WeChat mobile payment open up a new era of the era of marketing

some people in use, some people are watching, some people in the enlightenment, but you do not know the ecological environment of the three WeChat entrepreneurial opportunities. WeChat has reached the level of the use of the crowd, WeChat spawned business opportunities have produced a number of millions and tens of millions of wealthy people 700 million.

first look at the well-known made rich classification:

first category: WeChat development service provider

The first batch of mining wealth after the birth of the WeChat read more

nnovation Shackles what is the difference between the real innovation and Silicon Valley

the spirit and soul of Silicon Valley should be "true innovation". The lack of this spirit, Silicon Valley is not known as the Silicon Valley, but if not the pursuit of new technologies and uphold the spirit of innovation, the market value of Internet Co China regardless of how high, how much is the site, "no way," puffiness truly confident proudly in the world of the Internet on the stage.

at the end of January 2014, with hundreds of Baidu BIG to go to the United States Silicon Valley. This trip does have a lot of harvest, but also triggered a series of their own thinking. It was only in February that the Chinese new year, so the topic has been wanted to write a further delay. In fact, came back to find the similar theme, buddy has written a lot of peers, such as why Silicon Valley will be the Silicon Valley, for example why Silicon Valley will become the cradle of entrepreneurial American Technology Corp and so on the theme, but I still want to talk about my own understanding of the relationship between Silicon Valley and entrepreneurship, as well as the domestic status quo and some technological entrepreneurship thinking. read more

New Oriental Network listed on the new board online education into xiangbobo

Yu Minhong has said that online education companies to take full advantage of the new capital market, the three new board is a very good choice. In fact, Yu Minhong’s sensitivity to the capital market is not low, in addition to the New Oriental Education in 2006 listed on the New York Stock Exchange, he has been very respected on the new board.

New Oriental network strong return to Yu Minhong’s new three board team adds a

will benefit from the new board of good policy, the new board of education sector, accelerate the rapid pace of development, enterprise education hanging plate of high frequency, strong profitability, also attract capital from overseas to return at the new board this big cake. Yu Minhong with a new network from the New Oriental Group alone to split listed on the new board, much industry attention, according to media reports, Beijing New Oriental fast network Polytron Technologies Inc (i.e. New Oriental Network) after the listing, the valuation of up to 3 billion 200 million. read more

Wonderful flower! Three new board enterprise prospectus disclosure detailed data


technology news April 29th morning news, Shanghai Aishang flower Limited by Share Ltd (securities referred to: love flowers, stock code: 836638) listed on the new board, in its public transfer instructions, the company in 2013 -2015 year in July in order to carry out the business marketing brush out 260 thousand orders, false sales amount more than 30 million yuan to produce a single brush.

love flowers public transfer instructions, the sales model can be divided into O2O business, B2C business, B2B business three. During the reporting period, mainly in the direct sales model earn net profit margins; B2C business mainly by earning between purchase and sale balance profit; B2B business through its own platform, connecting the upstream and downstream of the florist flower base, through a downstream commission to achieve profit. Profit during the reporting period mainly from O2O and B2C business. read more

Xiong Xiaoge’s biggest regret seize B and T did not catch the gem A late nearly 10 years

Abstract: Xiong Xiaoge said, has now entered the era of mobile Internet, so he has a dream is to be able to build BAT mobile Internet era, the stock market in China, the front of the BAT we have two, right now the storm started as a B, has a B, then look for the following A and T.

IDG capital founding partner Xiong Xiaoge in August 14th on-line financial Tencent "choice" in the program said, "my next dream is to be able to build BAT mobile Internet era, now the storm is a B technology, below again looking for A and T, I have no regrets." read more

To tell you a joke want to start a business!

Abstract: entrepreneurship is not a game, but it evolved into a general. Some flourishes myth, let the whole society into a fickle business. Business can not be too impetuous, some mixed business projects, but also increased the difficulty of screening investors, chance encounter good project was also significantly lower.


was eating with a friend, the friend blurted out a glass of beer. "Brother, I want to start a business, can support point"? 100 Jun just swallowed the food, almost spit out. "Dude, you’re not drunk?". read more

The 6 piece is about O2O your project is the shit you

text / angel investors (micro signal: AKASHIO)

this paper is purely fictitious and any similarity is C2C (Copy to China).

"What the

community O2O, is run errands? That * Don’t bite cell run errands, to what social shit is not dead,


thirty-four year old Liu swallowed, and then said to me: "run errands this thing, there is no sense."

14 years of fire in a complete mess community O2O is the "old Liu Shuocheng meaningless".

I kind of do not listen to it, had to interrupt: "well…… The starting point of these projects is good, but some problems in practice, some of the team may be too difficult to push……" read more

HTML5 game industry 15 minutes on the eve of the outbreak of Lei Jun investment

lead: "all the people looking for Jaycee Chan" and other small game, once the explosion of mobile social software in 2014 once the brush. There are indications that H5 games are in the small game to the eve of the outbreak of the big industry.

"all the people looking for Jaycee Chan", "surrounded by nervous cat", "see you have color" and other small games, once in 2014, once the explosion of major mobile social software. Since then, the HTML5 game (hereinafter referred to as the H5 game) also entered the public view. With the rapid growth of mobile games, H5 game developers and investors have also been concerned about. There are indications that H5 games are in the small game to the eve of the outbreak of the big industry. read more

Take the platform business talk about entrepreneurship dream or something to hell

takeaway platform businesses talk about entrepreneurship: the dream is to have something in the hell

TechWeb reported in July 16th this week / color

settled in the takeaway platform businesses like Taobao on the seller, after so many years of Taobao, the online shop, you remember a few

in the takeaway platform for entrepreneurship Yue Shan feeling quite to throw this sentence, I was speechless. Indeed, we believe that those who have already made the reputation of the brand online, starting from the online shop can do really not much. read more

Shun melt capital partner Liu Biao listen to me, so entrepreneurial success!

turn from: creating a commune Author: Liu Xiaomi

oral: Shun Rong capital founding partner Liu Biao

editing finishing: create a guest commune Liu Xiaomi

la la la, so that all students feel very full, happy and intense training camp ushered in a wonderful course second days! Today’s share tutor, all top coffee, full of dry cargo, allow students to take notes and pictures too tired to call: "arm breaking!" (off the record the king was so, hum).

in the afternoon entrepreneurship class, from CIS capital investments, Neusoft carrier, with the way tourism, regulating the family network, vering, high technology, photoelectric micro itsunew technology projects such as the founding partner of Liu Biao, is full of sincerity to dedicate their eleven years of experience in venture capital in exchange for money and time dry cargo, from the angles of industry selection to the team, to meet the challenge, to carry out the analysis and guidance for entrepreneurs, brought a precious practical success. In this paper, according to the founder of the community according to their speech editing, has been authorized, please indicate the source: read more