Tencent developer salon Chengdu Railway Station to start focusing on the quality of the game feature

the afternoon of July 4th, Chengdu Railway Station and Chengdu TFC Tencent developers salon activities will be held in Chengdu Tianfu Software Park inspired coffee. It is understood that this event was jointly organized by the Tencent open platform, the top network, Sharon theme of my eyes boutique games, focusing on the game, especially in the field of mobile games. At that time, the Tencent will distribute open platform leading advantage of Chengdu Tencent in the field of Mobile Games interpretation of developer support policies and the application treasure, there are a number of local high-quality game team together to share their stories, to share with you the secret of success. read more

Kingsoft 2008 officially launched promotion


Kingsoft 2008 official in the network promotion, please as soon as possible to get the package and the new advertising background. The ad and download pages have made a lot of improvements, you can use a variety of ways to promote online.

also simultaneously launched reward policy, specific details can browse the bully project introduction.

The promotion of data

Duba 2007 we would have been released in December 31, 2007.

if you have special requirements on the size of the advertisement please contact us directly, QQ:11647251 read more

Yelp co-founder Entrepreneurial inspiration from Xunyi process

in March this year, Yelp successfully listed on the NYSE

"the Wall Street journal" in the United States this week to review site Yelp founder Jeremy Pullman Stowe combined with · (Jeremy Stoppelman) of the interview. Stowe Pullman revealed the creation of Yelp, how to increase revenue, and how to help businesses will be poor into a better customer service.

founded Yelp, Tito Pullman or Harvard Business School students. He happened to catch the flu when he was looking for promising ideas. In the search process, he found the opportunity, then set up Yelp. MRL Vc firm provided him with $1 million in funding, he and former PayPal colleagues Las · Simmons (Russ Simmons) launched the site in October 2004. read more

The status quo of self-help Market

Self-help way through the Internet content provider of online self-help Station system, intelligent generation, automatic generation of Web site, this is one of the mainstream of today build enterprise network site.

attachment for the online self-help Station System Based on a vertical portal web site, the portal of the advantages and influence on the portal members of the user to carry out sales work. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of 2002 such businesses about 300; read more

Sigh do stand hardships, the Wangzhuan is not easy

network to make money, do not want to, it is a fool!
up earlier than chicken, sleep later than a dog, eat worse than pig — a bit extreme, but the site who have not had this experience


for what? For what?
is not a network of wealth creation myth inspired us? We look forward to the next?
and patience, so bitter…… Do one’s best till one’s heart ceases to beat。
is too difficult…… Sometimes the stomach is growling. It is important that you can’t find support, every cat in there, suddenly you find read more

The training of Wangzhuan scam

is a liar liar network especially hateful, hateful, because you never know who is sitting in front of the computer, or animals. A method is also emerge in an endless stream, impossible to guard against. Think about it, we have nothing to do with money and feelings. A liar is the use of our above weakness, resorted to entice us to exhaust all the skills.

Many kinds of

network fraud, I talk to you Wangzhuan Wangzhuan scam, is not recognized by the public, because this muddy water is too deep. Too many novice cheated, deceived people no longer believe in me. Yes, Wangzhuan is very confusing, the threshold is too low, what people want to squeeze. Those eager to make money and can not find the doorway, pointing at the door just a novice. So they set up a ridge at the door and a door, let the novice planted a somersault. read more

The talented Liu Nan from stay-at-home mom to entrepreneurial upstart

honey bud mother "Liu Nan is how to make the

on the line for only a few months of imports of baby products sale mall "Honey bud baby" attracted a large number of venture capital competition, legendary investor Shen Napeng even said: "Honey bud baby is likely to become the millet company"

F2 this year yoyo and bee show good! Are covered. All the combi’s face it, praise! "" Ta_da! Afternoon strange box is the original sandwich mold, automatically to not eat the corner cut. This is not only called out lunch, lunch." read more

No site can apply for Google Adsense account

due to the domestic network environment, the application of the Google Adsense account has been more difficult, especially for small Adsense, was rejected N times is a very common thing. For the Google Adsense account is originally wanted to Google the tree shade to make money, then spend the trustee for a little sorry rmb. Fortunately, we still have a lot of ways to use.

Principle of

application method

I would like to say that this method is the use of Google to the site to apply for preferential Google Adsense account. As everyone knows, the use of Google’s own blog service can quickly apply for the Google Adsense account, but this move gradually changed. In the same way, we can use other sites and Google have a cooperative relationship to apply Google Adsense account. However, some sites require cooperative advertising into, we can get the money is not, to be a partner site heart goose plucking, of course. However, there are still a lot of sites to provide zero Google Adsense account for help. read more

Using the nternet the way to make money a lot of why someone not to earn money

network has a lot of money to make money, but why people who make money is very little


Wangzhuan opportunities:

1, Taobao guest

it can be said that the term guest in many people the impression that a lot of money, a lot of people earning seventy thousand or eighty thousand, hundreds of thousands of.

2, AD ad

If you don’t know the AD

web site that you are out, before many people rely on AD to earn a lot of money, but now AD has not guest, as a grassroots webmaster.



for a skilled person Witkey Wangzhuan is really a good choice, I do have a monthly income of five thousand Witkey, for some people has been good, but I am not satisfied with the status quo. Although easy, but five thousand in many big cities is not what. read more

Simple and effective way to reduce Google ad click rate

mentioned Google advertising, I do not say, we all know what it is doing, in this industry, we have done a lot of Google advertising it.

see this title, you will be very surprised, because you must not believe. In the webmaster network, I only see the location of the optimization of advertising to improve the click through rate, reduce the number of advertising points of the few. Why should I reduce the CTR, you first look at my website www.jierichina.cn, do you think that I can have many rubbish website traffic, Google ad click rate will be high, I must have the website allows you to take a look and you will no longer see second eyes…… I tell you, my site traffic around IP1000, click on the 1.X%. This is now my down click rate. Before I say lower down, afraid you do not believe, click rate is as high as 50%, (really, I do not lie to you, I the price is high, usually 20 flow I have about 3 of income, because I see a high click rate) click rate is too high, know it only by K, is trying to reduce it, prior statement: I do Google advertising is definitely not cheating, why my click rate is high, because I do "out of the ordinary, plus their own propaganda, hey, the click rate has been huge high, I forgot to tell you. The site was on the line, up to 50% of the hits continued for several hours to let me. I’ll say it, how to reduce the click rate. Actually, you reduce the click rate rather than increase Google advertising, why, because you are the average hit rate is down, but does increase the advertising fee. , officially started: read more

Japanese otaku community TOM680 million fans marketing myth

Japan Otaku Mode startup Tokyo (hereinafter referred to as "TOM") has recently become the focus of the outside world, the company was founded in March 2011, focused on the otaku community (Otaku) content curation service. The company has completed a round of financing, all funds from angel investors.

"otaku" generally refers to the ACG (animation, comics (Animation) (Comic), (Game) the name of the game) has a special group beyond the general knowledge, appreciation and play ability, is synonymous with ultimate ACG lovers. Otaku will not stay at home, but some people are keen and some things in bo. read more

Abstract network advertisement expo-plast Abang line

Hello! Online advertising network Abstract Abang, welcome webmaster actively launch, believed to bring good returns for the webmaster! Please contact customer service opening. Customer service qq:183288818 319035197

data return: return

in real time

settlement cycle: Zhou knot

advertising price: 40 yuan /1000IP

Union address: http://s.ete.cn

Adsense network alliance information release QQ group: 5084047

for the first time to let you know the domestic league dynamic!

more union information: http://s.top.admin5.com/u read more

Entrepreneurship trilemma financing, innovation is difficult, difficult to profit

lead: dilemma as shunts allow electricity from the grassroots game become rich people who can play channels rich handsome race, ordinary entrepreneurs think the probability of success has become increasingly low.

, I have opened several stores in the electronic business platform, the average gross profit of around 40%. But after deduction of labor, rent and other expenses, the rest of the money is almost invested in the promotion of electronic business platform." Network operators from Beijing Xiao Yu said, "do not promote profitable, the promotion is not money, we are caught in a dilemma". read more

Han clothes homes growth 1200 people shop the most cattle Amoy brand

shop selling clothes online, can sell more big names? A person can open shop in the era of a Han clothing enterprise has created a myth of a network, called the most cattle "Amoy brand".


brand of cattle to what extent? We can see only a few figures: the average daily new nearly 60 clothing, the average daily traffic of nearly 1 million, shipments of nearly 10 thousand single, plans to sell 500 million yuan clothes this year, in 2015 amounted to 3 billion yuan; more than 1200 employees, but from the second half of last year will be a week the recruitment of twenty or thirty people. read more

Tens of millions of mobile phone applications entrepreneurial lessons Pivot, differences and oversea

review: how to sing Pivot, ink weather from the grassroots to what the rise of internal strife, netqin overseas operation experience is how to get knowledge.

this article by angel capital investment manager Xie Chenxing wrote and authorized Sohu IT released twenty-first Century, please indicate the source of Sohu IT and the author’s name.

on Friday, 91SPARK wireless salon held in "business cinema", sing the general manager CEO Chen Hua, former CTO ink weather Zhao Dong Qin and Business Intelligence Division Yang Xiao shared their different mobile Internet business on the road experience and lessons. read more

nternet giants how to make quick money

Internet era, a boom receded, not too long time of silence, a new round of Internet Storm, this time it broke out more potential subdivision of the area, each of which may be a profitable tipping point, who have the opportunity to become a true portrayal of the Internet domain. The idea is no longer so valuable, it is important to execution, once the Internet veteran army, who adhere to the mode of the most valuable team, who most combat, only the final. The Internet will change your life, and may soon become a reality… read more

Speaking from the collapse of Fantong start-up companies die guide

  text / gold wrong knife (WeChat public number ijincuodao)

recently, a hot meal is the collapse of a ten year old site to the sudden closure of the way into everyone’s vision.

‘s death, there are generally two killers, one is the sound killer – products, a silent killer – people.

1, rice Unification is a killer buy. The internal staff broke the news: the biggest hit Fantong suffered in 2010, when the rapid rise of group purchase website, including the main rival public comment Fantong are invested heavily in group purchase, Fantong is the beginning of hesitation, and then it was forced to follow up, but too slowly, by U.S. competitors fall too much. read more

Optimization of AdSense assembly what one sees and hears.

Hong Kong and Macao center very convenient at the exit, ten subway, on the 2 floor to see the city bustling crowd, feeling a bit messy.

sign in to the conference room, when most of the seats are full. There’s an empty seat on the edge of a MM, occupation! I pushed my glasses and looked at MM, that’s fine, 80. So, there is a flower on the edge?! OMG ah, where is the theory of arch cabbage


place in the dark light, on both sides of the stage on the screen of a Google Video, all kinds of color Google Google song with young employees doing all kinds of nonsensical movements. The Video has characteristics, that is, no handsome, no beauty, posture is not beautiful, music is not beautiful. On each side of a row of lights, the most dazzling is purple, Akira Akira ah, I suddenly feel absolutely disco! Doubt yourself, is it not the webmaster do read more

A new black liar scam website advertising the latest exposure tricks

network advertising is the main source of all grassroots webmaster to make a living, relying on the huge network market naturally spawned a thriving industry, various types of advertising as they emerge like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the slogan is also how does not deduct the amount, let the grassroots webmaster earn more money attractive slogan, the actual effect of how I want you webmaster friends heart bright.

this approach itself caused many grassroots resentment fundamentally. Of course, the advertising alliance itself is an intermediary, as an intermediary must be to make money or how it survives! read more

Online shoe store Zappos FB platform by two months 85 thousand new visits

, America’s biggest selling shoes online website B2C Zappos (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Lin Jingdong) February 8th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, a partner in the United States the largest selling shoes online B2C website Zappos, Zappos on the platform of Facebook activities and achieved remarkable results, let the traffic and its trading volume increased sharply in 2 months.

Zappos partners, a digital marketing professional service provider Kenshoo, released on the platform of Facebook during Zappos in November 20, 2012 to January 20, 2013 status update for website provides 85 thousand visits. Zappos’s Facebook page currently has nearly 420 thousand followers. read more