Judge allows father parenting time with sixyearold despite unorthodox beliefs

first_imgHALIFAX – A Nova Scotia judge has allowed a Halifax-area father unsupervised parenting time with his child, despite the mother’s objections over his “unorthodox beliefs” on white pride and other racial matters.In a written decision, Justice Carole Beaton of the provincial Supreme Court’s family division said it’s in the six-year-old’s best interest to have contact with the father.But she said the father is not to engage in discussions in the child’s presence that would expose the youngster to his controversial political, historical and world views.The full extent of the father’s beliefs were not explained in the ruling. Beaton said the father clarified on cross-examination that he is not a white supremacist, but rather an Asian supremacist with unorthodox views on “white European pride.”The judge said the father “maintained he would not discuss these adult topics with a six-year-old as they would not be of interest to a young child.”Beaton also said the father indicated “he would not want the child to be exposed to the sort of ridicule he is aware such views can attract.”She admitted that placing limitations on what the father can talk about in the presence of the child is “arguably difficult to police.”But Beaton said if the child begins to discuss or express “like views” in the future, the father will risk a reassessment of his parenting time.Meanwhile, the mother also took issue with the father’s criminal record, which included older violent crimes and more recent property-related offences of dishonesty, according to the decision, which was released Monday.But the judge found the mother’s concerns about the father’s world views and his criminal past were only raised after a breakdown of their relationship.She said many parents with criminal records and unconventional views enjoy time with their children, and to sever the relationship between the father and the child would confuse the six-year-old.“Parents are not perfect,” Beaton wrote. “The (father) is not the first parent with a troublesome or unseemly past who has been granted parenting time by a court.”The judge laid out a transitional schedule to allow the father increasing time with the child over the coming months, but declined to order overnight access.She said the child needs time to adapt to longer periods before overnight stays could be contemplated, and that the court was not provided sufficient detail to make that decision.The parenting time will be unsupervised, as Beaton said she was not persuaded concerns about the father’s criminal record or personal beliefs “present a compromise to the child’s best interests such that supervised contact between the two is necessary.”She also ordered the father to pay child support.She based the monthly support payments of $165 on the province’s minimum wage, and also ordered retroactive payments for outstanding amounts.last_img read more

Electoral referendum results being released in British Columbia today

first_imgVICTORIA — The results of British Columbia’s referendum on whether the province should switch to a system of proportional representation are being released today.In its last update on Dec. 7 as the voting was coming to a close, Elections BC said it had received 41 per cent of eligible ballots, which asked voters whether they would prefer to keep the existing first-past-the-post system or move to a form of proportional representation.This is the third time voters in British Columbia have been asked if they want to make a change to the voting system.In 2005, about 57 per cent of ballots were cast in favour of proportional representation, which did not meet the threshold of 60 per cent to make it binding on the government.Four years later, 61 per cent voted in favour of first past the post.The latest referendum is binding and the winner will be declared by a simple majority of votes cast.In addition to asking voters which system they support, the ballot also included a second question that allowed voters to rank their preference for three types of proportional representation.The three forms of proportional representation were mixed member proportional, rural-urban proportional and dual member proportional.The Elections BC website says mixed member proportional is used in a number of countries, including Germany and New Zealand, and would see the election of two types of representatives, a district member and a regional member to the legislature. District legislative members would be elected using the first-past-the-post system while regional members would be elected from a party list so that each party’s share of seats matches its share of the provincewide popular vote.Dual member proportional would see all but the largest rural districts combined so each has two members. Parties running candidates for both seats would list their candidates as either first or second. The first candidate of the party with the most votes in the district would win the first seat and the second seat would be won by a party based on its share of the popular vote provincewide and in the district.Rural-urban proportional combines two different voting systems, the single transferable vote and mixed member proportional systems with voters in urban and semi-urban districts using the single transferable vote to elect multiple members for their larger electoral district. In rural districts, voters would use the mixed member system to elect district and regional representatives.Elections BC says provincial results in the rural-urban system are likely to be generally proportional, although it is not used by any other jurisdiction.Other provinces, including Prince Edward Island and Ontario, have also held referendums on their electoral systems but neither made any changes.In Prince Edward Island in 2016, the Liberal government decided not to honour a provincial plebiscite on electoral reform, in which only 36 per cent of eligible voters took part. Premier Wade MacLauchlan said it was debatable whether the result reflected the will of Islanders, and announced another vote will be held during the 2019 provincial election.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Edward Norton And Joe Jonas To Speak At We Day Seattle

first_imgToday, international charity and educational partner Free The Children, alongside Co-Title Sponsors Microsoft and The Allstate Foundation, announced the lineup of world-renowned leaders and A-list entertainers, including Edward Norton, Joe Jonas and Cody Simpson.The event is set to captivate 15,000 students and teachers from over 450 schools across Washington state at We Day Seattle on March 21 at KeyArena.Organized by Free The Children, We Day is taking the philanthropic world by storm and going global with events in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Over 180,000 youth this year alone will come together to take part in an unprecedented educational initiative which inspires students to become active local and global citizens.The official lineup of speakers and entertainers was revealed by Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks, 2014 Super Bowl Champions, Pete Carroll at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center along with students from Enumclaw Middle School, Gateway Middle School and Eastside Christian School who are earning their way to We Day Seattle by committing to take action on local and global cause they care about.“We were so fired up to see the impact thousands of young people from across Washington made last year as part of the We Day movement,” said Pete Carroll, head coach of the Seattle Seahawks. “Like us they were just getting warmed up. This year, we are excited to bring students back to We Day Seattle to celebrate their incredible work and support them as they continue to make their marks on the world.”Leading the day full of educational speeches, inspirational moments and show stopping performances will be Free The Children ambassador, Jesse Giddings as co-host for We Day Seattle, along with international activists and co-founders of Free The Children, Craig and Marc Kielburger. The star-studded list of speakers and performers announced to date includes:· Edward Norton (EdwardNorton) – Actor, Filmmaker, and Co-founder, CrowdRise· Joe Jonas (joejonas) – GRAMMY®-nominated, multi-platinum artist and Free The Children ambassador· Cody Simpson (CodySimpson) – Australian pop singer and award-winning musician · Hannah Alper (CallmeHannah.ca) – 11-year-old Me to We inspirational speaker, Free The Children ambassador, blogger and youth activist· Pete Carroll (PeteCarroll) – Head Coach of the Seattle Seahawks, 2014 Super Bowl Champions, and We Day Seattle Co-Chair· Russell Wilson, Derrick Coleman, Bobby Wagner and Jermaine Kearse – 2014 Super Bowl Champions Seattle Seahawks players· Molly Burke (mollymetowe) – Visually impaired Me to We inspirational speaker, Free The Children ambassador and author, who speaks about bullying and the power of hope· Roger Levesque – Seattle Sounders FC alum· Devon Bostick (DevBostick) – Actor, director, writer, producer, best known for the feature film franchise Diary of a Wimpy Kid· Martin Luther King III – Human rights advocate and eldest son of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.· Spencer West (@spencer2thewest) – Me to We inspirational speaker, Free The Children ambassador, author and double amputee who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro· …with more to be announcedWe Day Seattle will also see local youth leaders and performers take the stage including Nandie Oosthuzien, Founder and CEO of Hand and Heart, local youth Adora Syitak and Daniel Franco, The Connection, a local hip hop dance group, and the Seattle Rock Orchestra.“I have been working with Free The Children for several years and the impact that students across the country have on kids just like themselves globally is incredible,” said Joe Jonas, GRAMMY-nominated, multi-platinum artist. “It’s something that I had the chance to experience firsthand this past summer in Kenya. I saw and really understood how the students putting on bake sales and raising money here, fundamentally improves the chance for others to receive an education; something we often take for granted.”Students can’t buy a ticket to We Day; they earn it through service by making a commitment to take action on at least one local and one global initiative of their choice as part of the year-long educational program called We Act. The We Act program supports students and teachers with free educational resources, student-led campaigns and support materials to help turn the inspiration of We Day into sustained activation. The program enhances a school’s existing service learning initiatives or sparks new ones.“The impact that youth can make when they are engaged and passionate about the issues they are addressing is remarkable,” said Craig Kielburger, co-founder of Free The Children. “The inaugural We Day Seattle welcomed 15,000 young people from 350 schools in over 100 different school districts. The accompanying We Act program has reached almost 230,000 community members throughout Washington state, supporting over 250 charities and non-profit organizations and creating powerful impacts among participants and in the community. That’s why exposing thousands of students at We Day to a variety of issues is so valuable; it creates a space for them to use their passions and abilities to make real change and we’re excited to see what they will do again this year.”We Day is free of charge to the thousands of students and teachers in attendance, thanks to the extraordinary support of sponsors, led in Washington state by Co-Title Sponsors Microsoft and The Allstate Foundation. Microsoft helped bring We Day to the United States for the first time in 2013 as part of its YouthSpark initiative. The Allstate Foundation is the National Co-Title Sponsor of We Day and We Act across the U.S. with We Day events beginning in Seattle and California.“Last year’s launch of We Day Seattle filled me with great hope for the future as I saw thousands of students celebrating the power of community engagement, fueled by technology innovation,” said Lori Forte Harnick, general manager, Citizenship and Public Affairs, Microsoft. “Youth inspire us, and this is why Microsoft made a commitment to bring We Day back to Seattle for the next three years as part of our YouthSpark initiative.”“We are thrilled to be joining forces with We Day and Free The Children to inspire and engage students all across America to be active citizens. The Allstate Foundation cares about supporting the work of young people who are trying to make the world a better place and we see a strong parallel between the work of The Allstate Foundation and Free The Children,” said Vicky Dinges, Senior Vice President, Corporate Responsibility, Allstate Insurance Company “We’re just getting started with We Day Seattle and California, and are excited to see our two organizations grow together to empower even more young people all across America to be forces for good in their community and around the world.”The event will be live streamed at www.q13fox.com on March 21 starting at 9:15 a.m. PDT.Find out more about We Day here.last_img read more

Ivorian President praises King Mohamed VIs leadership role in Africa

Marrakesh  – The President of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire Alassane Ouattara hailed Sunday in Marrakech the leadership role of King Mohammed VI in Africa.“HM King Mohammed VI has a leadership role in Africa capable of helping the continent meet the challenges it faces”, Mr Ouattara told journalists moments after his arrival to Marrakesh where he will take part to the 9th African Development Forum (October 12-16).The Ivorian president, who said he was “delighted” to be in Morocco, expressed his esteem for the Sovereign who “honoured” Côte d’Ivoire by several visits during the last two years. Concerning his participation to the 9th African Development Forum, Mr. Ouattara noted that the meeting will focus on “issues that are to the future of the African continent”.The President of the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire arrived Sunday afternoon to Marrakesh and was welcomed by the head of government Abdelilah Benkirane. read more

Bodybuilding Best Practices during Ramadan

Rabat –People during Ramadan are increasingly into building a better shape, as it coincides with the last month of spring, the perfect time to prepare the summer body.The idea of not eating for 4-5 hours is already terrifying for bodybuilders. Fasting for more than 16 hours is like torturing them mentally and physically.Fasting for many hours makes your body dehydrated and out of energy. Food and water are the body’s main sources of energy; without them people feel weak and tired. Bodybuilding and sports in general require a source of energy like food that contains carbohydrates and natural sugars, such as bananas, oat flakes and sweet potatoes.Throughout Ramadan it is nearly impossible to build muscle. Bodybuilders must dedicate the month to maintain muscularity or losing fat.Even after breaking the fast, it is hard to satisfy your body’s need for protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fat in the same way as normal days.Some people believe that eating from sundown until dawn will help them compensate for the long fasting hours. But they are wrong. Medical research says that testosterone, the male hormone responsible for muscle growth, is released in high amounts during sleep. The more you sleep, the more your testosterone increases.There is a debate between bodybuilders on when to train during Ramadan. Some prefer to train right before f’tour, believing that it is better for muscle growth as they go immediately after to feed their bodies. Others believe that training two to three hours after f’tour is more beneficial.Morocco World News sought the expertise of a Moroccan national and continental champion bodybuilder, Mustapha Bouden, known as “Mustapha Rasta.” He confirmed that training before breaking the fast may bring terrible results to the body. He rather encourages people to train after f’tour.“Many people approach me with questions about how and when to train during Ramadan,” said Bouden, adding that “the perfect timing to train is after feeding your body by two hours,” arguing “during Ramadan the body is out of food and water which mean out of energy.” “People may have a headache while training and may have muscle loss instead,” he said. “In order to grow your muscles, you must feed them properly at least five time a day with meals rich in calories, carbohydrates and protein which is hard to keep up with during Ramadan. If lucky the muscle can be sustained if not lost.”Fasting and fat lossOn the other hand, the 30 days of fasting can be beneficial for losing fat. Given the number of hours of starving, the body starts fueling itself through the glycogene that is stored in the liver and muscles. Once the glycogene is gone, the body breaks down both muscle and fat to refuel itself. To enhance fat loss, consider adding some cardio sessions to your training program and eat a f’tour high in protein and low in carbohydrates.The amount of fat loss will depend on the food eaten and on the amount and type of activities engaged in during the fast.Maintaining muscleThus, to reduce body fat without losing muscle, bodybuilders need a calorie deficit program. By decreasing the amount of calories that your body needs, it will eventually start burning fat.The best way to lose fat while sustaining the muscle is to adopt a carb cycling program, which is recommended by Jamo Nezzar, a retired professional bodybuilder and internationally renowned personal training expert.Jamo Nezzar at 51 years oldCarb cycling is the consumption of carbohydrates through rotations. It alternates between high, medium and low-carbohydrate days. The amount of carbohydrates eaten depends on your training days.If it is a four-day training program (divided into two intense sessions, one rest day and then two moderate sessions, saving the weekend for resting), consider consuming high carbohydrates and protein on intense days, lower the carbohydrates or cut them out during rest-days, and moderate carbohydrate intake in the moderate sessions.Cardio sessions are always necessary, whether a person wants to lose fat or to build muscle, as they helps improve endurance and heart function.This feature is part of an exclusive series at Morocco World News for Ramadan. Also in the series is: 10 Places to Have a Delightful F’tour during Ramadan, 15 Types of People During Ramadan and How Moroccan Pass Their Time during Ramadan. read more

UN mission to South Sudan welcomes action on policemen who assaulted staff

Benedict Sannoh, the head of UNMISS’ human rights section, was severely beaten by police officers in a hotel in the country’s capital, Juba, on 20 August. He sustained injuries when he was punched and kicked as he lay on the floor and was subsequently detained for several hours.The South Sudanese Government today announced that two officers involved in the assault had been suspended on allegations of using excessive force, and that four other policemen had been punished for their role in the assault.“I welcome the steps taken by the Government. This incident was completely unacceptable and a clear violation of the Status of Forces Agreement with the Republic of South Sudan,” said Hilde F. Johnson, the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for South Sudan.“I have previously raised this issue at the highest levels of Government. I am encouraged that today we have seen the Government take measures against those responsible,” she added.Ms. Johnson said UNMISS had also welcomed the Government’s reassurance that such actions would not happen again, adding that the mission was ready to assist the Government to uphold the values of the UN and provide human rights training to its security personnel. 20 September 2011The United Nations peacekeeping mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) today welcomed the statement of the country’s Government that it had taken action against police officers who were responsible for an assault against a UN member of staff last month. read more

Montreal area real estate market hit record high in May but pace

MONTREAL — The Greater Montreal Real Estate Board says area home sales hit another record high for May, even though the pace of growth cooled from a year ago.The board says there were 5,303 home sales in May, up one per cent from 5,243 a year ago, based on the real estate brokers’ Centris provincial database.Last year’s numbers were revised following the addition of the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu area in the monthly surveys. Sales rose 16 per cent in May 2017 when including the region southeast of Montreal.Condominium sales climbed 14 per cent compared with a year ago. Meanwhile, sales of single-family homes were down six per cent while plexes, which include two to five units, rose four per cent.The average price of all properties in Greater Montreal increased five per cent to $373,899. They were up six per cent to $481,544 on the island of Montreal.The median price of single-family homes across Greater Montreal was $325,000 last month, up three per cent year-over-year, while plexes reached $520,000, a nine per cent increase.As for condominiums, the median price was up six per cent compared with a year ago, with half of all units selling for more than $257,000.The increase in sales came as the number of active listings fell 16 per cent to 24,501, from 29,289 a year ago. New listings fell one per cent to 6,387, compared with 6,431 in May 2017. read more

UN Security Council extends arms embargo on Cote dIvoire

“States shall take the necessary measures to prevent the direct or indirect supply, sale or transfer to Côte d’Ivoire, from their territories or by their nationals, or using their flag vessels or aircraft, of arms and any related materiel,” the Council stated, through its unanimous adoption of a resolution that also further refined the sanctions regime first put in place in 2004.Until the same date, it also decided to renew the mandate of the panel of experts that assist in monitoring the sanctions regime, extending as well as well as measures preventing the importation of rough diamonds, which in the past have also helped fuel conflict.In an April 16 briefing to the Council, Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, Edmond Mulet, said that despite considerable progress since the end of the violent post-election crisis two years ago, Côte d’Ivoire still faces significant threats to its long-term stability, including the presence of armed elements, transnational crime, terrorism, piracy, and a security sector in need of reform, a top United Nations peacekeeping official said today.In today’s resolution, the Council said it would continued to review the measures, with a view to modifying them further or lifting them, in light of any progress achieved in relation to demobilization and disarmament of ex-combatants, security sector reform, national reconciliation and the fight against impunity. read more

Haque 55 not out as Bangladesh reaches 1052 at lunch day 1

CHITTAGONG, Bangladesh — Mominul Haque was unbeaten on 55 as Bangladesh reached 105-2 at lunch on the opening day of the first cricket test against West Indies.Opener Imrul Kayes scored 44 and shared a 104-run second-wicket stand with Haque but was dismissed on the stroke of lunch, tapping a turning delivery off left-arm spinner Jomel Warrican to short-leg.Kayes and Haque combined after Kemar Roach gave the West Indies a breakthrough in the first over with the wicket of Soumya Sarkar, whose first test innings in a year lasted just two deliveries.Kayes had some early reprieves, when Roston Chase dropped a catch at second slip off Roach’s bowling when he was on three and again on 16, when he holed out to deep square leg but Warrican was ruled to no-balled.Haque raised his 13th test half-century with the help of seven boundaries and is in pursuit of his sixth century at this venue.Bangladesh captain Shakib Al Hasan, who returned to the starting lineup after missing the series against Zimbabwe, won the toss and elected to bat.___More AP sports: https://apnews.com/apf-sports and https://twitter.com/AP_SportsThe Associated Press read more

Football No 2 Ohio State prepares for major test against No 5

OSU then-sophomore offensive tackle Isaiah Prince (59) prepares to make a block during the Buckeyes game against Oklahoma Sept. 17 at Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium. The Buckeyes won 45-24. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Former Photo EditorIn just its second game, Ohio State is going to have its No. 2 ranking tested against another top-five team when it hosts the fifth-ranked Oklahoma Sooners at 7:30 p.m. Saturday. The Lantern breaks down what you should expect on both sides of the football in that matchup.Ohio State offense vs. Oklahoma defenseOklahoma will come into this game returning several key contributors from last year’s defense. Defensive end D.J. Ward, linebacker Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, strong-side safety Steven Parker, free safety Will Johnson and cornerback Jordan Thomas all return.Though a bulk of Oklahoma’s defense is coming back, the group was not overly effective last season. The Sooners allowed 432 yards per game last season and surrendered 46 total touchdowns, two more than they scored. They also picked off only 14 passes and ranked 32nd in the country with 32 sacks last season.“They have a lot of guys returning. You know, I think that their defense has definitely improved just from last year, from when we played them,” H-back Parris Campbell said. “One thing we can’t do is base their performance of last year on this year. Because like I said, they’re going to come here with a chip on their shoulder and they’re definitely a much improved team.”Junior wide receiver Parris Campbell (21) stands on the field during the 2017 season opener vs Indiana. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorStill, the unit is young as a whole. The starting middle linebacker, strong-side linebacker and three of the team’s five listed cornerbacks — including one of the two starters — are all true sophomores or younger. The backup defensive tackle is a freshman.The key to Ohio State beating Oklahoma last season was running the football. If the trends for Ohio State’s offense and Oklahoma’s defense from last season continue, Ohio State is likely to see an advantage on the ground.The Sooners allowed the 55th-most rushing yards per game last season, surrendering an average of 162.6 yards on the ground. The offense they are facing was the 11th-most potent rushing attack last season as Ohio State averaged 250.9 rushing yards per game. And after Ohio State ran for 292 yards against Indiana in its season opener, the Buckeyes’ offense can again be expected to operate primarily through the ground game.Coach Urban Meyer said both redshirt sophomore running back Mike Weber and freshman J.K. Dobbins will play against the Sooners, but he did not reveal how exactly the pairing will be deployed.Ohio State defense vs. Oklahoma offenseJust as the Buckeyes returned their entire defensive line from a season ago and have a line that’s possibly the best in the nation, the Sooners return every starter from their offensive line last season, and could make their own legitimate claim for the best line in the nation.Every player on the line was named at least to the honorable mention All-Big 12 team a season ago, and all started at least 10 games at their respective positions. The leader of the unit is left tackle Orlando Brown, a redshirt junior who was named a second-team All-American, the 2016 Big 12 Offensive Lineman of the Year and a team captain.Brown will match up against an equally well-recognized defensive lineman in redshirt senior defensive end Tyquan Lewis, the reigning Big Ten Defensive Lineman of the Year. Lewis remembers the matchup from a season ago and knows the difficulties of trying to get past a player of Brown’s caliber.“Oh he’s 6-foot-8, like 360 [pounds] I think, so he’s pretty athletic. Long arms, of course that’s a challenge,” Lewis said. “But I say, the main thing is, his technique and taking advantage of small things that he does with his arm and his feet. Just watching everything on film, just preparing for it.”The offense did lose several weapons since last season, though. Wide receiver Dede Westbrook was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the fourth round of the NFL draft, while both of Oklahoma’s starting running backs — Joe Mixon and Samaje Perine — also left a year early to go to the draft.However, the offense will return one potent offensive weapon in junior tight end Mark Andrews, who finished the season-opener against UTEP with 134 receiving yards on seven catches, including a touchdown.Defensive coordinator Greg Schiano said the talent of Andrews is indicative of a team full of potential matchup problems for Ohio State.OSU sophomore safety Jordan Fuller (4) prepares for a play during the 2017 season opener vs Indiana. OSU won 49-21. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo Editor“They have an unusually gifted tight end that I mean, he is as much a receiver as any receiver on the field,” Schiano said. “And they use him as such. So, it’s a matchup issue, all those kind of things. It’s a challenge.”Though first-year coach Lincoln Riley will be missing several key contributors, he will return his most explosive offensive playmaker to the team: quarterback Baker Mayfield.The redshirt senior will take the helm of the Oklahoma offense for the third straight season. He returns after a promising 2016 season in which he threw for 3,965 passing yards, completing 70.9 percent of his passes and connecting on 40 touchdown passes to only eight interceptions. He also added six more touchdowns on the ground with 177 rushing yards.Mayfield was incredibly effective against UTEP as he completed 19-of-20 passes for 329 yards and three touchdown passes, and Meyer knows that with his level of talent, he could provide the Buckeyes with a challenge.“[Mayfield is] one of the best players in America,” Meyer said Tuesday. “I think he’s carrying on what he does and that’s playing that position very uniquely and very aggressively. He’s a heck of a player.”The return of Mayfield and his offensive line could prove troublesome for Ohio State. Though Ohio State proved effective against the run versus Indiana, it found less success against Richard Lagow and an Indiana passing attack that totalled more than 400 yards through the air.The inexperienced secondary will be heavily relied on once again to step up. And against a quality opponent like Oklahoma, failure to do so could lead to the first loss of the season for the Buckeyes.Predictions:Edward Sutelan: Ohio State wins 38-35Colin Hass-Hill: Oklahoma wins 36-33 read more

Chess World Celebrates A Sensational Move … That Leads To A Championship

r1bq1rk1/pp1nbppp/3p4/1N1Pp3/PP6/8/2P1BPPP/R1BQ1RK1 b – – 0 0 You must activate JavaScript to enhance chess diagram visualization. 2b2rk1/2B1b1pp/1P1p2q1/3Pn3/8/N4B2/2P2P1P/3Q1R1K w – – 0 0 You must activate JavaScript to enhance chess diagram visualization. r1b2rk1/1pBnb1pp/3p2q1/P2P4/2N1pp2/R7/2P1BPPP/3Q1R1K b – – 0 0 You must activate JavaScript to enhance chess diagram visualization.

87654321abcdefgh “It’s going to be a complicated game,” said the grandmaster Judit Polgár, providing the official match commentary.And indeed it was going to be — for the players and your humble chess correspondent. My parents were in town, my sister was sweating over an oven, and forgotten provisions had to be procured. A table had to be set. Mashed potatoes had to be eaten. I tore away from the match and headed into the city.Having nervously missed a handful of moves on my train ride, I ascended from the serviceless subway station in time to witness something special from Carlsen, the defending world champion who had yet to do much special at all. One grandmaster told me his move was “phenomenal.” Another tweeted that it was “incredible.” A chess writer called it “sensational.” A chess instructor called it “fascinating.”So just what was it that Carlsen did with the black pieces here? It was pawn to b5.Erwin l’Ami, the grandmaster who called it “incredible,” described the idea behind the move, which ostensibly loses a pawn for Carlsen, as follows: Once Carlsen pushes that pawn to b5, Caruana can win it by moving his pawn to b6. (That may not appear to be a legal move, but it’s a special capture known as en passant, in which a pawn can diagonally capture another pawn that has just hopped up two squares next to it.) Carlsen could then take the rook on a3 with his rook, and Caruana could take that rook with his knight. Carlsen could then push his pawn to f3, encroaching further into white’s territory. Two pawn captures then ensue on that same square, followed by Caruana capturing there with his bishop. And then Carlsen could bring his knight into the action on e5. The result of that hypothetical line would have looked like this — a “huge attack” on Caruana’s king. read more

Bartolomiej Jaszka operated out for five months

bartolomiej jaszkaFuchse Berlinhandballpilka reczna Bartolomiej Jaszka has had problems with his shoulder in the past season, and the things got to the point where an operation was necessary. The Polish national team player Fuchse Berlin player underwent an operation in Poland, and first reports say that the player is likely to miss at least five months. This has prompted the Fuchse Berlin to look for replacement, and they found one in – Petar Nenadic, who has already been presented as Fuchse Berlin player. ← Previous Story ASOBAL schedule released, some teams yet to fulfill requirements Next Story → Wisla Plock signs Tioumentsev read more

Ryanair creeps closer to 80m annual passengers after positive May

first_imgRYANAIR HAS INCHED closer to a major landmark in passenger numbers after recording a 5 per cent increase in the number of people taking flights in May.The no-frills airline carried 7.86 million passengers last month, an increase of 350,000 on the equivalent period in 2012.The 5 per cent monthly increase means the airline’s total passenger numbers in the last 12 months have grown by 4 per cent – standing at 79.8 million passengers.The airline now stands poised to break the 80 million passengers barrier for the first time, and may past that milestone when its figures for June are reported.Last June the airline carried 4,397,627 passengers – a number which will need to increase by 5.2 per cent next month, to 4,626,463, if the barrier is to be breached.Ryanair also reported a minor increase in its load factor, a way of measuring the quantity of seats filled on each flight.Last month 82 per cent of all seats on Ryanair flights were occupied, matching the rolling 12-month average since the start of last year.The annual passenger figure of 79.8 million consolidates Ryanair’s position as the largest airline in Europe by passenger numbers, and the sixth-busiest in the world.Air France-KLM carried 77.1 million passengers in 2012, ahead of Lufthansa at 74.7 million.Delta Air Lines, the world’s most popular airline, carried 164.6 million passengers last year.Read: Ryanair may be forced to reduce its stake in rival Aer Linguslast_img read more

Two dead following heavy rain in Thessaloniki Kilkis

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The bodies of two men were retrieved by members of rescue teams in Thessaloniki and Kiklis, northern Greece, following heavy rainfall in the area, raising the number of dead to four since last Saturday.The first victim, a 44-year-old man, was reportedly swept up by the River Gallikos in his efforts to cross the river on foot.The body of the second victim, a 49-year-old man, was located half-way between the villages of Aspros and Kokartza. Early reports suggested he had been a passenger in a FYROM-licenced taxi which fell into an irrigation canal.The taxi driver managed to exit the vehicle and subsequently alerted authorities.Source: Kathimerinilast_img read more

Celtic keen on a revenge in Old Firm derbyNicholas

first_imgArsenal legend and Sky Sports pundit Charlie Nicholas believes Celtic will be all out for revenge against Rangers in the Old Firm derby clash.The Scottish champions narrowly lost 1-0 to Rangers at Ibrox on December 29 but have failed to keep the title race alive with Gerrard’s men 10 points adrift the leaders.According to Charlie Nicholas, Neil Lennon’s men will go all out for a win that would put the title race to bed.📸🍀Preparations for Sunday continue at LXT. #CELRAN pic.twitter.com/89CqxVrMrY— Celtic Football Club (@CelticFC) March 29, 2019“It might not be the classiest derby you’ll ever watch but it will never disappoint in terms of drama.“This is a very special football match,” He told Sky Sports.Rangers v Celtic - Ladbrokes Scottish PremiershipMatch Preview: Rangers vs Celtic Boro Tanchev – August 31, 2019 It is time for the first Old Firm derby of the 2019-20 campaign, as Rangers host Celtic tomorrow at 13:00 (CET).“Celtic are hurting after Rangers finally got that win over them but it was the manner of the win. Rangers looked like challengers then. Unfortunately for Rangers, that’s disappeared and it’s falling apart.“The way that Rangers celebrated after waiting so long to get a victory – I can understand that. But revenge is in the air. Celtic will want to cement this title. The gap and the merit is there, Celtic have earned the right to go and bully Rangers a little bit.”Nicholas also stated a win over Rangers may likely seal the Celtic job for Neil Lennon who replaced new Leicester boss Brendan Rodgers.Rangers boss Steven Gerrard says the last game v Celtic shows they can compete when at their best. Says “the players have to believe and have less fear” at Celtic Park than the last time they played there. pic.twitter.com/133f6jmrhV— Alison Conroy (@AlisonGConroy) March 29, 2019“They haven’t done spectacularly well but they’ve been winning games,” he said.“Neil is a bright guy – he won’t panic. People are jumping on his case for his over the top celebrations but why wouldn’t he react like that? He wants the Celtic job and this game on Sunday – if he wins it – will go a long way on him getting the job.”last_img read more

Valverde PSV made life difficult for Barcelona

first_imgBarcelona manager Ernesto Valverde admits they were fortunate to grab a 2-1 win at PSV Eindhoven on Wednesday nightThe Blaugrana secured qualification for the Champions League knockout stages and top spot in Group B with victory in Holland after goals from Lionel Messi and Gerard Pique.Luuk de Jong did get a late goal for PSV, but the Dutch side were unfortunate after hitting the frame of Barcelona’s goal four times beforehand.The Catalan giants were repeatedly exposed at the back, which set up a tense ending with PSV’s Denzel Dumfries being denied an injury-time penalty appeal after Clement Lenglet’s awkward challenge.“We’re so happy to have mathematically topped the group,” Valverde told the club website.“And considering how much we have struggled away from home in recent years and found it hard to score goals.David Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.“I’m especially pleased to have got two wins and a draw this year.”“PSV played well. They were very lively on the counter attack and the balls we lost meant they were able to get into dangerous positions and even hit the woodwork a few times.”“It was a hard place to play at” added Valverde. “But the more the game progressed the more chances we able to create.”Barcelona’s final Group B match will be at home to Tottenham on December 11.Meanwhile, they will now turn their focus to Sunday’s home game against Villarreal on Sunday in La Liga.last_img read more

Biotech Working Group Discusses the Future of Regulation Market Acceptance Challenges

first_img(From left to right): FDA representative Jason Dietz provides the agency’s views on the future outlook for regulation around gene editing and biotechnology on a panel discussion that included EPA official Mike Mendelsohn  and USDA – APHIS Associated Administrator Michael Gregoire. ASA President Davie Stephens moderated the discussion.ASA’s Biotech Working Group recently met in Washington, D.C. to discuss issues impacting the biotech industry and farming. The Biotech Working Group includes representatives from industry biotech trait providers, along with farmer-leaders and staff from ASA, USB and USSEC.The meeting began with a panel of speakers from USDA, FDA and EPA, providing their perspectives on gene editing and the future of biotech regulation since each of these agencies play a role in the development of these regulations. The speakers on this panel included USDA – Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Associate Administrator Michael Gregoire, EPA’s Chief of Emerging Technologies Branch Mike Mendelsohn, and Policy Analyst for the FDA’s Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition Jason Dietz.During the next session, Andrew Conner, senior manager of international affairs with the Biotechnology Innovation Organization, provided an update on biotech trait approvals in China. Connor also shared information on a new venture between BIO and the American Seed Trade Association called Innovature. The goal of this project is to highlight progress in agriculture, food and wellness. Through Innovature, the groups strive to explore and contextualize gene editing advancements and promote dialogue and clarity on agriculture innovation under development. More information is available at www.innovature.com.USSEC CEO Jim Sutter and Market Access Senior Director Roz Leeck provided a report on international market development activities underway at USSEC. They also shared details on a new document their team developed for tracking the status of biotech approval systems in various soy importing countries. Attendees at the meeting were able to provide input on this document and ask questions related to how the document will be further developed moving forward.All of the industry representatives in attendance at the meeting shared concerns from their respective organizations regarding future challenges potentially impacting the approval and continued domestic and international market acceptance of specific biotech traits.The next Biotech Working Group meeting will be held Aug. 5-6, 2019, in Louisville, Ky. For more information on the group, click here.last_img read more

City of Dreams Manila drives Philippines partner Belle Corp to solid 1H

first_imgPhilippines real estate and gaming investor Belle Corporation saw its net income grow 11% to Php1.73 billion (US$32.5 million) in the six months to 30 June 2018, buoyed by the continued strong performance of City of Dreams Manila.In a filing to the Philippines Stock Exchange, Belle Corp announced total revenue of Php4.52 billion (US$84.9 million) in 1H18, with its revenue share in operations at City of Dreams Manila up 18% year-on-year to Php1.73 billion. Belle Corp’s 78.7%-owned subsidiary Premium Leisure Corporation (PLC) has an income sharing agreement with City of Dreams Manila operator Melco Resorts (Philippines). Lack of Cotai presence stings as VIP decline sees SJM lose more market share in 2Q19 Belle Corp also booked a 3% increase in revenue from the leasing of the land and buildings comprising City of Dreams Manila to Php1.06 billion. In total, City of Dreams contributed almost 62% of Belle Corp’s total revenue in 1H18.The company EBITDA from its gaming income share at City of Dreams rose 42% to Php 1.34 billion, while its real estate EBITDA grew 11% to Php 1.19 billion of which Php1.02 billion was derived from Belle’s lease land to Melco. Load More High VIP win rate keeps Genting Singapore’s 2Q19 results respectable despite 5% profit fall RelatedPosts Caesars slips back into loss in 2Q19 but US properties showing growth ahead of Eldorado mergerlast_img read more

Alaska News Nightly April 6 2015

first_imgStories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at alaskapublic.org and on Twitter @aprn.Download AudioBill To Seize Federal Land Goes To Vote In Alaska HouseAlexandra Gutierrez, APRN – JuneauOf the nearly 200 bills that have been introduced in the Alaska House of Representatives, fewer than 20 have been put to a vote. Monday, a controversial bill that would seize millions of acres of land from the federal government joined that group.Anchorage School Board considers wide-ranging budget cuts Anne Hillman, KSKA – AnchorageThe Anchorage School Board is discussing the possible ways to cut $29 million from their budget for next year. The $784 million budget passed last month, but needs to be adjusted for proposed funding cuts from the legislature.School District Faces Potential Revenue Loss of $8 Million Shady Grove Oliver, KBBI – HomerThe Kenai Peninsula Borough School District is facing a potential revenue loss of nearly eight million dollars, if current proposed budget cuts stand. That’s more than double the three million dollar cut the district was already preparing for.Dalton Highway Closed South Of Deadhorse Dan Bross, KUAC – FairbanksThe far northern end of the Dalton Highway will remain closed until Tuesday morning.  The section south of Deadhorse, was also closed for 2 days last week as overflow from the Sag River continues to impact the only road supply route for North Slope oil fields.First Two VPSOs Graduate From Firearm Training Rachel Waldholz, KCAW – SitkaTwo Village Public Safety Officers graduated from firearm training Friday, becoming the first officers in the 40-year history of the program to be armed.New Version Of Erin’s Law Targets Teen Dating Violence Lisa Phu, KTOO – JuneauThe latest version of a law to mandate sexual abuse prevention education in public schools is unlikely to reach the governor’s desk this year.That’s according to Senate Rules Committee chair Charlie Huggins, who said in a committee Thursday that an expanded version of Erin’s Law would likely be a two-year bill. Sen. Lesil McGuire’s rebranded Alaska Safe Children’s Act includes teen dating violence prevention.Community Potluck Shows Support For Local Refugees Anne Hillman, KSKA – AnchorageMore than 200 people crowded into the main hall of Northway Mall in Anchorage on Saturday afternoon to show their support for Anchorage’s refugee community. The event was organized in response to vandalism aimed at Sudanese refugees.Chief Mat-Su Medical Services Official ResignsEllen Lockyer, KSKA – AnchorageA February union complaint has resulted in the resignation of the Matanuska Susitna Borough’s chief medical services official.  Clint Vardeman handed in his resignation Monday. Vardeman directs the Borough’s emergency responders.  His resignation is effective April 20.Haines School Restricts Yoga Pants And Saggy Pants Emily Files, KHNS – HainesAt the Haines School, the new dress code slogan is ‘hitch up your britches and cover your bums.” The school is now one of many around the US that have put restrictions on yoga pants and leggings. And the new rule has sparked discussions about appropriate school attire and personal choice.Cim Smyth Wins The Kobuk 440 Francesca Fenzi, KNOM – NomeBig Lake musher Cim Smith won the Kobuk 440 sled dog race this weekend.last_img read more