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last December, CCTV exposure CN domain name information review lax management, leading to the existence of a large number of pornographic websites, yellow flood information, CNNIC is under pressure to release "on the further strengthening of information audit domain name registration notice", clearly only enterprise can register CN domain name, domain name registration requires the user to submit the application materials to the domain name registration services online, no business license or certificate of organization code of individual users, will not be able to apply for the registration of the domain name. After the announcement of the implementation of individual registration CN domain name activities were halted. A number of domain name registration are told before January 31st CN domain name holder must submit business license and other proof, otherwise the domain name will be suspended to parse the CN domain name immediately heat rate. Individual stationmaster expresses in succession this policy does not understand, the spring that calls CN domain name is over already, sell CN domain name quickly, choose COM domain name is inevitable choice.

however, in the first week of the implementation of the individual registration ban, the number of registrations in the international domain name registration institution in China has increased by 10 times. In addition, some people were forced to fill in false information in the name of the company, bypassing supervision. CNNIC recently released the "twenty-fifth China Internet development report" shows that in 2009, the vast majority of Chinese network statistics are on the rise, but the number of domain names China is on the decline, the number of domain names CN than in 2008 fell 113 thousand and 193, a decline of 0.83%. As CNNIC highly respected CN domain name, not only did not rise, but declined. Comparison of.Com domain name registration number has been rising, CNNIC advocate, and carry out the "one yuan" registered promotional activities within three years increased by registered CN domain name now plummeted situation, CNNIC did not know what to think. What is more serious is that prohibit individuals registered CN domain name, instead of radical network pornography, abroad more pornography illegal websites, CNNIC can not touch the management to.Com domain, the final will be a temporary solution, restricting the development of CN domain name, damage the regular website and network entrepreneurs interests farce.

has 13 million 460 thousand registered, the world’s largest national top-level domain CN domain name, a month ago suddenly announced the prohibition of personal registration, and a series of network rectification closely linked. Internet pornography and illegal information has become the domestic economy especially sharp contradictions of Internet economic development, from the national long period of stability, really need to strengthen the information management of the Internet, and the country and the people and the majority of owners, the regulation of the Internet pornography illegal information are inevitable acts to protect the legitimate interests of the. However, the most important thing of Internet information management is to grasp the relationship between "sparse" and "blocking". The "blocking" is the "obstruction" and the "sparse" is sparse, and under normal circumstances, the role of persuasion under scientific management is far greater than plugging. East block, west block, as the correct diversion. In the natural world "blocking as sparse," is a universal truth, the most classic is the Warring States period, the Qin Dujiangyan water conservancy dredging project ", this project bequeathed Erqianshubai years. In contrast to the Yellow River, from ancient to modern times "embank", also left.

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