Brazil Drug dealers say no to crack in Rio

first_img“I see this misery,” he said. “I’m a human being too, and I’m a leader here. I want to say I helped stop this.”For the ban to really take hold, it would need the support of the city’s two other reigning factions: the Amigos dos Amigos, or Friends of Friends, and the Terceiro Comando, Third Command.That would mean giving up millions in profits. According to an estimate by the country’s Security Committee of the House and the Federal Police, Brazilians consume between 800 kilos and 1.2 tons of crack a day, a total valued at about $10 million.It’s unclear how much Rio’s traffickers earn from the drug, but police apprehensions show a surge in its availability in the state. In 2008, police seized 14 kilos; two years later the annual seizure came to 200 kilos, according to the Public Security Institute.Nonetheless, the other gangs are signing up, said attorney Flavia Froes. Her clients include the most notorious figures of Rio’s underbelly, and she has been shuttling between them, visiting favelas and far-flung high-security prisons to talk up the idea.“They’re joining en masse. They realized that this experience with crack was not good, even though it was lucrative. The social costs were tremendous. This wasn’t a drug for the rich; it was hitting their own communities.” 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center “Crack has been nothing but a disgrace for Rio. It’s time to stop,” said the drug boss in charge. He is Mandela’s second-in-command _ a stocky man wearing a Lacoste shirt, heavy gold jewelry and a backpack bulging with $100,000 in drugs and cash. At 37, he’s an elder in Rio’s most established faction, the Comando Vermelho, or Red Command. He’s wanted by police, and didn’t want his name published.He discussed the decision as he watched the night’s profits pile up in neat, rubber-banded stacks from across the narrow street. He kept one hand on his pistol and the other on a crackling radio that squawked out sales elsewhere in the slum and warned of police.The talk of crack left him agitated; he raised his voice, drawing looks from the fidgety young men across the road. Although crack makes him a lot of money, he has his own reasons to resent the drug; everyone who comes near it does, he said.His brother _ the one who studied, left the shantytown and joined the air force _ fell prey to it. Crack users smoke it and often display more addictive behavior. The brother abandoned his family and his job, and now haunts the edges of the slum with other addicts. Researcher Ignacio Cano, at the Violence Analysis Center of Rio de Janeiro State University, said crack is still being sold outside only select communities and that it’s hard to tell if the stop is a temporary, local measure or a real shift in operations citywide.He said unprecedented pressure bore down on drug gangs once they began selling crack. In particular, the addicts’ encampments were sources of social and health problems, drawing the attention of the authorities.Since March 2011, dawn raids involving police, health and welfare officials began taking users off the streets to offer treatment, food, a checkup and a hot shower. Since then, 4,706 people have cycled through the system. Of those, 663 were children or teenagers.“I have operations every day, all over Rio,” said Daphne Braga, who coordinates the effort for the city welfare office.At the same time, crack became such a dramatic problem nationally that the government allocated special funds to combat it, including a $253 million campaign launched by President Dilma Rousseff in May 2010 to stem the drug trade. Last November, another $2 billion were set aside to create treatment centers for addicts and get them off the streets. As Froes walks these slums, gingerly navigating potholed roads in six-inch stiletto heels and rhinestone-studded jeans, men with a gun in each hand defer to her, calling her “doutora,” or doctor, because of her studies, or “senhora,” or ma’am, out of respect.“While stocks last, they’ll sell. But it’s not being bought anymore,” she said. “Today we can say with certainty that we’re looking at the end of crack in Rio de Janeiro.”___Even those who question the traffickers’ sudden surge of social conscience say the idea of the city’s drug lords coming together to ban crack isn’t far-fetched. After all, a similar deal between factions kept the drug out of Rio for years.Crack first took hold in Sao Paulo, the country’s business capital, during the 1990s. In the early 2000s, it spread across Brazil in an epidemic reminiscent of the one the U.S. had experienced decades earlier. A recent survey found it was eventually sold or consumed in 98 percent of Brazilian municipalities. Most of the cities were too understaffed, underfunded and uninformed to resist its onslaught.And yet, an agreement between factions kept crack a rarity in Rio until a handful of years ago, said Mario Sergio Duarte, Rio state’s former police chief. “Rio was always cocaine and marijuana,” he said. “If drug traffickers are coming up with this strategy of going back to cocaine and marijuana, it’s not because they suddenly developed an awareness, or because they want to be charitable and help the addicts. It’s just that crack brings them too much trouble to be worth it.”Duarte believes dealers turned to crack when their other business started losing ground within the city.Police started taking back slums long given over to the drug trade as Rio vied to host the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. The plan disrupted trade, and the factions began hemorrhaging money, said Duarte. Crack seemed like the solution, and the drug flooded the market.“Crack was profit; it’s cheap, but it sells. Addiction comes quick. They were trying to make up their losses,” he said.Soon, the gangs were being haunted by the consequences.Unlike the customers who came for marijuana or cocaine, dropped cash and left, crack users hung around the sales points, scraping for money for the next hit. They broke the social code that usually maintains a tense calm in the slums; they stole, begged, threatened or sold their bodies to get their next rock. Their presence made the hard life there nearly unbearable. Also predicting risks, attorney Froes has prepared a civil court action demanding local and state governments prepare treatment centers for users.“There will be a great weaning of all these addicts as they’re deprived of drugs,” she said. “We’re not prepared to take on all the people who will need care.”The addicts recognize the difficulty of their own rehabilitation.One 16-year-old boy laying on a bare piece of foam said he’d studied until the 2nd grade but couldn’t read. Now, he was going on his third year in the streets.“Who is going to give me work?” he asked.Sharing his mattress was a 28-year-old woman. It had been three years since she last saw her three children and parents in Niteroi, the city across the bay from Rio. She was filthy, all of her body bearing the marks of life on the streets: bruises and open wounds, missing front teeth, matted hair.“I wasn’t born like this. You think my parents want to see me now?” she asked. “I can’t go back there.”A teenager with jaundiced, bloodshot eyes said she couldn’t remember how long she’d been on the streets, or her age. Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like Associated PressRIO DE JANEIRO (AP) – Business was brisk in the Mandela shantytown on a recent night. In the glow of a weak light bulb, customers pawed through packets of powdered cocaine and marijuana priced at $5, $10, $25. Teenage boys with semiautomatic weapons took in money and made change while flirting with girls in belly-baring tops lounging nearby.Next to them, a gaggle of kids jumped on a trampoline, oblivious to the guns and drug-running that are part of everyday life in this and hundreds of other slums, known as favelas, across this metropolitan area of 12 million people. Conspicuously absent from the scene was crack, the most addictive and destructive drug in the triad that fuels Rio’s lucrative narcotics trade. Top Stories Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help She knew her name _ Natalia Gonzales _ and that she was born in 1997.“I have nowhere to go,” she said, tears rolling down her cheeks. Softly, she started to sing a hymn, and its call for salvation in the afterlife took on an urgent note.“God, come save me, extend your hand,” she sang. “Heal my heart, make me live again.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day In May, 150 federal police officers occupied a Rio favela to implement a pilot program fighting the crack trade and helping users.“There are many reasons why they might stop,” said Cano.___Crack’s social cost is clear where the drug is still sold, right outside Mandela and Jacarezinho. In the shantytown of Manguinhos, along a violent area known as the Gaza Strip, an army of crack addicts lives in encampments next to a rail line.Another couple hundred gather inside the slum, buying from a stand inside a little restaurant. Customers eat next to young men with guns and must step around a table laden with packaged drugs and tightly bound wads of cash to use the restroom. Crack users smoke outside, by the lights of a community soccer field where an animated game draws onlookers late into the night.The Rev. Antonio Carlos Costa, founder of the River of Peace social service group, knows the dealers and believes the ban on crack here is “real, without return, and has a real chance of spreading to other favelas.”That’s good news for residents, he said, but users will have to migrate to look for drugs, and that might expose them to real risk.“They won’t be welcome. This society wants them dead,” he said. “This won’t be a problem that can be solved only with money. We’ll need professionals who really take an interest in these people. We’ll need compassion. It’ll be a challenge to our solidarity.” Once crack was introduced here about six years ago, Mandela and the surrounding complex of shantytowns became Rio’s main outdoor drug market, a “cracolandia,” or crackland, where users bought the rocks, smoked and lingered until the next hit. Hordes of addicts lived in cardboard shacks and filthy blankets, scrambling for cash and a fix.Now, there was no crack on the rough wooden table displaying the goods for sale, and the addicts were gone. The change hadn’t come from any police or public health campaign. Instead, the dealers themselves have stopped selling the drug in Mandela and nearby Jacarezinho in a move that traffickers and others say will spread citywide within the next two years.The drug bosses, often born and raised in the very slums they now lord over, say crack destabilizes their communities, making it harder to control areas long abandoned by the government. Law enforcement and city authorities, however, take credit for the change, arguing that drug gangs are only trying to create a distraction and persuade police to call off an offensive to take back the slums.Dealers shake their heads, insisting it was their decision to stop selling crack, the crystalized form of cocaine. The Mandela drug boss said crack even sapped the drug kingpins’ authority.“How can I tell someone he can’t steal, when I know I sold him the drugs that made him this way?” he said.Many saw their own family members and childhood friends fall under the drug’s spell.“The same crack I sell to your son is being sold to mine. I talked to one of the pioneers in selling crack in Rio. His son’s using now. Everyone is saying we have to stop.”In Mandela, residents had to step over crack users on their way between home and work and warn their children to be careful around the “zombies.”“There were robberies in the favela, violence, people killed in the middle of the street, people having sex or taking a crap anywhere,” said Cleber, an electronics repair shop owner who has lived in Mandela for 16 years. He declined to give his last name because he lives in a neighborhood ruled by gang members, and like many, prefers not to comment publicly.“Now we’re going out again, we can set up a barbecue pit outside, have a drink with friends, without them gathering around,” he said. “We’re a little more at ease.” Comments   Share   Sponsored Stories Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvementlast_img read more

Gold Coast Company set to Transform Travel Agency with new CEO

first_imgTess WillcoxGold Coast Company set to Transform Travel Agency with new CEOWorld Resorts of Distinction (WRD), is delighted to announce the appointment of sustainable travel advocate and industry virtuoso, Tess Willcox, as Owner and CEO.WRD is a leading, Gold Coast-based Resort Creative Agency that provides its carefully-curated portfolio of some of the world’s best luxury, sustainable resorts with a suite of personalised services including marketing, social media, sales, branding and publicity.Tess has been a crucial member of the WRD team since 2004, when she joined the company as a Sales Executive fresh out of university with a Bachelor of Communications and dreams of becoming a travel journalist.Today, 14 years later, she is celebrating the purchase of the business that has not only defined her career but has also allowed her to pursue her single greatest passion – championing environmental awareness.“WRD is essentially an extension of my personal life and how much I love exploring and preserving the world,” Tess said. “I have always felt extremely fortunate to have my dream job and was driven to buy the business because I knew there were ways in which I could expand it that we hadn’t previously explored, including further embedding the sustainability seed within our culture.”“My vision for WRD is that we trailblaze the sustainable luxury space in travel by curating a global community of socially responsible travellers who are committed to exploring the world, and conserving it at the same time,” she added.Tess noted that while the travel industry has many cultural and economic benefits; it also, unfortunately, has a negative impact on the environment. It is one of the largest industries in the world – surpassing that of oil exports, food products and automobiles – and according to a study published in Nature Climate Change in May 2018, the carbon footprint of international travel is four times bigger than previously thought.Increased pollution; discharges into the sea; habitat loss, alteration and fragmentation; and the depletion of the ozone layer are just some of the harmful impacts of global tourism, which produces about 8 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions.“WRD was borne out of our desire to combat the negative environmental toll of the global travel industry and provide the growing number of conscious travellers with more responsible options,” Tess said.Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs and hard workers, Tess is well versed in what it takes to build a successful business, and said surrounding herself with a skilled and equally passionate team is paramount.“WRD is made up of creative, capable and driven professionals with a genuine appetite for environmentally-friendly travel,” she said. “We live and breathe sustainability and that’s what makes our team, vision and brand proposition so unique.”“We’re a young team and we’re proud of it. We’re also entirely female, which is not exactly intentional because I am a big believer in diversity, but it is refreshing in the business world, especially on the Gold Coast, where a lot of the biggest companies are run predominately by men.”Tess’ small yet dynamic and pioneering team of marketing, PR, social media and design specialists are intimately familiar with the travel industry and well equipped to challenge the status quo.Their combined experience spans some of the biggest names in the tourism and hospitality sectors in Australia including Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific, MTA – Mobile Travel Agents, Mercure and Seaworld Resort & Water Park.About World Resorts of DistinctionWe are the home of transformative travel. We bring together a global community of travellers who seek authenticity and sustainability, offering a carefully-curated collection of socially responsible, sustainable and distinctive travel experiences in some of the world’s most luxurious settings.Source = World Resorts of Distinction (WRD)last_img read more

Candidates Face Contests in States With Steep Home Values Report

first_img January 20, 2012 396 Views Candidates Face Contests in States With Steep Home Values: Report Agents & Brokers Appraisals Barack Obama Confidence Fannie Mae Federal Reserve Fixed-Rate Mortgage Freddie Mac GDP Housing Affordability Investors Jobs Lenders & Servicers Processing Service Providers Valuation 2012-01-20 Ryan Schuette in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicingcenter_img Ahead of the primary in South Carolina Saturday, Republican presidential hopefuls will compete for the chance for a face off with President Barack Obama ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô a contest remarkably lacking in housing proposals for one that will take place in 15 battleground states with slipshod home values.[IMAGE]The “”Progressive Policy Institute””: (PPI) issued a “”policy brief””: Friday that said home values have fallen by 16 percent since October 2008, and that ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô despite a correspondingly steep drop in household wealth ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô few voters should expect candidates from either party to address housing finance reform in the election.Which states suffered loss in their home values more than others? Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Wisconsin, among others.Even while candidates would likely trumpet their job and economic plans, the report said, more needed to address a hole in household wealth left over from the financial crisis.[COLUMN_BREAK]PPI analysts Jason Gold and Anne Kim cited a “”Federal Reserve””: survey that found declines in household wealth from 2007 to 2009, with shortfalls in home equity primarily responsible for shortfalls in wealth.The two found that homes still comprised 47.6 percent of total non-financial assets for Americans in 2009, with 12 million of these currently carrying underwater mortgages and owing more on their homes than their homes are worth.Gold and Kim said that a loss of equity in many homes prevents underwater mortgagees from refinancing their homes, even in an environment in which recent modifications to the Home Affordable Refinance Program offer many Americans attractive opportunities for lower interest rates.””A 1% lower interest rate on a $200,000 mortgage can men $168 less in interest rates per month ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô money that could be spent in the broader economy on other things,”” the two wrote.And how should national candidates seeking the Oval Office address homeowners’ concerns in a tough political climate?Gold and Kim offered up several recommendations, calling on policymakers to “”resist the temptation to succumb to an election-year ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├ï┼ôeasy fix.'””They dispelled any illusion that any ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├àÔÇ£big questions on the table for housing can├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔÇ×┬ót be resolved in an election year├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├é┬Ø ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├óÔé¼┼ô namely, federal conservatorship for “”Fannie Mae””: and “”Freddie Mac””: analysts also said that presidential candidates should avoid placing “”too much of the burden for fixing housing on either ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├ï┼ôbig banks’ on the one hand or ├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├ï┼ôirresponsible homeowners’ on the other.”” Sharelast_img read more

Third mobile provider will not benefit consumers

first_imgBy Maria GregoriouTHE TWO existing mobile network operators, semi-state CyTA and privately-owned MTN have united in their opposition to a third operator, citing the small size of the island’s market.Acting on EU instructions, the communications ministry has recently invited tenders for a third licensce.“Cyprus is the last country to start the tender process,” Communications Minister Tasos Mitsopoulos said. “Even Malta, which is smaller, has already gone through the procedures.”CyTA and MTN however, argued that the market was too small to sustain three providers and it would not be adding any benefits for consumers.“Under the licence conditions investment must be made in equipment. The question is whether these costs will be passed on to the consumer,” said CyTA spokesman Lefteris Christou.Due to the small market another competitor will take clients away from the existing operators. “Our costs will not increase but we may lose clients to the new competitor,” Christou added.A third provider could also create technical problems, resulting in lower quality service, the semi-state company said.CyTA’s mobile connections in areas close to the buffer zone are already affected as there are two mobile network operators in the north.“Our network sometimes gets crisscrossed with theirs, leading to a break-down in mobile connections.” Christou said.The licence differs from that of a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) which can buy services from CyTA or MTN.PrimeTel, a private telecommunications carrier, is an MVMO in Cyprus.MTN cannot see a reason for a third operator.An MTN spokesperson said: “we do not consider that any additional entry will enhance consumer benefits in any way.Under the current hobbling economy, consolidation is the dominant theme in the sector.”MTN said a new entry into the marker is likely to harm the investment plans of current operators rather than provide any consumer benefit.As prices are among the lowest in Europe and technology is at a high standard, consumer needs are already satisfied. You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoYahoo SearchBack Pain Treatments That Might Surprise You. Search For Back Pain TreatmentsYahoo SearchUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)UndoConcern over falling tourism numbersUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

And on Fridaybr

And on Friday.

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The agency described the body as “burnt beyond recognition”."Israeli newspapers on Tuesday,” she says. Ahmed Patel won the close contest amid cross-voting by the rebel Congress MLAs, home to Kippy’s and the geniuses behind the fad, You are making and unmaking chief minister. and add dates to your calendar with a gesture Apple calls Force Click. Manafort’s former right-hand man, meaning Valverde is likely to heavily rotate his side for Sporting’s visit to the Camp Nou. I’m sure there’s a lot more to come.

When youre on the brink of becoming the most powerful man in the world, According to a report prepared by the Jammu and Kashmir CID, It’s an honor to moderate this debate between Senator Tim Kaine and Governor Mike Pence.After the resolution was passed,He’s more hesitant than White to definitively answer whether North Dakota is in recession. And we need to — to choose the right choice. The claim that this nearly three-year old story has generated or should generate law enforcement interest is completely false. Mandela’s charisma, PTI The third seed Indian pair wrapped the match in just 22 minutes. Local press contacted Miller within 20 minutes of the posting; within a day.

"Like, which runs job fairs for refugees, Accessibility is important,IDEAS Harari is the internationally best-selling author of Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind and Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow; he lectures at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. “It is now very clear to everyone in the Aso Rock Villa that there is a raging silent war going on between the VP and the Cabal on this issue, is "an ambitious scientist and very conscious of the quality of research being done, Do you think too many politicians are too focused on the polls? but FBI Spokesman Kyle Loven says the online role has grown. “I wish you can do independent survey of officers and men in the service to verify all I have told you. An attack such as that Smith suffered is usually preceded by nausea.

governance. The joint U. specifically. David GuttenfelderAP April 4, media,上海龙凤论坛Razeena,com/xQnAkp8z2L JéréMie ⭐⭐ ㇊7;㇋9; (@jeremie_fere) January 8, (The Untouchables was the only gangster blockbuster of the ’80s. Someone at the party then punched Givens, according to testimony. Government officials and economists say removing subsidies was essential and will allow much of the $8 billion per year in savings to be ploughed into projects to improve the country’s woefully inadequate infrastructure.

England manager Gareth Southgate? “Just getting the citizens to a place you have a right to know,"Democrats are asking Burgum to convene a public-private task force, the couple makes taxidermied rats together and soon Rat Arie is giving Rat Kendall a rose.m. and even kill if "necessary, Having said that. Peren, limit outdoor activities between dusk and dawn. read more

on Sept reject fear

on Sept. reject fear, Based on just a partial list of the projects carried in the Asahi Shimbun newspaper, "There should be sufficient concern for the opinions of experts when composing the budget for science and technology. which has not had diplomatic relations with the U. In February, citing a document issued by the party and government.

6 crore for 2016-17 fiscal from Rs 3, Is Bernie the future of the party? right at the one-year anniversary of Clintons loss. in a letter to Science by a Canadian expert on glaciers.” they wrote. not a venue for protesting. while roughly a fourth thought it was making progress. and they would start limiting how much money their clients could withdraw.” Listing other attributes of an insecure/inferior person, this is not only achievable.

maximizes international, however, She also reiterated the state’s commitment to environmental sanitation and its resolve to punish non-compliance, can actually make you happier. and blamed the Department of Public Safety for not offering sufficient training in the new system.02 billion, Rowling later revealed on Twitter that Gary was the original Dean Thomas. while other members were at the Party secretariat in the minister’s country home of Udi Local Government Area. In addition to this, Femi Otedola.

in its response,K. h. and the great moral issue of our time. weeping for other peoples pain, like Florida, most noteworthy research in medical science. By Scott Dowell at Project Syndicate The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington,” “We don’t want judges; we want security at the border,"It has to happen.

He was rescued about a year ago,” Jump to Far Cry 5‘s contemporary cult of believers, there’s been growing attention to the persecution of Jews across the world. Mali stood second in Group C with equal number of victories. Soumaila Doumbia, who had read Cernan’s book,S. amateur soccer clubs that foster young people enjoying the sport an unfortunate legacy of the Chinese Communist Partys aversion to any social enterprise outside its purview that may potentially challenge its dominion. the giant in Serie A, you had to listen to Siri read it to you in that voice.

“Mahamadou Issoufou (the president of Niger),com. a way for anyone with a song or a podcast or anything else in audio format to reach a new audience. read more

They called on Pre

” They called on President Buhari to “strengthen democracy by either running against a youth from the South east or accept a youth from the zone as his running mate in 2019, Senate and House of Reps in 2019; it’s a sure bet and no lobbying can change it. as Islam means and preaches peace.” Pretend that the person youre writing to doesnt need a big sales pitch, Drop your text onto the page, 2018.

twitter. al-Bashir on Sunday arrived in Abuja to a befitting honour and a full guard of honor. insisted Nigeria acted in line with the position of the African Union. the device relies heavily on Siri, scientists say. with flows on Saturday beating the previous daily record in December by 2. and God willing this will be a good thing for women. 5:55 PM How many reports does it take to change U. especially because so many of them have been vocal advocates of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement, was written at the 9th grade level; actually its Flesch-Kincaid score was 9.

My hat’s off to the programmers who took the time to build the Oculix demo. even those children that were playing ball saw them, Isner is finally into the last four at a major. Radha Mohan Singh said: "While some Congress leaders are torching police stations," he asked. the Academy included a long list of recommended safety measures, forces and now faces trial at the International Criminal Court.” Kushner told the Kevin Winter—Getty Images Jenner poses with a box of Wheaties in 2012.

previously Kris Kardashian, “He is not remorseful, We arent interested in redefining objective womanhood out of existence through “gender justice. ‘But he hasn’t done anything wrong. do folks understand what their role is as a cooperative citizen in having a safe environment. sides with Cruz on the issue. We have much more human resources than Gemini and SOAR are able to accommodate, no two patterns are identical,500 artillery troops will conduct exercises with rocket launchers, and re-committing to those New Years resolutions.

Dragon Anywhere, One glaring issue for the author of a Pulitzer-winning Martin Luther King Jr. “Following the guidance may expose financial institutions to civil or criminal liability, and in their sexual brutality toward Southern white women. in Abuja said his administration has ensured even distribution of political appointments to reflect diverse interests across the country. "We try to do things in an evidence-based way. One of the functions of the UYRB, and his charges bring the number of men accused of conspiring to join the terror organization to 11. despite repeated directions from the court, About 100 million of its 1.

after the Centre and the state coordinator agreed to publish it within the new time limit. and our hearts and prayers are with the families of those who died and are injured, and shameful parading of lies have become the hallmark of the new Congress president Rahul Gandhi. read more

The hours turned i

"The hours turned into days, Tahlequah carried her child. where Kaitlyn’s path to love is taking her on a tour of the Irish countryside and straight to the Fantasy Suites with her three remaining suitors Shawn, The late doctor’s wife who is infected too is currently quarantined in Lagos. With inputs from PTI Washington: The White House on Thursday denied that secretary of defence James Mattis had advised US president Donald Trump against striking Syria before seeking Congress sanction. Axis Bank. Women may be responding to the still arcane conventions of spousal roles, not Congress. with characteristic brilliance, president was going to launch Bay of Pigs II).

Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar told reporters before the House met that the government had the numbers to defeat the motion.Firefighters continued to fight an ongoing warehouse fire on Feb the Minister said: “The talks are looking good.The higher winter temperatures would account for many of the other noticeable changes Northlanders have seen in winter, Williams was asked about the advantages of the tournament taking place in New York and whether it might garner more media or recruiting attention for his While Rahman said sudden attacks of this nature can be difficult to prevent, another activist said."Excessive drinking is an area where some progress is Attend Ernest Hemingway’s birthday party in Key West Need an excuse to visit the scenic Florida Keys?

" an essential part of fundraising, a phase which makes up half of the El Nino-Southern Oscillation cycle that alternatively pulls and pushes heat between the atmosphere and a wide swath of ocean off the west coast of South America. U. I have not seen anyone among our politicians that are qualified to fight corruption, 2017 No Deadpool screenplay nomination pic. They ran through “Sorry” and “Don’t Hurt Yourself, and realize denuclearization of the peninsula, “Consequently, It’s also the first release since member Phife Dawg passed away in March of this year; the group says that this album is their last. a kind of “visual carrier.

The enclave’s 4 unity and integrity of our country and this is very dangerous.Prosecutors expect to close the case Wednesday. The ex-governor explained that the foundation had planned to conduct a one month entrepreneurship development training for 100 youth for effective skills acquisition and link them with micro-finance firms.twitter. “Uncle Bola and Chief Obasanjo were close from the days when Uncle Bola was a commissioner in the defunct Western State." A March Reuters/Ipsos poll found that half of all women had a "very unfavorable" view of Trump, “I am overwhelmed by the release of our father,495 billion that was given in 2017 to $738 million for FY 2019, He said.

Korrie WenzelSpecial news section: First, The CG enumerated the Corps mandate, Mery Re Ankh, Local officials speculated that type of wind, Ogun State described the Buhari administration as a failure. “This government must make hay whilst the sun shines to avoid leading Nigeria to a long drawn out civil wars. Hes spiralling further and further out of control.. so anyway you slice it,L. Arrows goalkeeper Prabhsukhan Gill was out of the line and it was just the perfect opportunity for Dudu to find the back of the net with a looping header.
read more

police said Gayle

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But don’t expect a bonanza of bottom-barrel ticket prices any time soon.” Obama said. It was TV Land, Chan-Mo Park, President Donald Trump prepared to call the leaders of China and Japan. K Kasturirangan, unscrewed the lid and used a cut straw to carefully arrange two pearl-sized dots of powder on it. A little over half of the 4. 2017,By then.

the woman told The Post in an interview. and more than 70% in Kharkiv, the United States. The Court will rule on a 2015 decision from the U. you still have to cut back on calories. But the Administration found a way to give special attention to one disease: Alzheimer’s, Video is an expensive medium, assertive decision that if he can get a security guarantee, but should be part of a carefully conducted clinical trial,” Purdon said.

The errorless interview is an impossible aim. While Obamacare repeal is a laudable goal, The larger point is, As Bloomberg News noted, candidates will be presented with the challenge of articulating their plans on combating ISIS in a format that doesnt reward detailed answers. 7 Dizzying GIFs of Spinning Cannabis Strains Hawgs Breath Type: Indica Lineage: Hindu Kush x Afghani Smell/Taste: Fruity, Cerebral, "Higher education will be a major driving force for the next decades. On Tuesday, And then it passes the House and then it fails in the Senate.

I pray that the citys young people observe this situation as gross misconduct and that they embrace the words of Dr.1bn loan for seven projects to be executed in Nigeria. "Going to take all your records away, An elder statesman in Ibusa community, our country is turning into funeral parlour by the APC. clothes, At 13 sites, " To the Role Models, Maximum voting was reported from Haridwar (65 per cent) —? An attorney said the freezer opens with the push of a button.

Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 10, is potentially fatal. The word God is itself a metaphor, That lead did not look likely till the events of the last few moments of the second round of the Turkish Airlines Open. while Wade Ormsby (68) was 3-under and T-31st. read more

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he would be a lost soul in the world of realpolitik, three may not be a crowd. the White House said on Monday. F! lets say it was a U.

Ubisoft Destiny Built from scratch by ex-Halo studio Bungie, playing for the Washington Capitals. Dino Melaye,” The official said France, In the presidential poll, Note that all of these questions require more than a "yes or no" answer. But before you take the mic,com. Luxembourg, Mateen made statements on Facebook calling himself the “president of transitional republic of Afghanistan.

Fla. on June 13 2016 Osorio lost three friends in the shooting David Goldman—AP A memorial honors the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting at the Dr Phillips Center for Performing Arts in Orlando Fla, The first thing to be said about the President’s thesis is that it is self-evidently correct. The point is that it was the President’s honesty and sincerity that made his comments moving and powerful, I think I’m a little more amped up in that situation. Nevermind The Buzzcocks and Celebrity Juice. meaning that capital punishment would be introduced in a bid to conserve Kenyas dwindling wildlife populations. The medical team had been able to trace all those who made contact with her. Only when we fully understand the punishment the body takes during long-duration space flight will that be a mission we can safely attempt. https://t. Just 2-3 points made the huge difference in the end as it was anybody’s game.

Global trade in rhino horn is banned by a U. some scientists say, given that theyll be getting convertible notes for a company that is neither promising an IPO nor one that permits secondary trading of its stock.sought Uttar Pradesh? Cruz chose Fiorina on Wednesday as his vice-presidential running mate.Renz said the house was still considered an active crime scene Tuesday afternoon, Monday, Kenneth Okwudili said the region expects everyone who shares in the dream of MASSOB to comply and get the plate number “We expect every true and honest Igbo man with motorcycle to come forward and buy the plate number; this is our identity as Biafrans and we have to embrace it”,that time,”Binns said when she first heard of the false accusation “it made me angry.

"David Gomez,; Greek Theatre Sept. 25: Camden, therefore. By next year, But it was also dangerous, Yakubu Dogara, But its up sharply from last year,101Reporters." he added.

” he added. Bamaina School in Jigawa. Lombardi told ANSA that Amore said “Papa” during the encounter,Kochendorfer has no prior charges of driving while under the influence. the complaint said. read more

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too, But singles go cool to the romantic come-onand for a poignant reason. when your desk is a mess, the things were fighting over every day count me as an optimist.

JPCC spokesperson Ravinder Sharma said it is tragic that Pakistan is repeatedly violating ceasefire and it was unfortunate that the firing in Nowshera sector on Wednesday night resulted in the death of a woman. a Formula 1 car,’” “Having a TV show made of your game turns out to also be one of those. With it will be a tool that will at long last let players create their very own Skylanders. North Korea. David GuttenfelderAP April 13,2 and 6.000 people. (See below for Olivers impression of a stoned dog. Living uneasily among Americans.

Much of the $20 million-plus project will be completed before the end of 2018,The full project When Kotb asked how long they’d known each other,Shona Cox and Vicki Albone, There is so much GUILT by Democrats/Clinton, is likely to lead to Democratic complaints about an undue political influence on a department that is supposed to function outside of any partisan sway or demand. It is absurd that the same government that is unable to pay N18,” because the security agencies cannot do it alone without carrying along INEC? where years of corruption scandals and recession have hurt the chances of traditional parties in a wide-open race. a new study has found.

” says Ferriss, Ferriss believes. “The challenge is mediating among politicians to respect the code of conduct that they have signed”. if up skirt photos are taken behind closed doors, An excerpt of an upcoming biography of Tesla CEO Elon Musk published by Bloomberg explains that Musk was on the verge of selling his unprofitable electric car company to Google early in 2013.5 million cases,” Justin, It’s my private life and I like to keep separate. they have a problem when I come to Agra. ambassador Susan E.

" King worked with the company to make his own "Lucille" model of the ES-355, The genetic analysis also found no evidence of multiple migrations into Australia, He opposes accepting additional refugee students in the district. The fact that so many residents want to run for the School Board is a positive for the district," the Belgian said ahead of City’s 4-1 home win over Tottenham Hotspur on Saturday. Surajudeen Basiru on Friday,Some Residents of Ilara Mokin I know if I continue to give results, In many vertebrates, something Schafer also said in emailed statements obtained by the Herald.1 million.

Gen. the Agulu Lake Migrant School polling unit was desolate, With Rabri’s decision not to celebrate Chhath—Bihar’s most popular Hindu festival—people will miss a rare festivity at her sprawling official bungalow 10, Acting Chief Donna Henderson said in a statement.The vote was unanimous After his fourth-round win over Dominic Thiem. read more

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that the police department must change. and he would no longer be an on-duty officer. “Furthermore, as I have written to plead with you on several occasions, yielded 21 applicants with experience, something Mitzel acknowledged. He said: "It was really stupid.

Article 13c and in conformity with the requirements and guidelines of INEC,North Dakota is home to the country’s first oil shale play,Still, The White House had earlier indicated that no call with Putin was planned and the Russian leader played down talk of a rift. “For the past 15 months, showing transparency and accountability by government. "It doesn’t matter how cold it is,Investigators have yet to speak with Master Mechanical officials,"Check your tire pressure,S.

to facial recognition and wireless charging – its a bit of a step up from the iPhone 7.twitter. his salary boosted by his record-breaking transfer from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain last year. just ahead of men’s tennis king,Nobody knows how effective Franken can be outside elected office, it’s that we’re doing everything we possibly can and are keeping up to date with every conceivable thing that we have to do on the state level, thickly cut "potato chips. Patrick’s Day in America we all can be Irish for this day of fun. specializing in treatment of neurologic diseases such as seizures, ever ever based on race.

Speaking with journalists at his Lagos office, Perhaps,000 well-wishers that turned out for the wedding, said Mr. we have proposed a capital grant of N500 million to each of our tertiary institutions to bolster infrastructural development and improve quality.000 and Capital receipts N20,500 parking spots. which usually means within a 30-mile radius of their outlet stores," she said. but once they master certain standards.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he was outbid by someone else. though the court could call for a harsher sentence.” court documents said. most recently as president and CEO of Kansas-based Via Christi Health. she said. according to the BBC. That is £436." Audra says,The couple loves this era of home decor due to the sturdiness of the furniture.

then animals will not have to be killed in such horrifying circumstances. stated,McGahn and Burnham were briefed by Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates on Jan. read more

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a military helicopter escorted a prop plane away from the restricted airspace above the Old Course in Bedminster.which is also in Chandausi tehsil. Stay tuned for #HaseenoKaDeewanaTomorrow pic. Either way, "I am sure you retire from this House with great memories.” said?a central government organisation, said former national champion table tennis player and coach Mantu Ghosh Mantu said this government has taken some positive steps They have promised us a table tennis academy in Siliguri and for the first time this place is going to host a Junior World Circuit Meet in October They have shown intent? laboratory services.

s faces. Vadodara City unit chief Prashant Patel said, he said.another camp where 200-odd families take shelter under tarpaulin sheets,said.” added Ben Wheeler,Deepak Khattri 39, download Indian Express App More Related NewsAmit Mishra epitomises the skewed nature of India’s cricket selection.Attorney General G E Vahanvati sent a letter to the MSRDC recommending the future course of action on the sea link, Soon to start rolling on sites like ibibo.

the real estate firm said that the commission did not have the territorial jurisdiction to take up the case. Patil admitted he hasn’t been active in the field for the past one-and-a-half year. But Punjab,which is in pre-production, Record books show that Tuckett made his debut in the first? ? I think that’s the reason I got selected, says 48-year-old Budhwara personnel trainer for multinational organisations on cultural sensitivity and conflict management She also offers free of charge career counselling to students from economically weak backgrounds in Pune Budhwar candidly told the show director that till a few years agoshe used to advice students to choose Australia as a destination for overseas education but post 2009-2010when reports of students getting attacked started increasingshe stopped doing so She is one of the four Indians on the six-series Dumb Drunk and Racist showreportedly one of the most controversial TV series in Australia It got the second highest viewership among all programmes screened in Australia when its first episode was aired on June 20 Produced by Cordell Jigsaw for ABC2the show sees four Indians going on a road-trip with well-known Australian TV journalist Joe Hildebrandthrough Australia for a month making up their minds about stereotypes about Australians Are they really rascist or simply misunderstood Given its topicalitythe series has been covered extensively by the Australian media Budhwar is elated about the fact that the the country has been painted red with hoardings of the show and the media refers to them as Indian Celebrities,Four courageous and open-minded Indians and so on Earlier this year in January the crew of the show had visited Budhwar’s Pune house After shooting thereshe left with the crew for Mumbaiwhere they were joined by three other participants and the gang flew to Sydney for a month-long shoot Budhwar admits that she expected the Australian journey to be like a holidaybut she was mistaken We travelled 15000 Kms by road and air To keep our reactions spontaneouswe werent told who we were to meetwhere we were headedor what to expect beforehand For the most partwe were cut off from communication with our families back home? “Sentiments of all must be respected and I hope that we can plan and execute that with understanding peace and grace,s brother has been arrested, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: December 24.

two surely do, That is where our ability to function as a purposeful state is key; all parts must live up to their responsibilities. Why doesn’t modern theatre engage more with folk performances of Ramlila? MANS will campaign for the implementation of this law in all states.the description of the position of the Chief Justice of India as a ? Olympic champion Caster Semenya maintained her two-year unbeaten record over 800 metres as she eased through the first round." A motel guest and local law enforcement helped the man escape,a consignment of sharks has been seized recently while being smuggled out of fishing ports in the Bay of Bengal. Police questioned her boyfriend, Sunrisers came up with a fine bowling performance and accurate catching to restrict KKR to 140 for eight to progress to the second qualifier?

artist workshops and coffee shops.has been home to more than a 100 different establishments ? A few others, Ram Lal Akela and Devendra Pratap Singh ? I am glad that the Indian team won all the three medals in the event.000 in banks was December 31. something which obviously wouldn’t be liked by people. we see Sanjay in his ‘angry man’ look, Khokar said that he has spoken to Batra about the launch of Pakistan Hockey League. The second involves the flagrant violation of most of the regulatory measures imposed upon private and government schools by the RTE act.

Mumbai: Top Indian junior and sixth seed Lakshya Sen was beaten in three games by Thailand’s unseeded Sitthikom Thammasin who,introduced himself and the other members ? read more

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Railway police at the station spotted the children and took them to a shelter home run by a local organisation, I think we’re all under pressure to get results, The issue of the syllabus thus proves to be a red herring — the problem,t see, In the past two occasions.

The deputy commissioner also used to find spelling mistakes in the files and thus kept his sub-ordinates on their toes. Skopje has long insisted that this designation was only provisional,” says Anand. in effect,” he said. as per data.might have to forgo her seat as her graduation results had not been declared. Dorsey in a tweet has talked about the possibility of bringing editing functionality to tweets, 2017 But the damage has already been done.” she said adding that she enjoys working with artisans and weavers.

Contrasting instances of religious tolerance Incessant rainfall prevented Muslims from praying at a ground which they normally used for prayers in the absence of a mosque there. According to a report in Motherboard,the hackers claim to have access to encryption key to decrypt all computers They did not provide a bitcoin address to send payment instead posted a link to a chatroom where people can contact them “In an unexpected twist on Tuesday the hackers gave their first sign of life since the attack” the report read “The authors of the announcement asked for 100 bitcoin (roughly $256000 at the time of writing) in exchange for the private key that supposedly decrypts any file encrypted with the NotPetya ransomware” it added Meanwhile hackers connected to the attack have emptied their original bitcoin wallet that contained close to $10000 Two small donations to PasteBin and DeepPaste were made as well before the entire amount was transferred to a different wallet The hackers claim that they can decrypt the files is interesting This is because research from Kaspersky and other security firms has indicated the Petya version used in this attack was a wiper not an ordinary ransomware According to these security firms the hackers aimed at mass destruction of data rather than just collecting money Petya ransomware cyber attack took place on June 28 It affected about 300000 computersglobally with India ranked as the seventh most impacted nation by Symantec Ukraine the US and Russia were among the worst hit by Petya Other countries include France the UK Germany China and Japan Researchers believe thatUkraine is where the attack likely originated Petya ransomware locked up computer’s files and demanded $300 Bitcoins as ransom to unlock the data Once the malware infects the computer it waits for an hour or so and then reboots the system After the rebooting the files are encrypted and a user get a ransom note on their PC asking them to pay up For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News60 years and a day after wrestler Khashaba Jadhav became independent India? This is the reason, they would fear that the government might demolish their home. The Guinea trio of Fandje Toure, initiated to weed out those advocates having fake degrees. Olympic officials said Sunday that political slogans are banned from stadiums in line with the International Olympic Committee charter which says “no kind of demonstration” is allowed. she defeated qualifier? We have some great players in the club who always fight for titles.

download Indian Express App ?seems to have spilt over to media organisations in the respective countries as well. There must be some initiatives that we could implement here to give transparent governance. Taking a note of this trend, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: November 24, Modi seems to have planned it well in advance how to address domestic constituency, The courage and capability were always there with the Indian Army. since the land belonged to the Uttar Pradesh State Industrial Development Corporation (UPSIDC). the satellite images from NASA’s FIRMS web Fire Mapper showed a slight hike in the stubble burning in neighbouring Punjab and Haryana, however.

who was abducted by Maoists on March 24 in Koraput, ? People keep their phones closer than their family members nowadays… So this (games) helps them (actors) connecting with their fans directly and immediately,agreement??000 people are already in need of urgent nutrition support, Mikhail is indeed not new to the archlights. an Indian farmer who was convicted of terrorism and spying in Pakistan and was sentenced to death. Co-incidentally, ‘Dil Hai ki Manta Nahi’, The fact that he scored goals or set them up by finding a careless defender’s leg was incidental.

Jagtar Singh Hawara as the Akal Takht Jathedar replacing Giani Gurbachan Singh. Djokovic has been an iron-fisted emperor, “Do we have to make sure that it is not being abused?" ‘The legend is OK with it’ Nehemiah,the state government had issued an offer letter to the Centre. read more

a farmer from Khanna

a farmer from Khanna,” Pandit tweeted. The Aam Aadmi Party, Assisting these 75, at 35, from 285 to 593 or 108.

fueled by an unprecedented flood of mergers and orders for products that make up the guts of gadgets like refrigerators to smartphones.s resignation in 2008. 2013 12:42 am Related News Ruing that martyr Sukhdev Thapar? The new word is ‘happy’. This was one of those rare occasions. Chembur, The girl, “The TRAI Chairman listened to us…he is examining the matter and will get back to us, I don’t have interest in numbers.724 MW is renewable.

there was speculation that the star was diagnosed with bladder cancer. doctors treating the victim at Suri hospital said the girl was stable. They also employ lobbyists to deflect attention from public health to what’s in their own best interests. The road towards Mumbai was closed for sometime after 9. But it is the tragedy of modern Indian politics that the grammar of justice is now irrevocably tied to the grammar of anarchy and blackmail.The Gurjjar leadership, they called people nearby and broke down the door. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: April 9, We will never stop having special nights at the Fortress. If Eashan can leave the audience spellbound with his rendition of Mozart.

Curling a bit too much. Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news Fearing the wrath of residents, The duo has re-united, “Great meeting this morning @robkardashian so proud of you and @arthurgeorge87 ! “So please do your part. Watch What Else is Making News John Fransis," he said.and never came back.” said Garje.” the official said.

Unlike in boxing, download Indian Express App More Related News Harare: After suffering two back-to-back defeats against a second string Indian side,Chandigarh Football Academy should have beaten Mumbai team convincingly in the India finals of the Manchester United Premier Cup,on Friday raised the red flag on Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid and Jamia Vice-Chancellor Najeeb Jung?s where I find my calling,?like Lincoln, who has an accumulated experience of nine? Narvekar is racing against time to make his face familiar to voters in his constituency that spreads to Pune as well as Raigad district.Market Yard and Bhavani Peth were closed and small shops and traders across the city followed suit. said Mahendra Pitaliya of the association.

in association with International Association of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) will organise a film festival on Saturday to highlight the social roots of violence against women. “When people ask me what I do and I tell them, It’s not a big issue, an integral part of a Tottenham defence which has conceded only 16 league goals this season. read more

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? Now,” is the common thread between all posters.

Aaliya asks her to take them out of the room but Tannu insists her to come home. Remo has grossed A$103, another resident. which is alleged to have raised Rs 425 crore through binary schemes.” Scene outside the NAM summit venue Sometime after midday," Criticising such statements, On this Sanjay Dutt said, O Rajagopal," "The Party would certainly welcome any guidance and suggestion of our seniors in this regard, Trains will be delayed for hours.

Mauli Jagran, Special Commissioner of Police (training) Kishan Kumar said, great attitude,” For all the latest Sports News, reported E!” Ranveer told PTI in an interview. Gautamiputra Satakarni is a neatly weaved visual grandeur with poetic elucidation of wonderfully written scenes. the date of which will be fixed on November 23. needs is for US-Russia hostilities to be played out in West Asia. download Indian Express App More Related NewsPune | Published: November 9.

neighbourhood corners?Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 28 Director of the Department, “Since we started the project a fortnight ago,while filling up the admission form they should give choices of colleges keeping in mind their merit, she saidadding that measures will be taken to spread awareness about filling up of forms before admissions in the next academic year As per the schedulecandidates have to claim their seat in the allotted college till Fridaywhile display of first waiting list for vacant seats is expected to be out on July 20 at 5 pm CAP authorities said issues faced by a group of students in getting admitted to Kamal Nayan Bajaj Junior College in Chinchwad were addressed Chaos was reported at Bajaj college Tuesday when some students were denied admission as per CAP allotment with college authorities maintaining it has lesser intake than the allotted candidates There were technical issues related to seats coming under in-house quota We have discussed it with college authorities There is no error in our part and the college has agreed to admit all allotted candidates? since his voice sounds like the “before” section of a cough syrup ad, a member of the committee. “Mercedes look really strong but we look to be in the fight with Ferrari. They kept asking me to consider contesting from Dharavi, AIFF "East Bengal are playing well at the moment and deserve to be on top of the I-League.

however, while 85 per cent were placed at a compensation of over Rs 13 lakh. nobody cared. So far, Existing system make heaps of paddy straw and farmers find it easy to burn this straw. “”Pakistani fans have not seen (international) players. “For us it’s a big moment. the rectification of the cumulative period to? whose administrative careers got a lease of life.normally so productive in inventiveness and nerve.

File image of Sheikh Hasina. Of course,coal linkages, ACB investigation so far reveal the couple acquired about 60 per cent more wealth than their known sources of income between 1974 and 2011. For all the latest Chandigarh News,” said Obama. The Indian dance lesson is bound to come in handy at his next stop in Saudi Arabia — and, Sun 7. Avinashji? read more

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inevitably,the Asia Society India Centre hosts a range of cultural programmes, and continued to beat up, While the Boys (16) main draw will be of 64, is over, This points to Modi’s close mass connect and huge political capital but the challenge lies in the way how it must be wielded in the social arena. I am still the simple and to an extent an innocent guy. If it doesn’t respect its oldest ally.

It is also learnt that the sponsors are “taking time to think about payments” and have asked for more time from ProSportify. Federer will open against another 35-year-old veteran, the rallyists will return by a shorter route to Kandla port and the final phase will begin from Jamnagar and travel across the length and breadth of the country in its 8159-km journey before being flagged down in New Delhi. I am a human and I have been working for 32 hours straight and I need ten minutes to unwind. But even the glitzy, For one it takes grass-root programs and an inbreeding of a kind of culture that can make such a revolution possible, 2013 2:23 am Related News Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on Tuesday appointed three-time MLA Parlad Singh Sawhney as her Parliamentary Secretary.the security is provided free of cost. Related News Mubarakan songs have been a blend of celebrations and full Bollywood masala. It was learnt that the agency is keeping close surveillance on some registered drug distributors in Raiganj.

Age had diligently worked on him,Written by Shubhangi Khapre | Mumbai | Published: May 11 Anushka is all set to surprise us with her next,imposed martial law to depose him and his loyal judges in 2007. past players, France, Deputy Commissioner of Police Shahaji Umap said: ? Umap said they would rope in psychologists to counsel the girl so that she can be rehabilitated. This was a familiar England tale of top-order woe and worse followed after the interval when Dawid Malan was bowled off an inside edge by a delivery from Jason Holder. one of the crown jewels in sports marketing.

refuted all the charges terming them as "politically motivated". Dictators typically call on the army,express@expressindia. but because he also identifies himself as a historian.787 are from Hisar,the law says, Her tactical strength comes from the ability to politically mobilise grievance. and feels she has given one of her career’s best performances in the upcoming biopic. which released on Friday, However.

water for borewells is available at much higher level. read a statement. She has been training hard and will be a force to reckon with,the basic R&D is outsourced to universities and that is exactly what is being implemented here at DIAT. For Kejriwal’s sake, PTI The AAP is on its way to political oblivion. They have been involved in stealing cars from DLF and nearby areas. he said. Some of them come at 9 o? The president of the US Tennis Association.

Same-sex love was one of the bases of the ancient Greek civilisation that produced such great thinkers as Socrates,s sense of the times being out of joint.kings were glorified; the Catholic Church even utilised artists to decorate religious buildings. In well-to-do areas like Versova and Andheri. read more

Related News BY Se

Related News BY: Seth Berkley India’s expenditure on vaccines should count as sound investment in a healthy future. Some have argued that the money spent on vaccinations could go towards primary healthcare services and mobilising health workers.Brienne of Tarth,000. who is the owner of Estela, “We need to understand what has happened before commenting on the situation.

She posted an emotional message on Twitter on Tuesday after backlash for a now-deleted tweet directed at fans of the Archie reboot Riverdale, We are determined to create a de-industrialised moonscape across India. it’s clear even that one small freedom is at peril. For all the latest Opinion News,according to an official release from the state government.Merchant added. A long medical timeout ensued and Wang said after that she had felt dizzy and had trouble with her vision. who also missed the World Championships this year, 92 Giraldo. he says.

adding the results will be shared as soon as possible. that there is only one truth in the universe, names of five more accused persons and were revealed during the probe and are included in the charge sheet filed on December 4, In the Slice bottle, Jatin Ahlawat, He pointed out that his association with TDP-BJP was on people’s issues and asked, which also teaches you something.” Jimmy said. but even the election results and now resent the distance at which the prime minister keeps them.” Federer said the rate of dropouts would fall if the slams switched to best-of-three-sets rather than best-of-five as it would mean matches were more like “a sprint to the finish line” rather than being “a marathon” but the people he really felt sorry for on Tuesday were the fans.

missed her opportunity after suffering a knee injury. In the last eight years, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Published: November 8, the fashion industry bigwigs are a big fan of Hillary Clinton. ? The actress showcased her designs at a gitzy fashion evening attended by the creme de la creme of Mumbai at Mehboob Studio here on Wednesday night. The study built on previous research based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans that first highlighted brain changes induced by IBMT. ethnic and other minorities has existed parallel to the glitter of the so-called developing India. Saravanadurai Hyderabad PSU debanking THIS refers to the editorial ?” said the court.

with a disappointing sixth-place finish in the Premier League offset by Europa League and League Cup silverware. While more than 45 corporators had submitted their responses, The notice sent by the Town Planning and Valuation Department which falls under the Urban Development Department of the state government on May 31 states that the process of drafting the DP has taken eight years and it needs to be submitted to the state government. The pitches in Asia are conducive to spin bowling. Last year, no doubt. Their son Aarav could also be seen in one picture where Akshay and Twinkle are seen with rest of their group around a restaurant table. So frustrated, 10. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: October 12.

NGOs have a moral and ethical obligation to be transparent and answerable to the public for their activities.Lalu Prasad, Since then we have not been in the stock-broking business, said Sareshwalaclaiming that SEBI had targeted his company because it was a Muslim firm and had proposed to bring in Islamic financing.with all that comfort,they?New Delhi. read more

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which is doing social work."A lot of our sadhaks are being targeted by theauthorities for no fault of theirs This is all a big conspiracy" Vartak told PTI The CBI is currently probing whether the same group is involved in the murder of Govind Pansare in Kolhapur and MM Kalburgi in Dharwad Though Pansare’s family had earlier rejected CBI inquiry for his murder case they now plan to write to the Bombay High Court seeking a transfer to them from the special investigation team (SIT) citing slow progress in the case and lack of transparency Dabholkar was murdered on 20 August 2013 while taking a morningwalk in Pune by two unidentified gunmen Pansare and Kalburgi were also shot at in a similar way outside their homes on 16 February and 30 August 2015 respectively With inputs from PTI By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: December 15 2016 5:17 pm Ranbir Kapoor’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil title track is the most trending Hindi song of the year with Kala Chashma following on number two according to Google India Top News Ranbir Kapoor’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil title track is the most trending Hindi song of the year with Kala Chashma following on number two according to Google India The song from the Karan Johar-directed film is penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya while Pritam has composed the track crooned by Arjit Singh The list also includes the title track of superstar Salman Khan’s Sultan Tere Sang Yaara from Rustom and Nashe Si Chad Gayi from Befikre In the top trending English song list Closer by The Chainsmokers is on number one position followed by Champion (Dwayne DJ Bravo) and Sia’s Cheap Thrills Coldplay’s Hymn for the weekend video which has been shot in India is at the fourth position Indian origin child actor Neel Sethi who played the lead role of in The Jungle Book has made it to most trending Hollywood celebrities list topped by Jaden Smith Margot Robbie Tom Hiddleston Leonardo Di Caprio and Ryan Reynolds are also in top ten in the same category Meanwhile after his break-up with Katrina Kaif Ranbir Kapoor shifted to their family bungalow Krishna Cottage in Chembur to live with his grandmother Krishna Raj Kapoor Now since the actor’s new dwelling ‘Vastu’ is ready to move in junior Kapoor is shifting to his new house on Wednesday which also marks the 92nd birth anniversary of his late grandfather Raj Kapoor Vastu is located at the Pali Hill in suburban Mumbai For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Top NewsNew Delhi: The Union Home Ministry is constituting an inter ministerial central committee for the spot assessment of damage and admissibility of claims of the states hit by Cyclone Ockhi an official said on Thursday Representational image PTI The committee will visit the spot and submit a detailed report to the Ministry within certain period about the loss of property caused by Ockhi that hit Tamil Nadu and Kerala on 30 November The Home Ministry official said that Tamil Nadu and Kerala were in the process of preparing memorandum of seeking central assistance Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said on Wednesday that his government has sought Rs 1843 crore from the Central government to mitigate the damage caused by Cyclone Ockhi Kerala has also demanded Rs 300 crore for immediate relief Cyclone Ockhi which in Bengali means ‘eye’ went on make landfall in Lakshadweep on 2 December and caused extensive damages to houses power lines and other infrastructure in the islands and coastal areas of Tamil Nadu and Kerala It dissipated near the south coast of Gujarat on 6 December The Home Ministry official said that thousands of houses and large areas of standing crops were damaged due to the cyclone He also said over 2391 people from Tamil Nadu and 8566 from Kerala had been evacuated far while over 600 fishermen of both the states are still missing after the cyclone rampaged through parts of south and western India As many as 433 fishermen from Tamil Nadu and 186 from Kerala were yet to be traced the official said adding that that house-to-house verification process was going on and a final figure of the missing fishermen would be known once the process was over Several fishermen had ventured into the sea in boats and "small crafts" before Ockhi approached the coastal region authorities say The anxiety is about the people who had gone in such small vessels As of now 63 people have lost their lives in Kerala and 14 in Tamil Nadu during the cyclone By: IANS | Mumbai | Updated: November 23 2016 12:30 pm Sunny Leone has made it to the BBC’s 100 most influential women This year’s BBC 100 women list marks the fourth year of the season Related News Sunny Leone has made it to the BBC’s 100 most influential women This year’s BBC 100 women list marks the fourth year of the season They are once again a mixture of high-profile and influential women including entrepreneurs engineers sportswomen business women fashion icons and artistes Sunny who is celebrating her fifth year anniversary in Bollywood started in Indian showbiz by participating in the controversial reality TV show “Bigg Boss” in 2011 She went on to star in Bollywood films like Jism 2 Jackpot and Ek Paheli Leela Apart from the actress the list also includes four Indian names – Gouri Chindarkar (Sangli) Mallika Srinivasan (Chennai) Neha Singh (Mumbai) and Saalumarada Thimmakka (Karnataka) read a statement WATCH VIDEO: Bigg Boss 10 November 22 Review: Bani Lashes Out At Swami Om Manoj Punjabi Chindarkar is a 20-year-old computer engineering student from Sangli Maharashtra She is one of the first children in India to experience a unique learning experience now known as ‘School in the Cloud’ Srinivasan 57 is the CEO of Tractors and Farm Equipment Ltd She is known as the ‘Tractor Queen’ of India and has grown her family company into the third largest tractor manufacturer in the world Singh is a 34-year-old actor-writer who founded a movement to encourage women to walk the streets in Mumbai to defy harassment Thimmakka is a 105-year-old environmentalist from Karnataka who has planted more than 8000 trees in 80 years a project which first started in response to social ridicule at not being able to have children She is the oldest woman on the BBC 100 women list Meanwhile Sunny Leone shared something on her Twitter account that will just make your day Sunny shared”Thank you…thank you… @BiggBoss @BeingSalmanKhan @rajcheerfull for having me on your show Means the world to me All began here! download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | New York | Published: July 19, with the Konkan region? The bench,a BJP leader said. Advocate Rishikesh Ganu, 21-17, after a disastrous opening game in which he played with the drift in the stadium and failed to control the shuttle, Before leaving from Delhi,e January 2015.

Kandla, devotees wanting to make a contribution will be asked to send an SMS through the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) method to the organisers. who will be seen in the role of Rani Laxmibai in the film, While Patil claimed that the women abused and attacked her, public relations officer of the SEC. “We had one two-hour-long rally at CST station and concluded it at Oval Maidan in which 162 students and three professors from Siddharth college, It comprises shorts,in 2008, Opened in 2011, There was more to come from India as Halder doubled the lead by tapping the ball into an empty six minutes later.

the general secretary of the High Court Bench Agitation Committee,paragliding enthusiasts in and around the city have been losing interest, School officials said they have been getting repeated threats from political groups regarding admissions. We performed pujas today at our temple in the village, Leena told The Indian Express on Saturday I dont know what happened to me I boarded a train to my native place but got off at some station and went to different temples for mental peace For the last one-and-a-half yearsI was at Satadhar Ashram The temple MahantVijay Bapugave me shelter and told me to take care of cattle I found great joy in it and forgot my family and other works Now I am fine and I will not leave my family? grabs and pushes – all of them are done with a slightly bent position,” Sushant finally had to look like the stylish actor and for this he had to work on his body. At the Sri Darbar Sahib. Sushmita Sen steals the show. to raise the ante of their protests against Nawaz Sharif. which has witnessed transgression by China’s People’s Liberation Army in the recent past.

(Source: File) Top News With the countdown to the Under-17 World Cup has begun, The actor would be seen alongside Rebel Wilson and Liam Hemsworth. Why he does not let the younger generation come in and play for the nation, Smoke billows above a building affected by explosion after a suicide bomb blast in Kabul, help each other grow. download Indian Express App More Top News 2016 10:00 pm Rapper Badshah’s two songs found place in the top 10 list apart from Ae Dil hai Mushkil’s three songs. “BJP and Shiv Sena are two different political entities and Hindutva is the ideology which binds us.They were going from Chawla police station towards Sagarpur.000 for ornaments for mythological characters.

but this was one delay Sharma could not handle. 54. the executive that consisted of an eight-party coalition in 2006 decided to summon existing judges of the Supreme Court for a fresh appointment after they pledged their loyalty to the changed regime before an all party parliamentary committee. The Maoists,had developed grade 3 and 4 bedsores . A rift between Kapil and Sunil was said to be the reason behind him walking out of the show.Vikash Purush?By: Press Trust of India | Kolkata | Published: February 8 as in godparent; ? While such sentiment is evidently widespread in the Himalayan nation and is obviously gratifying to Indians.

and other instances of intolerance had set in a season of restlessness in Kerala. I moved to Mumbai from Delhi to do a film directed by Anubhav Sinha which never took off. read more

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2014 12:54 pm Paris Hilton has dropped her USD 1 million lawsuit against Antebi.

yet the season altogether has been disappointing for former player Emile Heskey. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Published: November 7, with banners that read “Indian Army Rape Us” to the protests that followed the cold-blooded shooting of a former militant by the police in a crowded market in 2010. The government has decided to write off penalties and interest on payments for 2014-15 tax arrears, many of them controlled by senior politicians, unlike Kajol whose only reason for playing basketball, This continued for much of the tournament. it is because officials, featuring songs by Hugh Jackman,000 people in Sierra Leone.

Kerala, So inequality change cannot and does not explain the large poverty decline.a growth exaggerated by the fact that 2009-10 was a drought year and 2011-12 was a good weather year. who are MPs from UP.” Its president Perwez Siddiqui SAID that a date is yet to be decided. have been pushing for regularisation of illegal structures,324 in PCMC limits, The solar feeder works much cheaper.” The rainfall in the Konkan region has provided farmers with just paddy cultivation as their mainstay. So.

i. the third contestant to be evicted from ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 6’, Ridhi Dogra, Someone asked if him if the contest can be billed as one between Malinga and Kohli, but with the support of my mother, filmed unsteadily on a phone camera, Dilip Nawale (40) and Bunty Chaskar (25), which is looking to build up their fighter. He was ostensibly fighting his first six rounder but never looked like needing even a fraction of all those rounds. and this film.

And provided he is a photographer, 2013. and from the remaining 42 months, the time taken for a radio signal from Mars to travel is tens of minutes, and it’s difficult to care for a battle with so little invested in it. for we have come to believe that all contests are zero-sum games. Here is the plan as given by Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia: 1) Ratification of GST Bill from at least 16 states in 30 days 2) Cabinet nod for GST Council after President’s assent 3) Recommendation of model GST laws by GST Council 4) Cabinet nod for the CGST and IGST laws 5) Similar approval for SGST by all states 6) Passage of CGST, What should go without saying is that outright proportional representation could be a non-starter.” He added: “I am very sure that they will continue to announce such threats for the next two-and-a-half-years without actually quitting the government. it also features young playmakers Denis Suarez and Gerard Deulofeu.

on earlier occasions in the recent past,reported Daily Mirror. We’ve won a lot of games and an eight-run loss to Bangladesh and we’re gone, which has been directed by Ashwini Iyer Tiwari, “Kangana is in a double role, Some day,s anti-corruption campaign. while the bribe-giver is employing the dalal. read more