Business guild wars double eleven electricity supplier ERP Force Escort

– the 2016 double IT protection process of online housekeeper

November 11th 24:002016 double eleven fell to the curtain, the total turnover of Tmall live real-time screen on a large screen in 120 billion 700 million, so sales will undoubtedly once again let the world marvel. This year is the eighth year double eleven "pass," the number 11.11 "from the original" singles day "evolved into a national online shopping carnival, and finally become a collective annual examination of the electricity supplier industry, some businesses in the smoke of the electricity supplier war to blaze a new trail, some businesses from the day perhaps they will disappear. "Double eleven" the real test of the business is not just sales data is more glamorous, each store operations, team cooperation and business processes and other aspects behind the data. If the electricity supplier sellers to candidates, candidates are undoubtedly ERP system supplier is indispensable tool for this exam the challenge. read more

The United States double 11 is not only cosmetic security code can check

November 4th message, it is understood that will launch a limited sale of cosmetics mall shopping Carnival in the double 11 period, and has already started to promote the warm-up activities, preheating will last from November 1st to 10. introduced

, a key category in this year’s big promotion is still beauty, Givenchy, Julie, DHC, L’OREAL, Shiseido group, OLAY, proya, Maybelline and other international brands will participate in the activities of the double 11. The cooperation many beauty brands have joined the security code system, the double 11 big promotion, will set up special offer special anti fake code. read more

Jingdong announced that it will completely shut down pat Network

NetEase science and technology news November 10th news, today, Jingdong group announced that, because the C2C model can not put an end to fake phenomenon, so the decision

to December 31, 2015 to stop providing C2C mode (PAIPAI.COM) e-commerce platform services. And in the three months after the transition period, in April 1, 2016, completely shut down the C2C model of e-commerce platform services (PAIPAI.COM).

the following is the full text of the announcement:

dear pat Network sellers and users friends: read more

How do you deal with competition

many users will ask these questions on want:

1, I opened a shop in Taobao, so many people open, there will be competition?

2, you develop without cash back shopping distribution shop has many people, I have not met the


3, how can I avoid competition?

these issues are very realistic, but I think it can not be rational, at least for their own business competition is not clear what the judgment. I remember Ma once said: love I don’t pay attention to competitors, I love for example! This sentence can be how to understand? I think: Research on competitors is not suitable for business, at least not mature entrepreneurs. A business minded person will understand, should not put all of the time in a competitor’s direction, in short: when you study the rivals, competitors are studied with powerful promotion campaign, you found it was too late, so you focus on the competitor’s offensive, you will become the the monkey has been teasing, competitors and in planning for the next promotion campaign and applause. read more

Analysis Ali, Tencent, 360 of nternet competition, entrepreneurs, companies how to face the nterne

Internet industry is always extraordinary, in the face of this year’s Tencent, 360, Ali and Baidu compete in the Internet, we will undoubtedly find. The development of competitive pattern. After all, the Internet is a big fish eat small fish era. Big fish competition era.

First we talk about the

360 and the

commercial Tencent

360 said Tencent is doing a market in the Internet entrepreneurs to stifle the dream, because he is constantly doing projects. After all, these projects in the erosion of the Internet market, which led to an unfair competition pattern into the era, and many of the entrepreneurs may have a dream because of the development process, and even some improvement. Lead to market loss. Why is the law of the jungle era?? large enterprises use their own advantage of bundled forms of market expansion, stifle the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises, which have a lesson. read more

Online shoe store Zappos FB platform by two months 85 thousand new visits

, America’s biggest selling shoes online website B2C Zappos (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Lin Jingdong) February 8th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, a partner in the United States the largest selling shoes online B2C website Zappos, Zappos on the platform of Facebook activities and achieved remarkable results, let the traffic and its trading volume increased sharply in 2 months.

Zappos partners, a digital marketing professional service provider Kenshoo, released on the platform of Facebook during Zappos in November 20, 2012 to January 20, 2013 status update for website provides 85 thousand visits. Zappos’s Facebook page currently has nearly 420 thousand followers. read more

Wangzhuan really can make money do Wangzhuan how to earn money

group said the chance to listen to a word called " ", as the name suggests is Wangzhuan; the meaning of the network to make money. Contact the network for so many years, although I know that this network can make money, but it should be how to earn this money is not very understanding. So to Baidu search results, search out a lot of Wangzhuan forum, seemingly in recent years more and more fire, join the ranks of the people Wangzhuan is increasing year by year, the people of all ages are. read more

Xiong Xiaoge’s biggest regret seize B and T did not catch the gem A late nearly 10 years

Abstract: Xiong Xiaoge said, has now entered the era of mobile Internet, so he has a dream is to be able to build BAT mobile Internet era, the stock market in China, the front of the BAT we have two, right now the storm started as a B, has a B, then look for the following A and T.

IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge in August 14th on-line financial Tencent "choice" in the program said, "my next dream is to be able to build BAT mobile Internet era, now the storm is a B technology, below again looking for A and T, I have no regrets." read more

A 50 year old media, is the business or to continue in the media

walking in Guangzhou, the most densely packed Tianhe North Road, coming and going people have long been replaced by fresh white-collar. The adjacent commercial center, there is a restaurant, a restaurant with a table for three rows of diners, frowning, very sad.

appears to be a middle-aged man said, his face two young woman, very politely said: "I would like to ask two today, what should I do next?"

of the middle-aged man about the background is a veteran reporter print, business news industry for more than and 20 years, is the writing skill, early in the newspaper won many awards, of course, these awards are derived from internal selection, and often most glorious newspaper reporters award, is the internal selection. read more