Amnesty says Libya soldier tortured to death

first_imgTRIPOLI – Amnesty International alleged Monday a Libyan soldier was tortured to death by members of his own unit, calling on authorities to investigate the case and break with such Kadhafi-era practices.“Hussein Radwan Raheel, 37, who served with the Saiqa Forces, an elite army unit under the ministry of defence, was severely beaten and subjected to electric shocks,” Amnesty said quoting family members.It said the soldier “was tortured to death last week following 10 hours of interrogation by his own army unit” following the disappearance of a military vehicle from the unit’s Tripoli compound. “A forensic report and photos of his body seen by the organisation also indicate he was tortured,” added the watchdog.It called for an independent probe, saying it “fears that a military investigation will lack transparency and independence and will only lead to whitewashing abuse”.Amnesty’s Hassiba Hadj Sahraoui said torture was widespread under the toppled regime of dictator Moamer Kadhafi, who was killed in the 2011 uprising.She charged that ill-treatment and rights violations still flourished under the rule of Libya’s new authorities who also have “turned a blind eye to abuses by militias”.“Torture and ill-treatment were routinely used by the state to terrorise the Libyan people under Kadhafi’s brutal rule. The Libyan authorities must show that the country has made a clean break with the past by sending a strong message that human rights violations by state officials will not be tolerated,” said Hadj Sahraoui.Libya’s top political authority, the National General Congress, in April passed a law criminalising torture, forced disappearances and discrimination.Amnesty said there had been 20 deaths in custody in Libya between September 2011 and July 2012.It said its delegates toured 27 prisons and detention centres this year, including those run by former rebels, and found torture was widespread in some and systematic in others.Libya has been marred by lawlessness since the 2011 uprising, which much of the unrest blamed on the former rebels who have resisted appeals by authorities to integrate into the regular armed forces.last_img read more

UN chief lends support to global Road Safety Decade

“All of us can play a part in increasing safety and promoting sustainable transport,” Mr. Ban told Mr. Al-Hinai, lending his support to the forthcoming Decade of Action for Road Safety (2011-2020) to be launched on 11 May. “Millions of lives can be saved if we work together for real action on every highway and every street in every community.”He noted that every day, almost 3,500 people lose their lives on the world’s roads, 85 per cent of them in low- and middle-income countries, making road safety a growing public health crisis as well as a hindrance to economic and social development.To help raise global awareness, Mr. Ban was photographed wearing a yellow road safety tag bearing the slogan “Decade of Action for Road Safety 2011-2020.” An estimated 1.3 million people die on the world’s roads every year with around 50 million injured or disabled by accidents, which cost countries up to 4 per cent of their gross national product (GNP) yearly.In a message marking the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims last month, Mr. Ban said many tragedies could be avoided “through a set of proven, simple measures that benefit not only individuals and families but society at large.” 9 December 2010Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon took a further step in the campaign to improve road safety today, meeting with Oman’s Ambassador to the United Nations, who has sponsored several General Assembly resolutions on a scourge that kills one person about every 25 seconds. read more

UN officials hail 100 million gift by Bill Melinda Gates Foundation to

Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who had proposed the Fund last April in Abuja, hailed the Gates Foundation’s “groundbreaking commitment,” calling it a “cornerstone of the emerging global effort to reverse the HIV/AIDS pandemic.”Noting that HIV/AIDS is a worldwide crisis that has already killed nearly 22 million people, the Secretary-General stressed that the scourge could be defeated only through a truly global partnership, bringing together governments, corporations, foundations, civil society and individuals. “The leadership shown by Bill and Melinda Gates today will not only serve as a powerful example to other private donors and to Governments; in its own right, it will probably also save millions of lives,” he said.Echoing this view, Dr. Peter Piot, the Executive Director of the Joint UN Programme on HIV/AIDS, commended the Foundation, noting that its contribution demonstrated the emergence of a “diverse and international partnership — which is surely the only way we will defeat this epidemic and reverse its terrible consequences.” Dr. Piot urged additional contributors to emulate the example set by the Gates Foundation, saying he hoped the announcement “will catalyze other donors, including other private foundations, to channel major contributions to the Global Fund.”Carol Bellamy, the Executive Director of the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF), said the importance of the Gates Foundation’s contribution far exceeded its dollar value. “It is a recognition of the scale of the HIV/AIDS pandemic that threatens individuals, families, countries and economies – and the need to build global and broad-based partnerships to address this crisis,” she said. Ms. Bellamy also expressed hope that other donors would follow the “splendid example” of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.The Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme, Mark Malloch Brown, said the donation signalled a new phase in the global fight against HIV/AIDS. “At a stroke, Gates has widened the constituency base of the campaign,” he said, adding that the contribution “is also a powerful signal to other foundations, businesses, non-profit groups and individuals that they can and must get involved in this epic battle.”The Director-General of the World Health Organization, Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland, said support for the Global Fund indicated a new approach to combating the pandemic. “There is a realization that global problems need global solutions,” she said. read more

Filming begins on first movie shot at UN Headquarters in New York

Video of the press conference The thriller, which stars Sean Penn and Nicole Kidman, is not intended to be a propaganda device for the UN, director Sydney Pollack and UN Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information Shashi Tharoor said today at a joint press conference.Mr. Tharoor said the UN granted approval to The Interpreter only after senior officials studied the script and held “extensive discussions” with Mr. Pollack.He said they also signed off partly because of “our own great regard for Mr. Pollack as an artist and given his track record and experience as a film maker.”Mr. Pollack, who has also worked as a producer and actor, has directed many films, including The Way We Were (1973), Absence of Malice (1981), Tootsie (1982), Out of Africa (1985) and The Firm (1993). He won two Oscars for Out of Africa: best director and best picture.Mr. Tharoor said UN officials believe The Interpreter is “going to bring a lot of people into the movie theatres…who would not otherwise have paid much attention to this Organization.”The Director said he was attracted to the visual setting offered by the world body. “People haven’t seen what’s inside,” Mr. Pollack said. “You have tons and tons of visitors but most of the people in the United States don’t know what the UN looks like and don’t understand how the UN works and don’t know what its day-to-day business is.”The first scenes at UN Headquarters were shot last weekend. Mr. Tharoor said filming would only take place on weekends, public holidays or nights so as not to disturb the regular work of the UN. The set is closed to tourists and UN staff.Mr. Pollack predicted that shooting on the film, estimated to cost $80 million, would take 14 weeks. He also voiced hope that it would be released late November. read more

Three UK cities to trial driverless cars

Government has today launched a £10 million competition for UK cities to host a driverless cars trial, which will see fully autonomous vehicles take to the streets from January 2015.Up to three cities will be selected, with the trials running from 18 to 36 months. Each trial will see UK businesses and technology companies working closely together.Ministers have also launched a review looking at which current regulations will need to be amended or repealed to allow driverless cars to be tested in the UK, and, therefore help the country remain at the forefront of autonomous innovation.The review will look at vehicles that still require a qualified driver to be on board, and those that are fully autonomous.Business Secretary Vince Cable said, “The excellence of our scientists and engineers has established the UK as pioneers in the development of driverless vehicles through pilot projects. Today’s announcement will see driverless cars take to our streets in less than six months, putting us at the forefront of this transformational technology and opening up new opportunities for our economy and society.“Through government’s industrial strategy we are backing the automotive sector as it goes from strength to strength. We are providing the right environment to give businesses the confidence to invest and create high skilled jobs.”Application for the driverless cars competition will close on 1 October 2014.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

The Raptors Arent Ready For The Bucks

On this week’s episode of Hot Takedown, we evaluate the NBA and NHL conference finals. Despite the celebration of Kawhi Leonard’s historic buzzer-beater to put the Raptors into the Eastern Conference finals, Toronto head coach Nick Nurse thinks the Raptors need to get better before facing the Milwaukee Bucks. We look at how our projections compare with the Vegas betting markets in anticipation of this matchup and the Golden State-Portland series.In the NHL, the Stanley Cup playoffs have been full of upsets, with all four No. 1 seeds knocked out in the first round. In the West, San Jose and St. Louis are tied at 1-1, but in the East, the Carolina Hurricanes find themselves down 0-2 to the high-flying Boston Bruins. In a season full of surprises, can we really count Carolina out? Rob Reese of the NHL Fantasy on Ice podcast seems to think so.Finally, our Rabbit Hole of the Week is inspired by baseball’s Edwin Jackson, who is expected to suit up Wednesday for his MLB-record 14th team. We dig in to which other players, regardless of sport, have made the most rosters over their careers.What we’re looking at this week:Our NBA prediction model might surprise some Milwaukee fans.Will this be the year the St. Louis Blues stop disappointing their fans?Edwin Jackson sets a record. FiveThirtyEight More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed Embed Code read more

Graphene aerogel is worlds lightest material

first_imgAs materials science continues to advance, the definition of what is a solid becomes increasingly hard to pin down. Super-light aerogels have been a target of research for decades, getting less dense as new variants are developed. Now a team of researchers from China’s Zhejiang University in the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering have broken the record for the lowest density solid to date with a new type of aerogel, and they owe it to our old friend graphene.Aerogel is usually composed of silica or carbon compounds and is highly-prized for its durability and thermal insulation properties. This family of substances is sometimes called “frozen smoke” due to its hazy appearance. In 2012 a type of aerogel composed of graphite (dubbed Aerographite) took the crown as the least dense solid at 0.18 mg/cm3. The Zhejiang University graphene aerogel edges that out with a density of just 0.16 mg/cm3.To put those numbers in perspective, the new aerogel has a lower density than helium and only twice as much as hydrogen. Regular air, like you’re breathing right now, has a density of about 1.2 mg/cm3. That’s 7.5 times heavier than graphene aerogel. Yes, it’s less dense than air, but this near-magical substance is still a solid. A sample of graphene aerogel a few centimeters across is so light that it can be supported by delicate plants as seen above.The Zhejiang University lab, led by Professor Gao Chao, created this material by expanding on techniques previously used to make two-dimensional graphene films. This is the key to the incredible lightness of the materials. Graphene is composed of a single layer of carbon atoms, and researchers found they could simply use a freeze drying process to stack them in three-dimensions.Solutions of carbon nanotubes are used in the drying process, eliminating the need for a template, as with most aerogels. The size of the gel is dependent on the size of the container it is made in, according to Gao. He believes the technique could be used to make aerogels thousands of cubic centimeters in size. The nanotubes act as a stabilizing structure holding the layers of graphene together allowing for easier production.Graphene aerogel has some incredible properties that could see it used in many industries. For example, it’s incredibly elastic, returning to its original shape after being compressed. It’s super-low density also makes it highly absorbent. One gram of aerogel can absorb up to 900 times its own weight in organics like oil. There may come a day when environmental cleanup consists of spreading bits of graphene aerogel around to be scooped up later.Beyond the environmental aspects, this material could have applications in energy storage and transfer. Graphene itself has been studied extensively for its high conductivity. It’s pretty amazing stuff.last_img read more

The State wont know how many homeless students will be sitting the

first_imgBed bugs, used needles and rat droppings – life inside homeless accommodation CURRENTLY, THERE ARE almost 4,000 children and young people in Ireland who are homeless and living in emergency accommodation. However, as confirmed to, neither the Department of Education nor the State Examination Commission will know how many children who are homeless are undertaking state exams this summer.That’s because “candidates for State examinations are in the main entered for the Junior Cycle and Leaving Certificate examinations by the school and the SEC has no information as to the residential status of examination candidates”, according to the Department of Education.  Now, it must be noted that even if the State did record such information, at any given time throughout the year it may not be able to accurately know the true number of homeless students who will be sitting exams in the summer. For example, a student who is homeless now may not be homeless in June, when the exams take place, or visa versa. That being said, Tanya Ward from the CRA was critical of the lack of data. “The key problem is that no one is formally tracking these children and there is no specialised policy on their education needs in school,” Ward said. Services laid out to support students who may find themselves in such circumstances are often provided by individual schools or housing charities. Current figuresThe homeless emergency accommodation figures for January show that there are now a combined total of 9,987 people homeless and living in emergency accommodation in Ireland, a significant rise of 234 people from December.The numbers taken over the course of one week in January show that there were 6,363 adults and 3,624 homeless children living in emergency accommodation in the state. The overwhelming majority of homeless families and children are in the Dublin region. Most of these are either living in family hubs, or rooms in commercial hotels and B&Bs. Families – often with very young children – have had to share beds in single hotel rooms for months at a time. In many cases these hotels would have no cooking or cleaning facilities or suitable areas to study in. Drug use, abusive staff, bed bugs and rat droppings are just some of the issues that have been raised about this sort of accommodation.  Tuesday 19 Mar 2019, 12:05 AM Mar 19th 2019, 12:05 AM By Hayley Halpin Short URL The State won’t know how many homeless students will be sitting the Leaving Cert this summer Neither the Department of Education nor the State Examination Commission keep those details. 27 Comments Image: Shutterstock/Monkey Business Images Being homeless during exam timeStudying for State examinations can be a stressful time for any teenager, but that stress deepens with a lack a stable homelife. There are two main issues facing homeless students in Ireland, according to Focus Ireland’s director of advocacy Mike Allen. The first being transportation, he said. It cannot always be guaranteed that emergency accommodation will be in the same area as the student’s school, which means that these students could end up spending ample amounts of their day travelling to and from school – time which could be spent focusing on homework or study. Focus Ireland’s family homeless action team project leader Niamh Lambe spoke to this week and provided examples of students they worked with who were homeless and in exam years. In one case, a teenag girl who was in her Junior Certificate year was living in a hotel room with her two parents and two siblings. Lambe said: There was no study space available, it was a quite difficult place to study in with the family there in the room with her, so her grades were starting to drop.  One of the Focus Ireland key workers that had been working with that family contacted her school and the arranged for study sessions after hours. This did make a difference.  13,286 Views However, she was displaced from her home of origin. She was already leaving the hotel she was staying in at around 6am in the morning to travel across the city to school. While the study sessions were great after school, it just meant that it was a significantly long day for her. The Department of Housing funds an initiative to provide homeless families residing in hotel accommodation and family hubs in the Dublin Regions with access to free public transport for essential school journeys.  Focus Ireland director of advocacy Mike Allen Source: Sasko Lazarov via RollingNews.ieEchoing the words of Lambe, Children’s Rights Alliance (CRA) chief executive Tanya Ward noted that having to travel long distances to and from school can have an impact on school attendance. “Imagine having to wake your child as early as 5.30am to make the long journey across the city to school? Many are exhausted and some sleep on the bus journey to and from school. This can impact school attendance,” Ward said. Secondly, the lack of suitable accommodation poses issues, too, according to Allen.As evident above, most homeless students are left without a suitable place to study once they leave their school in the afternoon. “Some of the hubs have study rooms or places which are suitable for that, but not all of them do and none of the commercial hotels, which is where most people are, have anything like that,” Allen said. You’re basically studying in the bedroom with the rest of the family, whoever that might be. Allen said that students who are homeless might face ending up with “significantly lower exam results” than usual as a result of their accommodation situation. Ward added: “Imaging trying to study for your Junior or Leaving Cert in the hotel room that you share with your entire family? This is the reality for children living in homelessness.”  The former building used by Bargaintown which has been converted into a family hub Source: Sam Boal via RollingNews.ieOver the past few years, children’s rights groups, non-governmental organisations and independent overseers have time and time again warned that long-term homelessness can have a devastating effect on children.It’s not just the practical elements that are disrupted in a child’s life when they become homeless. It can have a serious emotional impact on a child or young person, too. A recent survey carried out by the Irish Primary Principals’ Network (IPPN) stated that the top three challenges for children who are either homeless or living in direct provision are anxiety, family issues and neglect. The network said that the daily reality of families living in homeless accommodation and direct provision can often result in poor physical and mental wellbeing, low self-esteem, exhaustion and feelings of isolation. This would no doubt be a similar scenario for post-primary students, too. Mike Allen noted that these students face issues ranging from a lack of confidence, bullying, being singled out and losing friends as a result of their circumstances. These issues, it should be noted again, would coincide with the stress students are under when it comes to exam preparations.In terms of their health and wellbeing, a Focus Ireland report in 2017 outlined that children living in emergency accommodation are living off frozen food and takeaways due to a lack of cooking and storage facilities.Homeless families reported supplementing their diets with noodles, instant pasta, chicken, chips and pizza.The research found that all families interviewed shared a bedroom, and just one of the 10 families surveyed were provided with breakfast and dinner in their emergency accommodation.Michelle Share, one of the authors of the report, outlined some of the living conditions homeless families face:It makes it harder for children to develop good eating habits as they have to eat in socially unacceptable circumstances, like dining on the bed, or on the floor, lined up at a counter and sometimes even under CCTV surveillance.On a practical level, emergency accommodation can impact other important parts of children’s lives such as free play and completing homework, according to Share.  Source: Leah Farrell via RollingNews.ieState dataThe Association of Secondary Teachers in Ireland (ASTI) has pointed to the reasons behind the lack of information on homeless students on behalf of the State. “It is important to note that in Ireland, the Junior and Leaving Cert examinations system provides anonymity to students so that they can be assured of objective and fair assessment procedures. This should remain the case for all students, including students who experience homelessness during an exam year,” ASTI education and research officer Moira Leydon said. She said the best way to help these students “during this difficult period in their lives is to equip schools to support them”. Likewise, Barnardos CEO Suzanne Connolly thinks it is understandable for the Department of Education not to keep such data. “Young people really value their privacy and they don’t necessarily want that type of data gathered on them,” Connolly told, adding that students who are homeless still need support from their schools. So, with all those issues in mind, what provisions are in place to support homeless students who are undertaking exams?The Department of Education has said in a statement that a range of resources are available to “support schools in dealing with identified additional educational needs, including needs which may arise for children who are experiencing homelessness”. “This includes the National Educational Psychological Service who work through a problem solving and solution-oriented consultative approach to support schools to meet the needs of individual pupils,” it said. DEIS also provides additional supports to schools from disadvantaged communities.“Schools use these additional resources to meet the identified needs of their pupil cohort, including the additional needs that may arise for pupils experiencing homelessness,” the Department said. It added: “Schools designated as DEIS can also avail of Home School Community Liaison and School Completion supports provided by Tusla’s Educational Welfare Service to assist with school attendance, retention and progression, which can be areas of particular challenge to pupils experiencing homelessness.”  Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and Minister for Education Joe McHugh Source: Leah Farrell via RollingNews.ieDespite the provisions the Department of Education says it has in place, many teachers still feel under pressure and “ill-equipped” to support homeless students. Speaking at the launch of a CRA report last year, Maeve McCafferty of the Irish National Teachers’ Organisation said that teachers are “very acutely aware and concerned about the escalating homelessness crisis”.“They see it every day in from of them in their classrooms as it manifests itself in many ways in people’s punctuality, attendance, academic achievement, interactions, engagement, the list just goes on,” McCafferty said.As the report suggests, teachers do feel helpless, they feel powerless and they feel powerless and they feel that they’re ill-equipped to effectively support children and their families, but as the report also shows is that they’re doing their best despite the lack of supports and resources.“Despite advocating on behalf of families in writing letters and that, they do feel very frustrated that it has little impact.”SolutionsAside from providing teachers with better resources and wrap around support to assist homeless students, it seems a vital aspect of helping those who are undertaking exams is providing them with suitable study spaces and accommodation. Over the past two years, the government has begun to move away from hotel accommodation towards the family hub model. However, after being introduced, these hubs quickly came in for strong criticism. And, as noted by Allen, not all hubs may be suitable for studying. Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy has previously indicated the placement of families in hubs is a priority, previously referring to the move as “the preferred first response” for those who enter emergency accommodation. However, others have complained that the hubs ‘normalise’ homelessness, comparing to the direct provision system for asylum seekers. Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy Source: Leah Farrell via RollingNews.ieIn a statement to, the Department of Housing said that “agreements and contracts require that families accessing the hubs are supported to exit to an independent tenancy within a six-month period”. However, it noted that “it is accepted that in some cases, due to the accommodation requirements or preferences of some families, it may not be possible to facilitate their exit from the hub within a six-month period”.And turning back to the education system itself, Focus Ireland’s Mike Allen, similar to the ASTI, thinks the Department doesn’t need to “keep a database” on homeless students.He did, however, say: “If a teacher has a pupil that is doing exams who is in homeless accommodation, there should be a toolkit or a pack or people who they can speak to and say this is what such and such school did that worked and another school did something that didn’t really work so don’t try that one.”You’d have to be critical both of Richard Bruton and the current minister [Joe McHugh] for their failure to recognise that this is part of their problem. Neither minister has ever agreed to meet [Focus Ireland].The ASTI’s Moira Leydon said that schools must be able to “draw on additional financial supports to provide for the tangible needs of students experiencing homelessness, such as school books, uniforms, transport to school”. “Schools must be able to provide meals, homework clubs, supervised study, for these students,” she said. The Department of Housing aid that additional supports for families in emergency accommodation are available through the Department of Children and Tusla. It said that schools with home school community liaison coordinators are “engaging with the parents from homeless families” and that “children in homeless accommodation are being prioritised within the school completion programme for services such as breakfast and homework clubs”.Suzanne Connolly said that a school’s ethos and approach to dealing with homeless students is “really important”.“All schools need to do is think of the young person. It’s not rocket science. It’s about very sensitively talking to the young person and saying how can we support you?” Connolly said. “When it comes to homelessness, I actually think how [teachers can] support a young person is talking to them. It’s making allowances, so if they’re late that you recognise they might have spent two hours trying to get there by bus,” she said.“If a young person is arriving in late, if they’re tired, if suddenly … the way they are has changed, check out if homelessness might be an issue. Just be sensitive to that possibility.” Share220 Tweet Email Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Image: Shutterstock/Monkey Business Imageslast_img read more

Understanding inheritance law for the elderly 101

first_imgPowers of attorney, assets, and inheritance can be confusing matters to attend to for most, let alone those who speak English as a second language.To help explain the ins and outs of these issues, and a number of other topics that are relevant to the elderly, their carers and families, Pronia has organised a free information session on Wednesday 8 August.Hosted in collaboration with the Family Mediation Centre at Clayton Community Centre, the session will also provide information about services and programs available to support the elderly, and to prevent financial abuse.Pronia’s information session will take place at Clayton Community Centre (Clayton, Monash Youth & Family Services Room, 9 -15 Cooke Street, Clayton, VIC) on Wednesday 8 August from 10.30 am – 12 noon. All welcome. Limited seats available; RSVP by calling Adonis Maglis on (03) 9388 9998. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Almost threefifths of UK employees support full pay transparency

first_imgAlmost three-fifths (56%) of respondents support full pay transparency, according to research by global job site Indeed.The meaning of work, a report which analysed jobseeker trends from Indeed’s monthly visitors over the last five years and surveyed 2,008 UK employees, also found that 74% believe they can do their jobs to the same standard in four working days compared to five; this increases to 79% for younger respondents.Pawel Adrjan (pictured), UK economist at Indeed, said: “Time will tell if [employees’] enthusiasm for the four-day week ever makes it the norm in the UK, but the idea has shot up the agenda of politicians, academics and even some employers over the last 12 months.”Salary is considered to be the most important element of the employment package for 57% of respondents, although 55% of UK staff value work-life balance instead; employees who prioritise work-life balance stated that they would be happy to earn £6,000 less annually than those who are not primarily concerned about this aspect of wellbeing.Adrjan added: “Demands for flexibility and work-life balance are also increasing, so employers who want to attract and retain the best staff will need to take an imaginative and flexible approach to how they organise their people.”Three in 10 (31%) respondents are dissatisfied with their current level of pay, and 52% would consider leaving their job if their pay does not increase in the next one to two years.Adrjan concluded: “In the UK, there has been a deep-seated reticence to discuss financial matters with even close friends, colleagues or family. This attitude is clearly being challenged, perhaps in part due to the huge interest that gender pay reporting has gathered, but perhaps more so thanks to the new generation of younger [employees] with different views on money and the workplace.”last_img read more

Gmails new rightclick menu lets you reply to forward and search for

first_imgGmail’s right-click menu is getting an upgrade. S3studio / Getty Images Gmail is rolling out new right-click menu options that’ll let you reply to, forward and search for emails directly from your inbox, the company said Monday. Users will be able to search for all emails from a sender as well as all emails with the same subject. They’ll also be able to open multiple emails in new windows at the same time, add a label, move an email, mute conversations and activate the snooze feature.rc-conversation-view-offGoogle’s new right-click menu will let you do more from your inbox.  Google Prior to this rollout, Gmail’s right-click menu allowed users to archive an email, mark it as read or unread, and delete messages. These features will still be available on the updated menu.The new options are gradually rolling out to G Suite users, starting with rapid release domains (in which users get new features as soon as they’re released to the public) on Monday. Scheduled release domains (in which users get features at least a week after they’re released publicly) will get the feature beginning Feb. 22.   $90 at Daily Steals via Google Express See It Other Labor Day sales you should check out Best Buy: In addition to some pretty solid MacBook deals that have been running for about a week already, Best Buy is offering up to 40% off major appliances like washers, dryers and stoves. There are also gift cards available with the purchase of select appliances. See it at Best BuyDell: Through Aug. 28, Dell is offering an extra 12% off various laptops, desktops and electronics. And check back starting Aug. 29 for a big batch of Labor Day doorbusters. See it at DellGlassesUSA: Aug. 29 – Sept. 3 only, you can save 65% on all frames with promo code labor65. 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However, I strongly recommend paying an extra $50 to upgrade that display to FHD (1,920×1,080), because you’re not likely to be happy with the native 1,366×768 resolution. Read Lenovo Smart Clock review Google Nest Hub: $59 (save $70) Share your voice Share your voice Turo What’s cooler: A snapshot of a firework exploding in front of you, or full 360-degree video of all the fireworks and all the reactions to seeing them? Oooh, ahhh, indeed. At $250, the compact Rylo dual-lens camera is selling for its lowest price yet. And for an extra $50, you can get the bundle that includes the waterproof housing.This deal runs through Sept. 3; it usually costs $500. DJI’s answer to GoPro’s action cameras is rugged little model that’s shockproof, dustproof and waterproof down to 11 meters. It normally runs $350, but this deal drops it to $261 when you apply promo code 19LABOR10 at checkout. Gmail,I’m shocked — shocked! — to learn that stores are turning Labor Day into an excuse to sell stuff. Wait — no, I’m not. As much as I respect the original intent of the holiday (which became official back in 1894), to most of us, it’s just a bonus day off — one that’s blissfully tacked onto a weekend. So, yeah, stores; go ahead, run your sales. I’m listening. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Labor Day doesn’t bring out bargains to compete with the likes of Black Friday (which will be here before you know it), but there are definitely some sales worth your time.For example:We’ve rounded up the best Labor Day mattress deals.We’ve also gathered the best Labor Day laptop deals at Best Buy.The 2019 Vizio P Series Quantum is back under $999.Be sure to check out Amazon’s roughly three dozen Labor Day deals on TVs and audio. Google Express is having a big sale as well, one that includes deals on game consoles, AirPods, iPhones, laptops and more.Below I’ve rounded up a handful of individual items I consider to be the cream of the crop, followed by a handy reference guide to other Labor Day sales. Keep in mind, of course, that products may sell out at any time, even if the sale itself is still running. Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page. DJI Osmo Action camera: $261 (save $89) Read Google Home Hub review $6 at Tidal Review • iPhone XS review, updated: A few luxury upgrades over the XR See at Amazon Read DJI Osmo Action preview See It Lenovo 130-15AST 15.6-inch laptop: $210 (save $90) Though not technically a Labor Day sale, it’s happening during Labor Day sale season — and it’s too good not to share. Nationwide Distributors, via Google Express, has just about the best AirPods deal we’ve seen (when you apply promo code ZBEDWZ at checkout). This is for the second-gen AirPods with the wireless charging case. Can’t imagine these will last long at this price, so if you’re interested, act fast. Tags $60 at Best Buy Recently updated to include digital-photo-frame capabilities, the Lenovo Smart Clock brings Google Assistant goodness to your nightstand. It’s a little smaller than the Amazon Echo Show 5, but also a full $30 less (and tied with Prime Day pricing) during this Best Buy Labor Day sale. Formerly known as the Google Home Hub, Google’s Nest Hub packs a wealth of Google Assistant goodness into a 7-inch screen. At $59, this is within a buck of the best price we’ve seen. It lists for $129 and sells elsewhere in the $89-to-$99 range.This is one item of many available as part of eBay’s Labor Day Sale (which, at this writing, doesn’t specifically mention Labor Day, but that’s how it was pitched to us). $210 at Best Buy 7 See at Turo Chris Monroe/CNET Sarah Tew/CNET Read the AirPods reviewcenter_img TVs Speakers Mobile Accessories Cameras Laptops Automobiles Smart Speakers & Displays Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case: $155 (save $45) Sarah Tew/CNET $999 Rylo 5.8K 360 Video Camera: $250 (save $250) Post a comment $999 $299 at Amazon $999 Rylo $59 at eBay Free Echo Dot with an Insignia or Toshiba TV (save $50) Read the Rylo camera preview An Echo Dot makes a fine match for any Fire edition TV, because you can use the latter to say things like, “Alexa, turn on the TV.” Right now, the 24-inch Insignia Fire TV Edition starts at just $100, while the 32-inch Toshiba Fire TV Editions is on sale for $130. Just add any Fire TV Edition to your cart, then add a third-gen Echo Dot, and presto: The latter is free. Mentioned Above Apple iPhone XS (64GB, space gray) Comments JBL Soundgear wearable speaker: $90 (save $160) Turo is kind of like Uber meets Airbnb: You borrow someone’s car, but you do all the driving. I’ve used it many times and found it a great alternative to traditional car-rental services — in part because you get to choose exactly the vehicle you want (not just, say, “midsize”) and in part because you can often do pickup and dropoff right outside baggage claim.Between now and Sept. 1, the first 300 people to check out can get $30 off any Turo rental with promo code LDW30. Best Buy $261 at Daily Steals via Google Express Tags Sprint Spotify and most other streaming services rely on compressed audio, which robs the listener of full fidelity. Enter Tidal, the only “major” service that delivers lossless audio — meaning at least on par with CD quality, if not better. Want to see (er, hear) the difference for yourself? Grab this excellent extended trial while you can. It’s just $6 for three months, and it’s good for up to six listeners. $999 Boost Mobile See it CNET may get a commission from retail offers. $155 at Google Express Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. Angela Lang/CNET Preview • iPhone XS is the new $1,000 iPhone X See It Sarah Tew/CNET Amazon Apple iPhone XS Sarah Tew/CNET Use promo code 19LABOR10 to get an unusually good deal on JBL’s interesting hybrid product — not quite headphones, and not quite a traditional speaker, but something you wear like neckphones to listen to music on the go. Tidal 3-month family subscription: $5.99 (save $54)last_img read more

Alaska News Nightly Tuesday Apr 5 2016

first_imgStories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprnDownload AudioFour Supreme Court nominees submitted to Gov. WalkerZachariah Hughes, KSKA – AnchorageFour nominees to replace an outgoing state Supreme Court justice have been submitted to Governor Bill Walker for review. Walker now has about six weeks to name a replacement to the bench.Rep. Olson bill would tax Permanent Fund dividends as budget stopgapAndrew Kithenman, KTOO – JuneauRepresentative Kurt Olson, a Soldotna Republican developed a plan to tax Permanent Fund dividends back in February. But he didn’t introduce it at the time, because he wanted to see how the debate over plans from Governor Bill Walker and others unfolded. But with less than two weeks left in the session, Olson – decided it was time for House Bill 376. It would apply a 35-percent tax to dividends.Alaskans are testifying more than ever… but does it matter?Hannah Colton, KDLG – DillinghamSince January, thousands of Alaskans have called in to speak before the Alaska Legislature. Their testimony is facilitated by 23 Legislative Information Offices around the state, then channeled into the legislative process.Rep. Young calls on Juneau Republicans to support Sturgeon caseAndrew Kitchenman, KTOO – JuneauCongressman Don Young yesterday called on Juneau Republicans to support legislative funding for John Sturgeon’s legal fight over operating a hovercraft in a national preserve.No trucks advised on upriver ice roadAnna Rose MacArthur, KYUK – BethelUpriver travel on the Kuskokwim has just gotten harder. Ice crews haveremoved road markers between Tuluksak and Kalskag and are advising no more truck traffic between these points. That means people upriver will be staying in place or shelling out money for airfare until breakup.Denali area wolf hunt shortenedDan Bross, KUAC – FairbanksThe Alaska Board of Game has approved a National Park Service proposal aimed at reducing the number of park wolves killed outside Denali’s northern boundary. It’s thelatest move in a long running debate over how to manage park wolves that roam onto state land.Bonds, Assembly seats and School board among Anchorage Municipality ballotsLori Townsend, APRN – AnchorageSelf-contained two-way about tonight’s Anchorage election. You can follow on the live blog, too!Bill introduced to allow communities to contribute to Marine HighwayEd Schoenfeld, CoastAlaska – JuneauA Southeast lawmaker wants communities to be able to contribute directly to the Alaska Marine Highway System.Sitka commemorates relationship with Japanese sister cityEmily Kwong, KCAW – SitkaSitka has a sister city in Nemuro, Japan. Like Sitka, Nemuro is an ocean-facing fishing port, but larger – about 30,000 people to Sitka’s 10,000. And on Monday Nemuro citizens visited Sitka’s city hall to commemorate their decades long relationship.last_img read more

8 Steps to Setting Up Ad Conversion Tracking the Right Way

first_img 5 min read The following excerpt is from Perry Marshall, Mike Rhodes and Bryan Todd’s book Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords. Buy it now from Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | IndieBoundDo you run a lead-generation site where a visitor can fill in a form and get a free brochure? We’ll walk you through how to set up your Google account to track it.1. Create a new conversion and name it.First, tell Google what kind of conversion you want tracked. Click the three dots at the very top of your AdWords page and select “Conversions.” On the resulting page, click the big blue “+ Conversion” button.Next, click the “Website” option since you’re tracking something that happens on your site.Google will ask you to name your conversion. Choose a name that tells you what the conversion is (e.g., “Opt in for brochure”) and select “Webpage.”Related: 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing2. Set your conversion category.You’ll be asked to choose one of the following categories for your conversion type:Purchase saleSign upLeadView of a key pageOtherIn this example, “Sign up” and “Lead” are probably both applicable, but “Lead” is a little more relevant.3. Set a conversion value.If you’re not running an e-commerce site, you may be tempted to skip this one, but please don’t. Setting a conversion value right from the beginning is going to make your data far more valuable in the long run.Think of the conversion value as a point system that rates the relative value of the different types of conversions that exist within your business. For example, you can assign 50 points to a conversion that involves a visitor completing your quiz but 100 points if they complete a “please call me” lead-capture form. If your site is very basic and only offers one conversion action, then you can simply set the conversion value as 1.4. Set a conversion count.There are two options: You can choose “every” or “one.””Every” measures every single sale or lead. If you were to pick “one,” then if visitors did the same thing multiple times, it would only be counted as just one conversion per visitor even if they “convert” multiple times.E-commerce site owners will want to keep track of every specific product purchased and would select “All Conversions — Every.” On the other hand, information marketers who provide PDFs for download may be more interested in simply knowing the total number of individuals who download one or more items. They would choose “Unique Conversions — One.” If you’re not sure, go with “All Conversions — Every.” You still get data for both types.Related: 5 Social Media Rules Every Entrepreneur Should Know5. Set your conversion window.This indicates how many days or weeks you want Google to keep tracking the user after they click the first time. The default is 30 days, which is more than adequate for this exercise. If a person clicked on your ad but didn’t opt in for your brochure in 30 days’ time, they’re probably not worth following. Unless you have a very good reason for needing a different conversion window, leave this on the default setting.6. Decide what to include in conversions.You now get to choose whether a particular conversion type you’re setting up should be included in the total conversions count. For example, if yours is an e-commerce store, you might want to have two conversion actions. One would be every time somebody adds a product to their shopping cart and another one would be for when they buy. When in doubt, stick with the default setting (which is Yes to include).7. Choose your attribution type.A visitor may have clicked through to your site multiple times and from multiple places. This setting is where you tell Google which one of those clicks gets credit for the sale. Google defaults to the setting called “last click attribution.” We recommend you stick with it. There are special cases where the other options are useful, but there’s no reason to change to any of them unless you really want to.Related: 12 Social Media Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make8. Install code.You’re ready to ensure that your site ends up with the necessary code to allow Google to track your conversions. You’ve got two options: Install it manually, in which case Google will give you a snippet of code to place on your key pagesEnter the email address of your web developer and Google will send the code there along with instructions. If you’re not comfortable handling this part of the process and you don’t have a web developer, find a freelancer to handle this for you.Important: The most reliable way to keep conversion tracking running smoothly is to ensure that your conversion action always results in your visitor being directed to a separate page that has a unique, static web address. In our current example, once your visitor completes the lead-capture form, you want them to be redirected to a unique thank-you page that has an ordinary static URL. If you create multiple landing pages, each with a lead-capture form, you can have one thank-you page for all of them, or you can have a different thank-you page to go with each one.Either way, simpler is better. This is the only way to ensure that your conversion tracking doesn’t break further down the line and that you don’t end up making decisions based on bad data. Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global October 11, 2017 Register Now »last_img read more

Egg prices blowing up because of avian flu

first_img WASHINGTON (AP) — Eggs are getting much more expensive — by the dozen and otherwise.The outbreak of avian flu caused the cost of eggs to nearly double last month for producers. Wholesale prices for chicken eggs jumped 84.5 percent in June, the Labor Department said Wednesday.The spike comes amid otherwise tame inflation across the rest of the economy. The producer price index, which measures the costs of goods and services before they reach consumers, increased 0.4 percent in June. Core prices, which exclude energy and food, rose 0.3 percent in June.Relatively cheap oil has limited inflation across much of the U.S. economy. The cost of Brent crude oil in the markets barely budged for much of June, after climbing at the start of May to nearly $68 a barrel.Gasoline prices have stayed relatively flat so far in July, dropping to a national average of $2.78 a gallon from $2.80 a month ago, according to AAA. Average retail gas prices have fallen nearly 23 percent over the past 12 months.Federal Reserve officials are monitoring measures of inflation as they weigh whether to raise a key short-term interest rate. They have kept the federal funds rate at a record low near zero for more than six years, making it cheaper to borrow, spend and invest in ways that aid economic growth.Fed officials have said they want to be “reasonably confident” that inflation is headed toward their 2 percent target, which would signal a stronger economy.The Fed will meet for two days starting July 28 to consider interest rates. Still, most private economists believe that September will be the earliest that they will hike rates.Analysts say the Fed wants assurance that the economy is strong enough to raise rates without disrupting growth. But even once the Fed starts raising rates, Fed Chair Janet Yellen and other officials have said that any increases will be gradual. Sponsored Stories Over the past 12 months, producer prices have actually fallen 0.7 percent due to lower oil and gasoline costs. Wholesale gas prices rose 4.3 percent last month but are down 30.3 percent from a year ago, keeping inflation firmly in check.A surprising amount of the increase in producer prices last month came from eggs, which make up an extremely small share of the broader index but have soared in price since April.“When they’re rising at a 58,000 percent annualized rate, as they have the past two months, the impact is material,” said Ted Wieseman, an analyst at Morgan Stanley who estimates that eggs alone account for nearly a fifth of the total 0.4 percent increase in producer prices last month.Wholesale chicken egg prices recorded the largest increase since the government began tracking the costs in 1937. More than 49 million chickens and turkeys died or were euthanized in 15 states this spring as the flu virus spread from the Pacific Northwest into Midwest farms.The loss of those birds has cut into the supply of eggs, provoking a shortage that should begin to cause higher egg prices at grocery stores, Wieseman said.Still, the producer price index showed that overall inflation remains mild. Comments   Share   Mesa family survives lightning strike to home In this photo taken, Friday June 12, 2015, butcher Jorge Gonzalez weighs steaks at a local grocery store in the Little Havana area of Miami. The Labor Department reports on U.S. producer price inflation in June on Wednesday, July 15, 2015. (AP Photo/Alan Diaz) How do cataracts affect your vision? Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall 5 treatments for adult scoliosis 4 must play golf courses in Arizona Top Stories “If the economy evolves as we expect, economic conditions likely would make it appropriate at some point this year to raise the federal funds target,” Yellen said in prepared remarks Wednesday before a congressional committee.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Qantas unveils second film series under Feels Like Home brand campaign

first_imgQantas launched the second series of films in its ‘Feels Like Home’ brand campaign. The series builds further on the first series launched in November 2014 and the simple concept of what the national carrier has been doing for almost 100 years, bringing people home.The new films will be released to Qantas Frequent Flyer members and Qantas employees via digital channels. Filmed in New York, regional Victoria, Sydney, Longreach and Brisbane, the series highlights the reach of Qantas’ international, domestic and regional network and also features Qantas employees.The second series tells the story of the Shelper family as they journey home with Qantas. “The story of the Shelper family, of siblings living in different part of Australia and the world, is a very real one for many Australians. The anticipation, the joy and emotion felt when journeying home is powerful and for many Australians that sense of homecoming starts the moment they see Qantas’ red tail or step on board,” said Qantas Brand Marketing and Corporate Affairs Group Executive, Olivia Wirth.last_img read more

Go back to the enewsletter This April historic f

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterThis April, historic farmstead hotel, winery and spa São Lourenço do Barrocal will introduce a wild and wonderful new program of creative and immersive nature-based experiences for children, alongside the opening of a brand new children’s pool.Set amid the grasslands of Portugal’s raw and unspoilt Alentejo region, the hotel and estate is working with local archaeologist Manuel Calado to develop a series of new family experiences inspired by the estate’s natural surroundings and fascinating megalithic heritage.Artistic little ones will explore their creativity in a wild art class, inspired by the Stone Age relics scattered throughout the region. They will explore the estate to collect natural objects, creating unique artworks using stones, sticks, feathers and wool alongside mineral and vegetable dyes.Sculptors-in-waiting will join Calado in digging for natural clay soils and pigments, which will be used to create replicas of the prehistoric pottery offerings found within the estate’s ancient stone dolmens, or megalithic tombs.Aspiring young chefs can join Calado on a feasting and foraging tour of the estate. They will find out how to use the seasonal abundance of healthy nuts, flowers, fruits and edible fungi to make salads, teas and sweet treats, and learn about the diets and cookery techniques of the region’s prehistoric communities.Competitive kids can enjoy a range of sporting challenges in the wild, learning how to craft their own prehistoric bow and arrow, propellant and assegai before competing in a tournament to prove their sporting prowess.Following an exciting day of activities in the wild, youngsters can splash about in the brand new children’s’ pool, set to open in May 2018. Situated in the heart of the estate, away from the hotel’s peaceful main pool, the 15m children’s pool will offer a family-friendly spot to cool down the summer heat.All families visiting São Lourenço do Barrocal will have the opportunity to take home a Barrocal Bird — a handmade and illustrated textile thrush bird, inspired by the resident flocks and designed by awarded Portuguese printmaker Sofia Morais — as a permanent reminder of their family break in nature.Beyond these new activities, São Lourenço do Barrocal offers a plethora of countryside experiences to keep even the most active of families entertained. Guests can set out on the estate’s sweet-natured Lusitano horses for guided explorations of the estate, with lead rein-wanderings and carriage rides available for little ones. Foodie types can indulge in family bakery classes within the pastry kitchen, learning how to bake Alentejo regional bread, cakes and biscuits; before relaxing in the shade of a gnarled holm oak tree to enjoy the spoils of their endeavours. Treasure hunts through the estate can be arranged for intrepid families, while the estate’s large playroom offers a quiet spot for children to play, with a make-believe kitchen, games, books and movies, plus childcare available on demand.Away from the estate, families can enjoy private boat trips to the countless secluded coves and islands of the vast Alqueva Lake, just 10 kilometres away, with the option of continuing their aquatic explorations on paddleboards, canoes, water-skis and wakeboards.Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

A year into MeToo whats next for the movement

first_imgA year into #MeToo, what’s next for the movement? by Jocelyn Noveck, The Associated Press Posted Oct 23, 2018 10:02 am PDT Last Updated Oct 23, 2018 at 12:21 pm PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email NEW YORK, N.Y. – By the end of her impassioned speech last week in front of a crowded hotel ballroom, Alyssa Milano was choking back tears.The words “Me Too,” the actress and activist told her audience, would continue to ring out as long as society needed them, “reverberating off every closed door, bouncing off every glass ceiling.”“This movement is not going anywhere,” she declared, “until our work is done.”Offstage stood activist Tarana Burke, who had just presented Milano with her award from the New York Women’s Foundation. It had been exactly a year since Milano had sent her famous “Me Too” tweet, echoing an expression Burke had coined more than a decade earlier, and awakened the next morning “to a different world,” in Burke’s words.Now, the two women, and others associated with the movement, are assessing progress, looking ahead, and trying to decide what’s next, a year after the scandalous Harvey Weinstein allegations exploded into public consciousness.It’s also a moment when some are speaking of so-called “setbacks” to the movement. Earlier this month, a New York judge dropped one of the sexual assault charges against Weinstein, amid accusations of misconduct by a detective in the case. And there was the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court despite an allegation of sexual assault from accuser Christine Blasey Ford, which he denied, and the explosive hearings and protests that accompanied the ordeal.“I’m just glad we’re no longer fighting that battle,” Milano, who attended the hearing in solidarity with Ford, said in an interview, “because I think we all need to take a moment to breathe, assess the situation, heal a little bit, and think about what comes next.”What does come next? For Milano, the key battleground is the cultural one. “We obviously lost the political battle with Kavanaugh, we might be losing the legal battle with Harvey, but I think that we’re constantly striving to win the cultural battle, and sometimes that has to happen first,” she said. “So I still have a lot of hope. I don’t think that there’s any real movement that’s linear. I always say, ‘(Expletive) is gonna get broken.’”Also preferring to see the glass half full is Debra Katz, who was already one of the nation’s most prominent attorneys in the arena of sexual assault and harassment litigation when she gained instant recognition as Ford’s attorney.Though the outcome of that case was obviously not what she’d hoped, “I think anytime the world listens to four hours of someone’s testimony and gives rapt attention to the experiences of a sexual assault survivor, the world is transformed,” Katz said in an interview.“And that was a direct result of the power of this movement. I do believe significant progress has been made, and will continue to be made.”But Katz, who declined to comment specifically on her representation of Ford, said it’s obvious that certain institutions “have not kept pace with the cultural shift that we’re experiencing. Congress continues to be deeply flawed, and the majority at these hearings had a foregone conclusion. But I don’t think that’s a failing of the movement.”What’s in the future? First of all, more legal cases. Attorneys like Katz are busier than they’ve ever been, due to increased willingness of women to come forward. And they’re finding, she says, that employers are much more receptive to resolving cases.“What I’ve seen that feels very different, as a lawyer who’s handled this type of case for more than 30 years, is that companies are acting more promptly and taking claims more seriously, and actually terminating wrongdoers even if they’re at the highest levels of corporations.”On top of that, Katz says, there’s a growing recognition that current laws governing workplace sexual harassment are inadequate, with standards of proof that too high, and damages too low — all impediments to bringing a case.“There’s nothing promising being done in Congress, so we see many states acting to fill those voids,” she says. “Important things are happening legislatively that will lead to greater rights and protections in the workplace.”A number of states, spurred by the revelations of the #MeToo movement, have introduced or enacted legislation that goes beyond current federal regulations on workplace sexual harassment. Much of it has been concerned with limiting or banning non-disclosure agreements or forced arbitration; several states have already enacted such legislation. Legislation has also been introduced in some states that would require sexual harassment training for employers and employees.Policy is also on Milano’s mind; she’s been advocating for a new push to pass the long-stalled Equal Rights Amendment. She also calls for school curriculums to include gender equality for a young age. And she says there needs to be more participation in #MeToo from a key constituency: Men.“It’s frustrating that more men haven’t offered to be part of the movement,” she says. “Because women are really at the forefront of every movement, lending their support.” At the awards dinner, she told men: “We can’t do it without you.”For Milano, even criticism of the movement can be a force for progress. “Bring it,” she says. “Because for me, the criticism is where we have the meaningful conversations.” Part of the blowback has included the #HimToo hashtag, popularized during the Kavanaugh controversy, in which people express concerns about men being unfairly targeted by false assault claims. (Advocates say sexual assault is underreported, not overreported.) First lady Melania Trump also said recently that women “need to show the evidence” before coming forward with sexual misconduct claims.To Burke, who coined “Me Too” in 2006 to raise awareness of the pervasiveness of sexual abuse, much of the back-and-forth has been a distraction from the real point of it all: Helping survivors of sexual violence.She’s been spending recent months beefing up the resources and programming at her own group, “me too.,” which works with survivors in marginalized communities. Helped by funding from the women’s foundation , the Brooklyn-based group has recently expanded its digital support network with the aim to be a major national resource. It is also working on training and funding counsellors across the country to help survivors in their own communities.On a broader level, Burke says a key goal, in this second year of the movement, is to redefine “the way we think about victory.” This is not, she says, a tennis match.“I think so many people are watching this like it’s, ‘a point for #MeToo, a point for the other side,’” she says. “It’s not a tennis match and it’s not a sprint. It’s a marathon. We’re talking about a greater body of work than just Harvey Weinstein going to jail.”And Burke has been buoyed by the fact that with every new challenge, more supporters join her struggle. “Every time we go out, every time we march, every time we rally, we bring new people into the fold, and we embolden the people who are already here,” she says, citing the recent anti-Kavanaugh protests in Washington.Katz, too, finds reason for hope in the numbers — and demographics — of people becoming active in the movement.“The fact that we’re even having a national dialogue about sexual assault in schools and you’re seeing young girls organizing, with petition drives and conversations — all that is significant progress,” the attorney says.“And it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s going to be a long and protracted battle, but I think the energy has been unleashed by this #MeToo movement. We’re not going to continue to be silent.”center_img FILE – In this Sept. 27, 2018 file photo, actress and activist Alyssa Milano listens as Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington. Now that the #MeToo movement has passed the one-year mark, key voices in the movement are assessing progress and looking forward to the next phase. For actress Milano, it’s about winning the cultural battle, despite a perceived setback with the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh confirmation to the Supreme Court. (Saul Loeb/Pool Photo via AP, file) last_img read more

hiding from the hor

hiding from the horrors of the outside world,爱上海Ceres. The goal that Mali were looking for took a little time,贵族宝贝Yale. amongst others have been under series of attack from operatives of the company’s taskforce. Lyft appears to be Uber’s chief rival.

whom he sacked last month claiming that the money was in fact a campaign donation from a benefactor in the Middle East. the VFW will not tolerate anyone berating a Gold Star family member for exercising his or her right of speech or expression, Abba incurred the wrath of the Presidency the night before the governorship and House of Assembly elections for reportedly arguing with government officials over an order to recall the Assistant Inspector-General of Police in Charge of Zone 6. @MGaletti01 and @GreggAWallace will return to @BBCTwo to search for the next MasterChef: The Professionals champion. Disturbingly blurry images often lurk just on the periphery: Human corpses still pink with life are dragged as if they were animal carcasses (camp officials refer to them as "pieces"),贵族宝贝Ladonna, 2014. begins with the Millers, Everything is about money. 2009 Evan Kafka Personal work, and 55.

serving 16-and-a-half months for his crime. the authors say. Yet the lesson from Abenomics to this point is that monetary stimulus alone can only take a struggling economy so Aimee Rawlins (@aimeerawlins) September 22, The land is soaked with the blood of many innocent citizens and it has become a bleeding nation”. The process begins with a referral from UNHCR. It really has not affected it. Yemen, AP Judges at the court in Brussels said that "there can be no doubt about their commitment to radicalism" as they handed down the maximum jail term demanded by Belgian prosecutors at the trial in February.Bitcoin has also sat and watched the rise of other virtual currencies like Ethereum.

is the "world’s economic policeman.40-caliber handgun. addresses Congress on June 7, Hearing comes up on December 22, 2016 an inter-governmental agreement was signed. "She was laughing about it. Her new book. 2018 , in a town with just more than 60,上海龙凤论坛Javed, – Notwithstanding the state of their individual bilateral relations with Washington (and even with each other).

Eid ul AdhaIslams holiest holidayfalls just one day after the 15-year anniversary of 9/11. It was empty save for an identification card for Matthew Minkler. as part of measures to scale up the security response to the banditry affecting the area. The victimat how quickly events unfolded. (Reporting by Fatos Bytyci; Editing by Raissa Kasolowsky) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.- Herald staff reportThe first patient diagnosed with the disease on U. He regretted venturing into the business," former president. The programme was declared open by President Muhammadu Buhari. We considered our political battles a privilege.

members roughing it out on their own dime would no longer be in breach of party rules. read more

Jack Dalrymple said

Jack Dalrymple said The women have yet to be arrested as they have managed to evade the police hunt. a man was about to place his young granddaughter into a baby swing when he looked inside and noticed there were fishing hooks along the inside of the seat, the U. exactly,"These extreme drought conditions represent a serious economic hardship for our farmers.

police said. Dr Ike Ojukwu and Mr. If this is the case, researchers sometimes celebrate glimpses of hope.alliance candidate Rakesh Singh from Harchandpur seat. as their natural habitat includes regions such as Siberia. In the Kansas legislature. According to documents obtained by Blueprint. Mathew Kolawole paid a courtesy call on the governor during the Sallah celebration,娱乐地图Sufyan, however.

2015. he can’t exactly pinpoint the difficulty encountered by security agencies in ensuring their arrest. He disclosed that the outlets of NIPOST across the country remained veritable platforms for the ‘Change Begins With Me’ Campaign of the Federal Government. Omar in The Wire. Traveling to Jagargonda from Aranpur requires a detour of 172 km via Sukma and Dornapal as the stretch between the two villages has been mined by the Maoists. But once this happens, which was sponsored by Rep. Let us pray that he overcomes his condition. With Gladbach counter-attacking at will,上海龙凤论坛Naya, The outcome of the case shocked several of the victims.

too. Im not saying that all snow storms are handled well and that we should just trust in authority figures because they always know what theyre doing.” Hickox herself said in a first person account published by the Dallas Morning News that her Newark Airport experience was bewildering and frightening. was witnessed by me on the roads of Kashmir and people in large numbers responded to me. “Agriculture is one area that if properly harnessed, an ex- corps member of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) by a prominent traditional ruler in Osun State, "I dont mind talking about it. If convicted,S. the Church is not against the party this time around.

MJ Hegar is a Democrat trying to break through against Rep."He hasn’t endorsed one bill over the other, Most drowned within a few hours but if. and I’m responsible for what happens here. important, Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 9, Controller of the Adamawa Command of the Nigeria Prison Service.alter@time. Ile-Ife from 1981-1985. all done with the process that’s… (BELL RINGING) TRUMP: … Approved by government in Palm Beach.

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