Girls trounce boys in CU Part III General exams

first_imgKolkata: Girls have outperformed boys in the Calcutta University Undergraduate Part III General examination 2019, the result of which was declared on Wednesday. The total number of candidates that had appeared for the exams was 42,279.”The girls have outperformed boys this year,” said Sonali Chakravarti Banerjee, Vice-Chancellor of Calcutta University. While the overall pass percentage of girls in B.A general stream stood at 61.46%, that of boys was 58.38%. In B.Sc and B.Com general streams, overall pass percentage of girls stood at 85.44% and 47.91% respectively, while the same for boys was 77.96% and 47.74% respectively. The varsity has announced the status of marks for the examinations on its official result website ( The results this year have been published within two and a half months. Both B.A Part-III (General) and B.Sc Part III (General) examinations had commenced on May 27 and concluded on May 30, while B.Com Part III (General) examination started on May 29 and ended on June 1.last_img read more

Former cabinet minister says little daylight separates Liberals and NDP

first_imgVANCOUVER – A former Liberal cabinet minister in British Columbia says he’s been mulling over his poverty reduction plan that was rejected by the party he once sought to lead.George Abbott said the Liberals suddenly came up with their own plan in a throne speech last week but only as a strategic political move to win votes.The throne speech came after the New Democrats and the Green party developed a plan to topple the Liberal party, which was defeated in a non-confidence vote in the legislature on Thursday after 16 years in power.“I don’t think the Liberals made it any easier for themselves with the machinations around the throne speech,” Abbott said Friday. “If the aim was strategically to win the confidence of the Greens or perhaps random NDP members, it was entirely unsuccessful.”Premier Christy Clark promised policies to reduce poverty including $1 billion alone in spending on child care spaces, drawing criticism that the action was more in line with traditional NDP principles following years of cuts. Many of the throne speech promises from the Liberal minority government came from the election platforms the NDP and Greens campaigned on in May.Abbott, who held three cabinet posts as health, education and aboriginal relations minister, left politics before the 2013 election after placing third in a Liberal leadership contest won by Clark two years earlier.He said the poverty reduction plan he proposed during the leadership campaign faced resistance in the Liberal party “for reasons I still really don’t understand.”“I have always thought it made a lot of sense to have some focus on that objective but I wouldn’t have done it because strategically it was the clever thing to do, it was the right thing go do,” he said. “I don’t think that’s a way to make democracy perform as it should.”Promising more social spending during the left-leaning throne speech only meant the Liberals “closed off some of the daylight” between themselves and the NDP, said Abbott, who is no longer a member of the Liberal party.“Strategically, they may think that sets them up well for a near-term election but if there’s not a near-term election, if we’re looking at six months, a year, two years, it is going to be difficult for Ms. Clark, should she retain the leadership, to run again on what they offered up in the throne speech.”Officials with the Liberal party could not be reached for comment but on Thursday, Clark defended the Liberal throne speech, saying the party reacted to what voters expressed in the election campaign.“When we go into political combat we all acknowledge that sometimes we spend so much time fighting with one another in here that it’s hard to listen to what British Columbians want. And the throne speech is an answer to that,” she said in the legislature.“It’s an answer to what voters told us on May 9. It’s an acknowledgment, a sincere acknowledgment, that we didn’t get it right. It is an expression of renewed priorities based on what voters told us.”Abbott said now, the Liberal party is likely clinging to its resource development policies to create some distance between itself and the New Democrats, who are poised to take office.Clark has been a heavy promoter of the Trans Mountain pipeline, liquefied natural gas and the Site C hydroelectric project on the Peace River in northeastern British Columbia.Premier-designate John Horgan has promised to fight expansion of the Alberta-to-B.C. pipeline with every means available, driving a wedge between himself and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley.Hamish Telford, an associate professor of political science at the University of the Fraser Valley, said the Liberals’ throne speech promises were a failed policy gambit.Telford said he predicts some grumbling on the social-policy shift among the Liberal party, which includes some conservative-leaning members previously with the now-defunct Social Credit party.“I think (Clark) heard from the more liberal side, ‘Look, we were too stingy and that’s why we lost the election.’ Now she’s going to hear from the conservative side, saying: ‘We tried to outdo the NDP and failed and now we’re in a place where we’re not comfortable.’ “— Follow @CamilleBains1 on Twitter.last_img read more

Atwal says he bowed out of event in India to save Trudeau

first_imgSURREY, B.C. – A man convicted of attempted murder who was invited to a dinner reception with Justin Trudeau in India says he had a friendly relationship with the prime minister, and stayed away to save him from further embarrassment.But the Prime Minister’s Office says there is no merit to the assertions by Jaspal Atwal, who was convicted of attempted murder in the 1980s. It says he and Trudeau are not friends.Atwal was interviewed on Saturday by the The Canadian Press at his home in Surrey, B.C., following Trudeau’s, at times, turbulent trip to India. Late on Sunday night, Atwal said he is not suggesting he and the prime minister are friends, but he has known Trudeau for years.Atwal says he received an invitation directly from the Canadian high commissioner’s office for the event in New Delhi last week.British Columbia Liberal MP Randeep Sarai has said in a statement it was his choice alone to include Atwal on the guest list and he realized afterwards that he exercised poor judgement in doing so.On Sunday, a senior government official said, on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation, that the high commission invited some guests after receiving recommendations from others, including MPs such as Sarai.In explaining his relationship with the prime minister, Atwal said the pair sat together in his Hummer and chatted during one of Trudeau’s visits to B.C. in 2008 or 2009.“We know each other. He knows my name, he’ll come and say, ‘Hey Jas, how you doing?’ We have a good relationship I never see any problem,” he said in the interview on Saturday. “But now he says, ‘Oh Jaspal’s not supposed to be here, this and that.’ It surprised me.”Trudeau’s spokesman, Cameron Ahmad, said the prime minister and Atwal are not friends.“That is not true,” Ahmad said in an interview. Asked about the Humvee conversation, Ahmad said: “I don’t know what he’s referring to there, but no, they are not (friends).”Atwal said he is not a member of the Liberal party and has helped politicians from different parties both federally and provincially.He said he was travelling in India last week on a personal trip and questioned why Sarai is taking the blame alone for his invitation to the reception.“I don’t know why he’s taking all the responsibility; he had nothing to do with that,” he said. “The high commissioner, they’re the one giving the invitation. Everyone’s name goes through CSIS and the RCMP.”But Ahmad disputed Atwal’s version of events, reiterating the statement that Sarai released last week.“I would refer to what the prime minister said when he addressed these matters in India on two occasions,” said Ahmad.“It is not true, these claims that come from Mr. Atwal.”Atwal was convicted of attempting to kill Indian cabinet minister Malkiat Singh Sidhu during a visit to Vancouver Island in 1986.In spite of media reports, he said he was not a member of the International Sikh Youth Federation, a banned terrorist group in Canada and India, at the time.He was also charged, but not convicted, in connection with a 1985 attack on Ujjal Dosanjh, a staunch opponent of the Sikh separatist movement, who later became B.C. premier and a federal Liberal cabinet minister.Atwal said he does not support Khalistani organizations and warns Sikh youth in B.C. against believing propaganda from separatists, many of whom he believes have a financial interest in the cause.He confirmed he was blacklisted from visiting India because of his crime. But he said any suggestion the government of India intervened — either by getting him an invitation or removing him from the blacklist so that he could attend — is a “total lie.”“India’s government has nothing to do with anything,” Atwal said.Ahmad said the Prime Minister’s Office has no comment on Indian policies regarding visas or blacklists.Atwal’s passport shows stamps from two other recent visits to the country in January and August 2017. He said he also visited in 1999 to spread his father’s ashes and in 2002 to go shopping for his son’s wedding.He showed his passport and the invitations from the high commission to the events in India to The Canadian Press.After his visa expired in 2007, Atwal said he applied to have it renewed but was unsuccessful until his 2017 visits.A government official, discussing the matter on condition of anonymity, has said guest lists for receptions such as those in India are not vetted individually for security. Those who issue the invites are expected to do their own due diligence to ensure their own guests are safe, the official said.The official also suggested Atwal’s presence was engineered by elements within the Indian government to distance the country from Ottawa, driven by concerns that Canada is not fully committed to a united India.The suggestion has been made that Atwal’s presence was arranged by factions within the Indian government who refuse to believe there is no risk posed to a united India by Sikh separatists living abroad, said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The factions wanted to undermine the Canadian tour to India to prevent the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi from getting too cozy to foreign governments they believe want to undermine a united India, he said.The official spoke by phone to reporters travelling with Trudeau during a briefing arranged by the Prime Minister’s Office. He said Canadian security officials received a tip from intelligence sources within Canada on Wednesday morning that Atwal had been at a reception in Mumbai with the prime minister Tuesday evening.The official also said Atwal has, since his conviction, been on a list of people banned by India from getting a visa to visit the country because of their ties to Sikh separatist and extremist groups but that he was suddenly removed from that blacklist last summer — long before Trudeau’s trip was planned.Atwal said his invitation to the Canadian high commissioner’s dinner in New Delhi was not rescinded. He said he volunteered not to attend because he thought it might embarrass the prime minister after photos of him with Sophie Gregoire Trudeau at the event in Mumbai garnered negative media attention.He said he told a Liberal party official: “I don’t want to see our prime minister embarrassed. I will not come to Delhi, so please take me off the list. This is what I told them.”But Ahmad made it clear that Atwal was taken off the guest list as soon as the PMO became aware of the controversy.“It is a fact that the invitation was rescinded by the high commission,” said Ahmad.“I’m not sure he’s able to send you proof it wasn’t rescinded.”Conservative public safety critic Pierre Paul-Hus said Friday the House of Commons committee on national security should review the Privy Council Office’s screening practices following Atwal’s attendance at the reception in Mumbai.Atwal said the international media attention is “frustrating” after he served his time.“Yes, I made a big mistake in my life and I’ve taken full responsibility. But after that, I change, and people here — blaming and all that, looking at your personal life and all that — I’m telling them, grow up. Everybody makes mistakes.”Last week, a former senior Conservative government official dismissed the theory that Atwal’s presence was orchestrated by elements within the Indian government.“That is complete nonsense,” said Garry Keller, who served as chief of staff to interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose.Ahmad said the PMO never tried to advance such a theory.“It is false what people have alleged, that this was somehow politically driven,” he said.The anonymous official who briefed journalists was “someone who is familiar with security protocols and national security in the Canadian government” and who provides independent advice, said Ahmad.— With files from Mike Blanchfield in Ottawalast_img read more

7 Millions Moroccans Are Addicted to Tobacco

Taroudant- Rachida El Mokrie Al idrissi, head of the National Coalition for the Fight Against Drugs, said on Wednesday that there are “about 7 million smokers in the kingdom which represent one fifth of the population,” with children making up half a million of these.Speaking at a press seminar held Wednesday evening in Rabat, Al Idrissi brought attention to the increasing number of smokers and the smoking legislation in Morocco.Al Idrissi declared that the coalition would raise a note to the relevant bodies including the Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Justice, and the Head of Government regarding a smoking law that is not applied. The head of the Coalition revealed that there is a significant legislative vacuum in regards to the electronic cigarette, the issue of preventing the sale of cigarettes to minors and around educational institutions, as well as the fact that the Law 91-15 has never been applied so far since its release in the Official Gazette in 1996, to the delight of smokers.Al idrissi called for the necessity to activate the law prohibiting smoking in public places, and also suggested banning cigarette advertisements.To the dismay of victims of passive smoking, the law is not widely implemented. When it is, the fine set by the legislators is very low, argues Al Idrissi.Surprisingly, the penalties of the law range from 10 to 50 dirhams for “anyone who smokes tobacco or tobacco products in places where smoking is prohibited.”The term “public places” refers to cafes, restaurants, public administration offices, meeting rooms, public means of transport, the theaters and cinema, classrooms, conferences, and of course, hospitals and clinics. read more

President Sirisena offers prayers at Lumbini in Nepal

President Maithripala Sirisena offered prayers at Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha today. The visiting President was accompanied by his Sri Lankan Ministers and senior officials, My Republica reported.The entourage had reached Lumbini on a chartered flight from Kathmandu. The visiting delegates were also accompanied by Nepal’s tourism minister, Rabindra Adhikari, provincial chief Umakanta Jha,  tourism minister of province-5 Lila Giri, and vice chairman of Lumbini Development Fund Monk Maiteyele. Sirisena had arrived in Kathmandu to attend the fourth BIMSTEC summit on August 29. He will return home today. (Colombo Gazette) At Lumbini, he visited the Mayadevi temple and Ashok pillar and offered rituals according to Sri Lankan traditions. Before flying back to Kathmandu, the President will visit a temple constructed by Sri Lankan monks at Lumbini. read more

Broad coalition launches new global alliance to prevent violence – UN

“Interpersonal violence kills 1,400 people every day and causes untold injuries and suffering. This alliance is uniting a range of organizations and Member States around mutual violence prevention principles and policies and will strengthen our ability to address the problem,” Dr. Lee Jong-wook, Director-General of the UN World Health Organization (WHO), said of the Global Interpersonal Violence Prevention Alliance (GIVPA).The creation of this alliance comes 15 months after the worldwide launch of WHO’s world report on violence and health – the first comprehensive report of its kind to examine violence as a public health problem that causes 1.6 million deaths a year. More than 40 countries have already responded by undertaking violence prevention activities. National reports that examine specific country situations have been initiated in at least 10 others. More than 15 Governments have committed to developing a national plan of action for the prevention of violence. In addition, significant resolutions have been adopted and policy debates have been the focus of several international meetings, including those of the WHO, the African Union, the UN Commission on Human Rights and the World Medical Association. “Our shared understanding of the complex underpinnings of violence is essential to creating solutions that will prevent people from becoming victims and perpetrators,” said Dr. Etienne Krug, Director of WHO’s Department of Injuries and Violence Prevention. “GIVPA will bring together strong partners in research and data collection, training, advocacy and prevention programmes.” “The continuing high trends of violence will not be reversed without this kind of commitment to cooperation and investment in prevention,” he added. At today’s meeting, co-hosted by the Government of the Republic and Canton of Geneva and WHO, leading decision-makers from nearly a dozen countries will examine the progress of violence prevention efforts in the last year and determine ways to continue to turn the report’s recommendations into action. read more

Annan hails new accords between Sudanese Government and Darfur rebels

But at the same time the UN mission in Sudan reported that police last night again raided the Al Geer refugee camp near Nyala, South Darfur destroying flimsy shacks, shooting in the air and shouting at terrified people. Due to the shots, UN agencies and partner groups were immediately withdrawn for their own safety into Nyala town.About 1.45 million people are internally displaced within Darfur, a vast area the size of France, where Janjaweed militias are accused of killing and raping thousands of villagers after rebel groups took up arms against the Sudanese Government last year. Another 200,000 are living as refugees in neighbouring Chad.The Government and two rebel groups – the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM/A) and the Justice and Equality Movement (JEM) – signed the Protocols on the Improvement of the Humanitarian Situation and on the Enhancement of the Security Situation in Darfur at a meeting yesterday in the Nigerian capital of Abuja.In a statement issued by his spokesman, Mr. Annan congratulated the parties on this “significant achievement” and commended the active efforts of the African Union and its current Chairman, Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, in mediating the talks with the support of the UN, European Union, League of Arab States and other partners.”He is hopeful that these measures, combined with the deployment and strengthening of the expanded African Union mission, will re-establish security and stability in the region, and facilitate the safe return of the displaced and refugees to their home areas,” the statement added. “He urges the parties to intensively pursue the political negotiations and conclude an agreement without further delay.”The UN mission said Mr. Annan’s Special Representative for Sudan, Jan Pronk, who is on a previously arranged visit to Nyala accompanied by Sudan’s Foreign Minister, was expected to visit the raided camp as soon as possible.According to reports reaching the mission, four small truckloads of police raided the camp in the early hours of the morning following the return there of a number of refugees previously dispersed last week. Latest reports said the area had now “calmed down.” read more

SecretaryGeneral extends term of head of UN probe into Hariri assassination

Serge Brammertz’s term as head of the UN International Independent Investigation Commission (IIIC), which began in January when he replaced Detlev Mehlis, has been extended until 31 December. The re-appointment comes less than two weeks after the Security Council, which established the IIIC, extended the investigation’s mandate through 15 June 2007.Mr. Hariri and 22 others were killed on 14 February last year following a car bomb attack in the Lebanese capital of Beirut.Mr. Annan’s spokeswoman Marie Okabe told reporters today that the appointment was renewed after consultation with the State Parties to the Rome Statute and approval by the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, from which Mr. Brammertz has been on a leave of absence since he took up the IIIC post.She added that the Secretary-General is looking forward to further progress in the Commission’s work under Mr. Brammertz, a former Belgian prosecutor. Earlier this month he informed the Council that he had made “considerable progress” in his investigations, but he also stressed the need for greater efforts to learn more about 14 other possibly-related attacks in Lebanon. read more

Heres Robbie Keanes salary for 2013 hes doing alright for himself

first_imgREPUBLIC OF IRELAND captain Robbie Keane is the second-highest paid player in Major League Soccer, taking home a pay packet of $4.33 million this year.The latest figures show that at $4 million, Keane earns the league’s highest base salary and is second only to Thierry Henry whose total pay at the New York Red Bulls comes to $4.35 million in 2013.The Dubliner has been a big hit since his move to America, with his goals helping the LA Galaxy to back-to-back MLS Cups in 2011 and 2012.Earlier this year Keane signed an extension which will see him remain in Los Angeles until the end of the 2015 season.Henry’s base salary dropped from $5 million to $3.75 million, according to the annual figures released by the MLS Players Union yesterday, but the former French international’s guaranteed bonuses take his overall salary slightly above Keane.Among the other high earners are former Everton star Tim Cahill who makes over $3.6 million alongside Henry at the Red Bulls while American international Landon Donovan is paid $2.5 million by the Galaxy.Not everybody is bringing in such big bucks though. Irish international Darren O’Dea, who plays with Toronto FC, will earn just over $450,000 in 2013.See the full breakdown of salaries here >Joey Barton gets suspended 2-match ban for ‘overweight ladyboy’ tweetlast_img read more

Jeff Bezos Recreates ‘Stranger Things’ Christmas Lights Scene

first_img 11 Best Monsters Made From Dead People PartsOriginal ‘Stranger Things’ Plan May Confirm Will Byers’ Sexuality In the picture, a wall backdrop shows the Christmas lights and 26 letters in a neat linear format. In Stranger Things, Joyce Byers uses the Christmas lights and alphabet to communicate with her son, Will Byers, when he is trapped in a bizarre parallel universe during the show’s first season.Bezos also paid tribute to another key Stranger Things character, Eleven, who is known for her obsession with Eggo waffles throughout the series.Hello? Is anyone out there? If you can see this, then you know there are limited-edition 1985 Eggo boxes available.— Eggo® (@eggo) June 20, 2019Bezos’ post, which has racked up more than 68,000 likes, also shocked some Instagram users, who were surprised that he would promote a Netflix show.“Supporting Netflix, really?” One user commented.Another wrote “Are you jealous it’s not on Prime Video?”Eggo Waffles’ U.S. Instagram account even picked up on the funny post and responded with “If you’re in a fresh market, you can extend that ’80s feeling by getting your hands on our rare retro Eggo boxes.”Stranger Things Season 3, which stars Millie Bobby Brown,Winona Ryder, David Harbour, and Finn Wolfhard, is now streaming on Netflix.More on Hawke’s Dad Posts Cute ‘Stranger Things’ Instagram Tribute ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 Final Trailer Is a Horrifying Summer AdventureThe Best ‘Stranger Things’ Toys Stay on targetcenter_img Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos can’t get enough of the Netflix sci-fi drama Stranger Things: This week, Bezos shared a photo on Instagram, which showed the series’ iconic Christmas lights/alphabet display and a box of Eggo waffles.On Tuesday, Bezos posted the Stranger Things-themed picture on Instagram with the caption “Binged Stranger Things Season 3 yesterday with my kids and a few of their friends. God, Eggos are good, and the show was even better. Awesome season.”last_img read more

Health impact from smoke rises with more intense wildfires

first_imgBILLINGS, Mont. — Climate change in the Western U.S. means more intense and frequent wildfires churning out waves of smoke that scientists say will sweep across the continent to affect tens of millions of people and cause a spike in premature deaths.That emerging reality is prompting people in cities and rural areas alike to prepare for another summer of sooty skies along the West Coast and in the Rocky Mountains — the regions widely expected to suffer most from blazes tied to dryer, warmer conditions.“There’s so little we can do. We have air purifiers and masks — otherwise we’re just like ‘Please don’t burn,’” said Sarah Rochelle Montoya of San Francisco, who fled her home with her husband and children last fall to escape thick smoke enveloping the city from a disastrous fire roughly 150 miles (241 kilometers) away.Other sources of air pollution are in decline in the U.S. as coal-fired power plants close and fewer older cars roll down highways. But those air quality gains are being erased in some areas by the ill effects of massive clouds of smoke that can spread hundreds and even thousands of miles on cross-country winds, according to researchers.With the 2019 wildfire season already heating up and fires breaking out from Southern California through Canada to Alaska, authorities are scrambling to better protect the public before smoke again blankets cities and towns. Officials in Seattle recently announced plans to retrofit five public buildings as smoke-free shelters.last_img read more

The Wilmington Insider For August 4 2018

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Below is a round-up of what’s going on in Wilmington on Saturday, August 4, 2018:Happening Today:Weather: Showers and thunderstorms. Some of the storms could produce gusty winds and heavy rain. High near 81. Southwest wind 7 to 9 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New rainfall amounts between a quarter and half of an inch possible.In The Community: The Children’s Theatre Workshop of Wilmington is running a production of “Anything Goes” at 2pm AND 7pm in the Wilmington High School Auditorium. Tickets are $12 each and can be purchased at the door.In The Community: Boston Roller Derby, a Boston-based, female-only roller derby league, returns to the Shriners Auditorium (99 Fordham Road). Doors open at 4pm.  Lice music begins at 4:30pm. The action begins at 5pm with Stars vs. Stripes Boston, followed by the Boston Massacre versus the Orangeville All-Stars at 7pm.  An After Party starts at 9pm in the Fez Room. Tickets include admission to the game, plus entry into the after party. Tickets are $12 (advance) and $16 (at the door) for adults; $6 (advance) and $8 (at the door) for kids (6-17); and kids under 6 are free. There is a small fee for online purchases. Discounted tickets are available for large groups, as is a VIP Package.  Purchase your tickets HERE. Join the Facebook event HERE.  Learn more about the league HERE.In The Community:  Want to try a Triathlon? Swim 400 yards, Bike 12 miles, Run 2 miles? Try the “Silver Lake Tri!” TriFury, a local triathlon group, are extremely excited to announce the second annual Silver Lake Try the Tri Triathlon Series in Wilmington beginning at 7:30am. This unique event is geared towards both novice beginners and those more experienced looking for a practice “race.” The open water swim in beautiful Silver Lake will have a beginners buoy, giving you a chance to shorten the swim if so desired. You can also choose to make it a duathon (bike/run only) or aquabike (swim/bike only). Any questions? Please email Dave Tyler at or Kristen Kelley at Entry fee is $20 for TriFury members, and $30 for first time non-member guests. The event is limited to 35 participants. Registration can be found online HERE. The course can be found HERE.In The Community: There is a yard sale taking place this weekend on Saturday (8am-5pm) and Sunday (8am-5pm) at 1 Rustic Lane, a dead end street off of Salem Street. Learn more HERE.In The Community:  The Massachusetts State Police will be holding a Sobriety Checkpoint in Middlesex County on Saturday, August 4, 2018 into Sunday, August 5, 2018. Wilmington is one of the 54 cities and towns in Middlesex County. The purpose of the Sobriety Checkpoint is to detect and remove drivers who are operating under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs from the roads. The Checkpoint also raises the public’s awareness of law enforcement’s efforts to combat this serious issue. The Sobriety Checkpoint is funded through a grant provided by the Highway Safety Division of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security.In The Community: Town Beach is open. Lifeguards are on duty from 10am to 8pm. Here’s what you need to know.In The Community: The Friends of the Wilmington Memorial Library’s Book Store Next Door (183 Middlesex Avenue) is open from 10am to 4pm. All books are $2 or less!  Every penny of every sale benefits the Wilmington Memorial Library.In The Community: The Wilmington Food Pantry (142 Chestnut Street) is open from 10am to noon for food donation drop-offs. Learn which food items the Pantry is most in need of HERE.(NOTE: What did I miss? Let me know by commenting below, commenting on the Facebook page, or emailing I may be able to update this post.)Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… Related5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Saturday, August 3, 2019In “5 Things To Do Today”The Wilmington Insider For June 23, 2018In “5 Things To Do Today”The Wilmington Insider For February 24, 2018In “5 Things To Do Today”last_img read more

Myanmar army kills 13 Rakhine rebels

first_imgMyanmar Army top officials Major General Tun Tun Nyi (L), Major General Soe Naing Oo (C) and Major General Zaw Min Tun (R) attend a rare military press conference at the Defence Service Museum in capital Naypyidaw on 18 January 2019. Myanmar`s army said January 18 it killed 13 ethnic Rakhine fighters in counterstrikes after the well-armed group carried out deadly attacks on police posts earlier this month. Photo: AFPMyanmar’s army has killed 13 rebel fighters in the western Rakhine State, a military spokesman said on Friday, as government troops battle to contain a new insurgency in the troubled region.Fighting between security forces and the Arakan Army, an ethnic armed group seeking greater autonomy for Rakhine, has forced some 5,000 civilians to flee their homes since early December, according to the United Nations.The violence has brought fresh turmoil to the region, the site of a massive crackdown on the Rohingya Muslim minority in 2017, and represents another setback for the Buddhist-majority country’s embattled peace process.”Between 5 and 16 January 2019, there were eight clashes and five landmine explosions,” said major general Tun Tun Nyi, speaking at a rare press conference in the capital, Naypyitaw.”Thirteen enemy bodies and three weapons were seized, and some soldiers died and were injured on our side,” he said.He declined to elaborate on the number of government troops killed, saying it was “not necessary” to give the figures.The Arakan Army could not be immediately reached for comment, but a spokesman outside Myanmar previously told Reuters five bodies seized by the military did not belong to their fighters.The recent surge of violence began after insurgents killed 13 police and wounded nine in attacks on four police posts on 4 January, as Myanmar celebrated Independence Day, state media reported.Yanghee Lee, UN special rapporteur for human rights in Myanmar, voiced alarm at the “escalating violence” in Rakhine and urged both sides to show restraint and protect civilians.She condemned the 4 January attack by the Arakan Army and the Myanmar military’s “disproportionate response”, citing reports that heavy weapons, artillery, and helicopters had been used in civilian areas, leading to civilian casualties.”I am also seriously concerned about the dangerous rhetoric being used by the government. The ethnic Rakhine population must not be demonized and targeted by the military on suspicion of association with the AA,” Lee said in a statement.There was no immediate response from the Myanmar authorities to her remarks.Myanmar’s civilian administration last week called on the military to “crush” the rebels, according to a government spokesman.On Friday, the military said Aung San Suu Kyi, who runs the country as state counsellor, personally ordered the crackdown, stating that the Arakan Army, which recruits from among the mainly Buddhist Rakhine ethnic group, should face the same treatment as Rohingya insurgents.The military onslaught against the Rohingya in 2017, which the UN and Western nations have called ethnic cleansing, was preceded by attacks on security forces by fighters calling themselves the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army. The government denies the charge of ethnic cleansing.”During negotiations at the president’s house on 9 January, state counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said AA were terrorists and instructed to crack down effectively,” Tun Tun Nyi said.”If not, others would point out that ARSA was cracked down on because it’s from a different religion and AA was not because it is an ethnic group,” he said.A government spokesman did not answer calls seeking comment.The conflict is the latest crisis facing Nobel laureate Suu Kyi’s administration, which swept to power in 2015 promising to bring an end to the country’s myriad civil wars.The United Nations has called for “rapid and unimpeded” aid access to the conflict zone, after the state government last week banned non-governmental organisations and the UN from five townships affected by the fighting.last_img

End Of Net Neutrality Goes Into Effect Your Movie Streaming Apps Use

first_img Share Photo via FlickrNet Neutrality repeal took place six months after the FCC voted to undo the rules that barred telecommunications companies from favoring their own services over those from rivals .Your ability to watch and use your favorite apps and services could start to change — though not right away — following the official demise Monday of Obama-era internet protections.Any changes are likely to happen slowly, as companies assess how much consumers will tolerate.The repeal of “net neutrality” took effect six months after the Federal Communications Commission voted to undo the rules, which had barred broadband and cellphone companies from favoring their own services and discriminating against rivals such as Netflix.Internet providers such as AT&T, Verizon and Comcast had to treat all traffic equally. They couldn’t slow down or block websites and apps of their choosing. Nor could they charge Netflix and other video services extra to reach viewers more smoothly. The rules also barred a broadband provider from, say, slowing down Amazon’s shopping site to extract business concessions.#NetNeutrality’s old rules are a thing of the past. Here’s what could happen next— USA TODAY (@USATODAY) June 11, 2018 For now, broadband providers insist they won’t do anything that would harm the “internet experience” for consumers. Most currently have service terms that specify they won’t give preferential treatment to certain websites and services, including their own.However, companies are likely to drop these self-imposed restrictions; they will just wait until people aren’t paying a lot of attention, said Marc Martin, a former FCC staffer who is now chairman of communications practice at the law firm Perkins Coie. Any changes now, while the spotlight is on net neutrality, could lead to a public relations backlash.Companies are likely to start testing the boundaries over the next six months to a year. Expect to see more offers like AT&T’s exemption of its DirecTV Now streaming TV service from customers’ mobile data limits. Rival services like Sling TV and Netflix count video against data caps, essentially making them more expensive to watch.Although the FCC issued a report in January 2017 saying such arrangements, known as “zero rating,” are probably anti-consumer, the agency did not require companies to change their practices right away. After President Donald Trump appointed a new chairman to the FCC, the agency reversed its stance on zero rating and proceeded to kill net neutrality.Critics of net neutrality, including the Trump administration, say such rules impeded companies’ ability to adapt to a quickly evolving internet.But consumer advocates say that the repeal is just pandering to big business and that cable and phone giants will now be free to block access to services they don’t like. They can also set up “fast lanes” for preferred services — in turn, relegating everyone else to “slow lanes.” Tech companies such as Netflix, Spotify and Snap echoed similar concerns in regulatory filings.Martin said broadband providers probably won’t mess with existing services like Netflix, as that could alienate consumers.But they could start charging extra for services not yet offered. For instance, they might charge more to view high-resolution “4K” video, while offering lower-quality video for free. The fees would be paid by the video services, such as Hulu, and could be passed along to consumers in higher subscription rates.More than 20 states sued the government to stop the repeal, as did the public-interest group Free Press and the think tank Open Technology Institute and Firefox browser maker Mozilla.Washington and Oregon now have their own net neutrality laws, and a bill is pending in California’s legislature.That’s another reason companies are likely to move slowly, at least at first.“They don’t want to add fuel to the fire,” Martin said. By MAE ANDERSON, AP Technology Writercenter_img The repeal of #NetNeutrality officially goes into effect today, but the fight is far from over.The people saying we can’t pass the resolution to #SaveTheInternet in the House are the same people who were saying we couldn’t do it in the Senate.Ignore them. Just keep fighting.— Ed Markey (@SenMarkey) June 11, 2018 Now, all that is legal as long as companies post their policies online.The change comes as broadband and cellphone providers expand their efforts to deliver video and other content to consumers.With net neutrality rules gone, AT&T and Verizon can give priority to their own movies and TV shows, while hurting rivals such as Amazon, YouTube and startups yet to be born.The battle isn’t entirely over, though. Some states are moving to restore net neutrality, and lawsuits are pending. Also, the Senate voted to save net neutrality, though that effort isn’t likely to become law.The @FCC’s handover of the free and open internet to Big Telecom starts today.Except we are suing.23 AGs are working together to block the illegal rollback of #netneutrality—so we can save the internet as we know it.— New York Attorney General (@NewYorkStateAG) June 11, 2018last_img read more

Jack Ma to Retire From Alibaba to Focus on Philanthropy Report

first_img ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 Popular on Variety Alibaba is active in sectors across the Chinese economy and has transformed many. One of those is entertainment, through its Alibaba Pictures arm, which owns a stake in Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment, and through its hugely popular movie-ticket sales app, Tao Piao Piao. The company also has a 12-year partnership with the International Olympic Committee, to help the organizers of the Olympic Games with digital strategy and processes.Ma stepped down as CEO of Alibaba in 2013. That post now belongs to Daniel Zhang, a former head of Alibaba’s Taobao, the consumer-directed sales site that helped vault its parent company into the financial stratosphere from its humble beginnings as a B-to-B operation.Although he was no longer in charge of the day-to-day running of the company, Ma continued to be Alibaba’s guiding hand and its most recognized face. He has become a familiar figure in both Hollywood and Silicon Valley, hobnobbing with the global elite at the World Economic Forum in Davos and other gatherings.“Everyone has the right and the ability to give. It doesn’t matter how big or small your contribution is, and it doesn’t mean you have to do something big or be someone important to do philanthropy,” Ma Said recently at Alibaba’s conference on philanthropy, in Hangzhou. “Personal philanthropy is not about giving cash, but giving your heart, your time and most importantly, your action. Ultimately, personal philanthropy makes you a better person, and if everyone participates, we will have a better world.”center_img Jack Ma, the co-founder of e-commerce giant Alibaba and China’s richest man, says he is retiring from the company in order to focus on philanthropy.No formal announcement has yet been made by the company to shareholders or the stock markets. Alibaba is China’s largest corporation and, with a listing on the New York Stock Exchange, is currently valued at $420 billion.In a yet-to-be published interview with The New York Times, Ma said he would step down Monday – his 54th birthday – as executive chairman of the company that he helped found in 1999 and that has become a digital behemoth in the world’s most populous country. The paper said Ma would remain on Alibaba’s board of directors and continue in a mentoring role.His retirement would mark “the beginning of an era” for him, one in which he could concentrate on charitable activities in education, a field close to his heart, he said in the interview.last_img read more

Netflix Unveils Italian Original Baby Based on RealLife Teen Prostitution Scandal

first_img Popular on Variety ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 Since the announcement of “Baby” a year ago, Netflix has come under fire from such organizations as the U.S.-based National Center on Sexual Exploitation for glamorizing underage prostitution.One of the screenwriters, Re Salvador, acknowledged that they took their cue from the real-life “Baby Squillo” scandal, but insisted that “it’s still a story about love, not prostitution.” The show’s other director, Anna Negri (“Good Morning Heartache”), said that one of her tasks was “to bring a female gaze” to “Baby” but that her emotional connection to the material “wasn’t just the feminine aspect.”The two episodes shown to journalists Tuesday did not feature any scenes of prostitution. But it was clear that the narrative was building up to just that, along with other dubious behavior by the nihilistic, social media-crazed Roman rich kids played by its young ensemble cast, led by Benedetta Porcaroli and Alice Pagani. The show runs to six parts, though it was originally announced as an eight-episode series.Netflix Vice President of International Originals Kelly Luegenbiehl said that the target audience for “Baby” is the young-adult crowd. “The first thing that we are always looking for is authenticity, and this show has that,” she said.The screenwriters, including Salvador, belong to a collective called the Grams. Producer Nicola De Angelis said the young writers were crucial to getting “Baby” greenlit by Netflix. As for teen prostitution being a hot potato, De Angelis noted that “Baby” was announced “at the worse possible time, when anything associated with sexual harassment was a problem.” But he said that Netflix’s response was: “Go forward. We believe in this product. We believe that this generation needs to be depicted in the most natural and authentic way….There was some turmoil, but we got through it because we always had their strong support.”center_img At a preview Tuesday of “Baby,” its second Italian original scripted series, Netflix was eager to defuse the controversy over the show’s storyline, which involves teen prostitution and takes its cue from a real-life scandal in Rome.Andrea De Sica (“Children of the Night”), one of the show’s two directors, called it “the story of how a group of youths can embark on an adventure in the labyrinths of transgression, at times even getting lost.” The series bows on Netflix globally on Friday.“We tried to be as faithful as possible to their conflicts and their choices,” De Sica told reporters at a screening of two “Baby” episodes. He added that “what you’ve seen is not a chronicle of real life events” and “it’s up to you to draw your conclusions.”The show is loosely based on the discovery in 2014 that two high school girls from Rome’s wealthy residential Parioli district were selling sex in order to buy designer clothes and electronic gadgets. Five people, including the mothers of both young women, were arrested at the time.last_img read more

Browsers leak installed extensions to sites

first_imgBrowsers leak installed extensions to sites by Martin Brinkmann on August 29, 2017 in Internet – 26 commentsSecurity researchers have discovered flaws in the extensions systems of all modern browsers that attackers may exploit to enumerate all installed browser extensions.The attack affects all modern browsers. The researchers confirmed it in Chromium-based browsers, and believe that it affects other browsers like Firefox or Edge which use the same extensions system as well. Firefox’s legacy add-on system is also vulnerable to the attack.Chromium-based browsers like Google Chrome, Yandex and Opera, and Firefox-based browsers like Firefox or Pale Moon, and Microsoft Edge, are affected.All browsers protect extension data from being accessed directly by websites visited in the web browser. The past has shown however that sites may use various techniques to scan for installed add-ons.We talked about this in Are you identifiable by extensions, logins and your browser, and Fix Firefox resource URI leak.When extensions were first introduced, websites were not blocked from accessing local resources. Mozilla and Google introduced controls to block sites from accessing these resources. This is handled by access control settings that declare all resources extensions use as private by default in Firefox, Chromium-based browsers and Microsoft Edge.Safari uses a different protection mechanism as it randomizes resource URIs instead.The security researchers discovered a way to enumerate installed browser extensions in the newest versions of web browsers. The “timing side-channel attack” may be used to enumerate the installed browser extensions by monitoring the browser’s response to resource access.When a site requests access to a resource of an extension in the browser, the browser needs to run two checks to see if the extension exists, and if the resource that the site wants to access is publicly available.By monitoring the response, attackers, may identify the reason behind a request denial. The site measures the time it takes to return a request for a fake extension with fake resource and the time it takes to request a real extension with a fake path.By comparing the time, installed extensions are revealed. According to the researchers, their approach can be used to determine with 100% accuracy if extensions are installed in a modern web browser.By telling apart the two centralized checks that are part of the extension settings validation (either because of the side-channel or because of the different exception behaviors), it is possible to completely enumerate all the installed extensions. It is sufficient for an attacker to simply probe in a loop all existing extensions to precisely enumerate the ones installed in the system.Closing WordsThe attack relies on extension IDs and some code. The researchers grabbed about 10000 Chrome and Firefox extension IDs each and uses the information in test runs.”Real” attackers would have to do the same, and could use the information for browser fingerprinting or targeted attacks against specific browser extensions.Since these attacks rely on scripts, any script blocker protects against it. (via Born / Bleeping Computer)SummaryArticle NameBrowsers leak installed extensions to sitesDescriptionSecurity researchers have discovered flaws in the extensions systems of all modern browsers that attackers may exploit to enumerate all installed browser extensions.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Joel Creasey I was the last comedian to work with Joan Rivers

first_img‘I love performing to London crowds. They’re very intelligent and don’t take themselves to seriously.‘And they love a drink.’Even though he hasn’t performed there in years, Creasey is very fond of London, in particular the night life.He rattles off his favorite gay bars and nightclubs, saying he’s had many a wild night in London.‘Oh my God. I love partying in London, I become my naughtiest self in London,’ he says.‘I love Porn Idol, and I’m bringing my boy and he’s never seen it. I told him “babe you’re going to love it”.’Creasey recalls one especially crazy night in London town with RuPaul’s Drag Race winner, Jinkx Monsoon.‘I can’t remember his name, but he was playing Jean Valjean in Les Misérables. But we ended up back in his apartment very late at night,’ Creasey recalls.‘And then he and Jinkx put on a two person performance of all of Les Misérables. It was amazing!’The best of Joel CreaseyCreasey clearly loves his job and he’s a comedian who’s not going to get political, have multiple costume changes, or lots of light changes to distract the audience.He’s just one funny guy with a microphone who’ll bring the best bits from his most recent shows over the years.‘Even if you’ve seen me before, you’ll see something new in this show,’ he says.‘I’m doing my ‘best of’ Joel Creasey.‘It’s just an hour of jokes, you’re going to come out dumber but you’ll have a good time.’Joel Creasey is performing five shows at the Soho Theatre, London. 1 -4 May, tickets available at Live Nation.Got a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us . GAYSTARNEWS- eTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… When I give Australian comedian, Joel Creasey, a call to interview him about his upcoming London shows, I find out he’s locked himself out of his apartment.center_img Joel Creasey is coming to London. | Photo: Supplied The ‘charmingly controversial’ comedian can’t find the swipe card to get into the building and is frantically looking around for a cleaner to let him in.‘Should I give you a call back once you’ve sorted this out?’ I ask.‘No it’s fine, I can give you all my attention, plus standing outside I’ll get some much needed fresh air,’ Creasey tells me, looking on the bright side.According to Creasey he is ‘Australia’s 7th most famous gay man’, but really he’s a household name Down Under.At the tender age of just 27, he’s had a pretty cracking career; selling out shows around the world, appearing on some of Australia’s most popular TV shows and earning lucrative endorsement deals.Joan Rivers: ‘He is a fucking star’Creasey really became a household name as a contestant on Australia’s I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. It’s a booking he credits to the late comedy legend Joan Rivers, who handpicked Creasey to tour with him.He describes his comedy style as autobiographical and sassy, much in the style of Rivers. In fact, he was on tour with her just before her death and says he was the last comedian to work with the legend.‘I toured with Joan Rivers and I was lucky to have learnt from the master,’ he says.‘I worked with her the night before she went into the coma.‘She’s the reason I started to get cast on TV shows, I’ve got a lot to thank her for.’‘London audiences are so intelligent’The very in-demand actor will be in Europe next year to host Australia’s broadcast of Eurovision for a second time.Creasey decided to spend a week in London before heading over to Lisbon for the singing contest. But the ever-busy comedian couldn’t resist booking some stand-up gigs and will be pretty much performing the whole time he’s there.But he doesn’t count stand-up as an arduous task.‘It’s not an awful job, it’s going to be fun,’ he says. Read the full article on Gaystarnews:  : read more

Brazil Drug dealers say no to crack in Rio

first_img“I see this misery,” he said. “I’m a human being too, and I’m a leader here. I want to say I helped stop this.”For the ban to really take hold, it would need the support of the city’s two other reigning factions: the Amigos dos Amigos, or Friends of Friends, and the Terceiro Comando, Third Command.That would mean giving up millions in profits. According to an estimate by the country’s Security Committee of the House and the Federal Police, Brazilians consume between 800 kilos and 1.2 tons of crack a day, a total valued at about $10 million.It’s unclear how much Rio’s traffickers earn from the drug, but police apprehensions show a surge in its availability in the state. In 2008, police seized 14 kilos; two years later the annual seizure came to 200 kilos, according to the Public Security Institute.Nonetheless, the other gangs are signing up, said attorney Flavia Froes. Her clients include the most notorious figures of Rio’s underbelly, and she has been shuttling between them, visiting favelas and far-flung high-security prisons to talk up the idea.“They’re joining en masse. They realized that this experience with crack was not good, even though it was lucrative. The social costs were tremendous. This wasn’t a drug for the rich; it was hitting their own communities.” 5 people who need to visit the Ultrastar Multi-tainment Center “Crack has been nothing but a disgrace for Rio. It’s time to stop,” said the drug boss in charge. He is Mandela’s second-in-command _ a stocky man wearing a Lacoste shirt, heavy gold jewelry and a backpack bulging with $100,000 in drugs and cash. At 37, he’s an elder in Rio’s most established faction, the Comando Vermelho, or Red Command. He’s wanted by police, and didn’t want his name published.He discussed the decision as he watched the night’s profits pile up in neat, rubber-banded stacks from across the narrow street. He kept one hand on his pistol and the other on a crackling radio that squawked out sales elsewhere in the slum and warned of police.The talk of crack left him agitated; he raised his voice, drawing looks from the fidgety young men across the road. Although crack makes him a lot of money, he has his own reasons to resent the drug; everyone who comes near it does, he said.His brother _ the one who studied, left the shantytown and joined the air force _ fell prey to it. Crack users smoke it and often display more addictive behavior. The brother abandoned his family and his job, and now haunts the edges of the slum with other addicts. Researcher Ignacio Cano, at the Violence Analysis Center of Rio de Janeiro State University, said crack is still being sold outside only select communities and that it’s hard to tell if the stop is a temporary, local measure or a real shift in operations citywide.He said unprecedented pressure bore down on drug gangs once they began selling crack. In particular, the addicts’ encampments were sources of social and health problems, drawing the attention of the authorities.Since March 2011, dawn raids involving police, health and welfare officials began taking users off the streets to offer treatment, food, a checkup and a hot shower. Since then, 4,706 people have cycled through the system. Of those, 663 were children or teenagers.“I have operations every day, all over Rio,” said Daphne Braga, who coordinates the effort for the city welfare office.At the same time, crack became such a dramatic problem nationally that the government allocated special funds to combat it, including a $253 million campaign launched by President Dilma Rousseff in May 2010 to stem the drug trade. Last November, another $2 billion were set aside to create treatment centers for addicts and get them off the streets. As Froes walks these slums, gingerly navigating potholed roads in six-inch stiletto heels and rhinestone-studded jeans, men with a gun in each hand defer to her, calling her “doutora,” or doctor, because of her studies, or “senhora,” or ma’am, out of respect.“While stocks last, they’ll sell. But it’s not being bought anymore,” she said. “Today we can say with certainty that we’re looking at the end of crack in Rio de Janeiro.”___Even those who question the traffickers’ sudden surge of social conscience say the idea of the city’s drug lords coming together to ban crack isn’t far-fetched. After all, a similar deal between factions kept the drug out of Rio for years.Crack first took hold in Sao Paulo, the country’s business capital, during the 1990s. In the early 2000s, it spread across Brazil in an epidemic reminiscent of the one the U.S. had experienced decades earlier. A recent survey found it was eventually sold or consumed in 98 percent of Brazilian municipalities. Most of the cities were too understaffed, underfunded and uninformed to resist its onslaught.And yet, an agreement between factions kept crack a rarity in Rio until a handful of years ago, said Mario Sergio Duarte, Rio state’s former police chief. “Rio was always cocaine and marijuana,” he said. “If drug traffickers are coming up with this strategy of going back to cocaine and marijuana, it’s not because they suddenly developed an awareness, or because they want to be charitable and help the addicts. It’s just that crack brings them too much trouble to be worth it.”Duarte believes dealers turned to crack when their other business started losing ground within the city.Police started taking back slums long given over to the drug trade as Rio vied to host the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. The plan disrupted trade, and the factions began hemorrhaging money, said Duarte. Crack seemed like the solution, and the drug flooded the market.“Crack was profit; it’s cheap, but it sells. Addiction comes quick. They were trying to make up their losses,” he said.Soon, the gangs were being haunted by the consequences.Unlike the customers who came for marijuana or cocaine, dropped cash and left, crack users hung around the sales points, scraping for money for the next hit. They broke the social code that usually maintains a tense calm in the slums; they stole, begged, threatened or sold their bodies to get their next rock. Their presence made the hard life there nearly unbearable. Also predicting risks, attorney Froes has prepared a civil court action demanding local and state governments prepare treatment centers for users.“There will be a great weaning of all these addicts as they’re deprived of drugs,” she said. “We’re not prepared to take on all the people who will need care.”The addicts recognize the difficulty of their own rehabilitation.One 16-year-old boy laying on a bare piece of foam said he’d studied until the 2nd grade but couldn’t read. Now, he was going on his third year in the streets.“Who is going to give me work?” he asked.Sharing his mattress was a 28-year-old woman. It had been three years since she last saw her three children and parents in Niteroi, the city across the bay from Rio. She was filthy, all of her body bearing the marks of life on the streets: bruises and open wounds, missing front teeth, matted hair.“I wasn’t born like this. You think my parents want to see me now?” she asked. “I can’t go back there.”A teenager with jaundiced, bloodshot eyes said she couldn’t remember how long she’d been on the streets, or her age. Mary Coyle ice cream to reopen in central Phoenix New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like Associated PressRIO DE JANEIRO (AP) – Business was brisk in the Mandela shantytown on a recent night. In the glow of a weak light bulb, customers pawed through packets of powdered cocaine and marijuana priced at $5, $10, $25. Teenage boys with semiautomatic weapons took in money and made change while flirting with girls in belly-baring tops lounging nearby.Next to them, a gaggle of kids jumped on a trampoline, oblivious to the guns and drug-running that are part of everyday life in this and hundreds of other slums, known as favelas, across this metropolitan area of 12 million people. Conspicuously absent from the scene was crack, the most addictive and destructive drug in the triad that fuels Rio’s lucrative narcotics trade. Top Stories Construction begins on Chandler hospital expansion project Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help She knew her name _ Natalia Gonzales _ and that she was born in 1997.“I have nowhere to go,” she said, tears rolling down her cheeks. Softly, she started to sing a hymn, and its call for salvation in the afterlife took on an urgent note.“God, come save me, extend your hand,” she sang. “Heal my heart, make me live again.”(Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) Bottoms up! Enjoy a cold one for International Beer Day In May, 150 federal police officers occupied a Rio favela to implement a pilot program fighting the crack trade and helping users.“There are many reasons why they might stop,” said Cano.___Crack’s social cost is clear where the drug is still sold, right outside Mandela and Jacarezinho. In the shantytown of Manguinhos, along a violent area known as the Gaza Strip, an army of crack addicts lives in encampments next to a rail line.Another couple hundred gather inside the slum, buying from a stand inside a little restaurant. Customers eat next to young men with guns and must step around a table laden with packaged drugs and tightly bound wads of cash to use the restroom. Crack users smoke outside, by the lights of a community soccer field where an animated game draws onlookers late into the night.The Rev. Antonio Carlos Costa, founder of the River of Peace social service group, knows the dealers and believes the ban on crack here is “real, without return, and has a real chance of spreading to other favelas.”That’s good news for residents, he said, but users will have to migrate to look for drugs, and that might expose them to real risk.“They won’t be welcome. This society wants them dead,” he said. “This won’t be a problem that can be solved only with money. We’ll need professionals who really take an interest in these people. We’ll need compassion. It’ll be a challenge to our solidarity.” Once crack was introduced here about six years ago, Mandela and the surrounding complex of shantytowns became Rio’s main outdoor drug market, a “cracolandia,” or crackland, where users bought the rocks, smoked and lingered until the next hit. Hordes of addicts lived in cardboard shacks and filthy blankets, scrambling for cash and a fix.Now, there was no crack on the rough wooden table displaying the goods for sale, and the addicts were gone. The change hadn’t come from any police or public health campaign. Instead, the dealers themselves have stopped selling the drug in Mandela and nearby Jacarezinho in a move that traffickers and others say will spread citywide within the next two years.The drug bosses, often born and raised in the very slums they now lord over, say crack destabilizes their communities, making it harder to control areas long abandoned by the government. Law enforcement and city authorities, however, take credit for the change, arguing that drug gangs are only trying to create a distraction and persuade police to call off an offensive to take back the slums.Dealers shake their heads, insisting it was their decision to stop selling crack, the crystalized form of cocaine. The Mandela drug boss said crack even sapped the drug kingpins’ authority.“How can I tell someone he can’t steal, when I know I sold him the drugs that made him this way?” he said.Many saw their own family members and childhood friends fall under the drug’s spell.“The same crack I sell to your son is being sold to mine. I talked to one of the pioneers in selling crack in Rio. His son’s using now. Everyone is saying we have to stop.”In Mandela, residents had to step over crack users on their way between home and work and warn their children to be careful around the “zombies.”“There were robberies in the favela, violence, people killed in the middle of the street, people having sex or taking a crap anywhere,” said Cleber, an electronics repair shop owner who has lived in Mandela for 16 years. He declined to give his last name because he lives in a neighborhood ruled by gang members, and like many, prefers not to comment publicly.“Now we’re going out again, we can set up a barbecue pit outside, have a drink with friends, without them gathering around,” he said. “We’re a little more at ease.” Comments   Share   Sponsored Stories Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvementlast_img read more

Gold Coast Company set to Transform Travel Agency with new CEO

first_imgTess WillcoxGold Coast Company set to Transform Travel Agency with new CEOWorld Resorts of Distinction (WRD), is delighted to announce the appointment of sustainable travel advocate and industry virtuoso, Tess Willcox, as Owner and CEO.WRD is a leading, Gold Coast-based Resort Creative Agency that provides its carefully-curated portfolio of some of the world’s best luxury, sustainable resorts with a suite of personalised services including marketing, social media, sales, branding and publicity.Tess has been a crucial member of the WRD team since 2004, when she joined the company as a Sales Executive fresh out of university with a Bachelor of Communications and dreams of becoming a travel journalist.Today, 14 years later, she is celebrating the purchase of the business that has not only defined her career but has also allowed her to pursue her single greatest passion – championing environmental awareness.“WRD is essentially an extension of my personal life and how much I love exploring and preserving the world,” Tess said. “I have always felt extremely fortunate to have my dream job and was driven to buy the business because I knew there were ways in which I could expand it that we hadn’t previously explored, including further embedding the sustainability seed within our culture.”“My vision for WRD is that we trailblaze the sustainable luxury space in travel by curating a global community of socially responsible travellers who are committed to exploring the world, and conserving it at the same time,” she added.Tess noted that while the travel industry has many cultural and economic benefits; it also, unfortunately, has a negative impact on the environment. It is one of the largest industries in the world – surpassing that of oil exports, food products and automobiles – and according to a study published in Nature Climate Change in May 2018, the carbon footprint of international travel is four times bigger than previously thought.Increased pollution; discharges into the sea; habitat loss, alteration and fragmentation; and the depletion of the ozone layer are just some of the harmful impacts of global tourism, which produces about 8 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions.“WRD was borne out of our desire to combat the negative environmental toll of the global travel industry and provide the growing number of conscious travellers with more responsible options,” Tess said.Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs and hard workers, Tess is well versed in what it takes to build a successful business, and said surrounding herself with a skilled and equally passionate team is paramount.“WRD is made up of creative, capable and driven professionals with a genuine appetite for environmentally-friendly travel,” she said. “We live and breathe sustainability and that’s what makes our team, vision and brand proposition so unique.”“We’re a young team and we’re proud of it. We’re also entirely female, which is not exactly intentional because I am a big believer in diversity, but it is refreshing in the business world, especially on the Gold Coast, where a lot of the biggest companies are run predominately by men.”Tess’ small yet dynamic and pioneering team of marketing, PR, social media and design specialists are intimately familiar with the travel industry and well equipped to challenge the status quo.Their combined experience spans some of the biggest names in the tourism and hospitality sectors in Australia including Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific, MTA – Mobile Travel Agents, Mercure and Seaworld Resort & Water Park.About World Resorts of DistinctionWe are the home of transformative travel. We bring together a global community of travellers who seek authenticity and sustainability, offering a carefully-curated collection of socially responsible, sustainable and distinctive travel experiences in some of the world’s most luxurious settings.Source = World Resorts of Distinction (WRD)last_img read more