Fujian college entrance examination reform program dust began to start in 2018

college entrance examination, as a focus of attention of the whole society, the college entrance examination reform program is also of concern. Fujian province has been the 2018 college entrance examination reform program well, then the reform program which is the need to pay attention to it? Let’s get together.

yesterday, the Provincial Department of Education held a news briefing, the official release of the deepening reform of the examination and enrollment system in Fujian implementation plan. So far, after many provinces have announced the college entrance examination program, the Fujian version of the college entrance examination reform program is also dust landing.

, I will start in 2018 2021, the reform of college entrance examination, entrance examination by 3+ / current science arts comprehensive "packages", became the independent candidates greater selectivity of the "3+3" of "buffet". The industry said that this reform is the most comprehensive reform of the college entrance examination since the reform of the system. Take a look at the reform of what changes are related to you.

a "3+ arts comprehensive reform / science" into "3+3" and not divided, it is understood that since 2021, our province college entrance examination subjects for language, mathematics, foreign languages 3, regardless of the arts and Sciences, including foreign language courses provide opportunities for the 2 examinations. The examinee total score from language, mathematics, foreign languages 3 scores and high school proficiency exam grade of 3 selected test subjects score composition.

examination subjects required by the candidates according to their own interest, expertise and the examination subjects, in the ideological politics, history, geography, physics, chemistry, biology 6 subjects to choose the 3 door.

Provincial Department of Education said that the contents of the scientific design proposition, to enhance the basic, comprehensive, era, practicality, focusing on independent thinking and the use of students to learn the knowledge of the problem analysis, problem-solving ability. Strengthen the ordinary high school students’ experimental ability, hands-on ability, strengthen the basic skills of vocational students and the basic practice ability.

explore the written examination, interview, practice operation and other diversified evaluation methods, scientific and effective evaluation of students’ comprehensive ability. Since 2016, the unified national college entrance examination volume.

reform two

admission results also see elective subjects and comprehensive quality

our province will establish a unified college entrance examination and ordinary high school proficiency test scores, the comprehensive evaluation of the comprehensive evaluation of the quality of college admission mechanism. Before the end of June 2018, the school enrollment in Colleges and universities according to the characteristics and training needs of candidates, academic proficiency test subjects requirements and comprehensive quality evaluation measures proposed by specialty, and to the public.

at the same time, the province will reform and improve the talent selection system. Highly recommended

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