It’s time for Hodgson to honour his Shepherd’s Bush roots

first_imgGentlemen of a certain persuasion will pay an arm and a leg to be humiliated at a club up West. Which means the £55 I spent watching my team taken to the cleaners at Stamford Bridge last Sunday was actually a bit of a bargain.QPR were one down in the time it took the board to revolve in Bullseye, while Chelsea were simply super, smashing, great.During the painful post-match inquest, more than one fan accused Rangers of not turning up.“I haven’t been this anti-Bolton since their mulleted namesake invaded the UK charts in the late 80s.”They were there all right. In fact I could see them particularly clearly as none of them appeared to be moving.While Chelsea – supposedly hungover from their Champions League success – flitted across the sodden surface like a ballet troupe, Mark Hughes’ side had all the grace of a tranquilised bear as they stumbled around, bereft of ideas, minging in the rain.My preparation, on the other hand, couldn’t have gone any better, having remembered to bring the ‘lucky’ penny, badge and t-shirt, while my mate continued his pre-match ritual of getting a McDonald’s but not a programme (well it worked for the home games).As soon as I saw the team-sheets, I feared the worst.While Chelsea’s ‘B team’ contained a £50m striker, QPR – shorn of the talents of Adel Taarabt and Samba Diakite – couldn’t have had a worse Plan B if they’d stuck the singer of the same name on the wing.The one-sided contest meant the Anton Ferdinand-John Terry saga which had dominated the build-up was reduced to a sideshow – although the booing of the QPR defender by the home crowd (and it wasn’t just a minority) left a nasty taste in the mouth.The visiting support responded with a few anti-Terry chants – although a rendition of Elvis Costello’s I Don’t Want To Go To Chelsea would have been more appropriate.The one ditty that drew titters from home and away fans alike was the rather cruel “Christine Bleakley, she looks like a horse!”In that case I’m a fully paid-up member of the equine appreciation society.Torres ran riot against Rangers.Goal difference as well as pride took a battering at the Bridge, putting Rangers’ rivals in pole position to beat the dreaded drop.In the meantime it’s back to anxiously checking fixtures and latest scores to see if there’s any way that we can get out of this mess, while openly supporting rivals who we’d never normally give the time of day.“Come on you Spurs” was the choice of song on Wednesday, while on Thursday I’d have happily put a cross next to Emmanuel Adebayor’s name had he been listed as one of the candidates for London Mayor.On Friday…actually, this is beginning to sound like a Craig David song so we’ll jump straight to Sunday’s crucial penultimate fixtures, where QPR fans will loath Stoke like they’ve never loathed them before, yet when the Potters host Bolton a week later, they’ll suddenly be our favourite team.I’ve got nothing against our relegation rivals but I haven’t been this anti-Bolton since their mulleted namesake invaded the UK charts in the late 80s.QPR conspiracy theorists can add the FA’s decision to appoint Roy Hodgson England boss five days before Owen Coyle’s side host West Brom to the list.But I reckon Roy will want to do Rangers a favour given his Shepherd’s Bush roots. He’s got fond memories of having a barney with the old man before feeding Hercules a sugar lump and loading up the rag and bone cart.Hodgson’s former club Fulham certainly have no worries about relegation, instead setting their sights set on finishing above Liverpool, after winning at Anfield for the first time ever in midweek.But we’ll leave the last word to Brentford, who were decidedly unlucky to lose to promotion favourites Sheffield Wednesday last weekend.To make matters worse it was hammering down with rain (just for a change) but none of that bothered ‘Newbee’ on the Griffin Park Grapevine forum,He wrote: “I saw a female Wednesday fan walking back to her coach, dressed in a police uniform, boots, mini skirt, stockings and baton.“I didn’t see what she was like from the front but it helped take my mind off the result and the rain on the way back to the car. It was the longest it’s ever taken me to get to the car from a game!”Follow Chris on TwitterClick here for our Chelsea v Liverpool quizlast_img read more

Amazing Cures from Adult Stem Cells

first_imgRegrowing organs and other miracle cures may be coming to a hospital near you, thanks to progress with adult stem cells.Three blind mice see again:  The BBC News reported on advances in treating blindness with stem cells.  In studies described as a “significant breakthrough” and “huge leap forward,” lab work with mouse embryo cells showed that stem cells can repair retina damage, actually regrowing the rods and cones (see beautiful picture of them in the article).  Even though the work was done with mouse embryonic stem cells, coverage on Medical Xpressmade it clear that harvesting embryos is not necessary:The goal is to test therapy for AMD using so-called induced pluripotent stem cells, or iPS.These are adult cells that have been reprogrammed to return to their infant, versatile state. Provided that they are proven safe, they can provide a non-controversial alternative to stem cells culled from early-stage embryos.Grow a liver from skin:  A team in Japan (birthplace of the induced pluripotent stem cell or iPSC technique) has succeeded in growing functional liver tissue, blood vessels and all, from iPSCs.  Publishing in Nature, the team said, “To our knowledge, this is the first report demonstrating the generation of a functional human organ from pluripotent stem cells.”  With organ donors perennially in short supply, this could be revolutionary news for those in need of transplants: the ability to grow another organ from one’s own cells.  “Although efforts must ensue to translate these techniques to treatments for patients, this proof-of-concept demonstration of organ-bud transplantation provides a promising new approach to study regenerative medicine.”Heart and lung:  Scientists in Pennsylvania are seeking to understand how cardiopulmonary progenitor cells, a kind of stem cell lining the lungs and blood vessels, are capable of regenerating damaged tissues.  These cells appear to guide the development of both tissues in the embryo.  “Future studies will focus on whether CPPs exist in the adult cardiopulmonary system and whether they play a role in the response of the lung and heart to injury or disease,” the article on Medical Xpress said.  It’s not clear, though, what these comments about evolution had to do with the story, which was focused on human health:The evolution of adaptations for life on land have long puzzled biologists – are feathers descendents of dinosaur scales, how did arms and legs evolve from fins, and from what ancient fish organ did the lung evolve?Biologists have known that the co-development of the cardiovascular and pulmonary systems is a recent evolutionary adaption to life outside of water, coupling the function of the heart with the gas exchange function of the lung. And, the lung is one of the most recent organs to have evolved in mammals and is arguably the most vital for terrestrial life.Stem cell liver injections:  Another team mentioned on PhysOrg has grown functional hepatocytes (liver cells), injected them into mice, and watched them take on function, extending the lives of mice afflicted with liver disease.  Not only that, they’ve developed a bioreactor that can generate stem cells in quantities that would be useful for clinical applications .  “This promising advance in the development of cell-based therapies to treat liver failure resulting from injury or disease relied on the development of scalable, reproducible methods to produce stem cell-derived hepatocytes in bioreactors,” the article states.Paradigm shift:  Incidentally, science popularizers may have to drop the assumption that every cell in your body has a copy of “your” genome.  Science Magazine reported the following:With recent advances in genome-wide assays, it is becoming increasingly apparent that a human individual is made up of a population of cells, each with its own “personal” genome. Thus, mosaicism is perhaps much more common within multicellular organisms than our limited genomic assays have detected thus far, and may represent the rule rather than the exception.These differences in genomes appear in embryonic stem cells and iPS cells.  Why would this be?  It’s not just about mutations leading to sickness.  The article surmised, “the extent of somatic mosaicism that is now being reported in a variety of healthy tissues and cell types suggests that it also has physiological functions,” including possible roles in the immune system and in normal brain function.  This is a new area ripe for investigation.Aside from the Darwinist reporter trying to insert evolution where it doesn’t belong, these are great news stories offering hope to millions of people.  (Darwinism has its place, but its place is in the dustbin of discarded myths.)  Did you notice that the Darwinist provided no evidence for any of the claims, but instead listed three major puzzles they still haven’t figured out?  How much more time do we give these guys?Stem cell research is intelligent design research.  Scientists are using their intelligence to understand the intelligence built into stem cells that allow them to turn into any kind of tissue.  Evolution has nothing to do with it.  The whole process of development is so amazing, it transcends anything we know.  If we can get these pluripotent cells from adult cells, why on earth continue to pursue embryonic stem cells?  Go ahead and play with mouse embryos; mice are intelligently designed, but not made in God’s image like man is.  When alternatives exist, go for the non-controversial alternative.  Your Editor has liver damage from cancer.  He would love to get a new liver grown from his own skin cells, without having to take the life of an unborn human being.  Pray these treatments will advance quickly and help all those who need it in time.  For those without current health issues, thank God for the health you have and use it for good while you can. 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Tesla Will Take Your Solar Roof Order Now

first_imgIt’s also worth noting that Musk claimed last fall the solar roof would cost less to manufacture and install than a conventional roof, even without accounting for the electricity it produced. “Electricity is just a bonus,” he said. That’s clearly not the case. Three houses, three cost estimatesTo test Tesla’s claims, Consumer Reports ran the numbers for three houses — one in Yonkers, New York, one in a Houston, Texas, suburb, and the last in Thousand Oaks, California.The most compelling case for a Solar Roof came from the California house. Tesla recommended a 50-50 split between solar and non-solar tiles, with the 1,878 square feet of roofing and the Powerwall battery costing $56,800. Because the roof would generate an estimated $84,700 in electricity, the homeowner would recoup $41,800 over 30 years (the estimate includes a $13,900 federal tax credit).Texas didn’t do so well. The two-story, 4,467-square-foot house also would get a roof with 50% solar tiles, which would generate $46,800 in electricity over 30 years. But the size of the house and the fact it would need air conditioning 300 days per year means that the homeowner would be out $13,500 after 30 years. The roof plus Powerwalls (two of them in this case) would cost a total of $97,700.In Yonkers, the 2,700-square-foot house would need 70% solar roofing tiles and a single Powerwall battery. The upfront cost would be $45,400, but in the end the homeowners would net $13,900 if they lived there for 30 years and all of the other assumptions the calculator makes hold true.Tesla recommends a Powerwall battery as part of the package. But in states with net-metering, where homeowners are paid the full retail rate for excess electricity they send to the grid, it might be more economical to skip the Powerwall, providing the homeowners aren’t concerned about an occasional power outage. The basicsA Solar Roof uses two types of tiles, which both look the same. One type produces electricity; the other doesn’t. Depending on where the house is located, the mix of solar to non-solar tiles allowing the home to be completely powered by solar electricity will vary. That ratio also affects the total cost of the installation. Estimates also include the cost of a Powerwall 2.0 (13.5 kWh) battery, which comes with a 10-year warranty.Tesla has provided a cost calculator allowing homeowners to plug in a few basics about their home and get an estimate of how much the installed roof would cost and the value of the power it is expected to produce over 30 years (the warranty period for solar production.)Homeowners may order tiles with either a smooth or textured glass surface. Tiles made to look like slate and terra cotta will not be available until next year.Tiles come with a warranty described by Tesla as “infinity, or the lifetime of your house, whichever comes first,” while power and weatherization (no leaks) each have a 30-year guarantee. Tiles can be installed on a roof with a pitch of 3:12 or greater.If you want to place an order, you will be asked to place a refundable deposit of $1,000. Tesla says installations will start in California in June, “rolling out to additional markets over time.” Installations will be on a first come, first served basis. Details on Tesla’s Solar Shingles Are Slow to EmergeSolar Panels That Don’t Look Like Solar Panels Will a Merged Tesla-SolarCity Put a Solar-Powered Battery in Every Home?Dow Drops Its Line of Solar ShinglesSolarCity Is Getting Into the Roofing Shingle BusinessAn Introduction to Photovoltaic SystemsGAF Dives Into the Residential Solar Market RELATED ARTICLES Tesla has now answered one of the big remaining questions about its textured glass Solar Roof — just how much will it cost? — and the estimates show some homeowners could benefit financially over time despite substantial upfront costs, according to an analysis published by Consumer Reports.CEO Elon Musk promised last fall that the innovative roofing tiles, which can be made to look like one of several roof coverings, would cost less than a conventional roof.Did Tesla deliver? Broadly speaking, it looks like it. But there are many assumptions included in the mix. Consumer Reports said last fall that a Solar Roof would have to cost no more than $24.50 per square foot to beat the cost of an asphalt roof for an average house. Tesla’s current estimate for the same house sets the cost of the roof at $21.85 per square foot, just about 11% less than the Consumer Reports limit.The analysis was based on the value of 30 years’ worth of electricity. (Consumer Reports explained the assumptions it made in an article published last November.) What we still don’t knowHomeowners who buy a Solar Roof are paying for 30 years of electricity upfront, but most of them will move long before that. The National Association of Home Builders says that owners of single-family homes on average move every 13 years — less than half the tenure that would be required to see the financial gain in Tesla’s calculator.Electricity costs over time, the impact on property taxes, interest rates, even shading from trees on the lot or nearby buildings are all variables that would affect the financial outcome over a 30-year stretch.Tesla has published some information about the tiles, including hail, wind, and fire ratings. We know that each tile is 14 inches long and roughly 8 5/8 inches wide.But Tesla hasn’t said anything about the output of the solar tiles, how they are wired, and even what type of solar cell is beneath the textured glass surface. Does each tile have its own electrical connection — meaning hundreds or thousands of individual junctions on each roof — or will tiles somehow be ganged together to reduce the number of connections that must be made (and potentially repaired)?“We are not yet sharing the specific technical details you’ve requested,” a Tesla spokeswoman said in an email.A lack of information also makes it difficult to compare the cost of a Solar Roof with a conventional rooftop solar installation. In order to make an apples-to-apples comparison, homeowners would have to know the capacity (in kW) of the Tesla roof so they could get bids on a racked solar array of the same capacity from a local installer. Tesla doesn’t provide that information.Plus, homeowners have other options if they want something other than conventional panels in racks attached to the roof. There is GAF’s recently announced entry into the market, Tesla’s own low-profile solar panels, and SolarSkin panels from Sistine Solar, which are installed on racks like conventional solar arrays but manufactured so they have the appearance of any material the homeowner chooses.No matter how the number-crunching goes, Tesla hopes that homeowners will find the appearance of the tiles to be a major draw. How quickly are the orders coming in? The company isn’t saying. “We are not providing updates on orders at this time,” a spokeswoman said.last_img read more

HC sets aside ₹2000 waiver to sugar mills

first_imgThe Allahabad High Court on Thursday set aside the Uttar Pradesh government’s order in which it had waived about ₹2000 crore of interest amount which the sugar mills owed to farmers due to delayed payment of cane arrears. The court order came in response to a petition filed by farmer-activist V.M. Singh challenging the waiver of interest amount which the mill owners were supposed to pay to the farmers for the years 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15.Sugar mill owners are supposed to pay interest on cane arrears to the farmers in case of delay in payment.The interest amount for 2012-13 and 2013-14 of over ₹1,300 crore was waived by the State government on May 22, 2015, by accepting the request of mill owners that they were not in a position to pay interest for delay in payment of cane price to the farmers as they incurred losses allegedly due to reduction in the price of sugar. The State government, through an order in Oct. 2016, further waived over ₹700 crore for interest payment.last_img read more

Dalic warns Messi and Argentina: Croatia going for win

first_imgWorld Cup Messi the greatest but Croatia will play to beat Argentina, says Dalic Joe Wright 04:12 6/21/18 FacebookTwitterRedditcopy Comments(0) zlatko dalic - cropped Getty Images World Cup Argentina Lionel Messi Croatia Argentina v Croatia The 2014 World Cup finalists struggled against resolute Iceland on Saturday, and their next rivals are full of confidence ahead of Thursday’s match Croatia coach Zlatko Dalic thinks it would be useless not to aim for a win against Lionel Messi and Argentina in Thursday’s World Cup clash in Nizhny Novgorod.A 2-0 opening win over Nigeria has put Croatia at the top of Group D heading into the showdown with Jorge Sampaoli’s side, who were held to a 1-1 draw by tournament debutants Iceland.Messi came in for criticism after that match, in which he missed a second-half penalty, but Dalic nonetheless has no doubt the Barcelona star is the finest player in the world. Article continues below Editors’ Picks Out of his depth! Emery on borrowed time after another abysmal Arsenal display Diving, tactical fouls & the emerging war of words between Guardiola & Klopp Sorry, Cristiano! Pjanic is Juventus’ most important player right now Arsenal would be selling their soul with Mourinho move However, he maintains his own players must be brave and go for all three points against Argentina, as he fears playing for a draw would be far too risky.”Messi is the best in the world and no single player can stop him,” he told a news conference.”Our game can stop him. We have to cut him off from passes. But Argentina are not just Messi. They have plenty of good players and we shouldn’t fall into this trap of focusing just on Messi.”We’re playing one of the best in the world, we have a great deal of respect for them but we also respect ourselves. It’s going to be a great challenge, but we have to believe in ourselves and show our true colours.11 – Lionel Messi attempted 11 shots for Argentina vs Iceland (the most he’s ever attempted in a World Cup game), but he still didn’t manage to score a goal. Frustration.#ARGISL #ARG #WorldCup— OptaJoe (@OptaJoe) June 16, 2018″It’s the easiest game for us because we have nothing to lose. It’s going to be a match that could go either way. The pressure on us is less because we’ve got three points in the bag but if we play for a draw, we won’t get it. If we play for a win, we might get a result.”Dalic then swiftly clarified that facing Argentina was only their “easiest” encounter because there is far less pressure on Croatia’s shoulders. “I didn’t say they’re the easiest opponent. I said this was the easiest game because we have nothing to lose,” he said.  “We’re playing one of the best and this is a challenge for us. This will be a fight between two great teams. I will tell our players to enjoy every minute because they’re playing Argentina and Messi.”Much of the build-up to the match has been dominated by the departure from the camp of Nikola Kalinic, who was sent home after saying he could not come on as a substitute against Nigeria due to a back problem. Dalic thinks it was an unfortunate incident but insists it is firmly behind the squad.”I’m very sorry this happened,” he said. “It’s passed, we’re not dwelling on it. It lasted for two or three hours. Life goes on.”last_img read more

Its Final!….JISCO Complete

first_img Transport and Mining Minister, Lester ‘Mike’ Henry, signed three (3) agreements with Jiuquan Iron & Steel Company (JISCO) in Jiayuguan China this morning, which effectively finalizes the acquisition of ALPART by JISCO. These are the Establishment Agreement, the Fiscal Regime Agreement and the Agency and Land Use Agreement. These documents outline the agreements between the Government of Jamaica and JISCO, relating to its ownership, operation and build-out of the ALPART alumina works at Nain, St. Elizabeth.Minister Henry says, the signing of the three (3) agreements formally unlocks the inflow of at least and additional One Billion US dollars in investment and the creation another 800 direct and high paying jobs.Meanwhile, The Deputy Director, State-Owned Assets Supervision & Administration Commission of the Gansu Provincial Government, Che Hong, says the Government of China and the Government of China’s Gansu Province fully supports JISO’s acquisition of ALPART. He also says he is particularly pleased about the additional investments that JISCO would be making at ALPART, as they seek to further expand the relationship with the Jamaican Government and provide well needed investments for the growth and development of the Jamaican economy.Minister Henry and the delegation to China return to the island next week. Story Highlights Transport and Mining Minister, Lester ‘Mike’ Henry, signed three (3) agreements with Jiuquan Iron & Steel Company (JISCO) in Jiayuguan China this morning, which effectively finalizes the acquisition of ALPART by JISCO. These are the Establishment Agreement, the Fiscal Regime Agreement and the Agency and Land Use Agreement.last_img read more