Xining winter gas tight Gas Co will give priority to protecting the residents of gas

There is a big gap between the demand and supply of

, the supply situation is very grim this winter in Xining city. "Safety first after the first residents supply, industry and commerce, after the first live production, give priority to the protection of residents and heating by gas, the normal priority supply of hospitals and schools, welfare homes, kindergartens, nursing homes and other civilian facilities." November 5th, the reporter learned from the Xining petroleum Gas Co, this year, the winter air supply contingency plan to determine the principle of winter air supply. read more

Xining Local Taxation Bureau held post training contest activities

November 9th, the Xining Municipal Local Taxation Bureau held a "post training contest" activities, seven teams of the city’s land tax system a total of 35 players participated in the post tax collection and management, tax inspection, tax services, information technology, statistics, computer program using the seven position categories, four aspects of the job skills contest.

seven teams, through the provision of choice, hoping to take the cooperation four links, more than three hours of intense competition, the final representative of Chengdong District Local Taxation Bureau team, West District Local Taxation Bureau team, Huangzhong County Local Taxation Bureau team with a total score of 189 points, 173 points, 171 points to win the job big training contest first, second and third, the North District Local Taxation Bureau won the contest organization award. read more

Xining this year to complete industrial investment 30 billion 400 million

At the beginning of this year, Xining city to determine the industrial investment target of 49 billion yuan, to the end of July, the city has completed the industrial investment 30 billion 480 million yuan, an increase of 6.08%, which completed the general industrial investment 24 billion 600 million yuan, down 6.5%. Accounted for 58.6% of the province’s general industrial investment.

Development Zone Industrial Investment 24 billion 280 million yuan, an increase of 3.5%, accounting for the city’s industrial investment 79.7%. Dongchuan Industrial Park completed 5 billion 850 million yuan industrial investment; Biotechnology Industrial Park completed 3 billion 800 million yuan; Gan River Industrial Park completed 9 billion 800 million yuan; Nanchuan Industrial Park completed 4 billion 820 million yuan. County completed investment 6 billion 196 million yuan, accounting for the city’s industrial investment of 20.3%. Which general industrial investment 2 billion 930 million yuan, down by 29.95%, accounting for the city’s total industrial investment of $11.9%.   read more

This year the people’s Park ice sculpture more exciting

sponsored by the municipal government of the eighth session of the China summer ice art garden and the first temple in February 1st is about to unveil, as one of the winter tourism projects, this year the people’s Park in the ice which aspect and highlights, this reporter visited.


– exhibition location: in the ice art is mainly distributed in the Park West Gate Square, on both sides of the main road to the Heyuan River Square; made careful planning and design this year, mainly concentrated in the fine ice gate, Park West Road section, rose garden and other areas. read more

Urban and rural residents began to participate in Medicare payment

, a reporter from the City Social Security Bureau, 2015 annual urban residents basic medical insurance and new rural cooperative medical insurance (hereinafter referred to as the urban and rural medical insurance payment) now, the payment period for the November 1st to December 31st, the city social security bureau to remind the insured rural residents insured in the insurance payment period, payment, overdue will no longer apply (newborn except). 2015 urban and rural residents per capita financing of medical insurance amounted to 550 yuan, of which financial subsidies at all levels of $454.

the payment standard for urban residents: male 19 years old to 59 years old, female 19 years old to 54 years old pay 160 yuan per person per year; men over the age of 60 women over the age of 55 pay 100 yuan per person per year; under the age of 19, pay 80 yuan per person per year. Four district urban residents subsistence allowances, heavy disability insured individual contributions paid directly by the Civil Affairs Department of the county; urban residents of the three counties subsistence allowances, heavy casualties by the individual insured contributions, and then to the County Civil Affairs Bureau to apply for replacement. Individual payment standards for rural residents: Men 19 to 59 years of age, women aged between the ages of 54 to pay an annual fee of $90 per person; men over the age of 55 women over the age of 60 to pay $80 per person per year; below the age of 19 per person per year to pay $80. Rural residents in five households, households, etc. the key special personal insurance payments by the civil affairs departments pay; rural one-child and double female households their personal insurance payments by the county fiscal payment.
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Xining city leaders supervise the comprehensive management of the ditch

the morning of July 9th, the Xining Municipal People’s Congress Chairman Zou Jiansheng, municipal committee, Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Ma Haiying, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee Yang Baolin, vice mayor Jin Jiuchen inspection East District of geological disasters in kushuigou area and environment comprehensive management. Ma Haiying chaired a special meeting in the East District government.

The meeting heard

east district government report on geological disaster water environment comprehensive management and ditch area, water, land, planning departments responsible comrades were implementing the mayor Wang Yubo to inspect and guide the kushuigou flood control and environmental comprehensive governance work instructions for the report and put forward opinions and suggestions. read more

Youth flying plateau red my youth my song original song Awards

November 22nd, organized by the provincial Party committee and the Provincial Federation of literature, "my Chinese dream – youth flying Red Plateau my youth my song" original song award ceremony held in Xining.


content in the original songs collection of small vocal works mainly with adolescent characteristics, showing regional culture, reflects the national and local characteristics of the unit and the representative of song, songs, rhymes, aims to promote the rich and colorful cultural products as the carrier, for the field of the province with excellent songs characteristics of adolescents, and as a new media to better promote the spirit of Qinghai and the "five special" spirit of the Tibetan Plateau in the majority of young people in. read more

The province will regulate the employing unit employment system

labor relations involve the vital interests of the majority of workers and enterprises. Recently, the provincial Party committee and the provincial government issued the "opinions on the construction of harmonious labor relations" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), from 6 aspects, proposed the construction of a harmonious labor relations of the 20 specific initiatives.

it is understood that the province will establish the Party leadership, government responsibility, social coordination, enterprise and worker participation, rule of law and the protection of working system, the implementation of labor protection laws and regulations, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests; to strengthen the system construction of democratic management in enterprises, protect workers’ democratic rights; improve labor relations in a timely manner to resolve the conflict mediation mechanism. Labor dispute; to create a good environment to build a harmonious labor relations, and promote the healthy development of enterprises; innovation system, 6 aspects to improve the long-term mechanism to create a harmonious labor relations, to ensure that by 2020, the Province’s various enterprises to implement the labor contract system, the collective negotiation system established, the three party coordination mechanism of labor relations is basically sound, labor to further improve the dispute settlement system, expanding the coverage of social insurance, labor safety and hygiene, Rest holidays and other systems have been effectively implemented. read more

Datong County, 3 modern agricultural demonstration base construction nearing completion

Datong County to continue in accordance with provincial and municipal facilities to the park of agricultural industrialization and scale development of the overall layout, with the concept of industrial and ecological requirements, the park mode "to actively support the development of agriculture, a total circulation of 1800 acres of land, the introduction of Datong jindawei eco agriculture demonstration base in Datong, communication facilities vegetable production base, Datong boom-fung mushroom factory production base of three facilities of agricultural enterprises read more

Municipal Health Bureau held a regular meeting of community health service institutions

October 26th, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau organized community health service institutions meeting, the Municipal Health Bureau, health service management center responsible person and four community health service institutions of 109 people attended the meeting, the meeting chaired by the deputy director of the Municipal Health Service Management Center Yao Ming.
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National Fitness Dance Contest held in our province prize

The day before, on behalf of our province to participate in the fourth national fitness dance contest finals of the delegation returned. In this contest, my delegation played well, with excellent performance, won the three grand prize, first prize four, two prize three, the Qinghai Normal University won the prize for the best performer, Sun Na, Mr. Ren Jin received the title of outstanding coaches.

the contest sponsored by the State Sports General Administration of sports management center, Chinese gymnastics aerobics Association, there are 330 participating units from all over the country, nearly more than 6 thousand players, is China’s highest fitness dance showcase and sports arena, is currently China’s largest and most aerobics competition, athletes age the largest span of events set matches in the project. The finals, the province sent 6 teams to participate.   read more

330 projects have been re opened Xining slow system plan to start construction in June

The construction of Xining City slow system includes

Road, bicycle lanes and city city green road three modules has been completed construction of the pedestrian city planning, the city’s key projects are submitted for approval; a Nanchuan district reform this year has completed an investment of 100 million yuan…… In April 13th, the reporter learned from the municipal development and Reform Commission was informed that the resumption of work 330 has opened my 775 investment plan of construction project implementation this year, opening rate of 42.6%, the city’s corner has set off the climax of the construction project. read more

Green food from here to the world

May 3rd, 2013 China (Qinghai) International Halal food and supplies exhibition has come to an end. This is a gathering of green food, but also an economic gathering. Here, people are full of hope and full of hope.

clear food exhibition seven years old, all the way to come along, there is sweat, but also joy, more is a dream. As the theme of "food fair": green, leap, cooperation, win-win. In the green dream, we came across the numerous hills and streams plateau, together to achieve the ultimate win-win cooperation negotiations. I like the words, like the way of communication and economic cooperation. read more

Open the opening to the west dream space in the snow covered plateau first trip to central trains fr

9 8 in the morning 10 am, a train carrying Tibetan carpet, wolfberry and other specialty products in Qinghai freight train departure from Xining double walled logistics center, the people looking forward to the third port of Antwerp in Belgium to europe. As the Qinghai Tibet Plateau first trip CDB central trains, Qinghai · Xining · Belgium; Antwerp steepbank column, in the 12 day of the trip next, via Gansu, Xinjiang two provinces across Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany and other 6 countries, on the road 9838 kilometers along the silk steel. read more

Governor Luo Huining met with Bank of Communications Bank of China Governor Niu Ximing and his party

February 21st afternoon, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee, governor Luo Huining met with the Bank of communications in Xining, President Niu Ximing and his party. Luo Huining said he welcomed the Bank of communications in the province to establish a provincial branch, he hoped that the Bank of communications to seize the new opportunities to cultivate the main market in Qinghai, in support of the development of Qinghai to grow their own. Niu Ximing introduced the development of the Bank of communications, the preparation of the Qinghai branch and the next step and so on, said Niu Ximing, Bank of communications must take root in Qinghai, contribute to the development of Qinghai. The two sides expressed the need to strengthen strategic cooperation. read more

nto the enterprise cadres on-site office workers travel difficult to solve

Since the thousands of cadres into the enterprise service activities into the enterprise cadres for the enterprises to think of ways to solve problems, and do a lot of real good. In May 20th, according to Home Furnishing and Qinghai Wanjia department store workers travel difficult problem, twenty-fourth groups of cadres into the enterprise organization city bus company, city traffic bureau and other departments, the office for the first time, communication and coordination to set out the problem, and promised to solve as soon as possible.

has been located in Sea Lake District of Qinghai department store is far away from the bus station, causing some difficulties to people traveling shopping, the city bus company official said, as soon as possible to give a satisfactory answer after on-the-spot investigation. Less public transport routes, workers commuting and nearby people travel inconvenience has become the biggest problem facing Qinghai million home. The person in charge of the enterprise presents "can set up a bus parking lot and dispatch room" in the furniture plaza, city traffic bureau and the city bus company responsible person said that the current bus lines have a preliminary optimization scheme, the relevant program has been submitted to the municipal government for approval, in August will complete the optimization of bus lines, aiming at the urgent the enterprise to work in and around school travel difficult problem, the city bus company will conduct partial adjustments, specific solutions to give a reply within a week. In addition, for thousands of Home Furnishing proposed setting advertising signs, the working group visited the city traffic police detachment, the traffic police department of policies and regulations for road signs in the enterprise, and does not violate the policy, put forward solutions.   read more

2014 Green Fair will strive to break the contract 200 billion

According to the general office of the provincial government recently issued the 2014 China Qinghai green investment and Trade Fair overall program, the 2014 Green Fair will be held from June 10th to 13. This year’s Fair will strengthen the overall planning of investment projects, negotiations and docking, economic and technological cooperation projects contracted amount of more than 200 billion yuan.

this Green Fair will be integrated into the construction of the "three zones", three "upgrade" and build Silk Road Economic Belt construction and other elements, the development of ecological environmental protection, information industry, modern agriculture and animal husbandry and the characteristics of cultural tourism industry, expand service areas, promoting new urbanization construction, give full play to the "green fair platform for green development, promote the opening and regional economic cooperation to a new level. Especially in the project will be the construction of major projects as the basis, planning a number of enterprises on the downstream extension, high degree of industrial chain extension project, actively carry out a variety of ways of investment and matchmaking activities in various fields, the implementation of a number of contracted projects, and strive to 2014 Green Fair investment projects to achieve new breakthroughs.

, will also seek to support the relevant state ministries, organized into the research activities and targeted aid and Economic Cooperation Forum Silk Road Economic Belt, and launched a number of equity cooperation and private enterprises to participate in the railway and highway transportation infrastructure and franchising project and project investment cooperation promotion etc..   read more

Before the May Day, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce organized meat quality and safety inspection

In order to do a good job "51" during the festival of the meat dish and safety supervision, to prevent the emergence of meat quality problems, to ensure that the people’s consumption safety, April 28-29, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, environmental protection bureau and other departments of the city’s livestock and poultry slaughtering enterprises into the joint inspectionDuring the period of

in order to do a good job "51" section of the meat dish and safety supervision, to prevent the emergence of meat quality problems, to ensure that the people’s consumption safety, April 28-29, Municipal Bureau of Commerce, agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Environmental Protection Bureau and other departments of the city’s livestock and poultry slaughtering enterprises conducted a joint inspection. From the inspection situation, the slaughtering of livestock and poultry slaughter enterprises in strict accordance with the requirements of the slaughter procedures and techniques, strict quarantine of meat slaughter and processing; strengthen the harmless treatment work of slaughterhouses, meat disease quarantine inspection, are harmless treatment; the factory ledger records are complete, thorough cleaning. At the same time, some enterprises for "Clenbuterol" detection work in a timely manner, proposed rectification requirements of the relevant functional departments, livestock and poultry slaughtering enterprises must strictly enforce food safety system, the purchase of the necessary test, do the "Clenbuterol" detection work, timely elimination of meat quality and safety risks, to ensure the safety of our city meat market supply, prevent disease flesh, water meat and meat without quarantine into the market, and effectively protect people’s food safety and health. read more

The East Branch of the city of Xining and Haibei ndustrial and Commercial Bureau menyuancounty ndu

7 18 in the morning, Xining City, the East Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bureau Chengdong District Private Enterprise Association to Menyuan County, Haibei Prefecture, and Menyuan County of Menyuan County Industrial and Commercial Bureau, a private enterprise association jointly organized the "2011 Xining city – Haibei Menyuan agriculture, to help farmers live brokerage service matchmaking" of agricultural and livestock products. The meeting organized in Xining, two more than 110 agents in Haibei contract negotiations, the scene signed an agreement of intent signed 35 copies, a variety of live sheep (cattle), sheep carcass (cattle), wool, cashmere, snow lotus, yellow mushroom, Cordyceps, rapeseed, rapeseed oil, barley, rice and other 14 categories, the amount of signing up 1 billion 124 million yuan.
and the East Branch of Haibei Menyuan, Qilian held agricultural products matchmaking has a history of ten years. Single animal products from the beginning to negotiate negotiate docking, docking farm products and products now diversified, multi-level and multi varieties, has formed a considerable scale and level, hit the business sector held agricultural and livestock products fair brand, won the Menyuan County Government and farmers praise and support. Through the platform to negotiate the exchange platform, has established cooperative relations between the good, to further expand the brokers, widening the broker docking truly "build, brokers and brokers, brokers, farmers and farmers and farmers direct negotiation platform" into reality, give full play to the leading role of the business sector to guide the broker services for local economic development.
the East branch and Menyuan County Government and relevant departments, will be dedicated to do the project tracking service, urged the signing of the project survival effect. In order to promote the economic development of the two places, effectively promote the construction of new countryside, new pastoral areas. read more