Xining, South Shanxi community to ease the building long shortage weapon

March 9th morning, who lives in the provincial capital of labor Lane building long Fu Chenglan came to the neighborhood community, report the basic situation of tenants moved in recent months in the yard, which greatly facilitates the community neighborhood committee. In the South Beach City Office District of Xining City, South Shanxi community 68 community liaison, and is also a long building, they are a good assistant for community residents, community harmony contribution. In the city of Xining City People’s Street Office Lane alley community also has such a group of long, they do not pay, in the district mediation dispute, the collection of health costs and utilities. Many residential buildings that are difficult to choose, Nanshan community practice is worth learning. read more

10 city customs office

Reporters learned from the Xining customs, in April 13th, located in the Silk Road Economic Zone, Qingdao customs customs clearance integration emergency coordination center officially opened. From Qingdao, Ji’nan, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, Xi’an, Yinchuan, Lanzhou, Xining, Urumqi, Lhasa customs 10 more than 70 officers officially settled, carry out joint office, customs clearance regional integration Silk Road Economic Belt substantial step.

according to the General Administration of Customs announcement, the Silk Road Economic Zone 10 customs clearance integration reform will be officially launched in May 1st this year. The center is divided into general area, work area, large screen displays, big data display area 8 functional areas, the use of cloud computing, big data, video and network information technology, to achieve a comprehensive docking with the General Administration of customs, customs, customs clearance within the main business site, 12360 hotline at various levels such as network and information port, to ensure that emergency coordination work smoothly. The running time of the center from April 13th to June 30th, during the period of reform will be responsible for the initial rapid response to emergencies, internal and external business consulting and problems of acceptance and disposal, business data collection and information dissemination, information collection and other work for the realization of customs clearance, the whole process of integrated management mechanism and mode of operation, the formation of "ground clearance as a customs clearance integration pattern" has laid a solid foundation. read more

Xining Local Taxation Bureau held post training contest activities

November 9th, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau held a "post training contest" activities, seven teams of the city’s land tax system a total of 35 players participated in the post tax collection and management, tax inspection, tax services, information technology, statistics, computer program using the seven position categories, four aspects of the job skills contest.

seven teams, through the provision of choice, hoping to take the cooperation four links, more than three hours of intense competition, the final representative of Chengdong District Local Taxation Bureau team, West District Local Taxation Bureau team, Huangzhong County Local Taxation Bureau team with a total score of 189 points, 173 points, 171 points to win the job big training contest first, second and third, the North District Local Taxation Bureau won the contest organization award. read more

Urban and rural residents began to participate in Medicare payment

, a reporter from the City Social Security Bureau, 2015 annual urban residents basic medical insurance and new rural cooperative medical insurance (hereinafter referred to as the urban and rural medical insurance payment) now, the payment period for the November 1st to December 31st, the city social security bureau to remind the insured rural residents insured in the insurance payment period, payment, overdue will no longer apply (newborn except). 2015 urban and rural residents per capita financing of medical insurance amounted to 550 yuan, of which financial subsidies at all levels of $454.

the payment standard for urban residents: male 19 years old to 59 years old, female 19 years old to 54 years old pay 160 yuan per person per year; men over the age of 60 women over the age of 55 pay 100 yuan per person per year; under the age of 19, pay 80 yuan per person per year. Four district urban residents subsistence allowances, heavy disability insured individual contributions paid directly by the Civil Affairs Department of the county; urban residents of the three counties subsistence allowances, heavy casualties by the individual insured contributions, and then to the County Civil Affairs Bureau to apply for replacement. Individual payment standards for rural residents: Men 19 to 59 years of age, women aged between the ages of 54 to pay an annual fee of $90 per person; men over the age of 55 women over the age of 60 to pay $80 per person per year; below the age of 19 per person per year to pay $80. Rural residents in five households, households, etc. the key special personal insurance payments by the civil affairs departments pay; rural one-child and double female households their personal insurance payments by the county fiscal payment.
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330 projects have been re opened Xining slow system plan to start construction in June

The construction of Xining City slow system includes

Road, bicycle lanes and city city green road three modules has been completed construction of the pedestrian city planning, the city’s key projects are submitted for approval; a Nanchuan district reform this year has completed an investment of 100 million yuan…… In April 13th, the reporter learned from the municipal development and Reform Commission was informed that the resumption of work 330 has opened my 775 investment plan of construction project implementation this year, opening rate of 42.6%, the city’s corner has set off the climax of the construction project. read more

Tsinghua University and other five colleges and universities signed a support agreement with Qinghai

7 10, Qinghai University and Tsinghua University, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, East China University of Science and Technology, China University of Geosciences (Beijing) signed an agreement, in the "13th Five-Year" period, will get the support of colleges and universities in discipline construction, personnel training and other support.

Tsinghua University will help guide the Qinghai University to build a world class disciplines, and strive in biology, ecology, materials science and engineering, basic medicine approved two to three doctoral degree authorized disciplines. Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, Qinghai University to help build food science and engineering, quality and safety of agricultural products at the provincial level 2 key disciplines, to win the right to confer on grass science, Resource Biology doctoral degree. read more

Shanghai Disney and a number of companies direct hand

, along with the continuous development of the tourism industry, a lot of opportunities spotted this opportunity. Then, there are a lot of big brands to stay. Shanghai, China, as China’s economic center and international financial trading platform, the economy is well developed, ushered in Disney’s stay. Here we look at specific reports.

"we go ahead, open doors, engaged in a new job, because we’re curious, but curiosity continues to lead us towards a new journey." This sentence is one of the Walt Disney Company Founder Walt Disney, always resonate. read more

Taizhou City, the first national shipbuilding

China as a land transport is extremely developed country, has always been in the market environment, shipbuilding is an essential thing. Jiangsu in 2008 jumped to the country’s largest shipbuilding Province, but, the world’s shipbuilding industry immediately into the downturn. In recent years, closely related to the shipbuilding industry, the Baltic Sea index has been hovering for a long time, and the production and operation of Jiangsu’s shipbuilding industry has attracted much attention. Then the future of Jiangsu’s shipbuilding industry should be how to develop specific, and the following on the specific understanding of small. read more

Pingyang will build Wenzhou furniture sales center

Wenzhou is a commercial developed areas, where the entrepreneurial gene is very strong, the furniture industry is quite hot. In order to adapt to the development of the national furniture industry, Wenzhou furniture industry in Pingyang to establish a direct sales center to facilitate more people to buy high-quality, affordable furniture products.

"Wenzhou LuxeHome Home Furnishing sales center has entered the planning and design stage." Recently, Wenzhou furniture industry intends to invest 1 billion yuan in Pingyang Wanquan town center built in Wenzhou furniture industry, relying on the brand marketing concept, set design, Home Furnishing Home Furnishing sales, sightseeing and shopping in one of the "China (International) Wenzhou Luxuries Home Furnishing sales center (complex)". read more

Cat and mouse children’s clothing to do poineering work

what about the cat and the mouse? In our life, has always been a choice for the development of the market space. Quality entrepreneurial projects are always very popular. Cat and mouse kids to join the project, are you ready to join it?

in recent years, the domestic cat and mouse children’s clothing market has begun to take shape, the cat and mouse industry level is more obvious, with their own leading enterprises, the number of cat and mouse brand is relatively large. The "cat and mouse" series of children’s spirit of "combine" children’s clothing chain and supermarket model marketing model has become one of the domestic cat and mouse on the market’s most famous and attractive clothing products, cat and mouse market ranks among the forefront of the industry. The spirit of "planning of cat and mouse with children’s clothing market, more convenient to meet the needs of customers" faith, Guangzhou hua’en children Clothing Co., the United States made Warner Bros. consumer products directly in the production Chinese market "Tom and Jerry" brand children’s clothing products authorized in October 28, 2010 to set up the company and begin to integrate the Chinese area the cat and the mouse clothing market. Now shopping counters, shops have been spread in more than and 300 cities. read more