the offices. The first one goes through a eventual decline, which would drastically reduce revenue for the upcoming season. The second, for a also cut the expected inflow of money in case LaLiga does not resume. And to top it off, even if it only affects tangentially, Rastar Group shares plummet.If finally the remaining 11 days of this season are not disputed, more than a quarter of the competition, it is calculated in Espanyol that 25 to 30 percent of expected revenue could be lost. Given that the club had budgeted to receive 64.27 million for television rights and 14.77 in the section of advertising, tickets, subscriptions and commercial, they would stop entering around 20 million in that assumption. A greater detail just in the season in which Espanyol has made the biggest waste in its history in transfers, with an investment of 59 million euros (although in summer, the income of 40.5 was assured), and in which it has also assumed a record cost in the workforce, with 80 million destined to wages.20 percent less so far in 2020To all this is added glancing Rastar Group’s crash on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China, the business conglomerate that owns the club’s property. The value of the shares has fallen by 20 percent so far only in 2020, with a single ephemeral promotion on January 7, after the goal of Wu Lei at Espanyol-Barcelona.And the collapse cannot be attributed to the economic effects of the Covid-19 since the parquet in that period does not register losses. In fact, In the last 365 days, while Rastar’s price has dropped a sharp 35.34 percent, Shenzhen has even risen, specifically a timid 0.79 percent.And to top it off, At the close of the session last Wednesday, Rastar shares were trading at 4.03 yuan renminbi, which is their lowest value since they fell to 3.83 on February 22, 2019.. Something that the club should not accuse in the short term, but the pocket of its president, Chen Yansheng, who, after all, as it is said in popular slang, is the one who pays for the party.last_img read more

Klopp insists on Diego Carlos to reinforce Liverpool

first_imgJurgën Klopp wants Diego Carlos to partner with Van Dijk in Liverpool’s defense. That ensures the British newspaper The Express, which adds that the German coach is squeezing his team to manage the signing of the Sevilla defender as soon as possible. It is clear that now is not the time, because the Covid-19 has everything stopped, but in a few weeks the unlocking can begin for the reds to try to take the Brazilian defender, one of LaLiga’s revelations.Diego Carlos is well tied by the Nervión club, with a termination clause of 70 million euros. A significant but achievable figure for a club like Liverpool, which paid even more money, about 80 million to Southampton for Van Dijk more than two years ago for many to get their hands on their heads … and such an investment is now himself absolutely justified. Not surprisingly, the Dutch center-back was second recently, after Messi, in the Ballon d’Or vote. LaLiga Santander Diego Carlos is calm. In an interview with Muchodeporte a few days ago, also asked about the interest of other teams such as Atlético, Barra Bonita’s evidenced that he is comfortable in Sevilla, where he has only been a few months since Monchi signed him from Nantes in summer of last year in exchange for 15 million euros. “Sevilla are great and if I go I would only be to a much bigger one,” he said.It is clear that Liverpool, the current champion of Europe and likely champion of the Premier (if not suspended), belongs to the noblest category of European football. But also that it does not reach the level of others such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus or Bayern … and perhaps it is what the Brazilian is waiting for.center_img * Data updated as of April 7, 2020last_img read more