We can win our next games, says Hoops’ boss

first_imgChris Ramsey has every faith in his side’s chances of beating relegation despite their 1-0 home defeat to derby rivals Chelsea.Cesc Fabregas scored an 87th minute winner for the Premier League leaders, with their only shot on target.It was the home side who had the most chances and Blues boss Jose Mourinho had goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois to thank after two brilliant saves from Matt Phillips and Charlie Austin.And Rangers’ courageous display against the table toppers gives Ramsey hope ahead of a crucial season run-in, when they must pick up points against the likes of West Ham, Liverpool, Manchester City, Newcastle and fellow relegation rivals Leicester in the final game of the season if they are to survive.“I think we can stay up,” the QPR boss said. “I think we can win our next games and stay up.“We know that we can perform at a level and it’s down to us to go and do it.“But at the end of the day that would have been a valuable point gained today to get us out of the mire that we’re in.”After the game, goalkeeper Robert Green received criticism after his miss-kick allowed Eden Hazard to dart forward and lay off an assist for Fabregas.But Ramsey was adamant the England international was not to blame and that his side should have defended the situation better.“It’s not Rob Green’s fault,” said the former Tottenham coach.“We could have defended that better than that, once the ball had dropped. We had loads of time to defend that and we didn’t do it properly and you get punished for it.”last_img read more

Giants play like they did in April and May in rare July loss to Cubs

first_imgSAN FRANCISCO — Since the calendar turned to July, the Giants have played with such a high level of confidence that they arrive at the park on a daily basis with certainty.The Giants have started to believe it’s no longer a question of if they’ll take over a ballgame and emerge victorious, but rather when they’ll do so.On the rare day when a game-winning rally doesn’t materialize, when they turn in the kind of flat performance that was a staple of the first half of the season, it defies their …last_img read more

Amazing Animals

first_imgThree recent articles about amazing animals and fossils deserve entries of their own, but due to lack of time, will be corralled here lest, like strays, they wander off.Turtle navigation:  Wired Science has a beautiful photo of a marine turtle in an article about how they achieve a difficult navigational skill: determining longitude from the earth’s magnetic field.  By varying magnetic fields in research ponds with hatchlings, researchers at the University of North Carolina determined that, “Against reasonable expectation, the turtles clearly sensed differences in geomagnetic angle.”  See also New Scientist and Science Daily.     Human efforts to determine longitude required accurate clocks.  The researchers didn’t explain precisely how the turtles do it, other than to rule out biological clocks.  They were clearly astonished by animal navigation in general: “That turtles and other migratory animals could detect such a small change was considered unrealistic, but experiments on animals released in out-of-the-way locations repeatedly described them finding home with unerring accuracy and efficiency, explicable only as a product of both longitudinal and latitudinal awareness.”Cat bite:  The BBC News reported on new findings about how sabretooth cats like Smilodon were able to close their mouths with those long, dagger-like teeth.  Studies of the bones and neck muscle insertion points by a team at Aalborg University in Denmark “revealed how the cats’ jaw muscles were aligned to pull its jaws closed, very directly and efficiently.”  The article ascribed all this efficiency to evolution.Charismatic behemoth:  A new sauropod species described on Science Daily had legs like bars of iron, by Job.  “Brontomerus mcintoshi, or ‘thunder-thighs’ after its enormously powerful thigh muscles,” found in Utah, may have kicked its attackers to kingdom come.  “‘Brontomerus mcintoshi is a charismatic dinosaur and an exciting discovery for us,’ said first author Mike Taylor, a researcher in the Department of Earth Sciences at University College London.”    Less emphasized in the article was the worry that this discovery undermines previously-held beliefs about sauropods – i.e., that they were disappearing by the Cretaceous.  “It now seems that sauropods may have been every bit as diverse as they were during the Jurassic, but much less abundant and so much less likely to be found.”Evolution was largely ignored in these stories.  None of the popular articles on turtle navigation mentioned it, but the source paper in Current Biology1 only mentioned it in passing – “These results are consistent with the interpretation that birds, like turtles, have evolved a way to assess longitude that is independent of time-keeping.”    Similarly, most of the dinosaur articles did not mention evolution.  A researcher quoted in Live Science speculated, “We think the most likely reason this evolved was over competition for mates,” but once it evolved, “it would be bizarre if it wasn’t also used in predator defense.”  This makes it clear that the bones did not give a definitive answer to how thunder-thighs grew a thighs size to kick enemies asunder.    The BBC article on sabretooth cats mentioned evolution the most.  There, however, evolution was merely assumed: e.g., “the cats’ jaw muscles evolved into a specialised pattern, which allowed them to open their mouths so wide.”  The article talked about “how Smilodon evolved” and how the researchers drew an “evolutionary map” to show how “sabretooths evolved longer canine teeth” under “evolutionary pressure to kill prey with a deep and efficient stab to the throat.”2  Even if there was variation among cats and their fangs, the fangs already existed in cats, and the cats and all their musculature already existed in the cat family.  Even young-earth creationists would not disagree that variation in existing genetic information could lead to adaptations in particular environments.1.  Putnam et al, “Longitude Perception and Bicoordinate Magnetic Maps in Sea Turtles,” Current Biology, 24 February 2011, doi:10.1016/j.cub.2011.01.057.2.  Note: “evolutionary pressure” is a misnomer.  Natural selection may constrain variation by preventing survival of mutants, but provides no pressure, impetus, guidance, force or direction (see 01/24/2008).Evolution was tacked-on to some of these stories like hot sauce on ice cream.  It had nothing to do with the facts of the story and created a bad aftertaste to otherwise interesting stories about amazing creatures.  Scrape off the hot sauce best you can.  (Don’t stir it.)(Visited 38 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Sponsor Post: 5 Mistakes SMBs Can Avoid When Moving to the Cloud

first_imgEditor’s note: We offer our long-term sponsors the opportunity to write posts and tell their story. These posts are clearly marked as written by sponsors, but we also want them to be useful and interesting to our readers. We hope you like the posts and we encourage you to support our sponsors by trying out their products.1. Loving a cloud before determining the problem you are trying to solve. Just move to the cloud. It’s easy right? As they say on TV… “To the cloud!” The fact is, moving to the cloud as an SMB can be both advantageous and overwhelming. Adopting cloud computing technology within your organization should only be done if it solves an immediate problem not because of popularity trends. SMB customer’s of Skytap are interested in cost savings but more specifically they are looking for the ability to create virtual environments, run applications without code changes or rewrites and the ability to collaborate and share using a simple self-service web user interface. A cloud that just offers pure infrastructure will make it hard for functional users to accomplish business tasks without a UI framework to guide the workflow.SMB Cloud Tip:Determine the problem you are trying to solve. Moving to the cloud should make sense for all specific requirements of your business.2. Spending dev test resources getting your apps to run in the cloud.“I don’t need IT anymore. I have a cloud, right?” Wrong… in fact very wrong! Moving to the cloud doesn’t mean washing your hands of IT policies.Some clouds won’t look so white and fluffy once you realize that you have to rewrite your code or applications to work on that cloud provider’s platform. Assuming that you can just sign up for any cloud service and then experience nirvana is a very real and painful lesson that businesses of all sizes have experienced. Do yourself a favor and learn from the mistakes of others. Most users are already familiar with the business and technical applications they use today, whether its email, training or sales demo applications. clouds that power these applications without any changes will deliver immediate value. At Skytap, we have learned firsthand that SMB users won’t always wait for IT to build or rewrite applications for use in the cloud.SMB Cloud Tip:Running your existing applications without changes is a huge factor in determining if a cloud is easy to use and cost effective, especially for SMB’s.3. Ignoring IT policies, security and getting enamored with self-service.“I don’t need IT anymore. I have a cloud, right?” Wrong… in fact very wrong! Moving to the cloud doesn’t mean washing your hands of IT policies. You cannot assume that a cloud will manage itself. You must make sure that your selected provider allows the ability to enforce IT policies with cost controls and charge-back billing to internal groups. The solution should have the capability to ensure quotas can be applied to individuals and departments to cap usage. Most importantly the solution should enable IT policies to be enforced globally, such as approved subnet ranges for virtual data centers and the ability to prevent assignment of public IP addresses to virtual machines.SMB Cloud Tip:Your IT team should have complete visibility and control over anything and everything you do with the cloud. 4. Assuming the cloud will manage itself and not watching the meter run.It is a common misconception that moving to the cloud will help your business realize immediate cost savings. The reality is that the cloud can prove to be a “free for all” system if not carefully managed. Most infrastructure providers offer no advanced and easy to use cost control capabilities such as auto-suspending resources when not in use to save cloud usage costs. This often times can lead to cloud sticker shock. Solutions like Skytap Cloud can measure the value on a per user basis as well as offer distinct pricing for different usage levels. Having a solution like this in place can help you avoid paying the same fee for light and heavy users within your organization.SMB Cloud Tip:Avoid spiraling cloud costs by choosing a provider that enables you to automatically manage usage.5. Select a cloud that is not user friendly and a provider that offers no enterprise level supportOne of the most painful things is not being able to get responsive support when you need help, especially when your business is on the line. Success in new technologies, such as cloud computing, requires responsive support. Determine if you can call your cloud provider directly or if you must work through an online form or email inquiry to troubleshoot an issue or resolve an open question. Also ensure that the support team will respond to your inquiries within a few hours versus a day or more. Lastly, avoid long-term contracts with providers, especially if you are just getting started with the cloud. Stick to providers like Skytap who won’t lock you into long-term contracts.SMB Cloud Tip:There are several cloud options. Choose a solution that is easy to use and a provider that will support you well.About the Author: Nate Odell is Director of Marketing at Skytap, a leading provider of cloud automation solutions. He is an industry veteran with a successful 11-year career in B2B marketing for Startups and SMB’s. Follow Nate on Twitter @N8Odell or @Skytap.Photo by notsogoodphotography rww sponsor 1 Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#Sponsors#web center_img 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…last_img read more

BJP, Cong. to slug it out at Goa bypolls

first_imgOver 50,000 voters in Panaji and Valpoi Assembly constituencies of North Goa are likely to cast their vote at 76 polling stations on Wednesday. North Goa Collector Nila Mohanan said here on Tuesday that 30 polling stations in Panaji and 46 in Valpoi will remain open for voting from 8 a.m. and the polling process will be webcast. About 1,000 police personnel from Goa police, Indian Reserve Battalion and Central Para Military Forces will be deployed at ensure smooth conduct of bypolls in the Assembly constituencies.Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail will be used and there will be two model Pink Polling Booths managed by women, one in each constituency. There are seven candidates in the fray, four in Panaji and three in Valpoi.The Congress has fielded AICC Secretary Girish Chodankar against Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar in Panaji. Anand Shirodkar of Goa Suraksha Manch and Independent Kenneth Silveira are the other candidates in the fray.In Valpoi, Health Minister Vishwajit Rane of the BJP is contesting against Roy Naik of the Congress and Independent candidate Rohidas Gaonkar. Votes will be counted on August 28.Notices have issued to 418 people by the law and order agencies ahead of polling as precautionary measures.last_img read more

Villagers demand new lease of life for Ramgarh dam

first_imgAn agitation for protection of catchment area of the historic Ramgarh dam near here, once considered the lifeline of Jaipur, has revived with the villagers and farmers of the region staging a sit-in near the dam demanding immediate removal of encroachments. The dam, which earlier supplied drinking water to the city, has dried completely in the last decade.Local villagers, who participated in the agitation on Monday, said that the Ramgarh lake had hosted rowing events during the 1982 Asian Games. Numerous encroachments which came up in the catchment area have halted free flow of water to the dam. Its construction was completed in 1904 during the reign of erstwhile Jaipur ruler Sawai Madho Singh II.The sit-in was led by Rajya Sabha MP Kirorilal Meena, who called upon the Congress government to take urgent steps to remove encroachments in compliance with the repeated directions of the Rajasthan High Court. In an order passed in 2012, the High Court had defined catchment area as the land of pond and tributaries from where water flowed.While directing the State government to remove encroachments, Justice M.N. Bhandari at the High Court’s Jaipur Bench had observed that construction at agricultural land in the catchment area could be allowed within the permissible limits, but care should be taken that it did not obstruct flow of water to the dam.Jaipur MP Ramcharan Bohra, Chomu MLA Ramlal Sharma and former chairperson of State Women’s Commission Suman Sharma also took part in the sit-in. Mr. Meena said he had sent a memorandum to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot with a suggestion that the Chambal river water be supplied to the dam through the proposed Eastern Rajasthan Canal Project. “The Jamwa Ramgarh Tehsildar’s report that there are no encroachments and no obstructions in the flow of water is misleading,” he said. The memorandum also carried a list of 109 “influential persons” who had constructed buildings in the dam’s catchment area. It said a large number of poor villagers had been ousted from the area.last_img read more

The European Broadcasting Union EBU has secured

first_imgThe European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has secured media rights to European Weightlifting Federation championships until 2016.This agreement covers four competitions, in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. In addition, host broadcasting of the championships will be handled by the local EBU Member or the EWF itself.EBU head of indoor sports, Ingolfur Hannesson said: “We are pleased to continue our excellent cooperation with the EWF, which has given the Olympic sport of weightlifting significant exposure in Europe. The EWF Championships are always run in a flawless, professional manner, just as the host broadcasting is always to a high standard, bringing tangible added value to the participating broadcasters.”last_img read more

BT Retails Gavin Patterson BT has announced that

first_imgBT Retail’s Gavin PattersonBT has announced that Gavin Patterson is to succeed Ian Livingston as CEO of BT Group.Livingston, who has been given a role in government as minister of state for trade and investment, will continue as chief executive of BT until he steps down from his post and from BT’s Board in September. Livinston will join the House of Lords.Patterson has served as chief executive of BT Retail and as a BT Board member since 2008, having joined the company as a senior executive four years prior to that. He will take over as chief executive of BT Group in September.Sir Michael Rake, chairman of BT, said: “Ian has done a tremendous job in transforming BT. His decision to accept a government post demonstrates the sense of public service which many of us know to be characteristic. He leaves behind him a very capable team, one which will take forward the strategy that has served BT well and which lays out the path tofurther success. We have a fitting and experienced successor in Gavin Patterson. He has a detailed knowledge of all parts of our business and a track record of success. He was closely involved in creating our strategy and is the right person to take it forward. BT will make yet further progress under his leadership.”last_img read more

Jason Blackwell UK service providers will benefit

first_imgJason BlackwellUK service providers will benefit from consolidation and multiplay strategies in the coming years, with bundled subscriptions set to grow by 20%, according to new research.The Strategy Analytics report claims that quad-play revenues will triple between 2015 and 2020, while total multi-play market revenues will grow by 34%.By 2020, quad-play is tipped to account for more than 21% of bundled subscriptions in the UK, while double-play subscriptions are expected to peak in 2016 and decline thereafter as customers move to triple- and quad-play bundles.“Multiplay bundled services are rapidly gaining ground in the UK as more players have entered this space through expansion and acquisition,” said Jason Blackwell, director of the Service Provider Strategies service at Strategy Analytics.“BT’s acquisition of EE has positioned the company very well, enabling cross-selling of services and giving BT a strong network with fibre and 4G.  Based on its strategies in the Netherlands and New Zealand, Vodafone may need to revisit the opportunities for partnerships in the UK.“Competition in the UK market is already intense, and we expect to see price discounts in the form of long term introductory offers and through multi-service purchase, as operators try to take customers from competitors. However, the successful operators will avoid a race to the bottom, and hold overall pricing by upselling customers to faster broadband speeds, premium TV channels and larger mobile broadband buckets.”last_img read more