SAC shop does not lose electricity providers can claim compensation

with the rapid development of e-commerce in China, how to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers has become the most concerned issue. Recently, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Chinese issued opinions, for the first time operators to establish "asking system" and "pay a compensation system" in consumption, that is to say "who is responsible for the sale of goods, who who is responsible for providing services". This laid the policy foundation for the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. read more

Shoe Tianya talk about the use of the handle network business experience

is now the group purchase website is fire, shoes also added to the horizon like a raging fire group purchase trend, because there are a few times as Juhuasuan’s experience, the effect is pretty good, they want to try a similar handle network such online shopping, some time ago was very honoured to become the group purchase supplier, have done a week, found in Taobao Juhuasuan, handle network there are many places need to improve for business purposes, the following aspects affecting the business use of personal feeling experience. read more

How do sell a domain name for $10000

The first time I noticed the domain name was when I started surfing the Internet 5 years ago. But at that time there is no domestic domain name registrar through the authentication, so buy domain name have to find foreign businessmen, nature is in dollars to pay the registration fee, and the price is expensive, so only look at the check out. At that time, I did not have the courage to really determined to enter the "domain"".

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Liu Qiangdong if you maintain the growth rate of the past Jingdong will pay a great price

Tencent science and technology news Beijing time on May 9th evening news, Jingdong Mall (Nasdaq:JD) today released the first quarter of fiscal year 2016 earnings. Net revenues of 54 billion yuan (about $8 billion 400 million), an increase of 47.3%. Net loss attributable to ordinary shareholders of 909 million 800 thousand yuan (about $141 million 100 thousand), while the same period last year was 710 million 200 thousand yuan. Based on non GAAP, net loss attributable to ordinary shareholders of 205 million 400 thousand yuan (about $31 million 900 thousand), while the same period last year was 205 million 600 thousand yuan. read more

Self built Taobao Taobao brings high quality traffic and profitability

more than and 100 years ago, a famous statesman, military strategist Napoleon said don’t want to be a general is not a good soldier, then in twenty-first Century the age of the Internet, as an Internet practitioner if we do not make money for it will be said to be a worthless person. Although we often say that you don’t pay much attention to money, hurt feelings about money or speech, but we in the free economy if you want to survive or get others to respect the most basic, then the basic material condition is a necessary condition. I believe that almost all Internet practitioners in the industry, this is full of risks and challenges in the industry fought the ultimate aim is to obtain a copy of their material interests and gain the respect of others. read more

Shop looking for sources of information to look at the horizon to see

in recent years, with the drive of the community, the government’s support, open shop business has become a booming industry. But because of the low threshold, good times don’t last long, e-businessmen like bamboo shoots after a spring rain suddenly stampede in general, fierce competition, blue dragons and fishes jumbled together, suddenly blood red.

open shop, there must be a good source of supply, can effectively control costs, reduce risk, stabilize prices, increase sales, create credibility, can do these huge profits is not a problem. But on the other hand, since there are so good sources, why their suppliers do not open shop? If all these suppliers open shop, the "Taobao", "pat", "ah" will become a "Alibaba" B2C? Ordinary people for the survival of C2C come from where see? In the e-commerce market that had the same name, but the quality and price of the commodity is uneven in quality can explain everything, the same commodity prices may be some shop factory direct wholesale price, some shop prices have not know is the first of several offline read more

Taobao Medical Museum this month or the formal resumption of the administration’s bottom sign

Wang Yujia

was halted for 8 months, Taobao Mall (Tmall) Medical Museum finally saw the hope of re opening.

"now we have received notification that the food and drug administration has signed the release, the official opening plan is in the 28, the 29 day of this month, two days." Yesterday, Tmall executives of a pharmaceutical company of Medicine Museum "First Financial Daily" said, the pharmaceutical companies have received the "notice for the start of the last round of adjustment for web pages. read more

Taobao yesterday now a brief downtime mistake was closed shop owner

Original title:

Taobao yesterday suddenly "shock" shop keeper horrified

morning news double 11 did not appear to have a system paralysis Taobao, about 10:30 yesterday morning, suddenly unable to search any baby. Part of the owner reflects the store suddenly disappeared.

although the failure lasted only about 20 minutes, but many users Tucao: Alibaba is a major product to be launched?

also friends gossip: Taobao search less than the baby, Jingdong background data rapidly rising customer service visits. read more

Traditional enterprises to enter the e-commerce needs to change the two concepts

nowadays, traditional enterprises to enter the field of electronic commerce seems to become a trend, such as COFCO, intime, Septwolves, BELLE, Ping An insurance, etc.. Traditional enterprises to enter e-commerce, has a congenital advantage, such as:

1 deep industry for many years, can easily get through each business links in the industry;

2 has a strong financial strength, do not look at the face of VCs;

3 years of operation, there are strong brands can rely on resources.

nevertheless, traditional companies want to succeed in the field of e-commerce, e-commerce must also learn the rules of the game. Because the real economy platform, e-commerce is no longer just relying on the traditional at the same time, also use the Internet and information technology and other factors, therefore, before the traditional enterprises involved in e-commerce, e-commerce is best to master the rules of the game, the traditional enterprise is the key to the success in the field of electronic commerce. In the electronic commerce rules of the game, there are two very important factor is that many traditional enterprises easy to go astray. read more

My group of 3 million 800 thousand yuan to buy the domain name

in recent years, the domestic well-known education group learning and Thinking on brand name has been paying attention to the evaluation in the domestic Internet industry widely circulated recently, learning and Thinking on the 3 million 800 thousand yuan price of the successful acquisition of Quanpin domain, fully demonstrated its commitment to the development of the industry Web site.

it is understood that the domain name domain name investors Yang Yi registered in 2002, 7 years have used the domain name has done college entrance examination sites have not improved. Until the end of 2008 and the "I" to reach a consensus, to 3 million 800 thousand at the success of the transaction, the rate of return over 2500 times. The value of the domain name of Meken revealed that the group cooperation negotiations with Yang Yi for several months, the transaction price from 7 million until the final transaction 3 million 800 thousand. read more

nternet companies can not everlasting

entrepreneurship 35 years

we want to start a business from the entrepreneur’s perception of this interesting topic. School, no rice, the founder of the United States, Wang Xing said two years ago, the Internet business with the difference between traditional Entrepreneurship:

traditional industry is like climbing mountains, Internet startups like surfing. The mountain is always there, you are ready to go on board, and always have the opportunity, how much depends on the strength of the board. The wave is one after another, as long as you step on a wave, hold it, it will determine the height of your height, Google, Facebook are so. And if you miss a wave, you can’t catch it. I think there is still a wave behind the Internet, but be sure to step on the right time." read more

Zhang Xiangdong the three venture, everyone will have a blood DNA waiting for activation

Zhang Xiangdong, born in Shaanxi in 1977. Graduated from Peking University in 1999. 700 (700BIKE.COM) co-founder and former NASDAQ listed companies jiubang digital co-founder & Chinese; President of city cycling, cycling culture promoter. The author of "short flight", "dialogue", entrepreneurs entrepreneurs "my mobile phone" (co-author).

three business, he has a deep insight on the development of information technology. Riding on five continents, he has always been curious and curious about the world. He used his rich entrepreneurial journey, magnificent life cycling. read more

After 90 entrepreneurship methodology the product that , am the product

IDG set up a "IDG" Introduction to capital 90 fund, $100 million. Investors like they do make sense, a lot of 90 is indeed a natural product. After 90 products are a major feature of the family: the product that I, I am the product.

in mid August 2014 IDG capital announced the establishment of IDG 90 fund, the scale of $100 million. Entrepreneurial magic Institute set up F90 magic accelerator for Internet entrepreneurs under 25 years of age to provide financial support and innovative idea service. In addition, the international venture capital institutions such as Sequoia Capital, local fund such as ener Angel funds are eyeing 90 business groups. For a time, release words to vote after 90 VC investment institutions more and more. read more

The four skills of novice webmaster do Wangzhuan must have

many novice webmaster often consult the Internet money have no chance, how to make money through the Internet? Can clearly tell you that the Internet still has the opportunity to make money, such as the novice webmaster friends can through Taobao customers, website alliance to sell advertising and other projects to make money, but to get traffic and the degree of competition and a few years ago compared to the difficulty a lot of success as a personal webmaster must learn the following necessary basic knowledge to do wangzhuan. read more

Do not easy girls independent more not easy

at that time every night stay up to four or five points, more than seven to go to work. During the day to do product design, call at noon, a variety of planning information in the evening query. 2 months later, the storm thin more than and 10 pounds. The so-called time, in fact, this year in March.

March 7th, Jilin car theft infanticide is the truth in front of us, see the various manifestations of the poor mother, my heart broke. Think of a little earlier, Henan Jie mother scalp case, is really very sad and angry. At noon I made a phone call to a friend: I want to do. The other we answer the sentence: why do you think so? I snapped and hung up the phone. I called my brother again and said the same thing. The other said: what are you going to do? I pili Bala expressed a…… My brother said, to plan a good turn. In this way, began a few months of madness. read more

Linktech Skype smitten, Christmas gift to send a commission!

dear affiliate member:

thank you for the webmaster to promote Skype, is launching a campaign:

– CPL: each registered union members can get 0.35 yuan

– CPS: (1): a month effective registered member 1-499 month sales 4%

(2) month valid registered members 500-999: month sales commission 5%

(3) month valid registered members 1000-1999: month sales commission 6%

(4) month valid registered members 2000-4999: month sales commission 7%

(5) valid registered members of the month more than 5000: month sales commission 8% read more

Ali mother in the end is the blessing or disaster

it is undeniable that Ali mother helped me this little Adsense a favor, because as long as the time, no matter how much money can be earned. So many people should be touted.

However, after

webmaster hung Ali mother advertising code, your site will reveal some secrets — such as IP, PV, of course, if there is no secret even if necessary, need to be kept confidential to the other said that. There are worse than that is below 5 in the list of advertising sites recently most visited web site, which to buy advertising advertisers; this will become a judge whether the site is cheating in reference, for example, found listed in the URL of a website and is the domain name irrelevant answer, that affirmation is cheating site! There are other ways to check here, I will not show a! read more

Combined with the case to tell you what to pay attention to me

is really popular Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, popular ah, the webmaster nets, outdated and so well-known Web site, there are "Wangzhuan" column, Wangzhuan, beyond count. You can make money through the network, knock on the keyboard, the mouse moves will be able to make money after sleeping bed can make money; free and unfettered, don’t look at his face, will be able to make money, how cool the way to make money; in some cases, into the real day to earn thousands or even tens of thousands, and some take like money the blowing stick and the initiation of the massive befog the minds of the people, began to Wangzhuan followers. read more

Thousand Oaks get $48 million venture capital financing details announced tomorrow

Sina science and technology news Beijing time on the afternoon of March 6th, sina science and technology from the source was informed that the recent acquisition of thousands of oaks $48 million venture capital. This is its second venture capital, but also the largest investment in the Internet since the surge in Web 2.

The internal message

This is

This may be

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